Do you have the outcome you were expecting?

Can Blockchain Technology really be integrated into the Healthcare Industry? is the title. My project is about how modern day technology is configuring into healthcare. I put this subject down at the beginning of my course at uni and now I have just launched a care company.. As you can imagine I am unbelievably busy and don’t have time to complete this. This will be my last project in order to receive my diploma. Hope someone can help! Part 1: 1) You should begin by deciding on your research topic. Make it relevant to your workplace and keep the topic area scope relatively narrow to ensure a practical outcome is possible to this task. Now decide the title of your project (known as the research question). 2) Decide what the aims and objectives are. Consider what the benefits are to your team, individuals or to your own personal development. 3) Think about ethical considerations, such as consent, confidentiality. 4) Look at and compare the different methods of research, consider which one is best for your chosen topic and aims. Also think about the method that most suits your own learning style (i.e. if you like to measure and record then quantitative methods would probably be best for you). 5) Think about the tools you are going to use and how they might be sourced and structured. An example is questioning. 6) Consider and discuss how you will source your subjects. Have you got consent? Have you got a representative sample? Part 2: 1) Conduct a literature review. This will enable you to see what has already been researched and compare your findings later. 2) Conduct your research using your chosen methods. 3) Record and collate your data, using your chosen method. 4) Analyse your data by critically reviewing your findings. 5) Ensure that you reflect on your findings. Do you have the outcome you were expecting? Does it support the literature review you did? Reflect on the methods you used, were they valid and reliable. Could you do anything different next time? 6) Write your conclusion. 7) Make recommendations because of your findings. 8) Who will you share you research with? How will it benefit others? Can you get it published?

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