Discussion Response: 250 words + Add a one question Writing Assignment Help

Discussion Response: 250 words + Add a one question Writing Assignment Help. Discussion Response: 250 words + Add a one question Writing Assignment Help.

Step 1 View to the following videos


2 minutes


2 minutes

Step 2 Post your response to the discussion board.

Rewrite your Week 11 Literature Journal 4 on in academic paragraph form.

Add a paragraph (250) on the videos you watched above:

After watching the following depictions of Lulu Nanapush and June Kashpaw, how accuarate do you think they were depicted? Did they match what you formed in your imagination

Write a question you have about what you have read so far in the “Love Medicine” novel and tie it to something you heard or seen in the videos.

Use direct quotes to support your ideas.

Use correct MLA style.

Discussion Response: 250 words + Add a one question Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

HCS457/HCS490 Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

HCS 457

  • Identify and explain seven uses of systems thinking in public health.150-200 words
  • explain how systems thinking differs from reductionist thinking. 150-200 words
  • identify the steps in systems analysis using systems diagrams. 150-200 words
  • explain the meaning of interactions between factors. 150-200 words


  • What is the decision-making process differing when people choose what to buy on behalf of an organization rather than for personal use. 150-200 words
  • How do members of a family unit play different roles and have different amounts of influence when the family makes purchase decisions. 150-200 words
  • What are the Steps in the Cognitive Decision-Making Process. 150-200 words
  • Discuss strategic implication of product categorization.150-200 words


Intro to Logics , 2 simple questions Humanities Assignment Help


As of now, we are learning rules like UI, UG, EG, EI, along with QN, take that into consideration as you answer these.

Exercise 58 … (For-Credit of 4 Points) (*)

(1) Symbolize the following argument,
(2) Establish its validity by a proof, and
(3) “Evaluate” the argument as well.

1. All the beings that have wings can fly.
2. All birds have wings.
C. Therefore, all birds can fly.

NB: Evaluating an argument often calls for subjecting a critical
premise to potential “counterexamples.”

Exercise 60 … (For-Credit of 4 Points) (*)

(1) Symbolize & (2) Prove the following argument:

1. All criminals are vicious.
2. Some humans are criminals.

C. Thus some humans are vicious.


Inflation, Unemployment and the Fed Economics Assignment Help


You have been hired as an economic advisor to Peter Politico, who is running for U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, Mr. Politico is not very well informed about economic issues. You have been asked to write a briefing to prepare him for a debate about the role of the Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) in controlling unemployment and inflation.


To prepare to write your briefing, explore the Project resources to make sure you understand all the concepts that will come up in the debate. The Project resources explaining these concepts are listed in the order that you should review them. Also, read the two articles about the Federal Reserve.

Write a briefing that explains the important background concepts to Mr. Politico. The report should be written so that someone without much knowledge of economics can understand. Your briefing does not need to follow a specific format, but it should include the following information and follow this basic structure:

  1. Begin by explaining the background concepts of:
    • real GDP.
    • inflation.
    • unemployment.
  2. Explain the concepts of aggregate supply and aggregate demand, including recessionary and inflationary gaps.
  3. Explain what the Fed does. Use the above background concepts in your explanation, and answer the following questions:
    • What is the Fed’s “dual mandate”?
    • What tools does the Fed use to achieve its goals?
    • What happens when the Fed pursues an expansionary or contractionary policy?
  4. To provide Mr. Politico with two specific examples of how the Fed works, summarize the two news articles. For each article, explain the main ideas presented, the evidence given to support these ideas, and the conclusions.

Throughout the briefing, you will need to translate any economics jargon into simple, clear language for Mr. Politico. Look up any concepts that you don’t understand to help your analysis and be sure to use your own words as you write your briefing.

Please Please use APA format and in text citation


Human sexuality 20 journal entries Science Assignment Help

You should have at least 20 substantive journal entries (use roughly 110+ words as an average length for an entry, or a total of about 2,200 words). You can get extra credit points for doing extra or extended entries, but you will lose points if your journal entries are excessively late or excessively short.

Talk with your classmates, friends, and family: What are their thoughts on various sexual issues? Examples: your sexual activities vs. theirs, why or why not to have sex, how young and how long to wait before having sex, number of partners, monogamy, multiple partners, open relationships, your first time, friends with benefits, sex outside a committed relationship, sexual fantasies, talking with partners about your sexual history, talking about sex with your children when you have them, what your parents told you, where and how you learned about sex, masturbation, contraceptive practices, condom use, abortion, sexual satisfaction, homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, transsexuality, gender roles, celibacy, abstinence until marriage, HIV/AIDS/STDs, kinky sex, abusive relationships, mixed messages when people who say no when they mean yes or say yes when they mean no, dating, breaking up, interracial/ethnic/religious/generational dating and relationships, women’s vs. men’s sex talk and pornography, having and faking orgasms, sexual experience, ease of meeting partners, good girls/boys vs. bad girls/boys, what you are looking for in relationships, what attracts you, being a good partner, sexual boredom, expectations, keeping him/her interested, taking or being taken for granted, disagreements with partners and fighting fair, hooking up, love, other topics raised in the textbook, videos, your own or your friends’ lives, or elsewhere.

EACH JOURNALS MUST Be dated to whatever date

Make sure its in word document- Each journal need to 110+ word and make sure we have 20 journals



WK6 Assignment – Community Treasure Hunt – Final Paper Humanities Assignment Help


Throughout the semester, you are to have been studying a community (or a specific section of a community if it is part of a large urban area, i.e., New York City or San Antonio, Texas) and the services available to children and families in need. After gathering demographic data about the community and immersing yourself in the community by walking through neighborhoods and visiting social services agencies and other relevant community facilities (i.e., local church, recreation center), you are to complete a ten page paper describing your findings.

Summary of Your Assignment Tasks:

Please note: The following information is a shortened summary of the full assignment requirements. The full requirements can are located in the ‘Assignments’ folder in the ‘Getting Started’ area of the course. You must download that file and adhere to all the requirements noted in the file in order to properly complete the Community Treasure Hunt effort and final paper.

First, define your community:

A community is comprised of a shared identity by a population. The shared identity is usually comprised of ethnicity, race, nationality, or religious affiliation. It can also be defined by geographic location or proximity to a prominent land mark (i.e. “near downtown”). You must identify and describe the community (for example, its name and geographic location) and explain how the community fits into the above definition.

Second, follow the guidelines:
  • Use public transportation, not your own vehicle.
  • You are not to use resources that leverage your abilities above those a typical low-income client might have.
  • Spend time in the community and gain a “street level” perspective. Start experiencing the community by walking around several core blocks of the neighborhoods. As you walk around the neighborhood, record your observations of the physical, social, cultural, and economic environments you encounter. Snap photos to document as you go or make a quick sketch of the businesses, places of worship, parks, institutions, residences, and parks.
Lastly, your paper:

You must write a 10-page paper answering the specific questions listed in the Community Treasure Hunt – Suggested Paper Template. (This file is located in the ‘Assignments’ folder within the ‘Getting Started’ area of the course.) Your paper should include headings that focus on each required section of your paper, including:

  1. an introduction describing your community briefly including its location;
  2. an overview of your community with demographic information and the information you have gained during your exploration of the community;
  3. the results of brief interviews conducted with at least one resident and a service provider comparing their perspectives with your own about the strengths and challenges of the community;
  4. summaries of five social service agencies that you visited, the services they provide, and your perspectives on each of them, including all information in the questions delineated in the Template;
  5. an analysis of an interview you conducted with an administrator at one of the five agencies you visited; and
  6. a conclusion summarizing the results of your community study.

Be sure to include a reference page. You also can include an Appendix with photographs and additional relevant information if you wish.

Be sure you check the Assignment Guidelines, Paper Template, and Rubric before you submit your paper to ensure that you have included all required components of this assignment.

WK6 Assignment – Community Treasure Hunt – Final Paper Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussion Board and one IS Strategic Analysis Paper and one IS Strategic Plan Computer Science Assignment Help

Discussion Board Question:-

Based upon the recommendations you plan to make for your week six written assignment, use the attached spreadsheet to create a financial case for your recommendations. Return on investment template.xlsxIn your posting, describe your recommendations and attach the return on investment spreadsheet with your costs and benefits. The following resources may help you:

Video: Return on investment explains calculating return on investment, which is critically important before choosing specific IT initiatives.
Article: Return on investment explains return on investment.

In your responses to other students, comment on the viability of their financial cases and offer suggestions to revise the financial cases. Students will be updating the financial case for the week seven written strategy.

IS Strategic Analysis Paper

  • Please choose one of these ten business case studies:

A Sweet Breakfast Memory That Connects With the Wrong Market

Seeking Even Faster Growth, an E-Commerce Company Stumbles

A Business Owner Seeks an Alternative to Seven-Day Workweeks

A Business Owner Who Backed Off Tries to Step Back In

A Wholesaler Finds Himself in Competition With Retail Clients

Meeting the Demand for Quirky Objects

Helping One Big Client, but Wanting to Spread Out

Can Chasing Small Customers Lead to Larger Profits

Irrational Design, a San Francisco Start-Up, Tries to Fly Solo

Looking to Expand, but Fearing It, Too

  • Write a summary of the case study that is about one page. Research and describe at least 3 technologies that could be used to support or enhance the business in the case study. Your paper should include at least 3 references from peer-reviewed journals associated with how other companies are using the 3 technologies you are recommending. Your paper should be in APA format and at least 3 pages, not counting the title page and reference pages. Make sure you have in-text citations and a reference page. You will use this paper as part of your IS strategy for week 7. The technologies you choose will be part of the return on investment analysis for this week’s discussion board.
  • Make sure on your references page you include a reference with the URL (weblink) to the case study you chose, in addition to at least 3 references from peer-reviewed journals.

Please watch Creating Winning IT Strategies video, which describes how to create an IT strategy. Because the PowerPoint slides in the video are a little hard to read, a copy of the slides is attached here: Gartner-IT Strategy.pptx

In developing your recommendations for the case study this week, please refer to the resources from previous weeks. A list of all the videos and other resources can be found under the Strategy Resources link on the main menu in this Blackboard course. You can reference these resources in your paper, but you must also reference at least 3 peer-reviewed articles.

IS Strategic Plan

Using the IS alignment work and the financial analysis from week 6, submit a complete IS strategic plan. Your paper should include at least 5 references from peer-reviewed journals associated with how other companies are using the technologies you are recommending. The strategy should include the technologies you plan to implement, your plan for sourcing the IS work, and the governance model you plan to use to sustain the IS operation over the long term. You should include specific projects with a timeline for implementation in your strategy. Make sure you also include the financial analysis.Your IT strategy should also specify some key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of IT. The website below can help you identify the KPIs for your strategy.

  • Website: ITIL Key Performance Indicators explains some of the key performance indicators used for IT service management in the ITIL governance framework.

Your total paper should be 5-7 pages of text in APA format, not counting the title and reference pages, and not counting any tables or figures. Make sure you include in-text citations. Please use the template attached above. In developing your IT strategy, please refer to the resources from previous weeks. A list of all the videos and other resources can be found under the Strategy Resources link on the main menu in this Blackboard course. You can reference these resources in your paper, but you must also reference at least 5 peer-reviewed articles. Make sure on your references page you include a reference with the URL (weblink) to the case study you chose, in addition to at least 5 references from peer-reviewed journals.


Project Management Business Finance Assignment Help

I need you to do a project about (Bridal Shower) and I need you include only the 3 steps below:

1. In the 1st section of the document, clearly define the project background and statement of need.

2. In the2nd section of the document, clearly define the goals of the project.

3. In the 3rd section of the document, identify each of the goals of the project, and clearly define the objectives of each one of the goals.

Note: The goals, objectives, and approach tasks should be what you have included in the “Executing” phase with in the project schedule.

I need all these 3 sections in powerpoint and word document:

– In powerpoint just need points or brief summary about the each steps. (Don’t write much).

– In the Microsoft Word Document I need everything details.


Outline and essay Writing Assignment Help

Have you ever felt out of place? After reading the cartoon, please think about a quirk or strange quality you posses.

For this essay think about the thesis and what you want to say about your quirk. This is a chronological essay. The format should be beginning middle and end. You need to plan your writing first and include it in your submission. You need to use descriptive writing. Last remember your thesis should guide your writing. Please include your outline in your submission. This should be before the essay. This is the link. http://zenpencils.com/comic/frida/


Required text: Approaching Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing, 3rd ed. (ISBN: 0312640994) Ralph Ellison Humanities Assignment Help

Essay 2: Literary Research Paper

Are You a Procrastinator? Here’s the Test

For the most part, readers react to literature quickly based on what entertains them or what bores them. They neglect to delve deeply and look at the work from many perspectives. The critical strategies (explained in a previous lesson on literary theory) help readers to expand their ideas and approach literary works from various angles. This also helps to keep writers focused on critical thought and away from simple plot summary.

The Assignment:

Choose an author from the list given below (you will have a sign-up sheet–one student per author) and write an analysis of one or two pieces of their work from the perspective of one of the critical strategies of literary theory. You must choose a work from our textbook (not a book you read in high school two years ago). The research paper must follow MLA format and include in-text citations and a works cited page. It needs to be typed, double-spaced, and 6-8 pages in length (the minimum of 6 pages is not counting the works cited page). You should have several outside sources (3-4), two of which need to be from EBSCO-host. You may not write on an author you have already written an essay on this semester (or recycle a paper from another class). Choose someone new. This assignment will be worth 200 pts. and due at the end of the semester.

Points to Remember:

You are not writing the author’s biography. You are focusing on their work. However, if you want to demonstrate how aspects of their lives effect their work, you may. Just be sure your focus is analysis, not biography.

Use brief examples (quotes) from the text to support your ideas.

I want to read your words more than other people’s words from secondary sources. This means that you may quote briefly from outside sources, but use summary/paraphrase when appropriate as well.

Literary analysis is called criticism, and to find it on EBSCO Discovery, you need to access the AVC Library:

Id and password: avcebsco and library2016

Click “Find Articles and More”

Click “EBSCO Discovery” tab

Click “Search EBSCO Discovery”

Click “Literary Reference Center”

A library hint: if you do a general search of the library database (not EBSCO-Discovery), look the author up under “subject,” not “author,” when looking for criticism. Under “author” you will only get what he/she wrote. Under “subject” you will get what others have written about the author.

Author List:

Nathanial Hawthorne Toni Cade Bambara Julia Alvarez

Emily Dickinson Ralph Ellison Alice Walker

Stephen Crane Langston Hughes Dagoberto Gilb

Countee Cullen Kate Chopin Ernest Hemingway

Tom Stoppard Theodore Roethke Jamacia Kincaid

Sylvia Plath Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cathy Song

Gwendolyn Brooks Edgar Allen Poe Pat Mora

Claude McKay Dylan Thomas Marge Piercy

Louise Erdrich e.e. cummings Marco Ramirez

James Joyce John Updike

Amy Tan Margaret Atwood

August Wilson William Faulkner