ECON 101 Saudi Electronic University Long Run Production of Bicycles Questions Economics Assignment Help

ECON 101 Saudi Electronic University Long Run Production of Bicycles Questions Economics Assignment Help. ECON 101 Saudi Electronic University Long Run Production of Bicycles Questions Economics Assignment Help.

  • Consider the long-run production of Bicycles. The cost of the indivisible inputs used in the production of bicycles is $6000 per day. To produce one Bicycle per day, the firm must also spend a total of $80 on other inputs-labor, materials, and other capital. For each additional bicycle, the firm incurs the same additional cost of $80.
  • Draw a graph of perfectly competitive market and explain equilibrium of the firm by choosing output level at which
  • Compute the average cost for 30 bicycles, 60 bicycles, 100 bicycles, and 300 bicycles. (1 marks)
  • Draw the long-run average cost curve for 30,60,100 and 300 bicycles per day. (1 marks)

  • P=MC=MR and Firm is making zero economic profit (1 Mark)
  • P=MC=MR and Firm is making a loss(1 Mark)
  • Explain shut down rule with the help of graph (1 Mark)
  • Discussion :Why do industries like electricity or cable TV have just one or two major firms while other industries like restaurants or clothes have hundreds or thousands? What might be a general difference that leads to some industries having many firms while others are dominated by just one or two?”(5 Marks)

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ECON 101 Saudi Electronic University Long Run Production of Bicycles Questions Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

SEU International Business Management Focus on NAFTA Tomato Wars Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Critical Thinking

Read the Management Focus on, “NAFTA’s Tomato Wars,” available in your e-book (page no. 620), and answer the following questions:

Assignment Question(s):(Marks: 5)

  • Was the establishment of a minimum floor price for tomatoes consistent with the free trade principles enshrined in the NAFTA agreement?
  • Why, despite the establishment of a minimum floor price, have imports from Mexico grown over the years?
  • Who benefits from the importation of tomatoes grown in Mexico? Who suffers?
  • Do you think that Mexican producers were dumping tomatoes in the United States?
  • Was the Commerce Department right to establish a new minimum floor price rather than scrap the agreement and file an antidumping suit? Who would have benefited from an antidumping suit against Mexican tomato producers? Who would have suffered?
  • What do you think will be the impact of the new higher floor price? Who benefits from the higher floor price? Who suffers?
  • What do you think is the optimal government policy response here? Explain your answer.


Purdue University Health and Medical Questions Myocardial Autorhythmic Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

there are 12 questions in the attached (i have already started in it, so you get the framework, and just add 100 words more for each!

Hello! This assignment basically requires answering (12) questions in a good, detailed manner. I have already started to outline the answers, but they need editing and adding more information to make it understandable and organized. If you don’t want to use the slight outline I have for each question, you can do your own answer but make sure that your first paragraph of the answer ADDRESSES the question DIRECTLY. Take a look. I have left a highlighted note of the questions that need/might need more information/work done.

Only straight information addressing the question and the core concept. I should also add that answers must be in Paragraph forms. No bullet points or work cited.

Make sure that whenever writing the first paragraph, that you directly address the question and the core concept of it. Details are great, just like I did in question 2, where I tried to help out and get some kind of rough draft going.


NUR 699 Grand Canyon University Week 3 RSN BSN Program Reflective Journal Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a Nursing question and need guidance to help me learn.

Week 3

Reflective Journal Assignment 2

Identify and prioritize a minimum of three learning needs not met
through the RN-BSN program and create a learning plan based upon those

2. Identify one learning need that can be met in this course and how it will be accomplished.

3. This reflection assignment shows ability to identify a need, seek opportunities, and promote life-long learning.

are various models of reflection in the literature that can guide your
writings. However, each paper must have the following format:

  • The
    assignment must be written with Microsoft Word in Times New Roman size
    12 font, using APA format, and be a minimum of 3 full pages, excluding
    title and reference pages.
  • An introduction and conclusion paragraph must be included.

Review the Grading Rubric for each section to be developed


UCSD Sirens Mermaids & Giant Women in Contemporary English Novels Literature Review Writing Assignment Help



This week we are going to be working on one of the last big parts of our researched literary argument: the literature (or lit) review.

For this assignment, we will be breaking down what a lit review is, the purpose of a lit review, and how to write a lit review. I will also be providing an example of what a sample lit review looks like. (For some of you this information may be review, but for some of you this may be new.

STEP ONE: Review the following relevant materials.

A Lit Review: What is it?

A standard lit review is a a survey of scholarly sources on a specific topic. It provides an overview of current knowledge, allowing you to identify relevant theories, methods, and gaps in the existing research. Conducting a literature review involves collecting, evaluating and analyzing publications (such as books and journal articles) that relate to your research question. A lit review most often appears as the first body paragraph of your essay, right after your introduction.

For our purposes, the lit review for your researched argument essay, the lit review will only contain information about your anchor source (the main source for your essay), so this means that it would cover either just the novel, just the movie, or be a combination lit review of both the novel and the movie. For the rest of your sources, those should be introduced to your audience the first time you mention them in your essay.

The Purpose of It: Why Do We Write a Lit Review?

When you write a thesis, dissertation, or research paper, you will have to conduct a literature review to situate your research within existing knowledge. The literature review gives you a chance to:

  • Demonstrate your familiarity with the topic and scholarly context
  • Develop a theoretical framework and methodology for your research
  • Position yourself in relation to other researchers and theorists
  • Show how your research addresses a gap or contributes to a debate

You might also have to write a literature review as a stand-alone assignment. In this case, the purpose is to evaluate the current state of research and demonstrate your knowledge of scholarly debates around a topic.

The content will look slightly different in each case, but the process of conducting a literature review follows the same steps.

Most importantly, we write a lit review to introduce our audience to the anchor text, or the source that is the main basis and focus of our argument. (This is also why for our purposes, you lit review will only focus on the one source if you are using the book or the movie, and two sources if you are focusing on the book and the movie.)

The Meat of It: What Goes in a Lit Review?

Your lit review needs to establishes and explain your anchor source’s main points in a body paragraph. It should summarize the source’s argument, claims, and evidence; this may include relevant plot points and the overarching thesis of the work. Discuss the relevant ideas of the source as if you were explaining them to someone who was unfamiliar with the text.

The second half of your lit review needs to both explain the intended audience of the work, the tone used by the author/director, and the author or director’s purpose of creating the source as well as a rhetorical analysis of the successfulness of the source. Make sure to state why this source is successful or not.

Remember when you are writing your lit review, you should connect the source back to your focused research question(s) and/or your thesis.

What Should My Lit Review Look Like?

This is an example from a student who completed a different assignment, but this example is a successful integration of all parts of a lit review that focuses on Cohen just like yours should. This lit review covers all seven theses in “Monster Culture,” but yours will only focus on Thesis 1 and Thesis 4.

PRO-TIP: Go back to the worksheet you filled out for Breaking Down Cohen, all the information that you wrote down on that worksheet should appear somewhere in your lit review.

Example: Before embarking upon our characterization of Godzilla, we must first characterize Cohen’s argument. His essay claims that examination of a given monster’s traits may yield insight into the cultures they inhabit. Cohen supports his dissertation with his seven theses, which are each complex and weighty enough to exist independently as an argument in its own right. Since seven is confusingly excessive, we
shall focus upon his most relevant theses, of which there are only four. The first thesis we shall examine
is Cohen’s Thesis 2, which states that a monster’s existence is based upon its indestructibility. The
monster eludes our understanding and can even be invoked as a perceived connection to immediate social
issues. Thereupon, the surmised threat the monster poses is through its mutability and difficulty to
combat. The monster’s mutability is key as we move into Cohen’s Thesis 3, which contends that monsters
are dangerous because they are “full of rebuke to traditional methods of organizing knowledge and human experiences (Cohen 7). Its challenge to our cultural understanding becomes something simultaneously discomfiting and perilous. Similarly unnerving is the alien-ness of the monster: in Thesis 4, Cohen claims that monstrosity comes through difference in culture, which is often specified racially, economically, or sexually. True to form, the monster threatens to erase difference in the world of its creators, thus revealing the fragility of the established system (Cohen 11). The final Cohen thesis we will inspect is Thesis 5, which dictates that the monster serves to warn against curiosity and reminds us not to test the limits set in place by our encompassing culture. These theses individually examine various essential
monstrous characteristics and determine how each monstrosity challenges the mores or understandings unique to each culture. In support of his theses, Cohen invokes a plethora of examples originating from mythology, history, wordplay, and even current day practices. He then makes his point by emphasizing
the way the monster infringes upon the traditions established by its respective culture. Although Cohen’s
argument ultimately weakens because of his somewhat recursive methodology of occasionally molding
his monstrous exemplars within distinctive cultural characteristics, his essay provides a fresh outlook for
a reader with an interest in cultural studies. Freshly and adequately armed with Cohen’s methodology, we
can now examine Godzilla against the backdrop of Japanese culture and history to find the reason for his
half-century reign as King of Monsters.


If you need more clarification on lit reviews, I’ve put the following videos together in support. While these videos cover lit reviews that focus on more than one text, they share the same basis as a singular source lit review.

What is a Literature Review? Explained | Scribbr

Outlining Your Literature Review’s Structure | Scribbr

How to Write a Literature Review | Wordvice

STEP TWO: Write Your Lit Review

Based on the previously covered materials, write a lit review for Cohen for your Essay 3.

STEP THREE: Submit Your Lit Review to this Submission Link

STEP FOUR: Add your Lit Review to the next draft of your essay

Go to the current draft of your essay that you are working on and add this lit review you have just created as the first body paragraph in your document.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me, and I will do my best to answer them.



ECON 157 University of California Irvine Economic Development Questions Economics Assignment Help

Total 11 question, I will provide teacher’s standard answer, you need to write in your own words, no copy. I also will provide a 93/100 student hw answer. So this will make sure u can provide a perfect answer.

Homework I

  • In defining development to include more than just the growth of per capita income, there is an implicit assumption that the growth of per capita income alone is not sufficient to guarantee the reduction of poverty and the growth of self-esteem. Is it possible that there could be growth of per capita income without the achievement of these other objectives?
  • Make a case that development economics might be merely a combination of all the other subfields of economics, only applied to low-income countries.
  • Explain how low levels of living can turn into a vicious cycle in developing countries.
  • Explain why purchasing power parity measures of income levels tend to show a smaller difference between poor and rich countries.
  • If countries are first ranked by level of real GDP per capita, and then by the value of the Human Development Index, would you expect the ranking of countries to be similar or different? Explain.
  • What are the main differences between the linear stages and international dependency models
    of development?
  • Describe one important criticism of Rostow’s stages of economic growth theory.
  • Why have poor nations invested so much money in education and health? Evaluate the soundness of these reasons.
  • Explain some of the reasons why developing countries have not realized a greater positive development impact from their higher education programs.
  • Is child labor a problem in developing countries? Explain.
  • How can an increase in human capital lead to an increase in GDP? Why might it not lead to an increase in GDP?

ECON 157 University of California Irvine Economic Development Questions Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

HHS 435 Ashford University Week 4 The Rules for Radicals Essay Writing Assignment Help

The Application of the Saul Alinsky Approach

The Industrial Areas Foundation of Saul Alinsky has been referred to numerously in community organization. Review the Saul Alinsky, Community Organizing and Rules for Radicals (Links to an external site.) article, research the roots of this method, and then discuss its application of “the ends justify the means” in today’s economy. Address whether this theory is still applicable. Why or why not? Under what circumstances? Provide a specific example to illustrate your perspective. Prepare a two- to- three page paper (excluding title and reference pages) with a minimum of two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years, in APA format.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


Colorado State University Risk and Security Management Plan Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

Help me study for my Business class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.


You currently serve as an IT security intern for a military defense contractor called Military Delivery Logistics (MDL) based in Washington, D.C. Because your organization contracts with the U.S. military, the organization is required to perform regular risk and security assessments on all its systems.

Senior management at MDL has decided that the existing risk and security management plan for the organization is out of date and that a new risk management plan needs to be developed to stay in compliance with strict military and Department of Defense (DoD) requirements. Because of the importance of risk management to the organization, senior management is committed to, and supportive of, the project to develop a new plan. You have been assigned to develop this new plan.

The risk and security management plan will consist of a number of different sections. You have been asked to draft the Business Continuity section.


Draft the Business Continuity section of the Risk Security plan. Assume that MDL has 5 terabytes (TB) of data that needs to be accessible immediately following any disaster or security incident. Account for the following items as key parts of your plan:

  1. Describe how to recover a business operation while efforts are ongoing to restart previous operations.
  2. Discuss potential vendor partnerships that need to be in place to ensure a speedy recovery and business continuity.
  3. Describe a testing plan to correct any issues with the continuity plan.

Helpful Resources

  • ISO/IEC 22399:2007 Guidelines for incident preparedness and operational continuity management.
  • ISO/IEC 24762:2008 Guidelines for information and communications technology disaster recovery services.

Discuss and cite at least three credible or scholarly sources other than the assigned readings to support your analysis and positions. You may also cite assigned readings as applicable. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find scholarly sources. Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length with document and citation formatting per the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).

Requirements: 8 pages


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Gathering Information Report Computer Science Assignment Help

There are numerous freely available
tools that allow hackers to gather a considerable amount of information
about organizations via their websites. In this assignment, you will use
some of these tools.


Select a Middle Eastern organization
with a website. Utilize the WHOIS command in the DOS terminal and record
the data found. Things to consider would be:


  • The physical location, email addresses of contacts shown, applicable phone numbers, and all name servers.
  • NSLookup command for IP addresses and MX records
  • Trace route information
  • DNS zone transfer information records
  • Ping sweeps, UDP scans, operating system identification, etc.


All of this can be performed on a DOS
window or terminal. After performing the above footprinting methods,
write a short paper discussing how these techniques would be used by a
hacker to gain information access to the network.


Your paper is required to be 2-3
pages in length, not including the title and reference pages, and should
cite at least one scholarly resource other than the course materials.
It should follow Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards
and APA style guidelines, as appropriate.


It is strongly encouraged that you submit all assignments to the
Turnitin Originality Check prior to submitting it to your instructor for
grading. If you are unsure how to submit an assignment to the
Originality Check tool, please review the Turnitin Originality Check
Student Guide in your Student User Manual for step-by-step instructions.


CS 666 King Fahd Petroleum and Minerals Methods and Policies Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

Explain how you would design policies and procedures that lower the
risk of user identify theft to an acceptable level. Explain how this
process would ensure that information security is addressed throughout
the life-cycle of applications and systems.




  • Your responses should be two-to-three pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.
  • Be sure to provide citations from your readings and additional research to support your statements.
  • Your paper must follow Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, as appropriate.
  • You are strongly encouraged to submit all assignments to the
    Turnitin Originality Check prior to submitting them to your instructor
    for grading. If you are unsure how to submit an assignment to the
    Originality Check tool, review the Turnitin Originality Check Student


Requirements: 8 pages