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Discussion Writing Assignment Help. Discussion Writing Assignment Help.

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For LP4 discussion questions, refer to the references below.

[1] National Institute of Standards Technology Standard, “Chapter 20 Assessing and Mitigating the risks to a hypothetical computer system”, An Introduction to Computer Security: The NIST Handbook, pp. 243-267.( https://csrc.nist.gov/publications/detail/sp/800-12/archive/1995-10-02)
[2] National Institute of Standards Technology Standard, Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems, NIST special publication 800-30 (. https://csrc.nist.gov/publications/detail/sp/800-30/archive/2002-07-01)

copy the link and paste it. website will open and check the answers

Each answer should be 4-5 lines.

Answer the following questions:
1. What are the different types of disclosure or brokerage of information?
2. What is the probability of disclosure/brokerage of information (in terms of high, medium, low)? What is the potential impact of disclosure/brokerage (in terms of high, medium, low)? Explain. Refer to [2].
3. According to the Risk-Level Matrix in [2], determine the risk scale of disclosure/brokerage of information.

Answer the following questions:
3. What are the control measures currently in use to protect against disclosure/brokerage of information?
4. What are the vulnerabilities related to information disclosure/brokerage found by the risk assessment team?

Answer the following questions:
5. What’s the recommendation by the risk assessment team?
6. What are the final decisions made by HGA management? Justify their decisions based on cost benefit analysis.

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Implement Plan Writing Assignment Help

Implement the Plan to Improve School Culture

Working with the Team During Implementation

• You will videotape this part of the endeavor to procure a five-minute unedited video that shows you interacting with the collaborative team in a facilitative manner (submitted in Step 5).

• What steps did you and your collaborative team take to implement the plan? Provide a rationale for each step.

• What responsibility did each collaborative team member assume while implementing the plan? What encouragement or feedback did you offer and why did you offer it? Provide examples to support your analysis.

• How did your collaborative team elicit feedback from the targeted audience and how did the feedback impact the implementation of the plan? Provide examples to support your analysis.

• What steps did the collaborative team take to ensure that the school’s culture was affected as a result of the implementation of the plan? What process did the team use to collect evidence? Provide examples of the evidence you garnered.

• What challenge(s) arose during the implementation of your plan? What steps did you and the team take to address the challenge(s)? Provide examples to support your conclusion.


Write 8 pages analyzing a crime film Writing Assignment Help

Write 8 pages including cover and references page analyzing a crime film “ Ocean’s 11” in APA format

• Please avoid plagiarism cuz there will be a plagiarism checker.

• More info about the topic:


This short essay is an exercise in informal writing style, reporting your analysis of the film you have just seen, Ocean’s 11. It should include a BRIEF (1 page) summary of the plot, characters and events. Most importantly, look at the situation of the characters in the film, and analyze their motivations and goals for becoming involved in an extremely sophisticated and complex criminal act, in terms of the Social Theories of Criminology that we have studied. Which theories best explain their behavior? Choose any 4 of the characters to analyze.

Audience: an academic audience and all others interested in the topic

Purpose : explain and inform

Length: 8 typed pages double spaced Format : APA Style.

Social theories of criminology:

• psychological and psychiatric theories of human behavior in criminology.

• This chapter begins with an introduction to social process theories or interactionist perspectives, which assume that everyone has the potential to violate the law, so that criminality is not an innate characteristic of certain individuals. The main types of social process theories are social learning theory, social control theory, labeling theory, the reintegrative shaming approach, and dramaturgy.

• This chapter discusses various types of violent crime in America, including homicide, rape, robbery, assault, workplace violence, stalking, and terrorism.

• This chapter reviews two specific categories of crime: white-collar crime and organized crime. Edwin Sutherland’s original 1939 definition of white-collar crime focused on the social standing of the offender; today, the focus has shifted to the type of offense committed. Currently, one commonly used term is occupational crime, which includes any criminal act committed through opportunities created in the course of a legal occupation. Gary S. Green developed a typology of occupational crime that includes four categories: organizational occupational crime, state authority occupational crime, professional occupational crime, and individual occupational crime. Corporate crime, another form of white-collar crime, is committed for the benefit of the corporation rather than the individual employee. One new area of corporate crime is environmental crime. There have been a number of attempts to explain white-collar crime. Sutherland applied elements of differential association theory to white-collar crime. Travis Hirschi and Michael Gottfredson stated that white-collar criminals are motivated by the same forces that drive other offenders and suggest that a general theory of crime can explain white-collar crime and other forms of crime as well. John Braithwaite states that white-collar criminals are motivated by a disparity between corporate goals and legitimate means and suggests that business subcultures encourage illegal behavior. Dealing with white-collar crime may require ethical, enforcement, structural, and political reforms.

• Drugs, and the relationship of drugs to crime, is one of the most significant policy issues today. There are a number of sources of data on drug abuse in the United States; this chapter reviews the findings of several recent surveys of both juveniles and adults. The costs of drug abuse are extremely difficult to measure, as they include not only measurable expenditures (law enforcement activities, criminal justice case processing, drug-treatment programs, etc.) but also related costs (illness and death resulting from exposure to controlled substances, drug-related crime, family fragmentation caused by illegal drug use, attitudinal change, etc.). There are seven main categories of controlled substances: stimulants, depressants, cannabis, narcotics, hallucinogens, anabolic steroids, and inhalants. In addition, there is a separate eighth category, dangerous drugs, which refers to broad categories or classes of controlled substances other than cocaine, opiates, and cannabis products

• This chapter discusses the links between technology and crime. Technology, which facilitates new forms of criminal behavior, can be used both by criminals and by those who enforce the law. Because of the increasing value of information, high-tech criminals have taken a variety of routes to obtain illegitimate access to computerized information. Some criminals may focus simply on destroying or altering information rather than copying it. Technically, computer crime is defined as any violation of a federal or state computer crime statute. The text discusses several typologies of computer crime. Some authors use the term cyber crime to refer to crimes involving the use of computers or the manipulation of digital data. One example of cyber crime is phone phreaking, which involves the illegitimate use of dial-up access codes and other restricted technical information to avoid long-distance charges or to steal cellular telephone numbers and access codes.


Electrochemistry Quiz Science Assignment Help

Here I have an electrochemistry quiz with 4 questions. Please answer the questions step by step on a word document. Nothing handwritten. I need to get an A on this exam, if you don’t think you can provide an A grade work please don’t try.

This is what my instructor says.

The standard reduction potential for Zn is – 0.7618 V and that of Al is – 1.662 V.

Recall that F = 9.648 x 104 J/Vmol and R = 8.31 J/molK. Show all of your work as you answer these questions.

Q #1 Calculate the Eo for a cell composed of a Zn electrode in a 1 M Zn(NO3)2 solution and an Al electrode in a 1 M Al(NO3)3 solution at 298 K.

Q#2 Write the net ionic equation describing the reaction occurring spontaneously in the cell described in (1).

Q#3 Calculate the ∆Go for this cell at 298 K.

Q#4 Calculate the ∆G for a cell composed of a Zn electrode in a 1.0 M Zn(NO3)3 solution and an Al electrode in a 0.1 M Al(NO3)3 solution at 298 K.


ITN 200 – Administration of Network Resources NV280.ITN.200 Computer Science Assignment Help

You have two different networks and you don’t want to install a DHCP Server on each side. Describe what you can do to connect the networks and if there are any weaknesses to this configuration?

  1. Compose a few paragraphs that address the above scenario. You will not be graded on the length of your response; the accuracy of your post is what is most important here.
  2. I recommend that you compose your post in a word document prior to posting it in Blackboard.
  3. After you compose your post, click Discussion Forums in the course menu to see a list of all the class discussion forums or click the link above these directions.
  4. Post your answer to the discussion forum that corresponds to this unit.



Response plan for a mock incident – powerpoint Humanities Assignment Help

Develop a response plan for a mock incident involving a facility or location in your community. This is a single incident of your choosing, such as a fire, active shooter, natural disaster, etc. We are looking for you to simulate an incident response and use your project as an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about the incident command process during the course. The Powerpoint presentation should contain the following slides:

  • Slide 1 – Title Page
  • Slide 2 – Overview of the Incident
  • Slides 3 – 9 – Comprehensive Response Plan
  • Last slide – References

Decide who will be the Incident Commander (IC). Or you could choose a Unified Command (UC). Develop the five ICS functional areas and specific responsibilities for each area pertaining to your incident. A completely developed and detailed Incident Action Plan (IAP) should be included as part of your paper. You should also include maps, images as well as the completed ICS Forms (excel file) we worked on during the Week 6 Forum.

You should use a minimum of three sources to support your plan. These sources may include applicable federal, state, or local laws, as well as research or other sources relevant to your plan.

Your powerpoint presentation should contain a minimum of 10 slides, including your title and reference slides. All sources used must be properly cited. Your references should be formatted in APA style.

External research will generally be required in addition to the assigned readings. Please create your final project in Microsoft Powerpoint, and upload as an attachment for submission.

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Managing and Leading change Business Finance Assignment Help

I am attaching the Assignment Below It is a case study i want you to Follow RUBRIC Completely

Write the theories of Management and Change then analysis those theorems related to the case just to support your organization

Must nee to provide theories which will support your validiaty of argument

I need Harvard Style References including Citation, all should be above 2012. No delay at all in case of Delay i will Refund then dont blame me please tack care of Time.

References Should be


PLAGIARISM Must BE Less Than 5%

Introduction (150 or 200 words)

Define both Leadership and Change Management,, The concept change management is the procedure, the techniques &tools …in the words of ABC change management is

On the other side the main concept of the leadership, is that it is procedure through which an individual influence others just to attain the objectives &directs …..in the words of ABD leadership is ……….

Background ( 300 words )

Objectives (100 words)

the objectives o this case sty is

Analysis and Contents

1) Identify two theories Leadership Styles adopted by top management write WHY those theories has been adopted and its importanceace related to tthe case

then do evaluate of botth theories

Identify two Chnage Mangement Theories

Analysis and evalauete the implocations of both theories realted to the case

there are various leadership styles like autocratic and …….in this case case i selected ABC style just because it suits as per the case given

Leadership Theories same way

i hope now it is very very clear how to write the case studies


History 108 Discussion Post Week 13 Writing Assignment Help

Discussion of week 13: The Containment

1 1 unread reply. 2 2 replies.

Read the attached to this week 13 (FILES) “Containment.PDF” file as well as other available sources and respond to the following questions:

Discussion Forum Topic for week 13: Name and explain the logic behind some of the military conflicts that followed in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Was the containment policy to blame? This is not an opinion seeking question. This is a research-based exploration. Keep this in mind.

The format for the forum:

The main post: a three to five-paragraphed narrative introducing your idea or reaction, backed with evidence, and a conclusion. A paragraph is understood to be composed of 5-8 sentences with proper citations, references, and style/grammar. The main post is always due on Thursday. Example

The secondary post(s): a free-flowing discussion engaging others’ comments, with no length requirement yet academic in nature. Evidence-based material only. If you select to introduce evidence – MLA formatting for citations and bibliography is a must. No speculations and don’t forget to cite (in text and at the end of your post). You may start a discussion link through this forum. The secondary post (s) is (are) due by Sunday night, and maybe be posted anytime during the assigned week. They are usually brief and respond or comment to peers in class.

You may choose to write in MLA, APA or Chicago for all our writing assignments in this class (discussions and essays). MLA is the most common and known to students. If you don’t know other writing styles and formats – just stick to MLA.


Statistics Excel homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

The assumptions are annually 5% increase in rent, no change in car payment, 2% increase in car insurance, and 15% increase in health insurance from 2010 to 2015.

What the bar chart shows you is trend in increasing cost of living over the 6 years that are captured here.

The pie charts show what percentage of the expenditure went into each category and as you see the health insurance increased from 24% to 34% while your rent went down from 47% to 44%, even though it also experienced an increase. Car payment went down as a percentage since it remained constant.

Please respond to this posting and share your thoughts. Use similar model for your work

==> I have attached the sample work and above is the sample answer. Please don’t bid unreasonably and if you want to bid high, please don’t bid at all ==>



Writting 4 paragraphs ( introduction and 3 body paragraphs ) Humanities Assignment Help

Prompt: This assignment asks you to respond to the topic both articles address with an argument of your own in an essay that is about 4 paragraphs in length (Introduction and three body paragraphs). Be sure to:

1.Include a thesis statement identifying your position on the topic. To develop your thesis, provide clear topic sentences

2.Support your argument with evidence from the provided texts, using correct MLA format for citations.

3.Be sure to address a counter-argument in your essay.

Self-Driving Cars will Improve Lives

Driverless Cars are a Bad Idea


Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Discussion Writing Assignment Help

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