Discussion questions Science Assignment Help

Discussion questions Science Assignment Help. Discussion questions Science Assignment Help.

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Part 1

  • Determine the oxidation states of each element comprising the following ionic compounds:
  • KClO4
  • NaMnO4
  • Sr(NO3)2
  • NaHCO3
  • CH4

Part 2

Discussion questions

Each answer must be 100 words

Each answer must be in your own words

  • What is Solubility?
  • What is Saturation?
  • What are Electrolyte Solutions?
  • What are some of the real world uses of acids and bases?
  • What is Amphoteric?
  • Identify common bases and describe their key characteristics.
  • Identify Arrhenius acids and bases.
  • What is a REDOX reaction? What are the two processes that occur simultaneously during this type of chemical reaction?

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Who can do my business memo assingment Business Finance Assignment Help

Business Memo Assignment

You are the CFO of Thunderduck Energy, Inc, a public company that specializes in the exploration and development of natural gas. It’s near year-end, and you have been in several meetings with management to discuss the end of year net income projections. The company’s employees receive a bonus if the company’s net income in the current year exceeds the net income from the past year. For the current year, the earnings have not been as strong as expected and net income may fall short of last year’s income.

The President has an idea to ensure that net income will increase this year so that the employees will earn their bonus and the shareholders will be happy. The President wants to discuss routine maintenance costs on equipment that were incurred this year. These costs were treated as an expense on the income statement. However, the President is proposing that these costs can be capitalized and should be accounted for as a long-term asset on the balance sheet in order to boost the company’s net income.


Draft a one-page response in the form of a business memo to your manager discussing your recommendation on the President’s suggestion to capitalize the maintenance costs and record the costs as a long-term asset. Support your decision with addressing the accounting issue, the parties affected and what factors you considered to make your decision. Your memo will be graded based on the written communication, critical thinking and ethics rubrics.

Please note that, scholastic dishonesty is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Scholastic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on a test, plagiarism, and collusion. As a college student, you are considered a responsible adult. Your enrollment indicates acceptance of the DCCCD Code of Student Conduct http://www.richlandcollege.edu/conduct.


Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of someone else’s words or ideas. The DCCCD Board Policy Manual defines plagiarism as “the appropriating, buying, receiving as a gift or obtaining by any means another’s work and the unacknowledged submission or incorporation of it in one’s own written work.” To avoid plagiarism, be sure to document your sources properly. The Online Resources page features links to helpful Web sites with information about plagiarism and how to cite your sources.


Looking for someone who has sentinel town/sentinel city simulation available to them to complete this activity. Health Medical Assignment Help

Enter Sentinel Town® via the link below to begin your virtual experience touring Sentinel Town® by car. Since this is your first tour, select the slowest speed and stay in the car for the entire tour at least once before getting out to explore.

As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically those that align with the following demographics and/or subsystems:

  • Describe the characteristics of the people you see in Sentinel Town®.
    • What are the race/ethnicity distribution, age ranges, and gender mix?
    • Are there signs of poverty or wealth? What are they?
  • Who do you see on the streets?
    • Parent with child, teens, couples, disabled persons?
    • Are there homeless persons, beggars, etc.?
    • Is there anyone in the city you would not expect to see?
  • Are there dogs on or off leash? Are there other animals?
  • Are there churches and other formal religious buildings?
    • What are their denominations?

Compile your observations addressing each item listed in the first column of the rubric. You are encouraged to add other relevant observations that may not be listed in the first column.

Select a target population of interest and discuss relevant demographic data and health status indicators for this population group. Identify major health concerns for this target population. Include a discussion of major health concerns in relation to a global health issue.

All submissions must have a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work.

Examples of work to show mastery:

  • 2-4 page paper – APA format


Hand scraper Engineering Assignment Help

Hand scraper: is a hand tool used for removing high parts “high spot” from the surface of metal to make it smooth. Scraper has very sharp edge end to perform this purpose easily. There are three types of scrapers: Curved scraper, Triangular scraper and Flat blade scraper. Focus on Flat blade scraper and follow the guidelines bellow:

* Manufacturing Process:

– Primary (Casting / Powder)

– Secondary (Welding / machining)

– Tritary

* Material Substitution:

– Add two more material (minimum)

– Table of material properties

– Table of ranking (Refer to Material Selection Procedures in the attachment)

– Cost analysis table include:

* Labor cost

* Machine

* Cost of

* Manufacturing cost

*** In-text citations and references using CU-Harvard.

*** Material Selection Procedures has been attached.


How has my family background expanded or restricted my opportunities and life chances? Writing Assignment Help

A socioautobiography reflective paper of a immigrant Filipino kid, she moved to United stated at the age of 16yrs and left her mother and joined her father and her stepmother and half sister. Joined the Army and started a life of her own and retired after 20 yrs in military service. Everything I own and I have is a fruit of hardwork and dedication. I was very susccessful in my military career, and become financillay stable. Now starting a new career in nursing, while I was transsitioning from the military I become a LPN. This is my life story and wanted to make it as a sociauntobiography.



prioritization Writing Assignment Help


The purpose of this assignment is to explore a critical concept in nursing. The student will be able to demonstrate application of information literacy and ability to utilize resources (library, writing center, SmartThinking, located within the Tutor Source tab under Course Home, APA resources, Turnitin, and others) through literature search and writing the paper.


This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.
CO 2: Identify characteristics of professional behavior including emotional intelligence,

Communication, and conflict resolution.

CO 3: Demonstrate information literacy and the ability to utilize resources.find a scholarly nursing journal article (published within the last five years) that discusses this nursing topic

  1. After you find a scholarly nursing journal article using the Chamberlain library resources, you will complete a one-two page summary and reflection on the article. The paper should be completed in APA format and include the following.
    •  A cover page (not included in the page number requirement)
    •  A reference page (not included in the page number requirement)
    •  One direct quote from one of your references, appropriately cited in the body of your paper
    •  One indirect quote (or paraphrased reference) appropriately cited in the body of your paper
    •  Citations and references in APA format

    Best Practices in Preparing the PaperUtilize resources available to you to assist with finding appropriate literature and articles from professional nursing journals relevant to your topic and preparing for and writing the paper (e.g., SmartThinking, located within the Tutor Source tab under Course Home, writing center, Turnitin, APA manual, and online resources).

prioritization Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussion Board 2 Business Finance Assignment Help

Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Review the following cases:

In each case, the appellant raises a number of legal issues.

Pay particularly close attention to the issues raised by the appellant concerning the conduct of these trial participants. For each case, complete the following:

  • Identify the issue raised concerning the trial attorneys.
  • Was the concern about the defense attorney’s behavior or the prosecutor?
  • What concern is the appellant raising?
  • How did the appellant state that the actions of the attorney affected the appellant’s ability to receive a fair trial?
  • What did the Supreme Court state about the attorneys’ behavior?
  • How did the Supreme Court decide?

APA format for references. At least 3 are needed.

400-600 words


comparative essay Writing Assignment Help

In the comparative essay, you will illustrate with specific examples how each journalist has chosen to present the story, and analyze how the contrasting choices of the two journalists may result in readers getting different impressions of the current events being discussed.

Instruction : 900 words

1.The first paragraph you need to summary two of article that you read, then talk about what is the main topic of two article.

2. the body paragraph should have 3 paragraph which are talking about 3 main point, how images, language and facts influences the audiences reader ? ( see the instruction require )

3: conclusion, summary the main point that two article will be great, there are not allowed put any personal idea in the article.

article 2: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/24/us/march-for-ou…


Review of a rough draft essay and put comments per instructions given. See attached document (rough draft-Essay) Humanities Assignment Help

For this draft, you will not be using the group pages. Instead, you will need to find two people to read your draft and offer suggestions. These people may be family, friends, colleagues, or classmates–it is up to you. Follow these steps:

1. Have them read your essay and ask them to explain what your main idea is and at least three suggestions for improvement. This helps you by having someone new read your work and ensures that your points are clear to the average reader.

2. Write down who read your essay and summarize his/her suggestions.

3. Submit the names of the people who read your draft and a summary of the suggestions made for your essay.

The intention is to help strengthen your writing by opening up your audience.


Response needed Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment will repsond to the following with 200 words:Joseph Hyatt

Jus Bellum conditions consist of seven conditions and of these seven conditions the U.S. war in Afghanistan is morally justified. The war was Legitimate authorized by the United States congress, the U.S. had just cause due to the September 11th attacks, the U.S. used war as a Last Resort as terrorist attacks continued to occur, there was a imminent danger of continued attacks, and the U.S. aimed to eliminate the terrorist which would’ve caused more harm around the world. The only condition from the Jus Bellum I believe the U.S. didn’t meet was Reasonable Probability of Success.

The Reasonable Probability of Success states there must be a reasonable probability of achieving the end for which the war is fought, it is wrong to commit a nation to a war that is hopeless or futile. It’s been 17 years and we are still at war without an end to this war in sight. To many Americans this war seems hopeless and futile and draining of our resources that could go towards building the U.S. infrastructure, schools, and health care. I believe from the three main alternatives Just War Theory makes the most sense. A nation has an obligation to protect their citizens and to protect the innocent, and enforce justice. War in general is wrong, killing is wrong, but when you live in a world that has evil dictators and nations the Just War Theory is the most appropriate theory for determining the ethics of war.


Discussion questions Science Assignment Help

Discussion questions Science Assignment Help

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