Does it demonstrate the students analytical and logical thinking?

As discussed in the first paragraph on page 3, Tegan had three options to address the accounts payable (A/P) problem. Which option should Tegan have taken in the first place? Why?

2. Less than two months before the project due, Hrad suddenly informed Tegan of their inability to deliver the project on-time and within budget. This information came as a big surprise to Tegan. a) What went wrong in terms of the way Tegan managed the A/P project? b) What should Tegan have done to prevent this last minute surprise from happening?

3. As discussed in the last paragraph on page 5, suppose Tegan has only the four possible choices to fix the current problems with the troubled A/P project. Which choice would be the best? Why?
Each case write-up is worth 12.5 points of your grade and will be due at the beginning of the class on the due date. Please follow the instructions below when you prepare your write-up. Failure to follow the instructions results in penalty to your grade:
1. Formatting requirements: single space, font size 12, one inch page margin around each page.
2. Page limit: no more than 2 pages (I recommend 1.5-2 pages long)
3. Name your file “YourFullName_CaseName.doc[x]”
A student’s write-up will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
1. Was the write-up submitted before the due date? (Late submission penalty is 20 points for each day overdue)
2. Does it address all the questions point by point?
3. Does it demonstrate the student’s good understanding of the case?
4. Does it clearly state the student’s position on the given issue?
5. Does it provide compelling facts and evidence in support of its argument or position?
6. Does it demonstrate the student’s analytical and logical thinking?
7. Does it present innovative, creative ideas or solutions?
8. Is it well written with a logical flow?
9. Is it formatted correctly?

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