Discussion: Effectiveness of Generic Framework, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Discussion: Effectiveness of Generic Framework, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help. Discussion: Effectiveness of Generic Framework, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Topic Statement

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Breaches, or incidents, can occur for any number of reasons. Some incidents might occur because the roles or responsibilities are poorly defined. Still, certain responsibilities may be well-defined but poorly allocated (i.e. a responsibility assigned to an individual or group with little or no ability to take on the responsibility).


In this discussion, you will consider the effectiveness of a generic framework like the EBK in applying the roles defined by the EBK to meet the needs of the real world. Examine the jobs and job titles of an institution’s IT organization, and then respond to the following questions:

  1. Why might a general framework like the EBK be insufficient to meet all the information security needs of an organization?
  2. What other non-standard jobs and job titles might you need to assign to standardize the standard roles defined in the EBK?

Post and Engage

After posting your response, review your classmates’ posts and make a thoughtful and substantive response to at least two others.

Refer to the rubric for grading criteria.

Please read these instructions for information on accessing the discussion rubric. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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Discussion: Effectiveness of Generic Framework, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

answer for MCQs and a short answer Economics Assignment Help

Below are examples from the file.

1. In the country of Zana, a unit of labor can produce 4 units of good X or 2 units of
good Y; in the country of Bren, a unit of labor can produce 2 units of good X or 1
unit of good Y. Which of the following is true?
a. Bren has absolute advantage in producing both goods X and Y.
b. Bren has comparative advantage in producing good Y.
c. Zana has comparative advantage in producing good Y.
d. Bren should export good X to Zana.
e. Bren and Zana cannot benefit from trading with each other.
2. Assuming that Country A has a comparative advantage in wheat and Country B in
wine, which of the following is true?
a. The price of wheat in country B falls when trade opens between the two
b. The price of wine in country B falls when trade opens between the two
c. The prices of wine and wheat in country B fall when trade opens between the
two countries.
3. According to the Heckscher-Ohlin theorem, trade arises are due to
a. Differences in technology.
b. Differences in relative factor endowments and intensities.
c. Differences in tastes and preferences.
d. The existence of economies of scale in production.
4. Based on the trade theories, which of the following statement is NOT true?
a. Trade occurs because of differences in the availability of factor inputs across
countries and differences in the proportions of those factor inputs used in
producing different products.
b. Trade causes expansion in the export-oriented sector and causes contraction
in the import-competing sector.
c. Trade allows a trading nation to consume beyond its production capacity.
d. Trade benefits everyone or every group within a trading nation.


Monetary policy, marketing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

In this paper, you will conduct research into how monetary policy was used during the following three time periods in the history of the United States:

  • The Great Depression years of 1929 to 1933
  • The 1970s Stagflation from 1973 to 1982
  • The recent recession that occurred in the years 2008 to 2010

Then after pulling your research data together, write a paper 4 to 6 pages in length (not counting the title page). Your paper should include the following:

  • In your first page after a brief introduction, you should define several key concepts that will be the subject of your research in this paper.
    • Fractional Reserve Banking System
    • The Money Multiplier
    • Transmission Mechanism
    • Money Supply; M1; M2
  • The body of your paper should focus on each of the three events one at a time and identify the monetary policy that was implemented during each of the events. Keep in mind that when covering a period of years you may not observe use of the three monetary policy tools each year, however, looking across the period of years you will see clear changes in the money supply that will demonstrate the expansionary or contractionary direction taken by the Federal Reserve during each event.

    You should use your research to go beyond a simple statement of “the money supply increased” or “there was less money in the economy” and discuss how the money supply changed. What policy tools were used? How much did the money supply change? Did the economy expand or contract as a result?

  • Then at the end provide a brief summary of how monetary policy was used during each event and discuss the impact on our macroeconomic variables from Week 02 (GDP; Unemployment; changes in the price level, either inflation or deflation) from the beginning to the end of each time period.


Research about James Brown, English homework help Writing Assignment Help

Research project based on your interpretation of The Los Angeles Diaries: a memoir We have been discussing Brown’s memoir
and themes that we have noticed. Please choose one of the themes as your
topic for this essay and do some research. Write an informative and
persuasive essay based on your source information and on your
interpretation of Brown’s book. I want you to do two things in this
essay. One, explain how Brown uses the theme in his book. How does it
contribute to his overall purpose? Two, discuss what you discover from
your research. How are we affected by this topic in real life? This is
where you go beyond Brown’s memoir and discuss your topic in the larger
community. Put the authors in subject position, explaining what they say
about your topic. Why should we care about this? Develop your
discussion in detail, and cite your sources (in MLA format) both in the
body of your essay and in your list at the end. Your essay should be six pages or more,
typed, double spaced. Please organize it effectively and develop it
fully. Explain why your topic is important, why you care about it, and
why we should care about it.

this is the assignment instruction


expense forecasting scenario Business Finance Assignment Help

Expense Forecasting Scenario

Your department has performed 20,000 procedures during the first six months (January–June) of 20X1. Spending during that period of time was $210,000 for fixed expense items and $1,200,000 for variable expense items. Of those amounts, $50,000 of fixed expense money was spent on preparing for a Joint Commission survey. Volume is anticipated to be 10% higher in the second half of the year. On November 1st, two new procedure technicians will begin work. The salary and fringe benefit costs for each are $96,000/year. Based on the information provided, prepare an expense forecast for 20X1.

Annualization for Fixed: (Adjusted Total for Year to Date Expense/6) * 12 =Total Annualized Amounts

Annualization for Variable (Adjusted Total for Year to Date Expense/ 20,000) * 40,000 =Total Annualized Amounts.

Financial Analysis Cycle


You are examining a proposal for a new business opportunity – a new procedure for which demand is expected to be 1,400 units the first year, growing by 600 units a year thereafter. The price charged per procedure is $1,000. The collection rate is anticipated to be 80%. Each procedure consumes $300 of supplies. Salary cost is estimated to cost $540,000 each year, fringe benefits are 25% of salaries, rent for the facility is $55,000/yr and operating cost are $120,000/yr.


  1. Develop a marginal profit and loss statement for this business opportunity.Based on that analysis, should this opportunity be pursued?


You can charge $1,075 for a new service. Demand is anticipated to be 8,000 units a year. Your business is able to handle up to 16,500 units annually, so capacity should not be a problem. The average collection rate is 80%. The new service has annual fixed costs of $4,700,000. Variable cost per unit of service is $420.

Question: Use break-even analysis to determine if this new service is financially viable. If the business is not financially viable, what steps could you take to make a case to proceed with implementation? Explain your decision.


You are considering the acquisition of a new piece of equipment with a useful life of five years. This new technology will make your clinical operation more efficient and allow for a reduction of 10 FTEs. The equipment purchase price is $4,500,000 plus 10% installation fee. The purchase price includes service for the first year, an item that has an annual cost of $10,000. There is a potential for additional volume of 150,000 units in the first year, growing by 30,000 each year thereafter. The price charged per unit is $15.00 with a 50% collection rate. The staff being eliminated are paid $12.50 per hour. The fringe benefits rate is 20%. The hurdle rate is 7.5%.

Questions: After reviewing Dr. Ward’s Video and the calculations below, please answer the following questions:

  • What is meant by benefit/cost ratio, average payback period and ROI and why are the all important to understand when purchasing new equipment?
  • Based on this information, would you pursue this opportunity?
  • Explain your decision in 250-500 words in the text box below
  • This Assignment will be due. Be sure and include all of your calculations and formulas.
  • Please post your narrative response under the Cost/Benefit tab in the Week 10 Application Assignment Template provided in the Week 9 Learning Resources.



communication infrastructure used by the university is an 802.11g wireless network , assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

Part of the communication infrastructure used by the university is an 802.11g wireless network implemented throughout the university dorm rooms and library. Upon inspection by your consulting team, it is discovered that the wireless network is not secure and that data is being exchanged over the air without encryption. Research the latest technology for use with wireless encryption. Provide a memorandum to the dean of information technology addressing the needed for encryption within the wireless infrastructure and the types of wireless encryption that may be deployed to secure the wireless network and devices

communication infrastructure used by the university is an 802.11g wireless network , assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Program Manager Research Paper Computer Science Assignment Help

Title: Data Program Manager

The 2nd and 3rd Iteration to include your Plan, Action, Observations, and Reflections.

  • Plan – at least one page in length, should include a description of all the planning activity that has taken place…may include agendas or other manuscripts as appropriate
  • Action – at least one page in length, should include a description of that actual activity
  • Observation – at least one page in length, should include a description of all the information collected as well as any analysis
  • Reflection – at least one page in length, should include a description of your thoughts about what happened, what went well, as well as not so well. If your iteration was a meeting, you may want to discuss the effectiveness of the meeting, did you have the best participants, did you miss any (not invite) or learned during the meeting you should have invited someone else..if so, what are your thoughts regarding mitigation …etc…

Remember to support appropriately. Use ‘personal communications’ as necessary.

*Follow The template

*No Plagiarism

*APA Format


The Holocaust and Hiroshima, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

in this activity you will find background information and directions to resources for further research.

Your journal entries may take the form of several short journals or a few longer journals, but must fill at least three typed pages (12pt font, double-spaced). These entries are not like a formal essay; you may use first person. Use the entries to explain what questions you developed while doing your research and what you have learned about the topic.

  • Follow the directions given in the activity
  • Begin your research at the websites provided, then branch out if needed
  • DO NOT use Wikipedia as a source
  • Proofread for grammar, punctuation, and spelling

How you will do it

  1. Focus your research on either the legacy of the Holocaust or the U.S. decision to drop nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Complete extensive research on the broad topic using the suggested web resources as well as other relevant materials.
  2. Consider the impact that the chosen topic has had on our view of human nature and expectations about the future.
  3. After organizing your thoughts, prepare to write your journal entries by creating three questions on the topic. The questions and the journal entries should reflect your insights into the topic and conclusions about its historical impact.
  4. For the Holocaust issue, you might ask, “To what extent are the German people to blame for the Nazi government’s atrocities?” or “How does the experience of the Holocaust change my understanding of the human capacity to commit premeditated atrocities?” or “How does knowledge of the Holocaust affect my hope and faith in the future?”
  5. For the atomic weapons issue, you might ask, “If I were President Truman, would I have decided to use atomic weapons in order to defeat Japan?” (“Why or why not?”) Or you might ask, “How has the reality of nuclear weapons changed the course of history and warfare?” or “As an American citizen, what would I say about the bombings to a Japanese survivor of Hiroshima or Nagasaki?”
  6. Submit your questions and journal entries to your teacher.
  7. All thoughtful people still struggle with these questions. Be prepared to discuss how the Holocaust and the use of atomic weapons against Japan in World War II relate to the future and to current events.

What you will need

Textbooks and other available research material

Web Sites:

Note: some links direct you to external web sites. These sites and their content are not controlled by SAS.The Holocaust:
The Holocaust Resource Center
Includes photos, maps, exhibits, and other information from Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Presents online exhibits and searchable archives of documents and photos.
Describes, in text and photography, the horror of the largest concentration camp.
Fortunoff Video Archive
Provides excerpts from video testimonies of witnesses and survivors.
KZ Mauthausen-GUSEN Info-Pages
Provides extensive details about an extermination camp in Austria.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki:
The Manhattan Project
Provides information on the Manhattan Project and the scientists who participated in it.
The Decision to Drop the Bomb
Provides an in-depth analysis of the U.S. decision to use atomic weapons in World War II.
Nagasaki Journey
Contains “The Photographs of Yosuke Yamhata,” a powerful photo essay taken only a day or two after the devastation caused by the bombing.
Trinity Atomic Web Site

Provides information about nuclear testing and events leading up to the use of the atomic bomb in 1945.


Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations 3rd Edition, assignment help Assignment Help

Report question:

Report Question Corporate governance, how
a company is run, is critically important for companies to consider due to
numerous high-profile corporate failures. As a result, companies provide a
corporate governance statement as a way to communicate their governance
practices and promote their ethics credentials to interested parties, such as
shareholders. This statement is often incorporated into the company’s annual report.
To assist with the development of clear and ethical corporate governance
statements, the ASX Corporate Governance Council has developed a set of
principles and recommendations to guide companies. Explain what corporate
governance is and its relationship to business ethics. Select two principles
from the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and
Recommendations (3rd Edition) and explain how each principle you select relates
to business ethics. Evaluate how effectively SCENTRE GROUP’s
corporate governance statement communicates information in relation to the
principles you selected.

* If SCENTRE GROUP does not have a 2016
Annual Report/Annual Review/Shareholder Review, you can use the 2015 equivalent
printed document.


Governance Principles and Recommendations 3rd Edition (ASX Corporate Governance
Council 2014).

Governance and Business Ethics’ (Felo 2013)

the Confusion Over Organizational Ethics’ (Liautaud 2013)

4. ‘The
right way to given?'(Dando 2013).

of Business Ethics in Corporate Governance


Use the
5 texts from above reading lists and you will need to
use Scentre group’s annual report

you need to use a minimum of six (6) sources in total.

Use 11
or 12 point Arial, Verdana, or Calibri font

Use 1.5 spacing and at least 3cm page

1000-1500 words

Academic report format

Grading Criteria

Content – Development of the
answer 20%

All information is relevant to the
question and comprehensively explained

Content-Selection and
integration of sources 20%

All supporting evidence is critically
selected and synthesized

Organisation – Cohesive report
format 10%

Highly creative organisation using report
structure, skilfully manages cohesion throughout the report

Organisation – Paragraph
structure 10%

Highly sophisticated and cohesive paragraph

Language – Paraphrasing 10%

Paraphrases the ideas in the source text
concisely and accurately

Language – Vocabulary and
expression 15%

Presents ideas using highly sophisticated,
accurate and original academic language

Mechanics – Referencing 10%

Accurate referencing throughout the answer

Mechanics – Layout and
presentation 5%

Accurate and professional layout and
presentation throughout the report


Discussion Question Business Finance Assignment Help

Topic 1: Landlord Liability – You be the Judge

This Discussion will assess how well you understand the law regarding landlords’ liability for criminal acts. Begin by reading the facts of the case (Dickinson Arms-Reo, L.P. v. Campbell), then decide: Was the landlord liable for the death?

Read the arguments for both sides carefully before formulating your decision. Be sure to reference (with proper APA citation) applicable laws to support your decision. Remember that this is a discussion, so keep your responses succinct and focused on the point. Respond substantively to at least two of your colleagues.



Provides information about nuclear testing and events leading up to the use of the atomic bomb in 1945.