Draft works cited and literature review Humanities Assignment Help

Draft works cited and literature review Humanities Assignment Help. Draft works cited and literature review Humanities Assignment Help.

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Find at least two articles or books and create a draft works cited page. These articles should provide information about what is already known about the topic you are researching.

At least one article or book should be an academic source; for example, from an academic journal or written by a PhD whose audience is mostly other academics. Here is a link to a list of sociological journals: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sociology_journals (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You are not limited, however, to this list.

(1c) At least one article or book should use the same method that you will use. For example, if you are going to do a survey, find an article that uses the survey method. The other sources do not have to use the same method you use. This can be the same article as the academic article.

(1d) Cite at least two sources.

(2) Write a draft literature review section. In this section, you will summarize relevant previous research and talk about how your research adds to what is already known. Discuss how your sources relate to your research question and method. Since you have not conducted your research yet, you will have to guess a bit and revise later.

Grading rubric:

1. Cites at least two sources (one that uses the same method you will use, one that is academic — could be the same article)

2. Shows how sources relate to their research

3. Draft literature review is at least two paragraphs


Draft works cited and literature review Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

English Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Underground Railroad Response
1) Length: minimum 700 words. Single or double space with standard margins.

2) Content: Briefly describe your reaction to the book. Here are some suggestions to guide you: What about it stayed with you? Did it surprise you in any way? Overall, did you like/dislike, why? Even if you did not like the book, do you think it was a good choice for the common reader?

3) Answer one or two of the questions below:
Who do you connect with most in the novel and why?
Whitehead creates emotional instability for the reader: if things are going well, you get comfortable before a sudden tragedy. What does this sense of fear do to you as you’re reading?
Why do you think the author chose to portray a literal railroad? How did this aspect of magical realism impact your concept of how the real underground railroad worked?
The scenes on Randall’s plantation are horrific—how did the writing affect you as a reader?


Identification of Key terms Humanities Assignment Help

Instructions: A good answer to a test identification of a key term should include answers to these basic questions: who, what, where, when and why important. It is especially important to focus on why the key term is important. THANK YOU!!!

Unit 1 Introduction

  • History
  • Civilization

Unit 2 Seventeenth-Century Europe

  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Louis XIV
  • Old Regime (Ancien Régime)
  • Glorious Revolution

Unit 3 Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment

  • Isaac Newton
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Baron de Montesquieu
  • Voltaire

Unit 4 French Revolution

  • Third Estate
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
  • Committee of Public Safety
  • Napoleone di Buonaparte (Napoleon)

Unit 5 Industrial Revolution

  • James Watt
  • Urbanization
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Machine

Unit 6 Russia in Revolt?

  • 1812 Russian campaign
  • Decembrists

Unit 7 Socialism

  • Karl Marx
  • Friedrich Engels
  • Romanticism
  • French Revolution of 1848


Course Project Health Medical Assignment Help

Part I

In this week, you will build on the analysis done in the previous weeks to create a quality management plan. Use the three steps of the Shewhart Cycle—Do, Check, Act—to complete your quality management plan.


Create a “balanced scorecard” and a “dashboard” specific to the areas of improvement in your quality management plan to describe performance measurement tools that are broad in scope but summarized in a few key indicators.

Using the selected healthcare operating unit, create a specific dashboard for an operating unit of a healthcare organization.

On the basis of identified weaknesses, the improvement implementation plans, and your knowledge of the unit:

  • Create four categories of measurement. They must include both clinical and financial categories. Describe the categories and write a justification for each.
  • For each category, create at least three specific performance measures. For each measure, describe how it is calculated and where the data can be found.
  • Explain how the performance measures may change if the unit of analysis is the organization as a whole and not a specific operating unit.

Part II

In addition, present a 5-page plan addressing the following quality management plan controls:

  • Discuss issues to be considered with the implementation of the improvement program.
    • Staff acceptance of change
    • Implementation time frame
  • Discuss issues involved in the collection and analysis of data.
    • Data collection
    • Data analysis process
  • Identify and describe a desired outcome of the quality improvement plan.

Compile all your course project work into a quality management plan report. The report should be a 15-page Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style. You need not use any template for the report; design it on the basis of the specific issue you have selected.

Submission Details:

  • On a separate page, cite all sources using APA format.


Operations Forecasting Business Finance Assignment Help

Select a business operations dataset from the internet or other sources which can be used for forecasting in the University Library.

Develop a minimum of three quantitative forecasts using Microsoft® Excel®.

  • Compare and contrast each quantitative forecast you develop.
  • Choose the one forecast you determine would be the best for the firm and be prepared to explain why you chose this.
  • Evaluate the impact this forecast would have on the firm from a financial metrics standpoint.

Develop a 700-word report in which you describe your forecasting project including details on all the assignment steps



Hello guys, who can do this assignment for me? Humanities Assignment Help

Question 1

The world today is plagued with many problems, some of which are connected with religion. A few examples of this are: Christianity and the LGBT community, Islamic extremists groups and a hatred for Islam, and Christianity and abortion. But while some of these problems may be caused by religion that doesn’t meant that religion can’t help inter-group and international understanding.

As I mentioned previously one problem that has arisen in modern society is that of the Christianity and the LGBT community, specifically in the United States. In recent years, 2015, a law was passed in the Supreme Court that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. This law has been met with backlash from the Christian community, who are against gay marriage. This fight for gay rights between the LGBT and Christian community has been a long one. But one way that religion could help form an understanding between the two groups would be by having the LGBT community consider the religious reasons why Christians are opposed to gay marriage. One of which is the idea of Christian egalitarianism, which explores the roles that men and women should adhere to spiritually and in society.

Moving on, another problem facing the world is a hatred for Islam, most of which is caused by Islamic extremist groups such as ISIS. These terrorist groups have been the perpetrators of many terror attacks that have occurred in recent years, specifically in Europe and the United States. These terror attacks and groups have created a following of people that are against Islam due to them now perceiving Islam as a religion of violence, and even going as far as to mockingly call it a religion of peace. This backlash against Islam can be seen as recently as this year with President Trump’s travel ban which targeted predominantly Muslim countries. But this hatred could perhaps be remedied by religion if many of the people against Islam were to learn deeply about the Islamic faith and its teachings or principles. This could allow those opposed to Islam to judge the religion based on the majority not on its outliers (i.e. terrorist groups).

Lastly, the problem of abortion within the Christian community is a problem in the world today, again this problem will be focused in the United States. This debate between pro-choice and pro-life has been a long one in America. In the last century, there has been a shift towards disenchantment, or the act of siding with the rationalization of science instead religious belief. With this shift in ideology comes one of the causes of the different stances on abortion. One of areas where both groups are divided on the issue is the question of “When does the fetus become a human or person?” Pro-lifers may argue at conception while those who are pro-choice argue from a scientific standpoint causing. But because of this shift and division among the groups there comes the questioning of legitimization due to ever changing cultural and social norms. Religion can help inter-group understanding by providing those who are pro-choice a look into the religious practices and beliefs that cause pro-lifers to be against abortion, such as the idea of a fetus being a human/person at contraception.

Question C

I would expect a person of profound spirituality to be someone of a calm nature and sees no need to defend their religion to others, as they are secure in their religious beliefs. I am not personally aware of anyone who represents these characteristics.

Hello guys, who can do this assignment for me? Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Finance assignment Multinational corporation MNC Business Finance Assignment Help

1. please show the computations for parts I, II and III in figures 13.2, 13.3 and 13.4.

2.Please review the lecture notes for chapter 19 and give a qualitative example of each of the following: How fluctuating exchange rates can be beneficial to MNCs and how they can affect MNCs negatively. You must give one example of each scenario Furthermore, your answer must be purely qualitative. In other words, you should not use any numerical data to answer this question.

Chapter 19:

1. Multinational corporation (MNC): A firm that operates in more than one country.

2. Reasons for going overseas:

A. Expanded consumer base
B. Production efficiencies

C. Access to resources and technologies
D. Diversification

3. Exchange rates: The price of one currency in terms of another currency

4. Issues to deal with when venturing abroad:

A. Exchange
B. Economic, legal and political issues
C. Language and culture

5. 3 types of exposures faced by multinational firms:

A. Transaction exposure: Exposure arising from outstanding obligations (payables
and receivables) in foreign currencies
B. Translation exposure: Also referred to as accounting exposure; arises when financial statements are translated into the home currency
C. Economic exposure: The long term impact
of multinationalism on the competitive position of the firm

6. Multinational corporation (MNC) vs. Transnational corporation (TNC):

A. MNC: A firm that has operations in a foreign country regardless of the
nature or size of the operation.
B. TNC: A firm that has a foreign subsidiary. TNCs are the “ultimate” forms of corporate multinationalism.

7. Corporate hedging policy: A policy thereby firms try to reduce exchange rate exposure by “locking in” the exchange rate at which a transaction can be executed. Firms can do so
by entering into a forward contract (negotiated typically through a bank) or by purchasing currency futures on an organized exchanged. In an earlier chapter, we discussed financial options. Currency options can also be used
as part of a company’s hedging policy.

8. Multinational capital budgeting: Generally more complex than domestic CB projects; in addition to the issues discussed in previous chapters, a host of other issues need to be addressed.
Some of these issues are: Earnings repatriation, exchange rates, foreign taxes and political issues.


lifes little instruction book by Jackson Brown Engineering Assignment Help

* I would like to get help writing 4 pages about a book called ” life’s little instruction book ” by Jackson Brown.

* steps:

(1) Give an overview of the theme of the book. Ask yourself the question: “What does the book say to me about the field of engineering?” Do not provide a summary of the book, but rather focus on the message that the authors were trying to convey about engineering using a few key points from the book.

(2) Each person who reads a book may take something different away from it, based on his/her own personal experiences. Reflect upon one or two specific experiences from your past that came to mind when you were reading the book. How did those experiences contribute to your decision for a career in engineering?

(3) Did reading the book reinforce, diminish or alter your attitude towards engineering as a career in any way? Explain. (

4) Does the main theme of the book address any of your own current personal goals that have led you into choosing Engineering for your professional education?

(5) Imagine yourself in a few months in the following scenario: You have a significant amount of homework. Perhaps you’re having a rough time in one of your classes and many late, sleepless nights. In other words, times are becoming a bit overwhelming academically. What is the one thing from your reading that you might draw on to keep yourself inspired, to sustain your interest in your chosen field?


you will be asked to analyze an organizational culture Writing Assignment Help

Final Project Part 1: Culture Analysis Paper

This assignment is due the end of week

This assignment requires submission to Turnitin – must receive an acceptable score before posting to the assignment folder.

You will be asked to analyze an organizational culture. This could be the organization you work with, or it could be some other organization to which you have access. Remember that clubs, associations, and churches can be considered organizations.

Research (data gathering) should include (but does not need to be limited to) mainly primary sources.

Primary data is the data collected by the researcher themselves, i.e.

  1. interview
  2. observation
  3. action research
  4. case studies
  5. life histories
  6. questionnaires
  7. ethnographic research

Secondary sources are data that already exists

  1. Previous research
  2. Official statistics
  3. Mass media products
  4. Diaries
  5. Letters
  6. Government reports
  7. Web information
  8. Historical data and information

Collect your data and analyze it. Describe how you collected the data (observation, interviews, surveys).

Then, analyze the organizational culture along three dimensions: artifacts, values, and underlying assumptions. Give examples of behavior, speech, or symbols that illustrate your findings. This paper should be 5-8 pages in length. Any data used (interviews, surveys, websites, etc.) should be attached as appendices.

This assignment counts for 25% of your course grade


cultural geography Humanities Assignment Help

Please provide a comment on the following questions, doesn’t have to be long just enough that it proves the point… the following ppts might help

1. The horizontally expansive ranch is a common house form in the United States and Canada. Can you think of why this style of house might be popular in these nations? What does it tell us about the values that contribute to this as a popular element of the cultural landscape?

2. Why might a rural region transform a portion of its area into a leisure landscape? What kind of impact could this have on the region? Give an example of this that is not provided by the course materials.

3. Some countries have populations with unusually large numbers of elderly people; others have preponderantly young populations. What issues might be associated with either situation? What do the different schools of thought or theories of population growth discussed in ch 3 have to say about both of these situations?

4. How does geography inform the vocabulary of a given language? Provide examples of the kinds of vocabulary results from particular physical habitats.

5. How do race and ethnicity differ as terms for categorization? How are they both social constructed and how do those constructions change over time?


Draft works cited and literature review Humanities Assignment Help

Draft works cited and literature review Humanities Assignment Help

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