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editing Humanities Assignment Help. editing Humanities Assignment Help.

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this the comment from my instructor. plz review it and edit t.

1-You have the idea right, but you use the wrong statement of the problem. You should have conceptualized your statement of the problem, in the concepts related to immigration in the US economy.

2-The gentrification and displacement I included in the example was not to be used by you as you constructed your conceptualization. You should have conceptualized you’re concepts related to immigration and the US economy.

here is the instructions used in this assignment:

Research Hypothesis and Operationalization

Statement of the problem:

I am concerned with the displacement associated with gentrification

Key Concepts



Conceptualization (of all key concepts)

Gentrification – the settlement of more affluent new arrivals to less developed neighborhoods

Displacementoutflow of long-standing residents from newly development neighborhoods or communities

refined statement of independent and dependent variables and how they are associated


Gentrification leads to displacement

Ex. Operationalization (one per concept)

(Gent) opening of a Whole Foods Market

(Disp) closing of small mom and pop businesses

editing Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Management Information Systems_4 Articles Summary Business Finance Assignment Help

Read at least four (4) academically reviewed articles on Management Information Systems and complete the following activities:

(Wikipedia articles will not be accepted. Professor will check originality of all posts).

1. Summarize all four (4) articles in 400 words or more. Please use your own words. No copy-and-paste

2. Discuss at least 4 different concepts presented in the articles. As an IT professional, how would you apply the four (4) concepts you identified.

Please use APA throughout.

Minimum of 4 Peer Reviewed References

In-text citations mandatory



Topic Queer studies in description: paper on Foucault’s notion that forms experience. Must have Platos symposium Writing Assignment Help

MLA format 3 pages/ 1.5 pages for each of the two questions.Slides attached plato vs foucault to help


1) We are drawing on Foucault’s notion that forms of experience change over time, and that these changes have real effects on both explicit and implicit power structures that inform culture. Often we are not aware of the specific forms of experience that we assimilate and then use to make sense of events or choices that occur in our lives. Reading texts critically, as we are doing in this course, gives us the opportunity to identify specific forms, to see how they are combined with other forms or reshaped, and to assess how these forms shape our understanding of how the texts before us are transmitting assumptions about what it means to be human, to be a person, to have a gender, to experience desire (in several ways), and to be linked to a community or world.

2) Nowhere thus far has the word “queer” appeared. Yet all of the observations made in point #1 above are crucial elements in the pre-modern frameworks of queer experience that we are inspecting in this course. Two of the most basic discursive forms at our disposal are allegoryand covenant.

These two forms lay out traces of what today would be called “queer” identities, practices, and social relations. Allegory conveys intuitions of an “elsewhere” or an “other” that is brought into circulation through figurative speech, and it also testifies to the intuition of secret or unsaid spaces that may or may not be captured and regulated by public forms of discourse. Covenant reminds us that the notion of “identity” includes culturally shifting forms of relation – that is, a condition of relatedness to an ideal, a norm, or a law, within a network of social others as well as religious or political sovereigns.

Both of these tools, allegory and covenant, are related to a third operation: this is the dynamic of disclosure and secrecy. Allegory both refers to and produces a space for secret knowledge. Covenant also relies on the force of the secret because of the tendency of covenantal bonds to create conditions for forced choice: an unbearable or traumatic conflict between competing ideals or values. Think of the story of Abraham and Isaac or the episode of Lot’s daughters after the destruction of Sodom. Forced choices are related to secrecy because the ways in which they are resolved typically entail an element or detail that cannot be factored in advance. In other words, secrecy is not simply a personal matter; it is also a function of the “play,” the rhythms and tensions, of cultural life. The notion of hospitality captures this feature, because hospitality necessarily means that the gesture of welcome, if it is truly hospitable, must be open to the unknown or the unforeseen, even the transgressive. Hospitality, in this sense, typically raises the question of how much exposure to an “outside” a given culture – a communal body of norms and shared values – can bear (recall the stories in Genesis 19, Genesis 22, and Judges 19).

Topics: answer both questions response should be 1.5 pages for each question. so a total of 3 pages

#1 Choose any one of the various speakers’ accounts of the nature and origin of love in Plato’s Symposium, and explain what you think are its most attractive features and its most problematic features.

#2 Imagine that you have discovered in an archive a lost fragment from Plato’s Symposium that contains a brief passage suggesting the voice of a final speaker at the banquet – someone who enters after Alcibiades to present one further account of the nature, scope, or creation of eros. The first part of this assignment is to invent this text – it should be a paragraph’s worth, and should appear to be a fragment of a longer discussion. The remaining part of your essay will be a commentary on the “lost fragment,” explaining how it emphasizes or alters certain aspects of one or more speeches that are in the actual text of the Symposium. The key here is to explain how the materials you present in the “lost fragment” may change one’s understanding of what the Symposium is demonstrating.


Reflective journal week 1 to 10 Other Assignment Help

Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal

Students are required to maintain weekly reflective narratives throughout the course to combine into a final, course-long reflective journal that integrates leadership and inquiry into current practice as it applies to the Professional Capstone and Practicum course. This course-long journal assignment will be due in Topic 10.

In each week’s entry, you should reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained throughout the Professional Capstone and Practicum course. Your entry should address a variable combination of the following, dependent on the specific practice immersion clinical experiences you encountered that week:

  1. New practice approaches
  2. Intraprofessional collaboration
  3. Health care delivery and clinical systems
  4. Ethical considerations in health care
  5. Population health concerns
  6. The role of technology in improving health care outcomes
  7. Health policy
  8. Leadership and economic models
  9. Health disparities

In the Topic 10 submission, each of the areas should be addressed in one or more of the weekly entries.

This reflection journal also allows students to outline what they have discovered about their professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses that surfaced, additional resources and abilities that could be introduced to a given situation to influence optimal outcomes, and finally, how they met competencies and course objectives.

Scholarly Activities

Throughout the RN-to-BSN program, students are required to participate in scholarly activities outside of clinical practice or professional practice. Examples of scholarly activities include attending conferences, seminars, journal club, grand rounds, morbidity and mortality meetings, interdisciplinary committees, quality improvement committees, and any other opportunities available at your site, within your community, or nationally.

You are required to post one scholarly activity while you are in the BSN program, which should be documented by the end of this course. In addition to this submission, you are required to be involved and contribute to interdisciplinary initiatives on a regular basis.

In Topic 10, you will submit a summary report of your scholarly activity. You may use the “Scholarly Activity Summary” resource to help guide this assignment.




World War II final exam (Short answer questions) Writing Assignment Help

Follow the instructions listed below.


Discuss three major war theaters in 1943: the Pacific, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean. Discuss who was involved in fighting there, what military challenges were present, what key battles were fought, who gained more advantage overall, how each theater affected the course of war overall, as well as similarities and differences between each theater.

YOUR ANSWER: 750 total words minimum


Discuss the meaning and historical significance of the following terms:

Manchuria, the Yalta Conference, the Warsaw uprising, the Ardennes Forest, the Potsdam Declaration

YOUR ANSWERS: Each term must be at least 250 words.

LIST SOURCES CONSULTED: must have 3 quality scholarly sources



There are 6 cases I need help asap please Writing Assignment Help

The questions below are based on mini-cases of real-world business information systems. The first two bullets are links to a single mini-case each. The third bullet links to multiple mini-cases, from which you are to select two mini-cases, per the instructions below. The fourth and fifth bullets are publications you will search for, per the instructions below. These last two publications also each contain a single mini-case.

Address the 3 questions below, in the context of each of 6 mini-cases altogether


  1. Each information system above doesn’t neatly fall into a single IS category such as TPS, MIS, DSS, ESS, ERP, SCM, CRM, KMS, collaboration environments, GIS, GDSS, etc. Rather, most seem to possess functionalities from more than one category. Identify and discuss the multiplicity of these categories for each mini-case.
    (As a hypothetical example, one particular mini-case may describe a system that primarily appears to be a DSS for mid-to-upper-level managers working in finance and accounting, with other functionalities that resemble an MIS designed for lower-to-mid-level managers in sales and marketing. Your answer will need more elaboration and discussion, of course.)
  2. Each system assists its respective users with decision-making in their work environments. In what stage(s) of their decision-making (Figure 12-2 in the textbook) does it provide them with assistance — intelligence stage, design stage, choice stage, and/or implementation stage? Discuss and justify your answer.
    (Address how each completed, implemented system is proving useful, not the process by which it was conceived and acquired/built.)
  3. Each system above is probably interconnected/linked to other information systems in its organization. Although the mini-cases themselves do not address this aspect, from your understanding of organizations, business processes, and systems, describe some possible/likely examples of such interconnections for each system. Explain your reasoning, while explicitly stating any assumptions.

There are 6 cases I need help asap please Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

journal paper Writing Assignment Help

read a professional (peer-reviewed) paper related to your major. After reading the paper, write a short (1-2 page) summary and comment–briefly summarize the paper, then follow that with your observations, comments, critique, etc. At the top of your page, write your name, (the journal submission number 11 journals one page each one). Next, write the FULL bibliographic information of the article (author, year, title, journal, volume, pages). If accessed on the web, you must have the date accessed and the FULL URL in addition to any bibliographic information.

-you should read 11 articles and briefly summarize the paper ,writer one page summary and comment for each 11 articles

Major: Environmental science

notes: must be professional journals ,Other web articles (e.g., Wikipedia articles) are generally NOT acceptable for this assignment


Read what is written below and answer it, cite and you will find info chapter 21 and 22 Writing Assignment Help

f the People: A History of the United States since 1865. By Michael McGerr, Jan Ellen Lewis. Volume 2: 4th edition.


All of the information you get to answer these question have to be from the book

MAke sure you use quotes, you do in text citation and works cited page Chapter 21-22

We will be taking a journalistic approach for Online Discussion 4. For Chapters 21/22, assume the role of a journalist, or someone else writing a letter of the time covering national (and global) events throughout the United States. From your perspective, you will be witness to a major event, theme, or historical figure(s), or multiple. Since the chapters are titled The Modern Nation/The Great Depression, how do you as a journalist interpret the major changes that have been taking place. You are expected to discuss cultural/social/economic shifts happening throughout the country. You will be graded on the amount of details and the quality of the writing that corresponds to answering the questions. Please be sure to incorporate at least 5 key terms from the chapter in your online discussion/Journal entry. Questions to keep in mind as you write from a journalistic, perspective: Who are you and what paper would you write for? Why are you writing this piece? Male or female? This Online Discussions allows you to get creative, while at the same time answering the questions below, including your own insight, and engaging with the chapter and powerpoint. Continue to cite throughout your reporting as you have done previously.


Using the title of one of the two chapters this week, “The Modern Nation,” what do you think this entails?What are some of the main contributing factors that are central to building a modern nation? Also, your response should include a wide array of elements that will not only help you answer the question, but also think about key terms included in the chapter and how this connects to the following chapter. How did the country shift from a modern phenomenon, to a great depression? This should be a fun activity where you are putting yourself in the position of an observer, sharing your insights publicly, and a wider and more diverse audience.


Please answer each question throguhouly Other Assignment Help

Please provided websites you used for each question make sure each answer is 300 words

1. You are asked to provide a backup strategy for the company’s electronic document management system which is located on a file server in the company’s data center managed by the internal Department of Information Technology. Write an introduction to this strategy emphasizing the importance of backups

2. Emails are now important corporate records. Write a policy statement for your IT department to implement legally-sufficient email archiving?

3.What is e-discovery? As the record manager what role might you have in a law suit against the company by a customer claiming negligence on handling of their credit card information?

4.Authenticity is an important component of electronic document systems. What steps would you take to ensure that documents in your system would be considered to be authentic in a court of law?


Termination Plan Humanities Assignment Help

Review Ch. 11 on Termination from Essential Skills in Family Therapy.

This chapter (Ch.11) can be found in your ebook from MFTO 601, Essential Skills in Family Therapy, Second Edition by JoEllen Patterson. To access your ebook go to https://shelf.brytewave.com/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Identify issues with your client population as you prepare to complete your Internship.

Write a 1-2 page reflection in which you explain how you will address termination with your clients. ( I AM FINE WITH 1 PAGE BUT IT YOU WANT TO DO TWO THATS FINE)

Paper should be in APA format.

Click the Submit Assignment link in the upper-right corner to upload your assignment.

My client population was mostly Caucasian women.

I have a few black women.

I only had one child

and one male the males did not stay long.

I have been letting them know my internship is almost up and that I will give them options of a great provider within the office but most have been discharging out due to meeting their goals.


editing Humanities Assignment Help

editing Humanities Assignment Help

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