Discussion Essay and Response One: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, and Egypt – a Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion Essay and Response One: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, and Egypt – a Humanities Assignment Help. Discussion Essay and Response One: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, and Egypt – a Humanities Assignment Help.

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After reading chapters one and two, pleas pick from one of the following option. This week we will be learning about Prehistory, and then the first complex civilization of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Then you can do either Option A on Cave Art and Venus Figurines, Option B on Ancient Mesopotamia or Option C on Egypt, or Option D on women in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Option A: For option A this week, after reading Chapter One (Prehistory) inEarly World History: An Interactive Text, and view the art work and read the descriptions at:

http://www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk/caveart.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/chauvet/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

http://www.unl.edu/rhames/courses/current/venus1.pdf (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Finally, post a thoughtful response of at least 350 words (you can always write it in a Word document then copy and paste so you can keep track of the length but also so you have a copy in case Canvas is malfunctioning or attach it – whichever you prefer) to the following questions on the discussion board. What are the theories about the significance of cave art and the Venus figurines? What do the art and sculptures tell us about the societies that created them? What might early prehistoric religion have been like? Tell me what you think the “religion” would been like and why. Then, explain what, if anything, can we say about the position of women from viewing the Venus Figurines? Relate the material to our Early World History cd textbook and readings. Please remember, I am expecting to see examples, quotes, or paraphrased (but cited) information from the readings/listening material (and any other information you would like to share). You may include images in your posts. Respond to 1 of your peers, keeping in mind my requirements for these responses (see syllabus).

The following cc videos are optional but may enhance your understanding of the importance of the cave art:

Option B. Using our text, podcast material, and the following websites, discuss the religion and society of Mesopotamia. What type of religion did they have, what gods did they have, what type of personalities did the gods have, and how did the religion impact the development of the society and reinforce the power system? Why do you think this very ancient civilization had the type of beliefs that it did? Of what importance were the priests and the buildings known as ziggurats? What was offered at the ziggurats? What was the relationship of the people to their gods? Why did they believe people were created and what could they expect after death?

http://www.mesopotamia.co.uk/gods/home_set.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

http://ancienthistory.about.com/cs/nemythology/a/mesopotamiarel.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

http://www.smspromotions.org/mesopotamian-religion.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This cc video is optional, but I think you will enjoy it. Mesopotamia is important for so many reasons. It is the first complex civilization and deserves far more attention than it usually gets: >

Option C: Egypt: Using the following websites, the podcasts, and our book, please describe the religion of Egypt and how it related to/helped build and organize their society. What was the mummification process, discuss why the Egyptians mummified their dead including some information on their religious beliefs, and analyze some consequences such a strong emphasis on death and the afterlife had on the development of Egyptian art, architecture, and political power. How do you account for the development from simple cave based rituals and Venus figurines to such highly sophisticated beliefs and practices — do you think we are seeing the same fears/concerns/desires driving the development of more complex religion and social systems or is something really new happening?

There are millions of documentaries on Egypt. It is hard to pick just one. If any of the following cc options are of interest, enjoy!

Option D: This is an option I developed a few semesters ago in response to student interest. I am curious to read your thoughts on the position of women in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Last week, we discussed Venus Figurines and entertained the possibility that women may, according to some scholars, have been more powerful or treated more equally in prehistoric cultures than we might expect. Of course, not everyone viewed the Venus Figurines as a sign of female power or equality, other scholars interpret the artifacts to mean that women were only valued for fertility or sexuality. For this option, after reading, listening, also look at the following websites where short readings on the subject are available: http://history-world.org/egypt_and_mesopotamia_com…




Then discuss and analyze the roles of women, and their power or lack of such, in Mesopotamia and Egypt. What were they valued for and why? If you think there was a drop in status, what do you think caused it? Compare what you learn with what we discussed regarding the Venus figurines.

This optional video is about elite women:

Discussion Essay and Response One: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, and Egypt – a Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Create Variable Control Charts Health Medical Assignment Help

Control charts assist health care administration leaders in determining which processes in their health services organization are in control. As a tool, creating variable control charts such as the Xbar and R charts are useful since they help to present the data in meaningful ways, which allow health care administration leaders to make quick decisions regarding those processes not in control.

For this Assignment, review the resources for this week that are specific to variable control charts. Focus on mimicking the development of the Xbar and R charts in the chapter rather than the Xbar and S charts or I-MR charts.

The Assignment: (3–4 pages)


Paper on Tragedy and American Drama Humanities Assignment Help

Question 1) In two paragraphs (totaling about 400 words) discuss the ways in which Willy and Shelly are alike or not alike. Create clear topic ideas and support your ideas with cited quotes from the plays. Respond to two other students when you are done. question two; For your paper you are to answer BOTH of the following questions, using the two plays and sources that come from the course. You must cite all you answers using MLA formatting. Use OWL Purdue if you need help with MLA. Also, review the videos in the Plagiarism Module to get some insight into some of the skills and issues invovled in citing a paper using MLA. Submit both answers as one document. Label each prompt as One and Two. Write at least 750 – 1000 words for each paper. Create a Works Cited page at the end of each answer. Again, put both papers into one document that you will upload here. Prompt One (answer both one and two) In a 750 – 1000 word, well-paragraphed essay, discuss how Willy and Shelley are or are not examples of tragic heroes. Use quotes from both Miller and Aristotle when defining what a tragic hero is then use quotes from Miller and Mamet’s plays, when connecting those ideas to the two characters. Prompt Two (again answer both one and two and include both answers in one document) In a 750 – 1000 word, well paragraphed essay, discuss how Death of a Salesman represents a modernist critique of capitalism, while Glengarry Glenn Ross represents a postmodernists critique of capitalism. Without exception, papers turned after the due date at 11:59, will lose 10 points off the final grade. Please don’t wait until the last minute to get your paper in.


Red Zuma Project Business Finance Assignment Help

Appendix 2: Red Zuma Project

  • Complete Part 1, 2, and 3

Final Project – Create an essay and a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your project plan

  • Use MS Excel or Open Project to create your tables and charts.

Final Project Requirements:

  • · The Essay must be 5 pages long excluding Title Page, Abstract, and Reference Page
  • · Must have an introduction with a clear thesis statement, a body discussing the three main points and a conclusion
  • · Conduct research to find relevant information using reliable sources to support your views.
  • · (Use at least 2 academic books and 3 peer reviewed scholarly articles from a library database)
  • · Use APA Style for in-text citations, and references
  • · Turn in the Paper to SMARTHINKING.com before submitting your final paper.
  • · Turn in a final paper and the paper with the SMARTHINKING.com tutor comments.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Prepare you assignment offline in a word processing software such as Microsoft Office
  2. To submit your document, scroll to the bottom of the page, below any rubric if applicable and click the Add Submission button
  3. Drag and drop you paper to the File Submissions area, or browse for you file by clicking the Add.. icon
  4. Check the box next to the original work acknowledgement statement
  5. Click the Save changes button to submit

Note: You may edit your submission up until the assignment is graded by your instructor or if requested by your instructor. To edit your submission, scroll to the bottom of the page, below any rubric if applicable and click the Edit Submissions button, and follow steps 3-5 above.

Textbook Title: Larson, E (2017) Project Management, The Managerial Process, 7th edition

Textbook Publisher: McGraw Hill

Textbook ISBN: 9781259666094


persuasive essay Writing Assignment Help

Persuasive essays can be structured in different ways, but they all have one goal in mind: to persuade others to agree with the argument that is being made. Have you ever disagreed with someone on a point and tried to get them to understand your argument? This assignment will help you learn the proper ways to structure your arguments so that they are more persuasive.

Review the Persuasive Essay Instructions from Week 3.

Review the following completed assignments and your faculty feedback for them:

  • Week 2 Topic Selection
  • Week 3 Thesis and Research Questions Worksheet
  • Week 3 Organizing the Persuasive Essay

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word (approximately 4 to 5 pages) persuasive essay, using your previous assignments as resources.

  • Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.
  • Submit your essay to the Plagiarism Checker, located in the Center for Writing Excellence, and make any required changes that are mentioned in the results of the report. Use the Plagiarism Checker Instructions for step-by-step instructions for how to use the Plagiarism Checker. If another submission is needed after changes, please submit your essay again.
  • Submit your Persuasive Essay to WritePoint® powered by Grammarly in the Center for Writing Excellence. Use the suggestions from WritePoint® powered by Grammarly to improve the grammar and use of active voice in your essay.
  • The Persuasive Essay Grading Guide will be used to grade this assignment.

Submit your final copy of the Persuasive Essay, along with your final Plagiarism Checker report to the Assignment Files tab.



write a report Writing Assignment Help

you need to do a literature review about ‘Internet layer protocols ‘from any scholarly articles based on ISSN referred journals and include the artical summery in the form of a report and reflect on the functional features of the chosen internet layer protocols and suggest how it could be applied to a real time environment .

the protocols is (chose only one from this ) :

please note : refer the article link as evidence of your review with proper reeferancing and index citation.The summery should include the main ideas presented in the paper .

write a report Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Research Project Writing Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will complete a research project on a topic concerning school leadership. Select a topic or skill that particularly interests you. The project/paper must be purposeful for you as the student. Be sure to address the following questions in your paper:

  • Why is this topic important for teacher leaders?
  • What makes this topic or skill different or the same from other leadership positions?
  • How should this topic or skill be incorporated into a teacher leadership position?
  • What are the future trends associated with your topic?
  • Are there any challenges associated with implementation?
  • What suggestions or recommendations do you have for school leaders related to the topic?
  • How will you implement what you have learned?

Length: 12 pages, not including the title and reference pages.
References: A minimum of seven scholarly references.

Be sure to Label the cover page as followed:

Lackey IL-7001

Week 8

North Central


Community Corrections: W1 IP: Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections Business Finance Assignment Help

Consider the following scenario: A defendant is put on probation. The defendant then violates probation, or commits another violation while on probation. Provide a detailed account of each step of the legal process in this scenario. What considerations must be made, and what aspects of the legal system are involved?

Key Assignment for This Course

Based on the profile of a (hypothetical) defendant and the stipulations of the state in which you currently reside, create an Evaluative Needs Summary presentation to members of a community corrections board, civic leaders, and concerned citizens. The Evaluative Needs Summary will include the following:

  1. A complete profile of the defendant
  2. Analysis and discussion of recommended probation plan (general points to consider; diversion programs)
  3. Description of how the probation program will be measured as it relates to recidivism and public safety
  4. Conclusions and recommendations
  5. References

The paper must be in APA format, consist of at least 2 references, proofread, and the deliverable length is between 1,000-1,500 words (not including the title page and reference page).


Plot out the writing process you would use to draft a document, incorporating details, as outlined below Business Finance Assignment Help

Plot out the writing process you would use to draft a document, incorporating details, as outlined below.


Imagine that you are working in a local government office. Your boss has asked you to write a report about how to expand the city’s recycling program. She has gotten letters from residents saying that the city should be recycling more than newspapers and plastic bottles. She wants to know what other kinds of products could be recycled and how much money that would cost the city.


  1. In a Word document, create a flowchart that summarizes the writing process and outlines how you would use that process to complete the report. Under each stage of the writing process, add details about what you would do during those portions of the project. You may want to include what sources you might use to research the topic and how you might organize your document. As you do so, considerthe following:
    • What organization techniques might you use?
    • How might you use formatting for emphasis?
    • What possible headings might you use?
    • What kinds of revisions might you make to your document?
    • What would you look for during the revision stage?


Operations Forecasting for “Amazon.com” and Microsoft® Excel® (Template provided) Business Finance Assignment Help

Please review!! Before you agree to work on assignment

You must an ABOVE average understanding of Excel(formulate input to obtain the correct output).

The EXCEL template is attached is must be used to get the desired results.

*** Please review Entire post to save us both the trouble***

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn how to apply Operations Forecasting.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft® Excel® (Template provided)

Select a business operations dataset from the internet, which can be used for forecasting what the results may be at a future state (monthly [for two years], quarterly [for five years], annually [for 20 years]. (See example in the Template). Use caution in using the template, as some of the cells contain formatted functions for performing calculations. You should only need to enter data into Column A and B only. Review the template and the associated data. This should give you an idea of the types of data you will require, and what the results columns reveal. You are required to provide an APA formatted reference to the location of the source data (Do Not just enter the Web Link). The returned work from previous week’s work, should give you some insight as to what an APA reference should look like.

Develop a run over a given period, upper limit and lower limit as to confidence in the forecast using Microsoft® Excel®.Template

  • Compare and contrast each quadrant of the forecast.
  • Evaluate the impact this forecast would have on the firm from a financial metrics standpoint, by writing a 300-word report in which you describe your forecasting project and what it means in terms of favorable or unfavorable forecast and why or why not..

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Please review!! Professor explenation

“1) It says use the Excel template. And it also says: “by writing a 300-word report in which you describe your forecasting project” – my question here is do we use the Microsoft Word to for the 300-word report after we simulated the forecasting in the Excel? YES.

Do we submit the Excel as well or just the Microsoft word document? YES.

2) In the Excel template the date in the column A is from A4 till A 60. Do we also enter our data from A4 to A60? This is a bit subjective, as it is based on what option you selected from the list (monthly [for two years {24 rows}], quarterly [for five years {20 rows}], annually [for 20 years {20 rows}]).

How much data do we need to input to create a forecast? Presented above as number of rows.

3) So, if we will input data in columns A and B, the rest of the columns will calculate automatically? YES.

And will the chart then readjust based on the data that each of us input in the column A and B? YES.

4) In the homework it says: “Compare and contrast each quadrant of the forecast.” Can you please clarify where the quadrants are? For the Monthly, there will be two quadrants (12 months and 12 months); Quarterly there will be five quadrants (5 – one month periods); and Annually, there will be two quadrants (one 10 year and 10 ten year) Or what do you consider quadrants? Above explained.

5) Is this template used in real life to forecast operations? This “exact” template may or may not be used, but the concept and means of arriving at the answers is used in forecasting a future state (usually based on a “time” factor). How is this template used in a real business? It would be helpful to know the application of this template in real life. As the data, which is currently used in the template, are real life airline passenger forecasting. The first 60 rows are “Historical Passenger Headcount” (Column “B”) over a period of time (Column “A”), and the “Forecasted Passenger Headcount” (Column “C”)–future “Potential” travelers.

6) I looked through the chapter 18 in our week 5, and I have not found a paragraph or something about favorable and unfavorable forecast. As per assignment: “what it means in terms of favorable or unfavorable forecast and why or why not…” Can you give us example(s) what favorable and/or unfavorable forecast is? “Favorable” would an increase in potential air travelers per the forecast number going “Up”, and “Unfavorable” would an decrease in potential air travelers per the forecast number going “Down”. I never foretasted anything in business, and it is difficult to implement the homework without some examples. The excel template is just a place to input the numbers, but it would be helpful to have some explanation on what quadrants are, favorable and unfavorable forecasting. I hope this helps

Thank you for reading!!


Discussion Essay and Response One: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, and Egypt – a Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion Essay and Response One: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, and Egypt – a Humanities Assignment Help

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