early childhood development, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

early childhood development, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help. early childhood development, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help.

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There will be much to observe as the actions and interactions of these young children occur on many more active levels than those of infants and toddlers. Before you observe, review the examples of development in the three domains on your child development chart, your readings, and the video for this week. By taking the time to study the resources carefully, your observation will be guided by a clear focus on early childhood development.

Download and review the following documents to complete your assignment (Note: These same documents will be provided in each week that you are required to conduct an observation.):

When you have finished your observations and completed all required written elements as outlined in the instructions, submit your completed Observation Worksheet

early childhood development, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Gender Discriminationsoc Humanities Assignment Help

4 different parts

Discriminationsoc 7 D

1 on

·For this discussion, answer the following

·Explain what the gender pay gap is and
how it has changed over time.

·In the article, “The Gender Pay Gap:
Challenging the Rationalizations,” Lips argues that the human capital
model is insufficient for understanding the persistence of the gender pay gap. Similarly, the
AAUW report we read, “The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap,”
notes that the pay gap cannot simply be explained by different career and life
choices men and women make. Why are the human capital and “choices”
argument insufficient? What other factors, such as gender-based discrimination,
explain the persistence of the gender pay gap?

the consequences of the pay gap, for both women and men, why is it important to
address this issue? Discuss the workplace policies you think would be most
effective for reducing the pay gap between men and women.

Orientationsoc 7 D


One of the consistent themes in this
course is how we can apply the concepts of acculturation and assimilation to
the experiences of different minority groups. For this discussion, let us
revisit these concepts in relation to the experiences of gay, lesbian, and
bisexual community members.

·Reflect on shifting attitudes toward
homosexuality and changes in the degree of prejudice and discrimination
directed toward gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals in American society
since the mid-20th century.

how the concepts of acculturation, primary structural assimilation, and
secondary structural assimilation apply to sexual minorities. Choose one other
group we have read about so far in the course and describe the similarities and
differences in how these concepts apply to both groups. In other words, what
similarities and differences do you see in terms of the acculturation and
assimilation of those who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual compared to the other
minority group you chose?

Immigration Issues SOC 8 D


For this discussion, refer to , and the
Chapter 10 Current Debates section on the Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class
companion Web site.



Then answer the following question in
your initial post:

·Based on the evidence presented in this
unit’s readings, which author of the “Current Debates”—Camarota or
Meissner—has the stronger argument regarding the benefits and costs of
immigration? Explain why.

·Support or refute the argument that
Hispanic immigrants are not learning English. Given the growing linguistic
diversity of the United States, can English be maintained as the primary
language? Should
Americans have to change their views about bilingualism?

you think Hispanic immigrants and their children are assimilating or changing
American culture, or perhaps a combination of both? Justify your response.

AmericansSOC 8 D


For this discussion, answer the

·How has the perception and treatment of
Arab American immigrants changed as a result of 9/11 and U.S. military
involvement in Middle Eastern countries?

·Do you think the media has contributed to
current perceptions of Arab Americans? If so, how? If not, explain other
factors that have fueled prejudice and discrimination against Arab Americans.

·What theory of prejudice and
discrimination (covered in Chapter 3 of your Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and
text) do you think best explains the situation of Arab Americans in
today’s society? Examples of Arab American experiences can be found in this
unit’s reading in Chapter 10 of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class and
your readings in Rethinking the Color Line.


Fairness of Identification Procedures, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Two different parts

Fairness of Identification Procedures CJ 7 D



The rights to counsel and to due process apply in lineups, showups, and photographic identification, but the rights to protection against unreasonable searches and seizures and self-incrimination do not. In Neil v. Biggers (1972), the Court determined that identification procedures must be fair. All three forms of identification have raised serious concerns among law and criminal justice professionals because of their proven unreliability. To determine whether the procedures applied are fair, courts must consider all the circumstances leading up to an identification.

Review the case of Neil v. Biggers. Then, locate a case on fairness in identification procedures.

In your main post:

Summarize the key points of the Neil v. Biggers case.

Explain the applicable law the court relied on in reaching its decision in your selected case.

Describe the outcome in your selected case as it impacts fairness in identification cases.

Explore which circumstances should be considered in determining fairness in the context of legal criminal procedure, from a criminal justice practitioner standpoint.

Violations of MirandaCJ 8 D



In Missouri v. Seibert (2004), the Court held that giving the Miranda warning only after the police obtain an unwarned confession violates the Miranda rule. As a result of this decision, statements made after the Miranda warning is given are not admissible even if these statements repeat those given before the Miranda warning was read to the suspect. In an earlier case, Oregon v. Elstad, the Court admitted a confession obtained after the police gave the Miranda warning—even though the suspect had previously made statements before the warning was given.

Imagine you are a police officer investigating a domestic violence case. You received a call that a man hit his wife in the face with a closed fist, causing injury. You arrived at the scene and locate the suspect in question. You handcuff him and put him in the back of your patrol car. You ask him if he hit his wife in the face. He states to you that he just “lost control” and did not mean to hurt her. He tells you that he is sorry for hitting her and will never do it again.

Once at the police station, your sergeant tells you to make sure you get plenty of information in the confession statement from the suspect to put into the arrest report. You provide the suspect with his Miranda warning and ask him to go into detail about the incident and him losing control. He tells you the whole story from the beginning and again states that he had no intention of hurting his wife.


For this discussion, locate a case on point with the Seibert or Elstad case.

In your main post:

Analyze admissibility of the suspect’s confessions in the scenario provided before and after Miranda warning was given to the suspect.

Determine whether the ruling in the case you researched aligns or conflicts with Seibert or Elstad.

Articulate whether you agree with the court’s rationale regarding the admissibility of statements made by a suspect in your selected case, and why.

Explore how you feel the Miranda warning would impact your decision making if you were a police officer.


Miranda and Admissibility of Statements Business Finance Assignment Help

Miranda and Admissibility
of Statements CJ 8 P


For a suspect’s statements to be
admissible in court, he or she must meet certain criteria. learned from the Miranda
case, in that instance, the Court rejected voluntariness of statements as
the sole test for admissibility. Although voluntariness is still required, it
is now assumed if three questions can be answered in the affirmative. First, it
must be shown that the Miranda warning was given. Second, if it was
given, it will be necessary to determine whether there was a waiver. Finally,
if there was a waiver, there must be evidence that the waiver was intelligent
and voluntary. There are certainly other circumstances when confessions may be
admissible when made before Miranda warning is given, which makes this
area of law very intricate and fact-based.

You will use the Miranda and
Admissibility Statements media as the foundation for your assignment.



Miranda v. Arizona changed the rules on admissibility from voluntariness to
the three-questions test. For this assignment, prepare a three-page
paper citing a minimum of two academically verified references.

In your paper:

·Determine whether you can question the
occupants of the vehicle in the scenario at the scene without Miranda warning.
(Question 1: Was Miranda warning given?)

·Analyze, after the Miranda warning
was given, whether there was a waiver. (Question 2: If Miranda warning was
given, was there a waiver?)

whether, assuming there was a waiver by the suspects, the waiver was
intelligent and voluntary. (Question 3: If there was a waiver, was it
intelligent and voluntary?)

how Miranda changed the way police officers perform their jobs.


·References: A minimum of two references.

·Length of paper: Three pages, not including the title
page and the references page.


Structured Assignment – Business Continuity Policy Statement Computer Science Assignment Help

You have been hired as a consultant to design BCP for SanGrafix, a video and PC game design company. SanGrafix’s newest game has become a hot seller, and the company anticipates rapid growth. It’s moving into a new facility and will be installing a new network. Because competition is fierce in the game industry, SanGrafix wants to be fully secured, documented, and maintained while providing high availability, scalability, and performance.

Based on your current technology and information security knowledge, for this project you will design a BCP based off of the company profile below:
A. Primary location in San Francisco, CA
B. Secondary location/hot site in Sunnyvale, CA
C. Capable of supporting 220 users in these departments: Accounting and Payroll, 16; Research and Development, 48; Sales and Marketing, 40; Order Processing, Shipping, and Receiving, 36; secretarial and office management staff, 20; upper management (including the president, vice president, and general manager), 10; Customer Relations and Support, 30; Technology Support, 20.
D. Full OC3 Internet connection

First step is to issue a clear policy statement on the Business Continuity Plan. At a minimum, this statement should contain the following instructions:

  • The organization should develop a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.
  • A formal risk assessment should be undertaken in order to determine the requirements for the Business Continuity Plan.
  • The Business Continuity Plan should cover all essential and critical business activities.
  • The Business Continuity Plan should be periodically tested in a simulated environment to ensure that it can be implemented in emergency situations and that the management and staff understand how it is to be executed.
  • All staff must be made aware of the Business Continuity Plan and their own respective roles.
  • The Business Continuity Plan is to be kept up to date to take into account changing circumstances.

I want 8-9 pages with references

Please find the attached template

I want everything as template

No plagiarism

complete APA format



assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Project Technology Governance Plan


Baltzan, P., and Phillips, A. (2015). Business Driven Information Systems (5th ed).

Week 2 articles and videos

It is recommended students search the Internet for a Project Technology Governance Plan template.

Scenario: You are an entrepreneur in the process of researching a business development idea. As you create a high-level Information Technology (IT) strategy for your new enterprise, it is important to consider the administration of IT resources. A Technology Governance plan will guide enterprise technology management practices in the context of your goal to incorporate business driven IT. The Technology Governance Plan is intended to provide a high-level guide for the management of IT resources. The Technology Governance Plan is a working document that is expected to change over time as new project details emerge.

Create a high-level Project Technology Governance Plan for your project in a minimum of 1,050 words that includes the following information:

*A description of the governance framework the organization will use to manage the oversight and use of IT

*A summary of the ethical considerations in the IT governance process

*An overview of how IT governance will influence strategic planning

Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references from the University of Phoenix Library.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

assignment Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Can someone help me write a 2-4 page paper for psychology class Humanities Assignment Help

The term paper is a review of scientific reporting (news reporting), research reporting (journal articles), and referencing between. Papers should be 2-4 pages in APA format with a title page and reference page (not counted in the 2-4 page requirement). For this assignment you will expand upon your week 4 discussion board posts. In addition to the news article and journal articles you’ve already found from week 4, I’d like you to do the following:

2) The paper itself should be focused the factors that influence the way we (consumers) view information (e.g., confirmation bias, etc.), the factors that influence the reporter who writes about science (e.g., make articles flashy, sensationalism), the factors that influence the researcher and research (publication bias, p-hacking), and how these factors relate to one another (200 pts). You should use the mini-assignment above and week 4 discussion articles/reactions to provide examples and guide your discussion of these topics. Papers will be graded on the following rubric:

  • Clearly integrates material from week 4 discussion and related additional assignment (see above) [50 pts]
  • Clearly integrates material from the prior weeks of the course (e.g., discussion board assignments) and course text [100 pts]
  • Writing is clear and legible, APA format, spelling and grammar [50 pts]


Website Security Test Plan, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

The CIO of the online grocery store has asked you to create a website security plan that will keep the information that they are entrusted with safe, secure and out of the news. For this assignment, please include the following:

  1. An executive summary.
  2. An introduction to the plan.
  3. A web security plan strategy (also include the security policy that you designed for module 03).
  4. Deliverables.
  5. Test cases.
  6. You will have at least 5 sources for this paper, with 2 being scholarly sources. Include in-text citations in your paper. Your sources need to be listed according to APA formatting guidelines on your reference page.
  7. Include an APA formatted title page.
  8. Plan should be a minimum of 6 pages.


Burton Snowboards, marketing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

This exercise relates to Chapters 2 & 3 in your textbook.

To complete this exercise, you need to watch the Burton Snowboards video case.

Using information referenced in the video, identify two discovery-oriented and two strategy-oriented decision problems Burton has (or might have) faced during its development.

To receive credit for this exercise, create a new journal entry and answer the following questions:

  1. For each decision problem you identified, provide a brief description of the background and develop a set of research questions and research objectives related to each problem (Chapter 2).
  2. Select your favorite decision problem and, based on the research questions and objectives you developed above, identify the appropriate research design for this problem. Justify your choice using relevant information from Chapter 3.
  3. Based on what you learned in the video, describe what you would expect to find if you conducted the proposed research.


Help me asap, thank you Humanities Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

theory of market economies emphasizes freedom of choice and limited
government intervention. The classic argument for government
intervention is market failure – the inability of the market economy to
correct itself from a dysfunctional state (such as the Great
Depression). Students will examine articles from the University library
to analyze real-world examples of U.S. government intervention programs
and apply current week readings to make intelligent conclusions about
the economic policies..

Assignment Steps

Resources: Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft®Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products.

the University Library, EBSCOhost, or ProQuest data bases, locate up to
three different articles/publications and/or use The Economist Online
from the University Library to examine one case of significant
government intervention as it relates to your current industry of
employment or an industry in which you are interested in working. You
may access EBSCOhost, ProQuest or The Economist Online through the
University Library homepage:

  1. Click on the Library tab.
  2. Click on the underlined University Library link.
  3. Click on General Resources under Library Resources.
  4. Click on either EBSCOhost or ProQuest.
  5. Go back Library Resources list.
  6. Click on View All Resources Alphabetically.
  7. Click on Economist.com.

Examples of intervention programs you may select, but are not limited to:

  • US agriculture support programs
  • Low
    income support programs (Food Stamps, Earned Income Tax Credit, Child
    Tax Credit, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)
  • Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program, The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • Low-income rent controls and housing vouchers
  • Government promotion of renewable energy sources to discourage use of fossil fuels such as coal and oil
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Bailout of U.S. banks and other financial institutions during the Great Recession
  • Bailout of U.S. auto makers during the Great Recession
  • Social Security retirement benefits

Develop a minimum 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation including detailed speaker notes or voiceover including the following:

  • Describe the intervention and detail its history.
  • Analyze the arguments for government intervention as opposed to arguments for market-based solutions. Hint: See the information in our course textbook on market failures.
  • Examine who may be helped and who may be hurt by the selected government intervention.
  • Examine externalities and/or unintended consequences of such intervention.
  • Determine
    the cost trend of the intervention program since its implementation
    including whether costs are increasing, decreasing, or vary with the
    state of the economy.
  • Evaluate the success or failure of the intervention in achieving its objectives and develop conclusions.
  • Recommend whether the program should be continued as is, discontinued, or modified and defend your recommendation.

The use of tables and/or charts to display economic data over the time
period discussed is highly encouraged. However, if your source includes
the copyright symbol, which looks like this: ©, then you should not copy
any table and/or charts from that source. You could use, but are not
required to use, charts/graphs retrieved from the Federal Reserve Bank
of St. Louis FRED web site as long as the data sources used by FRED to
create those charts are government sources such as the Bureau of
Economic Analysis or the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cite a minimum of three scholarly, peer-reviewed references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


early childhood development, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

early childhood development, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

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