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discussio board Humanities Assignment Help. discussio board Humanities Assignment Help.


The study of sociology provides you with a tremendous body of knowledge. It also provides you with new ways of perceiving the world, from our individual lives to the global arena. To wrap up the course, take a few minutes to reflect on the many topics, concepts, theories, and perspectives to which you’ve been exposed. Remember to notice the range of experiences had by all who participated in the course.


  • Discuss key factors driving social change.
  • Describe directions for future social change.


Step 1: Respond to the following:

  • Share one issue or topic from the course that stuck with you because it was particularly challenging, confusing, unfamiliar, exciting, or inspiring. Describe the issue or topic and include why was it compelling and what needs to change about it.

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Week 4 Midterm Computer Science Assignment Help


  1. Using the Five Forces model, select ONE of the forces and describe how a company that makes bottled water would be impacted (minimum 200 words): (from ch 1)

    1. Rivalry among existing competitors
    2. Threat of new entrants
    3. Threat of substitute products and services
    4. The bargaining power of buyers
    5. The bargaining power of suppliers


  1. Describe a local area network for a company that is in two buildings that are located across the river from each other.What type of hardware, software and network would you need to construct?


  1. Explain the acronyms B2B, B2C, B2G and C2C. Provide at least one example for each.


  1. Explain Moore’s Law, provide a detailed example of one piece of hardware that demonstrates that Moore’s Law is true.


  1. Describe each term below and provide an example of a company (real or imagined) that uses this concept. Describe how it impacts the company to process information this way.

    • Centralized processing
    • Decentralized processing
    • Distributed processing


  1. List three popular uses for the Internet and Web and briefly describe how you use them.


  1. Identify and describe the difference between: an internet connected computer’s numerical address and the human readable name for that computer.


  1. Name three reasons businesses invest in computer hardware and explain why how it would impact the business.


  1. Looking at a desktop style computer, monitors and printers are output devices, keyboards and mice are input devices. The computer is the ‘box’ or systems unit. Identify and describe at least three components that are found inside the systems unit.


  1. Describe the difference between application software and system software. Name one software application and briefly describe its use. Then name an operating system software and list at least 3 things that software does.


assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

Complete Project 1-2 in your textbook with the following modifications [part A and Part B pictures are attached ] (5 pts)

List five tools you are using to protect yourself again cyber threats. Provide a two sentence overview of each tool and provide a URL to the tool. (5 pts)

Research your digital footprint, without being specific, what information is available to the public? Provide 5 specific results (Google is not specific) and the provide the procedures to remove your information from the results. (5 pts)

Please submit a SINGLE .pdf file containing your entire submission. The submission must be created using a Word Processor (ie Word, Google Docs, Libre Writer, Pages, etc). No screen captures, handwritten notes or any other format will be accepted.


Unit 8 Assignment Writing Assignment Help

Advanced practice nurses must be prepared to market themselves to others so that the key characteristics and contributions of their expertise and the role are recognized. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a marketing plan for an advanced practice nurse. As you prepare this marketing plan, develop present it as if you were explaining the advanced practice role to a potential employer or the public who may be unfamiliar with the role. This assignment may be submitted as a brochure or flyer and may use bullet points to present information instead of a narrative format.


  1. Choose the advanced practice role that you are being prepared for (NP, Executive Leader, or Nurse Educator) and briefly describe the role including the history of the role, education and certification, and major functions of this role.
  2. Identify and describe an institution or practice that may employ the role described. Include information such as the size of the institution and if there are any other advanced practice nurses working at the institution or practice site.
  3. Review the literature in the library on role development and marketing strategies. You will need to look at the literature beyond nursing. Provide a written review of literature about marketing advanced nursing roles. Make sure you include articles about the use of social media and the internet. Your written review of the literature should include at least three references.
  4. Discuss at least four of the Central and Core Competencies (Direct Clinical Practice, Guidance and Coaching, Consultation, Evidence-based Practice, Leadership, Collaboration, Ethical Decision Making) described in Hamric’s Integrative Model of Advanced Practice Nursing and how these competencies can influence advanced nursing practice.

To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Resources.

Assignment Requirements:

Before finalizing your work, you should:

  • be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);
  • consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary; and
  • utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.

Your writing Assignment should:

  • follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
  • be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
  • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
  • use APA 6th Edition format.
  • For assistance, visit the Writing Center.


You will be profiling 1 organization and interpreting change as it applies to the organization and the individuals. Business Finance Assignment Help

700–900 words, APA style

For this course, you will be profiling 1 organization and interpreting change as it applies to the organization and the individuals within that organization. Before you begin your assignment, choose the organization that you would like to profile for this course.

For this assignment, you will need to do the following:

  • Identify the organization that you have selected to profile throughout this course.
    • Include a brief summary of the organization (maximum 1–2 paragraphs).
  • Research the following 4 paradigms:
    • The economic paradigm
    • The individual differences paradigm
    • The human relations paradigm
    • The cognitive paradigm
  • Pick 2 of the 4 paradigms. Discuss their early historical significance to the field of organizational change.



Piercing the corporate veil Business Finance Assignment Help

Give at least four (4) reasons and in what circumstances the courts will invoke this doctrine? On Piercing the corporate veil.

This is example of how it should be like.

Also, give your opinion to the bellow reasons.

Piercing the veil is a way in which courts will disregard the corporation or LLC’s separate existence. With the entity no longer in the picture, the shareholder or member becomes liable for the business’ debts. There are many reasons why the courts will invoke this doctrine.

1. Courts recognize that businesses lose money. Whether the corporation or LLC was inadequately capitalized (if the corporation never had enough funds to operate, it was not really a separate entity that could stand on its own),
Instead, undercapitalization means that the shareholders or members formed the corporation or LLC without providing it with enough capital to carry out its normal business functions and meet its reasonably anticipated obligations.

2. Another reason is if the business assets used by the shareholder or member for personal purposes.
If the shareholders or members use the business’ asset for personal purposes this is a sign that they are not respecting its separate existence. An example would be where the company car is used to run personal errands.

3. Were the corporation or LLC’s funds used for personal expenses? Or whether the corporation or LLC engaged in fraudulent behavior. Using the corporation or LLC’s bank account to pay personal expenses is a major red flag for the courts. It not only indicates a disrespect for the entity’s separate existence but is often one of the main reasons why the corporation or LLC could not pay its debt to the creditor.

4. There is a failure to follow the compliance requirements of the governing business entity statute.
Especially in the case of a corporation, a court will look to see if formalities were followed, such as holding shareholder and director meetings, issuing stock, keeping minutes, and documenting the actions taken. Although an LLC can be run more informally, evidence that meetings were held, records were kept, and business actions documented, does show a respect for the LLC’s own existence.

Piercing the corporate veil Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Accounting Cost Systems and Cost Behavior Writing Assignment Help

Module 1 – Case


Assignment Overview

Preparation of an Income Statement for The Serious Reader Company

The first case of this course provides an opportunity to prepare a segmented variable costing (contribution margin, behavioral) income statement and analyze the information. This is a very small company and the information may seem simplistic at first glance. Don’t forget that numbers and hands-on practice best illustrate many basic accounting concepts.

The Serious Reader Company is a small online retailer operating out of a garage apartment. The owner buys books at garage sales, thrift shops, library sales, and whenever an opportunity arises. The company classifies all books into five categories based on cost of acquisition and estimated sales price. See below for details about books purchased and sold during the last year (20XX).

Price Categories
Units Sold 4,000 1,000 500 400 400
Unites Purchased 6,000 1,200 1,000 1,000 1,000
Resale Price $4.00 $12.00 $20.00 $45.00 $60.00
Cost $0.50 $4.00 $10.00 $20.00 $20.00

In addition to purchasing inventory (used books), the company incurs some operating expenses.

Variable Operating Expenses
Shipping per book $1.50
Common fixed expenses
Internet-related costs $10,000
Travel, etc. $4,000
Advertising $1,000
Other overhead $5,000

Case Assignment


Computations (use Excel)

  • Prepare a segmented variable costing (behavioral) income statement for the company in good format.
  • Prepare a second variable costing statement assuming 90% of all the books in each category purchased were actually sold.
  • Prepare a third variable costing statement assuming that the price is increased by 50% for all five categories (use original sales information).
  • The owner enjoys the used-book business. Any suggestions as how to turn this into a full-time business venture so the owner can quit his other job? Prepare another income statement to support your idea.

Memo (use Word)

Interpret the results from the computations and explain how the information is useful. Write a 4- or 5-paragraph memo to the owner of the business. Start with an introduction and end with a recommendation. Each of the four or five paragraphs should have a heading.

Short essay to comment on the questions below (use Word). Start with an introduction and end with a summary or conclusion. Use headings. Maximum length of two pages.

  • Why do many organizations make the effort to prepare a different type of income statement for internal purposes?
  • Variable costing is not just about preparing income statements. Provide at least three scenarios in which understanding how costs behave is useful.

Assignment Expectations

Each submission should include two files: (1) An Excel file; and (2) A Word document. The Word document shows the memo first and short essay last. Assume a knowledgeable business audience and use required format and length. Individuals in business are busy and want information presented in an organized and concise manner.


Modular Learning Objectives

Keep the following objectives in mind as you work through the material in this module:

  • Define managerial accounting.
  • Describe the role of managerial accounting.
  • Differentiate between variable and fixed costs.
  • Prepare a contribution margin (variable costing) income statement.
  • Recognize various approaches to categorizing costs.
  • Prepare and analyze a segmented income statement.

Required Reading

Begin this module by familiarizing yourself with the following sections pertaining to managerial accounting while keeping the above six objectives in mind. Click on the three arrows to explore each topic in more detail.

The Role of Managerial Accounting

Cost Behavior

Segmented Income Statements

Check Your Understanding

Check your understanding to make sure that you have a good grasp of the background material. If you are not comfortable with the concepts, review some of the material again or go to the optional resource for more examples.

Click on the quiz icon for an ungraded, 20-question true-or-false self-study quiz to check your progress. If you are not satisfied with the score, review some of the material again. For more in-depth information, review materials listed under optional reading at the bottom of this page.

Final Thoughts

Contribution margin income and absorption income are two distinct approaches to assess operating profit. Many companies use both approaches. The two approaches have benefits and limitations.

Multiple descriptive names exist for the two methods of costing and computation of income. For example, the contribution margin approach is also known as variable costing, direct costing. or marginal costing. Absorption income and costing are also known as full costing, GAAP income, financial accounting income, or traditional costing.

Management mostly uses the information provided by variable costing method for estimates and internal decision-making purposes. Variable costing is appropriate for detailed analysis of a product or service. GAAP is required for publicly released and audited financial statements. Management uses both approaches for internal decision-making.

Cost behavior refers to the way different types of production costs change when there is a change in level of production.

There are two main types of costs according to their behavior:

Fixed Costs:

Fixed costs are those, which do not change with the level of activity within the relevant range. These costs will incur even if no units are produced. For example rent expense, straight-line depreciation expense, etc. Fixed cost per unit decreases with increase in production.

Variable Costs:

Variable costs change in direct proportion to the level of production. This means that total variable cost increase when more units are produced and decreases when less units are produced. Although variable in total, these costs are constant per unit.

Optional Reading

For further detail refer to Dr. Walther’s accounting text and videos.

Walther, L. (2017). Chapter 17: Introduction to Managerial Accounting.



answer on the question Writing Assignment Help

in 5 or 6 pages answer deeply on the below question and provide more details and evidences

Elaborate on the roles presidents, provosts and deans play on college and university campuses. Place your answer to this question in the context of the one kinds of institutions of higher education that both Birnbaum (1988) and Bolman and Deal (2013) describe in their works (structural/bureaucratic), along with relevant research from the literature?

Answer on the above question by writing an extensive, analytical and comprehensive essay. Follow all directions:

  • answer on the question ( elaborate and describe the roles presidents, provosts and deans which they play on bureaucratic college and university campuses) do not describe the roles presidents only or deans only . No you have to present all of them and do not write the roles presidents, provosts and deans play on college and university campuses in general no you have to be specific in (Bureaucratic/ structural) institutions only.
  • Reading the material before writing is very important it helps you to build your essay correctly. (so please I do not want to find any wrong information)
  • The essay must include a clear thesis that answers directly on the question.
  • The essay must include (background introduction, thesis, supportive paragraphs and conclusion )
  • Connections and coherence between the paragraphs are very important
  • 1- Avoid common writing mistakes:
  • I. Grammar/syntax · Run on sentences or sentences fragments · Too many simple sentences · Over reliance on lengthy compound sentences· Subject and verb not in agreement · Subject and pronoun not in agreement · Use of you or your in paper (avoid these in formal papers) · Plural vs. possessive (proper use of ‘s) · Capitalization of nouns other than proper names ·
  • Incorrect use of following words or phrases: o That vs. which o That vs. who o In regard to vs. regarding o In which vs. of which o Who vs. whom
  • II. Punctuation/mechanics · Improper use of commas, colons, and semicolons · Incorrect placement of quotations marks · Incorrect placement of punctuation at end of quotation · Incorrect use of ellipses or hyphens
  • III. Style · Asking rhetorical questions · Offering opinions as evidence or making editorial statements as if they were fact without proper citation or evidence · No clear purpose/thesis statement · Weak or missing transitions between paragraphs · Logical and flow of paper is weak or absent · Paragraphs contain too many ideas or thoughts · Brain dumping everything about an idea or topic into paragraph or paper
  • IV. APA · Incorrect APA citations in the body of paper · Incorrect format of references at end of paper · Using book editor as the citation in the paper, rather than chapter editor · Missing page number or paragraph number for direct quotations · Incorrect use of & or and in body of paper, or in reference list
  • V. Misc. · Margins too small or too big (use 1 inch) · Font to small or big (use 12 pt. Times or Arial) · Line spacing off (double spaced only) · Paragraph indentation off (use the tab key for .5 inch/5 spaces) · Missing page numbers (cover sheet does not count) · Missing references
  • Bring more citations and support your argument. I prefer to use direct quotes (with page number)
  • For this work I will send you four references you must add two more or as you need. (the total will be 6 or more )
  • Remember the thesis and you have to support the thesis
  • My outline
  • A- Introduction: start the introduction by a quote or a hook. Talk about higher education in general. Then talk briefly about the 4 kind of institutions of higher education (structural/bureaucratic, collegial, political, and symbolic/cultural). Then explain how presidents, provost and deans, administrators….etc are important for success of any higher education institiution. ………..talk little about the administrative structure.
  • B- Thesis statement ( In this paper, I would present the roles presidents, provosts and deans on college and university campuses .. … through four different institutions …….. you have to complete it )
  • C- Body Paragraphs (you have to explain what is bureaucratic/ structural) organization ….. Definition, structure, characteristics, authority….. explain the relationships between positions…. Etc D- Based on the above model (bureaucratic/ structural) present the roles presidents


Crafting Communications Business Finance Assignment Help

Milestone Two Scenario

An overseas contractor that is a major supplier to your chosen company has recently been revealed as on that operates with poor working conditions for employees (uses child labor, pays low wages, requires long hours, no benefits, etc.).

MAIN POST 1 – INTERNAL COMMUNICATION THREAD: In Microsoft Word, draft an internal communication that effectively address the issues in the Milestone Two scenario, clearly identifying your target audience (refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document).

MAIN POST 2 – EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION THREAD: In Microsoft Word, draft an external communication that effectively address the issues in the Milestone Two scenario, clearly identifying your target audience (refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document).

Learning Objectives

  • Craft communications to address internal and external stakeholder issues
  • Craft communications to illustrate various strategies and approaches
    utilized by corporations in their communications with stakeholders

Reading and Resources

Required Resources


Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice, Chapter 10
While you read, consider the following questions:

  • Why is it necessary for a corporation to manage issues that arise?
  • How can issues impact a corporation’s reputation?
  • How do corporations ensure they are aware of issues quickly and efficiently?
  • How do corporations determine what type of response is required when an issue becomes public?

eBook: Handbook of Corporate Communication and Public Relations: Pure and Applied

Today’s Corporate Communication Function (pp. 200–226)
While you read, consider the following questions:

  • What impact could the issue have on the corporation and/or its stakeholders, both internal and external?
  • Could the corporation take a more active approach to deal with the issue once it has arisen? If so, how?
  • What could the corporation have done to be proactive about the issue? Could it have prevented the issue from causing a problem?
  • Study the life cycle of an issue, focusing on where it starts, how it is communicated, and by whom it is communicated.

eBook: Essentials of Corporate Communications

Chapter 2: From Communication to Reputation
While you read, consider the following questions:

  • Do you understand the differences between a company’s brand, image, and reputation?
  • What can cause a negative impact on a company’s brand, image, or reputation?

Note: SNHU has limited access to this resource. Please view this alternative resource if you experience any difficulty viewing the eBook.

eBook: Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Chapter 13: Corporate Responsibility
While you read, consider the following questions:

  • What does compliance have to do with corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
  • What does the issue of human rights have to do with corporate profitability?
  • Do corporations communicate their CSR activities? If so, to whom and how?

Word 2013 – Tracking Changes & Comments Training


Religions history Humanities Assignment Help

1- Take detailed notes on all of the following videos, then write it in a 400 word minimum, bullet points are fine).

2- Include an additional 2-3 discussion questions based on the religious traditions covered in the videos..

Intro to Buddhism: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RFRuldVJrDeG5pWUNuZ2dqdEE/view

Theravada Buddhism: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RFRuldVJrDQndXMkRGaVJiMjg/view

Mahayana Buddhism: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RFRuldVJrDMU1OWFZiaVhCTzQ/view

Zen Buddhism (a type of Mahayana): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pllQ_-ZxEA

Vajrayana Buddhism: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RFRuldVJrDY2ZWM2x5cERqRWM/view

3- And finally answer the following two questions both in a 80-100 words ( no more, and no less)

the questions are: a- What did Siddhartha Gautama go through before he found his answer to his question, ” What is Suffering”?

b- Name and describe the 3 types of Buddhism and where are they practiced?


discussio board Humanities Assignment Help

discussio board Humanities Assignment Help