Disussion Report on Peers in Class Science Assignment Help

Disussion Report on Peers in Class Science Assignment Help. Disussion Report on Peers in Class Science Assignment Help.

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I have to write a discussion report on three of my classmates. It’s a peer review. I attached the instructions for the assignment as well as the 3 students discussion posts throughout the semester. Some have their responses to other student’s posts. I also included their Power Point presentations as we had to make a presentation on organic farming and gmos. Please let me know if you have questions along the way. It did not allow me to upload all the documents. Once the assignment is accepeted I will upload the rest.

Disussion Report on Peers in Class Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The Progressives Powerpoint presentation Humanities Assignment Help

In 1910, the non-agricultural working force

was made up of approximately 38 million men and women, many of whom

labored in factories. Frustrated by exploitive working conditions and

terrible poverty, some Americans started to protest. They were joined by

artists, journalists, politicians, and intellectuals who adopted their

cause. As a whole, these reformers were known as Progressives.

Select one of the following groups that included members sympathetic to the Progressive cause:

  • Factory workers
  • Union organizers
  • Photographers
  • Writers and journalists
  • Feminists
  • Elected officials
  • Settlement House founders
  • Socialists and Communists

Create a 3- to 4-slide presentation, using Microsoft® PowerPoint®

  • Identify several key members of the selected group.
  • Discuss the selected group’s position on reform.
  • Discuss how the selected group contributed to positive change.

Cite your reference sources according to appropriate course level APA guidelines (3 min citations). Include FOOT NOTES in presentation. Include a conclusion slide. And also include pictures in presentation.


The Final Research Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

Part one:

During the past few weeks, you have considered the various elements of the research project. Compile all of the sections of your research strategy ideas from Week 3. Retrieve your survey results this week to complete your final project in Week 5.

The following sections (700 words or 1-2 slides total) should be added to your research project analysis:

  • Your ethical considerations
  • Your sample population
  • Your data analysis summary
  • Your measurement strategy

Prepared the final copy and refine any sections of the final research plan. Add a section of 500–600 words and 1-2 slides about how you interpreted the data from your survey or questionnaire Add this section at the end of your research project.

Here are the comments from my instructor :

Total points earned: 70 out of 100 (70%).
Task Requirements points earned: 18 out of 25 (70%).
Demonstration and application of knowledge points earned: 39 out of 55 (70%).
Academic writing and format points earned: 14 out of 20 (70%).

Strengths: You wrote a fairly good narrative about your proposed research including a description of the topic, problem statement, and research strategy; however you have a lot of text copied from other sources without any insight from you.

Opportunities for improvement: You have a significant amount of material that are direct quotes that are not in quotation marks. Direct quotations require quotation marks around any material you are citing word for word. Your citations need to follow APA format: (Author, Year) with a period at the end. Citations for a direct quote should be in APA format: (Author, Year, Page) with a period at the end. For online resources you can list the paragraph number or the section.

Here is a website which may help you understand the requirements:


Make sure that you are citing your sources throughout your paper and using outside research to support each of your arguments. I recommend that students should not have entire paragraphs or sections which are only material from other sources. You should work citations into the presentation of your own ideas and concepts, and use the citations to support your main points.

Part two:

Complete the final edits of your final research proposal paper or PowerPoint. The required sections include the following:

  • The business and organizational problem or topic
  • The problem statement
  • The research strategy that you used to explore the problem
  • 1 research question or hypothesis
  • Your rationale for selecting your proposed research strategy
  • 1 research instrument that you will use to collect data
  • A copy of the questionnaire or survey
  • A section on ethical considerations for your project
  • Your sample population
  • Your data analysis summary
  • Your measurement strategy
  • The research results

Please submit your assignment.


Lunix Questions, assignment help Programming Assignment Help

Question 1

At first your program is stuck on an endless loop. Which lines are being executed during this loop? Express your answer as a list of comma separated numbers, ordered in ascending order, with out any spaces in between.

If for example, the lines that are being executed are 12, 16 and 20, your answer should be:



Question 2

What are the different values that the variable “j” holds? Express your answer as a comma separated list of numbers, in ascending order, with no spaces between any characters.


Question 3

According to the code, the value of j should be incremented by one after each iteration of the loop. Which other line is causing a change in the value of “j”?

Express your answer as an integer


Question 4

Attach the bug-free version of insort.cpp


Persuasive Paper-A Problem Exists Writing Assignment Help

Using your thesis statement and research, present the problem that needs to be addressed with your proposed solution. Note: Your solution, advantages, and challenges, will be in Parts 2 and 3.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

  1. Provide an appropriate title and an interesting opening paragraph to appeal to your stated audience (appeal with logic, ethics, or emotion).
  2. Include a defensible, relevant thesis statement in the first paragraph. (Revised from Assignment 2)
  3. Describe the history and status of the issue and provide an overview of the problem(s) that need to be addressed. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
  4. Explain the first problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.) and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
  5. Explain the second problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.). and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
  6. Explain the third problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.) and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
  7. Provide a concluding paragraph that summarizes the stated problems and promises a solution.
  8. Develop a coherently structured paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  9. Use effective transitional words, phrases, and sentences throughout the paper.
  10. Support claims with at least three (3) quality, relevant references. Use credible, academic sources available through Strayer University’s Resource Center. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting guidelines:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

Note: Submit your assignment to the designated plagiarism program so that you can make revisions before submitting your paper to your professor.

*Topic-Should DUI (driving under the influence) laws be changed?



History Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Essay 2 is due this week. Write a 500-750 word essay on one of the following topics. Aim for a 5-paragraph essay structure ( introduction with thesis, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion).

1. Review Mary Rowlandson’s narrative as a faith narrative instead of a capture narrative. If instead of viewing the work as an attempt to tell the true story of a capture, it is read as a reaffirmation of faith in God, how does that change the meaning?

2. Discuss the idea of the Reliable Narrator in one of the authors read up until this point. Use specific examples from outside sources and the text to show why it should or should not be believed that this author is reliable.

3. Think about this rather surprising statement: It has been suggested that Olaudah Equiano may not have been born in Africa, but in South Carolina. If this were true, does his birthplace change the way we read and evaluate this memoir? Does this possibility affect its viability or reliability as a source on slavery and the slave trade?

4. Compare or contrast two individuals from weeks one through four who best illuminate important themes of America during the time period covered. Define the themes you’ll write about, and then discuss what precisely in the writing defines those themes. Discuss these themes as they relate to current day approach or understanding.

Your essay should be formatted in MLA style, including double spacing throughout. All sources should be properly cited both in the text and on a works cited page. As with most academic writing, this essay should be written in third person. Please avoid both first person (I, we, our, etc.) and second person (you, your).

In the upper left-hand corner of the paper, place your name, the professor’s name, the course name, and the due date for the assignment on consecutive lines. Double space your information from your name onward, and don’t forget a title. All papers should be in Times New Roman font with 12-point type with one-inch margins all the way around your paper. All paragraph indentations should be indented five spaces (use the tab key) from the left margin. All work is to be left justified. When quoting lines in literature, please research the proper way to cite short stories, plays, or poems.

You should use the online APUS library to look for scholarly sources. Be careful that you don’t create a “cut and paste” paper of information from your various sources. Your ideas are to be new and freshly constructed. Also, take great care not to plagiarize.

Whatever topic you choose you will need a debatable thesis. A thesis is not a fact, a quote, or a question. It is your position on the topic. The reader already knows the story; you are to offer him a new perspective based on your observations.

Since the reader is familiar with the story, summary is unnecessary. Rather than tell him what happened, tell him what specific portions of the story support your thesis. The handout on “Literary Analysis” is a must for this aspect of the paper.

History Essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Colonial American history Through My Lens Writing Assignment Help

Students often struggle with History 101 because it is hard to connect what happened in the past with what is going on today. I designed this research paper to be directly applicable to you. “Colonial American history Through My Lens” is a research paper based on your current identity transplanted back to colonial America from the period of pre-colonial until 1877. All laws, events, and research must be contained within this period. No contemporary laws, events, or people!

The Goals of this Paper:

a. Identify primary source documents appropriate to your research.
b. Interpret the application of laws, court cases, and customs.
c. Create an argument and use primary sources to support your claim.
Understand the critical connection of the historical past and how it shapes today’s experiences.


Research Proposal PSY635: Research Design and Method Humanities Assignment Help

is this an workable question

Is Attention Deficit Disorder a Neuropsychological Problem?

I need major help making this question ore appropriate for my assignment

Please do not take this unless you have great background in PSY635: Research Design and Methods

I have downloaded my original paper with my question along with feedback and an notes please look at to get an ideal on the type of support I need. I have spent lots of money and have not been getting great feedback once I turn in the assignment so please only take if you are an expert in this subject.

Research Proposal

The written research proposal will be created based on a narrowly defined aspect of the topic selected in Week One. A research proposal is a detailed plan for a specific study to be conducted at a future time. It is the document which potential researchers typically submit to an institutional review board (IRB) for ethical review and approval, and/or to funding agencies to secure financial support for a research effort. Because it is a plan for research which has not yet been conducted, the Methods section should be written in the future tense and should not contain any hypothetical results. The paper must address all of the components required in the Methods section of a research proposal. The following actions must be completed.

  • State the research question and/or hypothesis.
  • Briefly compare the characteristics of the major research paradigms used in previous studies on the chosen topic. Introduce the specific approach (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods), research design, sampling strategy, data collection procedures, and data analysis techniques to be used in this study. Provide a short explanation as to why the selected procedures are more feasible than other alternatives for the research topic.
  • Describe any relevant variables, measures, and statistical tests.
  • Apply ethical principles and professional standards to the proposed psychological research. Provide an analysis of any ethical issues that may arise and explain how these issues will be resolved.

The following headings for the required sections and subsections must appear in the paper. In accordance with APA style, all references listed must be cited in the text of the paper.

  • Introduction
  • Introduce the research topic, explain why it is important, and present an appropriately and narrowly defined research question and/or hypothesis.
  • Literature Review
  • Evaluate the published research on the chosen topic including a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles. Summarize the current state of knowledge on the topic, making reference to the findings of previous research studies. Briefly mention the research methods that have previously been used to study the topic. State whether the proposed study is a replication of a previous study or a new approach employing methods that have not been used before. Be sure to properly cite all sources in APA style.
  • Methods
  • Design – Create a feasible research design that incorporates appropriate methods to address the topic. Indicate whether the approach of the proposed study is qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. Identify the specific research design, and indicate whether it is experimental or non-experimental. Evaluate the chosen design and explain why this design is feasible and appropriate for the topic and how it will provide the information needed to answer the research question. Cite sources on research methodology to support these choices. Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources.
  • Participants – Identify and describe the sampling strategy to be used to recruit participants for the study. Estimate the number of participants needed, and explain why this sampling method is appropriate for the research design and approach.
  • Procedure/Measures – Apply the scientific method by describing the steps to be taken in carrying out the study. Identify any test, questionnaire, or measurement instrument to be utilized. If an existing published instrument will be employed, briefly describe it and cite the source. If an original questionnaire, survey, or test will be created for the project, describe the types of information that will be collected with it and explain how the validity and reliability of the instrument will be established. If such an instrument will not be used, describe how the data will be collected for the study.
  • Data Analysis – Describe the statistical techniques (if quantitative) or the analysis procedure (if qualitative) to be used to analyze the data. Cite at least one peer-reviewed source on the chosen analysis technique.
  • Ethical Issues – Analyze the impact of ethical concerns on the proposed study, such as confidentiality, deception, informed consent, potential harm to participants, conflict of interest, IRB approval, etc. After analyzing the ethical issues that apply to the project, indicate what will be done to handle these concerns.
  • Conclusion
  • Briefly summarize the major points of the paper and reiterate why the proposed study is needed.


math question Mathematics Assignment Help

For Halloween, a group of students were asked to vote for their favorite horror movies. Their choices were Alien, The Blair Witch Project, The Conjuring, and Dreamcatcher (A, B, C, D for short). The following table gives the preference schedule for the election.

Number of Voters






1st Choice






2nd Choice






3rd Choice






4th Choice






1.Use the pairwise-comparisons method to find the winner of the election. Show work


I need help I can do all the recording and put powerpoint together I need help writing out the plan Business Finance Assignment Help

I need help I can do all the recording and put powerpoint together I need help writing out the plan and helping me put together an appropriate paper to demostrate the topic below

Is Attention Deficit Disorder a Neuropsychological Problem?

Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, it is recommended that you review the recommended resources for this week as they will assist you in the creation of an effective presentation of your Research Design.

This interactive assignment will provide you with an opportunity to create a dynamic presentation of some of the materials you are creating for your Research Proposal. This type of presentation would be used in the professional world to request Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, and potentially elicit funding, for your research.

In your presentation, summarize the main points and ideas for your Reseach Design. Over the course of the week, you will have the opportunity to share feedback and suggestions with your classmates and instructor, which may assist you in improving your research proposal before submitting the Research Proposal.

For this interactive assignment, create a presentation file using PowerPoint and then create a three- to five-minute screencast video of your presentation with pertinent audio that includes important points about the content of each slide. In order to make sure your video remains within the 3-5 minute time requirement, create a script for your screencast video. You must attach your script to your initial post. It is recommended you rehearse your presentation using your script to ensure that you are within the time limit and that all pertinent information is presented in a manner that is easy to understand. You may use any screencasting software of your choice (e.g., Screencast-O-Matic, Jing, etc.). A quick-start guide is available for Screencast-O-Matic for your convenience.

The content of the presentation must include the following:

  • A brief introduction
  • Devise a specific research question related to the topic you chose in Week One.
  • Explain the importance of the topic and research question.
  • A brief literature review
  • Evaluate published research studies on your topic found during your work on the Weeks One, Two, and Four assignments and identify two relevant published studies.
  • A description of potential methods
  • Based on what you have learned about research design options and requirements in this course, create an appropriate research approach and design to investigate your research question.
  • Provide a rationale for your design choices.
  • A discussion on ethical issues
  • Apply ethical standards to the proposed research and identify potential ethical issues that would apply. Explain how you plan to address these issues.
  • A conclusion
  • Summarize the main points of the presentation and reiterate why the proposed research is important and why it should be carried out.

In your initial discussion post, introduce your presentation and provide a link to the screencast URL.
Be sure to attach your PowerPoint presentation and script documents to your initial post.


Disussion Report on Peers in Class Science Assignment Help

Disussion Report on Peers in Class Science Assignment Help

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