Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion Humanities Assignment Help. Discussion Humanities Assignment Help.

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Provide an image from the textbook, which contains nudity, where it’s meaning could be misinterpreted without the proper context that the textbook provides.

  • Initial Post Requirements:
    1. Choose 1 artwork from the entire textbook
      • Provide: Artist, title, size, location of the artwork.
      • Make sure to embed the image into the body of the text.
    2. Create an alternative meaning that could be misconstrued for the artwork when viewed out of context. Be specific in your analysis of the artwork, subject matter, etc.
    3. Then, provide the correct context as described in your research.
    4. How much does context matter in interpreting an artwork’s meaning?

Please present your Post with the 1, 2, 3, 4, format as stated above. It will make for easier reading and guarantees that you are including the correct information. This is a requirement.

  • Requirements for Replies:
    • Provide an additional fictional counter meaning or viewpoint to a peer’s post, continuing the depth of discussion.

Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Cultural Interview from a different country other than U.S. Writing Assignment Help

Please read the instructions carefully. This will be an interview with an interviewee. Ideally Tel Aviv culture would be great. You can interview someone you know who has come to the U.S. as an adult and made the transition. These questions are from Chapter 6 of the Cross-Cutural Management Essential Concepts. I am attaching the guidelines and also the test bank for that chapter, which can be of help to you. Anything the interviewee states must be in quotes or paraphrased with in-text citations. USE ONLY CHAPTER SIX OF THE ZIP FILE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE NEEDING TO DO. I GAVE YOU 5 DAYS BUT IF YOU NEED LONGER I CAN EXTEND IT BEFORE WE START TO 7 DAYS.


Feedback Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Please submit the below feedback on this page. This information will help me improve the course, so I appreciate your comments.this course is advertisement of marketing.

a. What did you like about the course? Please explain.

b. What did you not like about the course? Please explain.

c. What is your undergraduate degree?

d. How relevant to your current or future (desired) job or career was the material in the course? Please explain.

e. Were there marketing/advertising concepts lacking that you believe should have been included in MKT? Please explain.

f. Did the text and LearnSmart/Connect support or enhance your learning? Please explain.

g. Marketing/advertising concepts were covered to the appropriate depth. Scale: 1 (Agree) – 5 (Disagree)

h. The workload was appropriate for an undergraduate level course. Scale: 1 (Agree) – 5 (Disagree)


Business skills management and finance accounts/excel Business Finance Assignment Help

? Please bid for this assignment only if you can adhere to the following:

  • Stick to the given deadline, NO extension will be given.
  • Be responsive, communicate with us regularly.
  • Send us the assignment progressively on the 50% mark and when it has been completed.
  • No copy and pasting work, DO NOT plagiarise. We use the Turnitin system to check for plagiarism, we do not recognise any other plagiarism checking tool.
  • No using of fake references. References used must tally with content written.
  • Do not take up any assignments from us if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


    reading response Writing Assignment Help

    A reading response is a paper in which you demonstrate your deep, critical thinking about a text.

    While it may show how well you understand a text, its true purpose is to show how closely you

    paid attention to it, pushed through any confusion it confronted you with, and how much your

    study of the text activated and influenced your thinking. A great reading response will lead to a

    better understanding of what you have read.It is divided into two major parts, one brief and one long. The whole thing should be about two full pages of typed, double-spaced writing.



    ​Assignment 1.2: Industrialization After the Civil War Final Paper Writing Assignment Help

    ssignment 1.2: Industrialization After the Civil War Final Paper

    Due Week 5 and worth 120 points

    After the Civil War, the United States became a much more industrialized society. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization improved American life in many ways. However, industrialization also created problems for American society. Consider events that took place after the Civil War and discuss ways that industrialization affected the U.S. between 1865 and 1920.

    You have already developed a thesis statement and developed an outline in which you identify three main points relevant to your topic. Now you will develop the final paper in which you explore your main points in detail.

    Prompt: Discuss three (3) major aspects of industrialization between 1865 and 1920. Identify three (3) specific groups that were affected by industrialization and provide two examples for each group describing how the group was affected.

    Key Themes:

    • United States industrialization improving and creating problems for American society
    • Society, the economy, and politics
    • Issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, and child labor
    • How industrialization affected the life of the average working American during this period
    • Events that took place after the Civil War

    Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:

    ​Assignment 1.2: Industrialization After the Civil War Final Paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    writing essay Writing Assignment Help

    Sonny’s Blues (Baldwin); Everyday Use (Walker); The Story of an Hour (Chopin); The Storm (Chopin); Desiree’s Baby (Chopin); Little Red Riding Hood (Perault); Little Red Cap (Grimm); The Company of Wolves (Carter).

    1. Choose a short story listed above and make a claim (a written statement that others will consider to be true) about it. You can choose to write about an issue in the story, point of view, characters, setting, imagery, language, or the theme. Your claim must be supported with evidence from the text.
    2. Here are some guidelines that will help you write this paper:
      1. Reread the story and make annotations
      2. Your main claim will be the thesis (overall main point) of your essay.
      3. Aim to persuade. Provide your reader a new perspective when analyzing this story.
      4. Consider your audience (peers and instructor)
      5. Begin the essay with an attention grabber
      6. Gather evidence and support for your argument (you will not need outside sources for this essay). Pull quotes from the story to illustrate your main points. Make sure quotes are relevant to your thesis statement and support your claim. Do not start or end paragraphs with quotations. Use transitions and proofread several times to avoid making CWM’s. Include an attached Works Cited page.

      Your essay should be 750-1000 words and formatted in 12 point font. Please double-space.


    8 weeks of writing assignments Writing Assignment Help

    I have attached everything for you to look at, including the price each
    assignment pays. I will upload one at a time but you can work ahead and
    knock these out. As you complete more than the first one, let me know
    and I will assign or assign as it comes up. If you do not work ahead you
    will only have 3 days to complete this assignment. I would assign on a
    Saturday or earlier and must have it returned by Tuesday. Each
    assignment has different criteria. I included everything. Please review
    and let me know. There are typically 2 writing assignments due each week, most are 500 words with a very few at 250 words. You will be paid on completing 2 assignments each week for 30.00 and one week at 25.00


    1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics. Science Assignment Help


    I need a good quality presentation. PHYSICS.

    I would like you to do me a powerpoint slides and notes for a presentation. the notes can be written in world document which can be numbered fir each slide. I have a presentation about 1st and second law of thermodynamics and how can i apply those laws in our real life, such as motorcycles, Refrigerator, and turbo. you do not have to bring those examples, you may find something interesting other than those examples. but if you want to use one choose either motorcycles or Refrigerator. Moreover, try to make the slides with more organizing and more explaining. the presentation is 18 minutes. So you need to find me something can be talked for 18 minutes. start by explaining each law and what the concept of following each one. again, in the notes, i would like you to make them as if i want to present to people. slides should be about 12 to 14 slides and one slide is a reference. we use physics Journals citations. no plagiarism.


    Calculation and analysis questions. Science Assignment Help

    This is about Quantum analog for the wave sound.

    Hi, please read carefully and understand the work before you start working on it.

    1st, I need a person who is capable of working in PHYSICS. IF YOU ARE NOT, then DO NOT PICK ME PLEASE.

    2nd, I need you to use the references that I have attached into this assignment, if you feel that you need to bring extra references, then you have to bring something related to what we are talking about not something unrelated, because I will not accept it. I will give it a read after you finish and see if you are doing what i am asking or not.

    3rd, try to explain everything in the level that we do not go too academic. make it like you trying to explain something to your instructor, or to the reader, who is looking for right, and great answers in short way. just use your words in science when you explaining something. Try to make your writing as the level as the files i have attached.

    4th, I want you to use “American journal of physics citation format” and no plagiarism please.

    Now I want you see see file name 1, and follow what is asking you. File named 2 is the manual you need to follow and understand, you need to bring me some answers for the data analysis and if you want to cite the manual just do “ [1]”. I have uploaded the recorded data and it’s in the zip file. Image 1 has data two and it’s labeled. Make table and answer the questions that re required in file 1, and 2, Good luck bring me a good quality. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT PHYSICS. DO NOT BRING ME SOMETHING UNRELATED TO PHYSICS.


    Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

    Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

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