Discussion on how framework meets each of the criteria based on my doctoral study Writing Assignment Help

Discussion on how framework meets each of the criteria based on my doctoral study Writing Assignment Help. Discussion on how framework meets each of the criteria based on my doctoral study Writing Assignment Help.

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As you return to the doctoral studies that you have examined in this course, notice how the scholar presents the framework. The framework may be identified explicitly, or it may be less obvious but implied in the text. You will need to read carefully to identify the framework and the implications of that framework in the study.

To Prepare

  • Review the Learning Resources.
  • Review the examples of project study and dissertation that you selected earlier in the course.
  • Consider how the framework aligns in the studies you have examined.

To Complete

In your post:

  • Explain how the framework meets each of the criteria in the Grounding Check, as related to the doctoral study.
  • Support your analysis.
  • Use scholarly tone and APA style.


Butin, D. W. (2010). The education dissertation: A guide for practitioner scholars. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

  • Chapter 4, “Structuring Your Research” (pp. 57–82)

Discussion on how framework meets each of the criteria based on my doctoral study Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Help with Advanced Accounting assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

You are an intern in a CPA firm. Your manager walks into your cubicle and says, “One of our clients is thinking about investing in a company. He wants to know how he should account for this investment. Be prepared to discuss it with the client tomorrow.”
Write a memo to your manager giving your thoughts on how this should be handled by the client.
The situation is the following:
◦Company F purchased 40% of the outstanding stock of company K on June 30, 20XX.
◦Both of the companies have a December 31st, year end.
◦Company K is a publicly traded company and reports its net income to company F.
◦Company K also pays a hefty dividend to the shareholders of company F.
◦How should company F report the above facts on its December 31, 20XX balance sheet and income statement?
◦Support your answer.


final exam essay Writing Assignment Help

must watch video before answering question:

Judge the medical case studied In the video, philosophers applied the three major ethical principles you learned in this class: Kant’s Categorical Imperative, Utilitarianism, and Virtue Ethics. In a five paragraph essay, apply ONE ethical theory to decide the moral course of action in the medical case of the premature twins studied in class. Apply the ethical theory in each paragraph to support your arguments throughout the entire essay. Not using the ethical theory results in an automatic zero. Using more than one ethical theory results in an automatic zero.


I need it in less than 2 hours Humanities Assignment Help

Acting Out Culture: Chapter 1–

Green Guilt (last names beginning with A-H),

The Faces in the Mirror (last names beginning with J-N),

Markets and Morals (last names beginning with P-Z).

You have been assigned a reading selection for your first post based on your last names. By the assigned due date on Monday for your initial post choose any one of the DISCUSSION questions at the end of your assigned reading selection and answer it thoroughly in a paragraph (5-7 sentences minimum) using one cited quote from the text, Acting Out Culture, for support. You must identify the reading selection title and the question you are answering in your initial post.

Question is :

Asma refers to contemporary politics as our ” veiled valuse systems’. What do you think he means by this phrase?What vision of political life does this suggest? Does this vision accord with your own views?

I just need 5-7 sentences so i can post it in our discussion board.


Synthesis Essay on articles Writing Assignment Help

Write a synthesis essay on any 3 of the attached 4 articles, which presents your informed stance or opinion—your position—on any issue pertaining to the topic of “Social Class and Inequality.”


Brief presentation for each of the article separately.

  • Title (properly documented)
  • Author(s) or editor(s) — full names in the first mentioning
  • Detailed explanation of your reasons for choosing this article.

Your introduction will (1) announce the topic, (2) provide background information essential to the readers’ understanding of the topic, and (3) state your thesis, which will be a direct assertive statement of your judgement or opinion on the issue of poverty. While presenting background information on the issue, briefly introduce the articles and synthesize relevant information from them.

In the body paragraphs of your essay, you will use synthesis to support your thesis. Draft your essay by quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing relevant supporting information from the articles, and synthesize this information in your own text. Avoid simply presenting information that you found in the reading sources; make sure to add your own commentary. Remember, a synthesis is NOT a compilation of summaries.

Be sure that each paragraph:

Begins with a topic sentence that states a particular point or reason in support of the thesis.

Includes specific passages from one or more sources (summarized, quoted, or paraphrased) that provide evidence for the topic sentence.

Includes your discussion of the material and explaination of how the passages support the point stated in the topic sentence.

In your conclusion, avoid a simple summary of the main points of your essay. Wrap up the content of your essay by (1) stressing the significance of your thesis; (2) predicting the consequences of your ideas; (3) calling your readers to action; or (4) ending with a question, an anecdote, or a quotation.


1. The essay needs to be written in the MLA format. The final draft should be at least 1,300 words, not including brief presentation of the articles

2. It is a requirement that the final draft of the essay is submitted to Turnitin, and that the Turnitin report score does not exceed 20%.



Office memo and client letter Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions

This week, you will have to research, write an office memo, and write a client letter. Read this Memo sent to you by the Senior Partner in your law firm, Plentibux & Moore:

Memo to: Jack Starr, Paralegal

Subject: Memorandum on Federal Tort Claims Act / Feres Doctrine

As you will recall, I represent the Hooah Family. The Hooahs were the victims of an unfortunate string of circumstances. While driving down I-95, their minivan was struck by a semi-tractor trailer. Both Sergeant First Class (SFC) “Iron Mike” Hooah (U.S. Army) and Sergeant (SGT) Ima Hooah (U.S. Army), who was pregnant with their child, suffered injuries and were taken to the nearest hospital, the Army hospital at Fort Ekman, Virginia, for emergency care.

Unfortunately, during the emergency surgery on SFC Hooah, the Army doctors inadvertently left surgical sponges in SFC Hooah’s stomach causing severe abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, and, inexplicably, trench foot. The Hooah’s tragedy was made all the worse when a nerve in SGT Ima Hooah’s right foot was severed, causing her severe pain and a permanent limp. Finally, the Hooah’s unborn child suffered adverse effects from the general anesthesia, which was improperly administered to Ima Hooah. The unborn child will likely suffer permanent brain damage as a result of the anesthesia.

I need a quick but detailed answer as to the elements of negligent malpractice under Virginia Law, the Feres doctrine, and the likelihood of prevailing in law suits against the Army on behalf of SFC Hooah, SGT Hooah, and their unborn child. Please also outline any limits to the Feres doctrine.

1. Draft an office memorandum, using the same format you have used on past memos in this class. Make sure you cite the relevant statutes, case law, and pertinent regulations. Your answer must not exceed five pages in length. Make sure you use proper Blue Book citation in your memo. Use LexisNexis for your research.

2. Once you have completed the office memo, draft a client opinion letter, explaining what you found in your research, for my signature.

Turn in your office memo, and your letter as a single word document (.doc or .docx file).

Good luck!

The Hooah family; SFC Mike Hooah, and SGT Ima Hooah (pregnant with unborn child), both active duty members of the US Army were struck by a semi-tractor trailer in Virginia on I-95.The family was taken to Fort Ekman Army Hospital for emergency treatment. While hospitalized, SFC Hooah acquired trench foot and experienced a surgery that resulted in surgical sponges being left in his stomach, causing pain and rectal bleeding. SGT Hooah suffered a severed nerve in her right foot in the Collison which resulted in a permanent limp. The unborn child suffered] brain damage from the general anesthesia administered Ima Hooah.

Office memo and client letter Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Find the equilibrium number of firms in autarky for a monopolistically competitive firm. Economics Assignment Help

2) Suppose that the fixed cost of producing a music album is $50, and that demand for a given artist’s album is given by P = 20 – 2N – Q, where N is the number of artists in the industry. The marginal cost of each unit is $0.

a. Find the equilibrium number of firms in autarky (Hint: Marginal revenue for each firm is given by MR = 20-2N -2Q). In addition, find the price set by each firm.

b. Find equilibrium number of firms in an integrated market consisting of the home country and an identical foreign country (Hint: Global demand for each firm will now be P = 20 – 2N – Q/2). In addition, find the average cost and price of each firm.

c. Comment on the differences in the market outcomes of the autarky and integrated economies.


Earned value management Business Finance Assignment Help


All of you have had at least an introduction to earned value management in the project management fundamentals course. Many of you may have had the opportunity to use earned value management in your professional careers. In practice, most EVM analysis results are generated by scheduling software or other applications. As a project manager, you must have a good handle on the concepts and be able to verify the accuracy of EVM analysis results.

In this assignment, you will have an opportunity to brush up and expand upon your EVM knowledge and skills by applying EVM concepts to a practical problem. THIS ASSIGNMENT REQUIRES A MANUAL ANALYSIS – DO NOT USE MICROSOFT PROJECT.

Problem Background

Your project consists of seven activities shown in the table below, along with: (1) planned start and finish dates; (2) activity budgets; and (3) earned value (EV) accrual rules from you project cost management plan.


  1. Assume a five-day work week including holidays occurring during the work week.
  2. For all activities (except activities 3 and 4), assume the expenditure rate is constant over the duration of the activity, i.e., the amount planned to be spent each week is the same.
  3. For activity 3, the planned expenditure profile is shown below:
  4. For activity 4, the planned expenditure profile is shown below:

The project sponsor wants you (the PM) to present a project cost and schedule performance assessment using data through Friday, July 29, 2016. You have collected the following information:

For activity 1, three equally-valued gates have been established and all gates are complete as of July 29, 2016.

For activity 3, five milestones have been established with the following values: (1) milestone 1 – 10%; milestone – 20%; milestone 3 – 15%; milestone 4 -20%; milestone 5 – 35%. Four of the milestones are complete as of July 29, 2016.

For activity 4, four equally values gates have been established. As of July 29, 2016 none of the gates have been reached but the activity owner estimates 30% of the work required to reach the first gate has been accomplished.

Show all work. Round dollar values to the nearest dollar. Calculate all other variables to three decimal places.

  1. Earned Value Measures
    1. Calculate earned value measures for each activity and for the cumulative project as of July 29, 2016; fill in the table below:
  2. Earned Value Performance Measures
    1. Calculate earned value performance parameters for each activity and for the cumulative project as of July 29, 2016; fill in the table below:
    2. Is the project ahead of schedule, on schedule, or behind schedule? What EVM information are you using to make this assessment and why?
    3. Is the project over budget, under budget, or on budget? What EVM information are you using to make this assessment and why?
  3. Earned Value Forecasts
    1. What is the value of the “Cumulative CPI” Estimate-at-Completion (EAC)?
    2. Using the “Mathematical” or “Overrun to Date” Estimate-at Completion, what is the value of the Estimate-to-Complete (ETC)?
    3. Using the “Cumulative CPI times SPI” Estimate-At-Completion, how much more or less money (other than the current budgeted amount) will you need to finish the project?
    4. How much would the Cost Performance Index (CPI) have to change in order to complete the project within the original budget?


Planned Value (PV)

Earned Value (EV)

Actual Cost (AC)

Activity One


Activity Two


Activity Three


Activity Four


Activity Five


Activity Six


Activity Seven


Entire Project


Schedule Variance (SV)

Schedule Performance Index (SPI)

Cost Variance (CV)

Cost Performance Index (CPI)

Activity One

Activity Two

Activity Three

Activity Four

Activity Five

Activity Six

Activity Seven

Entire Project

** Please see attachment**


Help with an English Project Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Now that the discovery process is nearly over, it is time to share the wealth. If you are interested in your topic, then others are going to want to know what you discovered. You are compelled in this age of information to carry the torch of knowledge forward for the benefit of others. In other words, you need to present your knowledge in a way that is compelling and appealing. Professional researchers present their findings in these ways:

  1. Submitting a written report that is published internally (to the company that paid for the research) or in professional publications.
  2. Delivering the report orally at a conference of others interested in the topic. These presentations may include visual props, demonstrations, or a PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Posting findings to a web forum on the topic. Postings include visual aids and concise text in compelling layout.

Now it’s your turn to take up your torch of knowledge and let it shine brightly by:

  1. Selecting a professional presentation method from the list below and organizing your information into ONE of these formats:
    1. Written Report. Students follow these guidelines:
      • Length 5-7 pages (1200-1800 words)
      • MLA formatting
      • Works Cited page/Parenthetical citations
      • Embedded quotations
      • 2-dimensional enhancements (photos, charts, graphs, illustrations, maps, etc)
    2. Oral Report. Students follow these guidelines:
      • PowerPoint slides 10-25
      • Oral presentation length 5-7 minutes
      • Verbal parenthetical citations
      • Works Cited page (MLA formatting)
      • 2 or 3-dimensional enhancements (audio, video, photos, charts, graphs, illustrations, maps, etc)
    3. Web Report.
      Students follow these guidelines:
      • 1-3 linked web pages with text/media layout
      • Works Cited page (MLA formatting) –hyperlinks to Internet sources
      • Parenthetical citations
      • 2 or 3-dimensional enhancements (audio, video, photos, charts, graphs, illustrations, maps, etc)2-dimensional enhancements (photos, charts, graphs, illustrations, maps, etc) –hyperlinked or embedded
      • Submit the link to your web page for the assignment or attach HTML pages
  2. Adding media enhancements to make your presentation interesting.
  3. Using embedded quotations with MLA citations in your presentation (A minimum of 6 quotations).
  4. Using paraphrased and summarized information with MLA citations.
  5. Having a Works Cited Page that uses MLA formatting (At least 3 sources – 1 must be a primary source).
  6. Submitting your project to the Discussion: Fuel for the Fire link for peer evaluation.
  7. Exploring one or more of your peers’ research projects using the 4 P’s of peer evaluation [Praise, Probe (ask questions), Propose (make suggestions), and be Positive].
  8. Checking out the comments your peers submitted about your project so you can use them to revise.

Note: You will get a grade now for completing this discussion. You will turn in your revised project to your instructor for grading and full points later, once you have received your peers’ feedback.


Accounting for Global Businesses Business Finance Assignment Help

Access the financial statements from the most recent annual report of a foreign company and a USA domestic company with which you are familiar to complete this assignment.

  • Determine the accounting principles (GAAP) the foreign and domestic companies use to prepare financial statements.
  • Determine whether the foreign or domestic companies provide a set of financial statements that include the same components.
  • List 5 format differences in the companies’ income statements.
  • List 5 format differences in the company’s balance sheets.
  • Note any terminology differences that exist between the two companies’ income statements and balance sheets.
  • Assess whether the scope and content of the information provided in the notes to the financial statements is similar to the two companies.
  • Compare the overall presentation of the financial statements and notes to the financial statements between the two companies.

Summarize your findings in a 3-5 page paper. Be sure to properly cite your resources using APA format.


Discussion on how framework meets each of the criteria based on my doctoral study Writing Assignment Help

Discussion on how framework meets each of the criteria based on my doctoral study Writing Assignment Help

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