Discussion – What is fair compensation, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Discussion – What is fair compensation, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. Discussion – What is fair compensation, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Discussion – What is fair compensation?

Discussion Forum Directions:

WHAT: You will be writing three or more Discussion posts per week. Your main post must be two to three substantive paragraphs (250+ words) and include at least two references/citations. Please follow up with two subsequent replies to colleagues. Each reply should consist of a relevant paragraph containing 50 words or more.

WHY:Discussion questions are designed for you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the weekly material. This forum provides an opportunity to develop ideas and concepts with your instructor and peers. The Discussion format assists with development of communication skills and critical thinking necessary for success in the modern workplace.

HOW: Your postings should be substantive, demonstrate independent thought relevant to the topic, and encourage continued discussion. Please avoid simply repeating previous posts and agreeing. Provide supporting evidence of your ideas and opinions through the use of personal or work examples, relevant articles or websites, or concepts covered in the week’s readings.

WHEN: Your first post must be made by 11:59 p.m. (MT) Wednesday, and you must post the remaining two before 11:59 (MT) Saturday. You are expected to participate in the ongoing discussion on at least two different days during the week.

Question for the Week

In a feisty response to critics who accuse Wal-Mart of providing poverty-level wages (around $9.68 an hour, on average) and few benefits, Wal-Mart chief executive H. Lee Scott, Jr., said Wal-Mart offered good, stable jobs, noting that when it opens a store, more than 3,000 people often apply for 300 jobs. “It doesn’t make sense,” Mr. Scott said, “that people would line up for jobs that are worse than they could get elsewhere, with fewer benefits and less opportunities.” Based on what you learned in this chapter, do you agree with Mr. Scott’s assessment? Why or why not?

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swot analysis, communications homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Explaining first about swot analysis according to my project

That am doing about night out app

So the strength of night out app are:

  • Provide night out destination.
  • Controlling budgeting
  • Rating and review

Then the opportunities are:

  • New markets allow night out app to expand their business
  • Meet customers need
  • The availability of substitute.
  • Full information for the destination such as restaurants, bars and supermarket
  • payment options

Then the Threats:

Last thing about the weakness with the solutions

The weakness are:

so the first part for the swot included the strength, opportunities, and Threats only 150 words

then the weakness with the solution is 230 words.

Note : its about night out app.


Assignment: Measures of Effectiveness, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Provide an analytical review of an article on the role of intelligence in policymaking. You will be given a choice of selected articles (Articles to choose from are attached), and you will choose one to review. Please follow this process:

  • Read the entire article, maybe more than once, making notes to refer to when you begin to draft your review.
  • Draft your review, which should contain these elements:

— Provide a complete citation for the journal article at the top of the review. The citation should follow the American Psychological Association’s style, including the title of the article, the journal where the article is published, the volume and issue number, publication date, author’s name and page numbers for the article. Refer to your style guide (APA).

— A focused summary of the article. This should be one to three paragraphs, depending on the length of the article, and should include the author’s purpose and main argument and supporting facts. Include the basis of fact (or how research was conducted), the results and other pertinent information from the article.

— Discuss the implication of the author’s argument. This should be one to two paragraphs in which where you offer your analysis of the article. Discuss strengths and areas in which you thought the logic or argument was not compelling.

— Write one paragraph discussing how the author could expand on the subject, if applicable, and how his argument informs a deeper understanding of the role of intelligence in policymaking.

Please cite any direct quotes or paraphrases from the article. Use the author’s name, the year of publication and the page number (for quotes) in the in-text citation.


Review and reflect on the knowledge you have gained from this course, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Question 1:

write 400 words that respond to the following questions with your
thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use
examples to reinforce your ideas.

Review and reflect on the
knowledge you have gained from this course. Based on your review and
reflection, write at least 3 paragraphs on the following:

  • What were the most compelling topics learned in this course?
  • How
    did participating in discussions help your understanding of the subject
    matter? Is anything still unclear that could be clarified?
  • What approaches could have yielded additional valuable information?
  • The main post should include at least 1 reference to research sources, and all sources should be cited using APA format

Question 2:

Consider the following scenario in your response to this discussion activity:

A distribution center you have been assigned to is identified by senior leadership as poor performing.:

*The workforce experiences an inordinate amount of injuries associated with manual lifting.

*Shipments are routinely misrouted to the wrong destination.

occasionally report that hand tools and consumable supplies used in
packaging processes show up in packages containing finished goods.

Identify Poka Yoke opportunities for each of the three deficiencies noted above. Specifically, respond to the following:

  • What
    visual cues could be provided for heavy items that could alert workers
    to an unsafe condition? Why do you think these visual cues would be
  • Are there audible or visual cues that could be used to
    signal an improper package is leaving the facility? What are they and
    how could this be beneficial in standardizing this process?
  • How
    could you change the processes to establish hand tool and packaging
    accountability? Also, explain how these changes may help to prevent,
    reduce, and/or eliminate inconsistencies

Question 3: (one paragraph)

Discussion Question – Cultural Diversity

you are asked to participate in a panel discussion on cultural
diversity at a college in Birmingham, Alabama. As part of your
discussion on the importance of cultural diversity to all types of
organizations, you are asked to comment on the diversity of customers,
clients, and suppliers as a driver of the need for organizational

Which three key aspects of this topic would you talk
about? Explain why you chose these three aspects. Use examples to
illustrate your point.

Question 4: (three to five sentences)

Why did HOMO successfully expand around and out of AFRICA? Why do you think Paranthropus became extinct? What is your evidence?

Do you think Paranthropus and Homo interacted? What is your evidence?


Nutrition, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

This assignment builds on your first assignment. We are going to investigate the food you ate in greater detail focusing on nutrition labeling and the macro-nutrients you have learned about in the last few weeks. For this assignment, you will complete the attached worksheet using your food record and your All Daily Report from Assignment 1.

Download the worksheet to your computer. Answer the questions using your food record and All Daily Report from Assignment 1. Save the completed file with your name in the file title. When you are done, upload the file into the assignment area.



Review the Learning Exercise: Settling a Lawsuit, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please have access to the book below and answer questions with five sentences an error free and use in-text citation.

Please have access to the material below and use in-text citation.

Review the Learning Exercise: Settling a Lawsuit in Chapter 8, page 218 of your text. Discuss two of the following statements.

  1. Discuss the ethical values you would use in this negotiation and the criteria you would use to make decisions.
  2. Discuss how you would determine whether the negotiation is conducted with substantive fairness.

Assume the role of one of the five parties in the GLOBE Project Study case as you form your answers.

  1. Explain why in Cross-Cultural Negotiations, the heuristic of availability is a culturally significant bias in a negotiation to sell a computer in a highly feminine society.
  2. Discuss the differences between promotion focus, prevention focus and shadow negotiation, and which type is a negotiator from a collectivist society more likely to have, and why?


Carrell, M.R. &Heavrin, C. (2008). Negotiating Essentials: Theory, Skills, and Practices. Upper Saddle, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 978-0-13-186866-3.

  • Chapter 8: Ethics, Fairness, and Trust in Negotiating
  • Chapter 9: The Influence of Culture and Gender on Negotiating

Review the Learning Exercise: Settling a Lawsuit, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

essay, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help



NativeSon – bassettusd.org


remainingprototypesofBigger,however,distinguishedthemselvesbythewayinwhichtheir antisocialbehaviorwaslinkedtotheirhatredofwhites.Thatbehaviormovedonaspectrum

I need in my Intro 20 sentences, quote about .. ”Native Son” and I want you to comment about it, I want the quote be in beginging of intro, and please follow the instruction, I want you to write the thesis statement at end of intro,

planing page

1-General topic :Fear

2-Narrowed topic :Theme of fear in Richard Wright’s Native son

3-three points related to the narrowed topic

a-fear among family members

b-Among friends

c-at job

4-do the map

5-thesis statement; The ”Native son ” uses the theme of fear to generate the message of the existence of among the family members ,among friends and at job

Topic outline

A-fear among family members

a.How is fear evident in families

b-What was the consequence

B- among friends

a.How is fear evident among friends

b,How did the friends suffer consequences

C.at job

a,How did fear occur at job

b.How fear affected job performance

do not use the words in the picture


compare stockholders per share, economics homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

I need an expert to help me with this i.e creating 10 slides for a financial report


1- compare between 9 Months on 2015 and 9 Months 2016 for three companies that I will give you

starting from January until September and how they finish the last 3 Months on year 2015 ? and forecast the remain 3 Months on 2016 .

2- stockholders per share for Safola less than Halwani or the reverse between them why ?

also ratio analysis for them there is 13 rules i will send it to you

https://www.savola.com/en ,

Home Page

Almarai – Welcome to Almarai – Quality You Can trust



What does the word psychology mean to you, writing homework help Humanities Assignment Help

1- What does the word psychology mean to you? What preconceived perceptions about the field of psychology do you bring with you to this course? Think about modern cinema and television. Do you believe that the psychologist is portrayed in a realistic light? Why or why not? What is the impression of psychotherapy and mental health that is conveyed through the media? Explain.

2- Read about the following famous psychological experiment and watch the videos. First, identify the six research methods discussed in your text (Ch 2, Fig, 3). Which research method or methods do you think were used in this study? Explain your reasoning.

One of the ethical concerns noted is the level of deception use by the researchers. In modern psychology, the deception would not be permitted, perceived as unethical. Why is deception considered unethical in psychological research now? What impact might it have on participants? Where do you stand on the issue? Why do researchers use deception? Do you see any other ethical concerns with this experiment? Do you think a different research method would be able to produce the same or similar results without the ethical concerns? Explain.



Employee Handbook (IT Security), computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

As a staff member supporting the CISO, you have been
asked to research what the three policies should contain and then prepare an
“approval draft” for each one. No single policy should exceed two typed pages
in length so you will need to be concise in your writing and only include the
most important elements for each policy.

The policies are to be written for EMPLOYEES and must
explain employee obligations and responsibilities. Each policy must also
include the penalties for violations of the policy and identify who is
responsible for compliance enforcement.

Your “approval drafts” will be submitted to the IT Governance
Board for discussion and vetting. If the board accepts your policies, they will
then be reviewed and critiqued by all department heads and executives before
being finalized by the Chief of Staff’s office. The policies will also be
subjected to a thorough legal review by the company’s attorneys. Upon final
approval by the Corporate Governance Board, the policies will be adopted and
placed into the Employee Handbook.


Prepare briefing package with approval drafts of the three IT related policies for the Employee Handbook. Your briefing package must contain the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • “Approval Drafts” for
    • Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology
    • Bring Your Own Device Policy
    • Digital Media Sanitization, Reuse, & Destruction Policy

As you write your policies, make sure that you address security issues using standard cybersecurity terminology (e.g. 5 Pillars of IA, 5 Pillars of Information Security). See the resources listed under Course Resources > Cybersecurity Concepts Review for definitions and terminology.

Attached is the case study to use for a reference and also the instructions that describes what is needed. There is no page min BUT each policy is not to exceed 2 pages


Discussion – What is fair compensation, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Discussion – What is fair compensation, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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