Don Quixote Literature, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Don Quixote Literature, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help. Don Quixote Literature, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help.

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1) In which passage does Don Quixote justify his battle against the windmills to Sancho?

”Though you wield more arms than the giant Briareus, you shall pay for it!”

I think—and that is the truth—that the same sage Friston who robbed me of my room and my books has turned those giants into windmills, to cheat me of the glory of conquering them.

“Nobody could mistake them, unless he had windmills on the brain.”

“Don Quixote could not help smiling at his squire’s simplicity,,and told him that hecould certainly complain how and when he pleased, whether he had any cause or no ,for up to that time he had never read anything to the contrary in the law of chivalry.”

2-) Which passage shows Don Quixote’s reliance on tales of knights and chivalry while he is planning his adventure?

”With their spoils we will begin to get rich, for this is a fair war, and it is a great serviceto God to wipe such a wicked brood from the face of the earth.”

“If I for my sins or by good luck were to meet with some giant hereabouts, as generally happens to knights errant, and if I were to overthrow him in the encounter …”

“In fact, now that he had utterly wrecked his reason he fell into the strangest fancy that ever a madman had in the whole world.”

At the mention of the donkey, Don Quixote hesitated a little, racking his brains to remember whether any knight-errant ever had a squire mounted on donkey back;

3) Which passage best describes Sancho, Don Quixote’s squire, during the time at which Don Quixote recruited him?

Sancho Panza rode on his donkey like a patriarch, with his saddlebags and hisleather bottle, and a great desire to see himself governor of the isle his master hadpromised him.

“I must say, for my part, that I have to cry out at the slightest twinge, unless this business of not complaining extends to knights errants’ squires as well.”

“Sancho Panza rushed to his assistance as fast as his donkey could trot, but when he came up he found that the knight could not stir.”

A neighbor of his and an honest man—if a poor man may be called honest—but without much salt in his brainpan.

4) Which passage best illustrates Don Quixote’s inspiration to become a knight?

The reader must know, then, that this gentle man, in the times when he had nothing to do—as was the case for most of the year—gave himself up to the reading of books of knight-errantry;

“… it struck him that there was only one more thing to do: to find a lady to be enamored of.

”He thought it fit and proper, both in order to increase his renown and to serve the state, to turn knight-errant and travel through the world with horse and armor in search of adventures…”

 “At that moment they caught sight of some thirty or forty windmills…”

5) Which passage best illustrates Don Quixote’s ideas about how a courageous knight should behave?

“Do not fly, cowards, vile creatures, for it is one knight alone who assails you.”

“Matters of war are more subject than most to continual change…”

And if I do not complain of the pain, it is because a knight-errant is not allowed to complain of any wounds.

“… I intend to do such deeds with it that you may consider yourself most fortunate to have won the right to see them. For you will witness things which will scarcely be credited.”

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Irish Superstitions and Folklore (RP), sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Topic – Irish Superstitions and Folklore (RP)

What are the things that you support or are against in a culture

What interests you about that culture

-The name of it and what you chose

-What you found out

-What you think about it

-Write in 3rd person (never use I)

-Use the author/investigator

-Make it flow together

-Always have at least 3 or 4 sentences on the last page

-Put in your own words what you think (NO PLAGIARISM)

-If you make a statement, back it up

-Make sure to have a works cited page

-Be able to justify what you talk about

Write in MLA format


Construct a​ 99% confidence interval about the population mean difference, statistics assignment help Mathematics Assignment Help

The following data represent the muzzle velocity​ (in feet per​ second) of shells fired from a​ 155-mm gun. For each​ shell, two measurements of the velocity were recorded using two different measuring​ devices, resulting in the following data.


                             1           2            3         4          5            6

                         793.4    793.7    793.4    790.1      794.3   790.8

                         800.0    796.1   792.6      786.4    799.9    795.2

​(a) Construct a​ 99% confidence interval about the population mean difference. Compute the difference as device A minus device B. Interpret your results.

The confidence interval is (_, _) 

(Round to three decimal places as needed.)

Choose the statement that best agrees with your interpretion of your results.

A) I am​ _% confident that the mean difference in measurement lies in the interval found above.

B) I am​ _% confident that the mean difference in measurement lies in the interval found above.

C) I am _​% confident that the mean difference in measurement is 0.

D) I am _% confident that the mean difference in measurement is 0.01


analysis of the advantages and limitations of interprofessional, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Write a 5–6-page analysis of the advantages and limitations of
interprofessional collaboration, and provide strategies for working
effectively as part of an interprofessional team and for introducing the
concept of interprofessional collaboration to a health care
organization where it is not practiced.

New health care delivery models require interprofessional
collaboration in order for organizations to continue to provide quality
health care services to patients. But what does it take to make
interprofessional collaborations effective?

Show Less

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your
proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment

  • Competency 1: Communicate effectively in writing.
    • Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate APA format
      with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a health
      care management professional
  • Competency 3: Apply teamwork skills.
    • Describe characteristics of highly effective interprofessional teams.
    • Explain strategies for working effectively within an interprofessional team.
    • Explain strategies for effective communication and conflict management in interprofessional teams.
  • Competency 4: Understand ethical principles.
    • Analyze ethical considerations as a result of interprofessional collaboration.
  • Competency 6: Demonstrate an understanding of fundamentals of health care management principles.
    • Describe strategies health care management professionals can use to
      integrate interprofessional collaboration into an organization.

Research the topic of interprofessional collaboration in health care.
You may use information you find on professional Web sites, but you
must also include recent articles from peer-reviewed journals from the
Capella library.

For this assessment, analyze the advantages and limitations of
interprofessional, or interdisciplinary, collaboration by completing the

  • Explain the benefits of interprofessional collaboration for:
    • The staff members of the interprofessional team.
    • The patient.
    • The health care organization.
  • Describe the characteristics of a highly effective interprofessional team.
    • What characteristics are desirable in the team members?
  • Explain strategies for working effectively in an interprofessional team.
    • Include an examination of best practices for communication, the most
      common types of conflict that are likely to occur, and best practices
      for conflict management.
  • Analyze possible ethical considerations that might need to be addressed.
  • Describe strategies for a health care management professional to
    introduce the concept of interprofessional collaboration in an
    organization where it is not currently practiced.

Use the
resources you located to support your analyses and strategies. Your
paper must be 5–6 pages in length, excluding the title page and
reference page.

Additional Requirements

  • Include a title page and reference page.
  • Use at least three current peer-reviewed or professional resources.
  • Follow APA format.
  • Use 12 pt., Times New Roman font.
  • Double-space.


Predicting Collapse : international relations, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

    1. Read Chapter 9, “The Intelligence Agenda: Nation States,” in Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy text, on predicting the Soviet collapse.
    2. Read information from your Roskin text discussing “Project Solarium.”
    3. Read the article on “Project Solarium:” (See article in Course Documents). 
    4. Read a contrasting view to the information in your intelligence text in the article, U.S. Intelligence Estimates of the Soviet Collapse: Reality and Perception by Bruce D. Berkowitz (Full text of article located in Course Documents).
    5. Read the article The CIA Vindicated: The Soviet Collapse Was Predicted, by Bruce D. Berkowitz and Jeffrey T. Richelson (in Course Documents). 
    6. Write a one-page, double-spaced response to the following: Do you believe there was a gap between knowing that the Soviet Union had fundamental weaknesses and foreseeing its collapse, and should U.S. intelligence have done a better job predicting the outcome? Use information from your text and the articles to formulate your argument.
    7. Submit your assignment using the “Submit week 3: One-Page Response link” above.



Compile an Annotated Bibliography, business and finance assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

This assignment
requires you to compile an Annotated Bibliography of 35 entries, 85% of which must be from the past five years. Each annotated entry
must concisely summarize key aspects of a study—participants, purpose, research
design and methods, data analysis, key findings—and include a thoughtful
evaluation of the significance of the study’s findings and conclusions as they
relate to your topic.

Organize the entries thematically into roughly the following

  • Seminal
  • Theory
  • Issues
    and Debates
  • Key
  • Designs

Length: 150-250 words per entry;  APA standards..


Compile an Annotated Bibliography, business and finance assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Study of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

report on A Study of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

Please follow the report submission guideline mentioned here to prepare your report.

1) Report should be 13-17 page long.

2) IEEE Conference paper template should be used.

3) You need not to implement anything.

4) You need not to come up with any new idea.

5) You have to be very knowledgeable in the area of specialization.

6) The report should be like a review paper.

7) Your critical comment on the project should be in the conclusion section.

8) Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. 

9) Proper citation should be given.



Instructions for Virtual Museum Project, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Instructions for Virtual Museum Project

Virtual Museum Project Instructions

Throughout the semester you will create a Virtual American Women’s Rights Museum.  For each of the three sections of the class, you will create a “floor” of your Virtual Museum and it will consist of four rooms and contain 16 artifacts.  The first floor of your museum should cover relevant topics from the 1840s-1890.  The second floor of your museum should cover topics from the 1890s-1940.  The third floor of your museum should cover topics from 1940s-2000. 

You will be using a template found on this web-site: (Links to an external site.).  There are examples found on this website that you might find useful as you prepare your virtual museum.  There is information on the website that is not relevant for our class, so all you want to find is the template that you will be using.  Download that template and save it to your computer, or flash drive. 

The template you will use is the four-room 16-artifact template.  Essentially, you are using an elaborate power-point to create your museum.

You may organize your rooms by topic, theme, or decade.  It is up to you to decide what you want to include in your museum.

All content must reflect people, places, events, and ideas related to the American 1840s-1890 for the first floor; the American 1890s-1940 for the second floor; and the American 1940s-2000 in your third floor.

Please personalize the rooms by adding colors/textures, or adding other features you feel are in the best visual interest of your museum.

For each room, you will add a title and select three or more images of artifacts that best represent the topic you have chosen for the room.  Place these articles on the “walls” or add elements on which they may sit (e.g. a “glassbox” or a “pedestal”).  Your artifacts will all need to be visually represented, but they do not all have to be “pictures.”  For example, you may choose to include an important document by placing a picture of the document on the wall and link to the actual text of the document (such as the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments).  Artifacts are essential primary source materials and can include things like photographs, paintings, lithographs, letters, newspaper stories, speeches….all must be related to the time under study for that floor. (A newspaper story from 1850, for example).  If you need any assistance in finding a particular document, let me know, I can direct you to a good resource in which to find that material.

Each artifact will also require a linked “placard.”  Each placard must provide:

  – a title for the artifact

  – a detailed description of the artifact

  – a reason for inclusion of the artifact in your museum using information from lectures, or the McMillan text, detailing why it is important to your theme and room topic, with proper citation. 80-100 words for each artifact

  – a link citing the location of the original picture

At minimum, each museum floor must include:

  – four virtual museum rooms

  – sixteen artifacts relating to the topic and placed appropriately in the “rooms”

  – detailed descriptions (i.e. the placards mentioned above)

  – original visual elements in addition to the artifacts

  – accurate content information


organization development and change questions, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Read chapter 10 in textbook and do Exercise 10.2 (pp. 342-344). Answer Q. 1, 2, & 5. + 2 responses.

Read “Turnaround in The Bandits Of Bravo Company” by Edwards, Self, & Schraeder. See below for instructions. 

For DB#9 return to the Armenakis-Harris-Feild Model (see the PowerPoint slides titled Armenakis (in this module for the tasks to do section) so you don’t need the entire paper). Answer the following questions and post to the discussion board: (1) Through the use of this model, how did Captain Edwards demonstrate good change leadership? Note—there is no right or wrong answer. This is your opinion. (2) How might you apply in what you do in your organization?  +2 responses


Women as Political Actors, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

The late 18th century and early part of the 19th century are important years in American history as there were very few precedents for what the founding fathers were trying to do with first the Articles of Confederation and then the Constitution. Their ideas were influenced by notable Enlightenment authors who embraced ideals of equality under the law and the importance of education – both of which will be only partially extended to women. The idea that men (but not necessarily women) were all equal is an Enlightenment idea and it is only incompletely realized during this time period. This is felt deeply by many educated elite women who pushed men to extend the legal rights afforded to women – particularly rights over property, legal standing and the right to vote (all things the male colonists complained that Britain had trampled on during the Revolution!). Women were celebrated for their public role during the Revolution, but after the new nation was formed they would need to carve out a niche within the new Republic. As part of your reading in the textbook make sure to note how the experience of the Revolution and the early Republic varied among different groups of women (wealthy vs. poor, colonial vs. native, and free vs. slave will all have varied responses). A local figure who isn’t included in your textbook can be found here: Alethia Browning Tanner.

Steps to complete the Assignment:

  1. Read the sources provided below: 
    1. Chapter 3 including the Documents: Education and Republican Motherhood on pages 145-151 in your textbook.
    2. The attached document provides a counterpoint to Rush and Murray’s arguments supporting education for women, Educating Women in the 19th century – a counterpoint to Rush and Murray.pdf.
    3. Use this handout to help you in analyzing primary sources: How to Analyze Primary Sources.pdf.  It will explain how historians evaluate and interpret primary documents.
  2. Explore the list of women presented in the online exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery: A Will of their Own.
  3. Write a 400-600 word essay that responds to the following questions – be sure to use examples to support your answers and demonstrate your understanding of the readings. 
    1. Although women did not have the right to vote, how were women politically active during the “Revolutionary Period” (from 1763 through the Revolutionary war).  Provide examples from the textbook and the exhibit to support your thinking.
    2. Why did men support these actions?
    3. How did women’s political actions during the Revolutionary period help create the concept of Republican Motherhood?
    4. How did this concept impact Rush’s and Murray’s ideas about women’s education?
    5. How do you explain the difference between Rush and Murray’s ideas.
    6. Your post should be 400-600 words long and use specific examples from the sources provided.


Don Quixote Literature, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Don Quixote Literature, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

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