Discrimination and Prejudice against Jewish People

Step 1: Choose a group. Be specific.

Step 2: Find four to five news articles that describe possible acts of discrimination or prejudice toward members of this group or population that have occurred within the last two years.

Step 3: In addition, search for positive stories in the media about this group or population during the same time period.

Step 4: Your presentation should demonstrate how society views this group or population and how the media portrays and gives attention to this group. Be critical of the use of language and images used to portray the identified group.

Step 5: As the presenter, you will pose questions to the audience that integrate content from models and theories addressed in class. The models and theories used should facilitate a deeper understanding of your presentation content and help explain the phenomenon being addressed.

This is the book we have been using in class to relate this powerpoint to our readings as well; ISBN: 9781337556477 (Empowerment Series: Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment by Charles Zastrow; Karen K. Kirst-Ashman; Sarah L. Hessenauer)

Please write me a script as well to follow so I can do a 15 minute presentation for this powerpoint, I will record it on my end and present it. Thank you

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