Electoral College Writing Assignment Help

Electoral College Writing Assignment Help. Electoral College Writing Assignment Help.

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  1. Complete the questions at the end of each essay from the workbook chapter (there are four essays).
  2. Assignment: There are arguments both for and against the Electoral College.

Which side are you on? Should we keep it or pitch it?

Your answer should include TWO reasons to support your position. Your answer should also include ONE argument on the other side and a brief explanation of why it is wrong or simply unimportant. [If you support keeping the Electoral College, “we’ve always done it this way” is not a compelling reason to keep it.] Your writing should be thorough but concise; you should limit your surface errors as much as possible. Your report should be approximately 250 – 350 words in length.

find attachment for grading guide.

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Economic Systems Writing Assignment Help

Economic Systems

Review the material on economic systems in Chapter Ten. Look at Figure 10.2 and answer the following:

1) What are the differences between capitalism and socialism?
2) What are the differences between rational economics and behavioral economics?
3) Explain the US shift from the 1950s-90s rational economics to the 2010 behavioral economics?

For additional information on this question, see the article, The End of Rational Economics, from Harvard Business Review (https://hbr.org/2009/07/the-end-of-rational-economics).

This question needs to be answered with at least 250 words with references and intext citations. I have included the book, and you can include at least 1 outside sources. Please make sure you include the book Ferrell, O. C., Fraedrich, J., & Ferrell, L. (2013). Business ethics: Ethical decision making and cases [9th edition]. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning. I am here if you have questions. This question will probably benefit from outside sources. Thank you in advance.


Please help…. Health Medical Assignment Help

If anyone could help with this assignment. This was posted 6 days ago, but was not done correctly. This is due tomorrow. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it please…

Giving compliments
You have read about good and poor mental health in this chapter. You also have a good idea what attributes to good and poor mental health. Think back about what you read regarding demoralization. Remember what can lead up to this? Think back about what you read regarding self-esteem. Remember what can lead up to this? In both areas how people treat each other can have lasting impressions. What about the last time someone directed a nasty comment at you? How did that make you feel? What about a compliment? How did that make you feel?

Here is your job beginning seven days prior to the due date, give three compliments a day. One to your significant other (or best friend), one to someone else that you know (this does not have to be the same person each day) and the third one to a complete stranger. Do this everyday. Note: These compliments must be genuine.

After doing this for the entire week (seven days) report on the following: Was this an easy or difficult task for you? Why? Did it effect your relationship with your significant other (best friend)? How? Be specific. What was it like to compliment a stranger? How did the stranger receive the compliment? What happened with “someone else that you know?” Your assignment should be a well thought-out two page paper.

Seven days

Submit your paper (two full pages .doc/.docx or .rtf attachment) with title page to the assignment area (not to the Bb email). Note: This is another assignment in which all students will be sharing their experiences (yet still writing an original paper). Therefore, remember to share your experience in the discussion area. Review the paper rubric.

See the calendar for due date/time. Due Sunday April 22.


His 102 papers Writing Assignment Help

Paper Guidelines

Use MLA OR the Chicago Manual of Style format for citations. Just be consistent with your formatting.

Papers must be a minimum of 4 FULL pages and no more than 6 pages. The cover page does not count when numbering

your pages. You will be penalized if you write less or significantly more than the stated terms.

You must have a thesis statement in your opening and concluding paragraphs.

Use 12 point font in Times New Roman.

Double space between lines.

All margins should be set at 1 inch.

Do not use sub-headings within your paper.

Below is the list of primary sources you will use for the paper. You may access them by clicking directly on the links below.

“The Life of the Industrial Worker in Nineteenth-Century England”


“Women Miners in the English Coal Pits”


Harriet Robinsonm “Lowell Mill Girls”


Jacob Riis, “Chapter XX: The Working Girls of New York” in How the Other Half Lives


Click on “read this book online” and then go to Chapter XX

Edwin Chadwick, “Report on Sanitary Conditions”


“Texts on the Physical Effects of Factory Work”


Using all of the 6primary sources listed above, answer the following questions: What was life like in the 19thcentury for the working class? How were workers treated in the factories, mills, and coal pits? Were women and children treated any differently than the men? How did some authors describe the work/reality of these women’s experiences in comparison to the women’s attitudes? What were the sanitary conditions like for the workers? How did these working conditions affect their health? Overall, why do you think workers were treated in this manner? Conclude with your thoughts on what life was like for workers and reflect on changes/similarities to the lives of the working-class today.


School Social Work Field of Practice Paper Humanities Assignment Help

This is a field of practice paper. The field of practice will be school social work. I will upload a file/picture of the quetions that must be stated and answer IN ORDER in the paper in paragraph format. Please number the sections just like the quetions. IGNORE SECTION 3 (I will do that part personally since its an interview). IT MUST BE 8 PAGES (paragraphs) and then 2 more things : 1) A COVER PAGE, AND 2) AN ABSTRACT PAGE, so in total it’s 10 pages. The file is a grading rubric. APA FORMAT ONLY. SIMPLE VOCABULARY. For the agencies/local agencies and statewide organizations (use lgbt centers/ drop-in centers and or foster homes in nyc). CITATIONS/SOURCES MUST BE RELIABLE. NO PLAGIARISM BECAUSE IT WILL BE POSTED IN SAFEASSIGN SYSTEM.



Mental Disorders and Treatment Humanities Assignment Help

Mental Disorders and Treatment

There are two choices for this question. Choose one question for your main post. Be sure to label which choice you selected in your main post. Please address all parts of the question in your main post. Besides your main post, you need to submit two or more replies to the main posts of classmates. You should post at least one reply to a classmate who answered the alternative question.

Choice 1

Consider the course reading about mental disorders, then pick a specific mental disorder and read one or two recent (within the last 6 years) articles about this condition:

What interested you to read up on this disorder?

Describe at least 3 key facts you learned about the disorder, such as misconceptions, suspected causes and risk factors.

What most surprised you when reading about this condition? Was there anything you already knew to be factual about this disorder?

How did learning about this mental disorder change your attitudes/reactions about people affected by this disorder?

Choice 2

Consider the different forms of psychotherapy discussed in the course reading materials:.

Imagine you were selecting one of these psychotherapy methods to help another person.

Which one would “feel” most preferable to you? Explain why this method seems more suitable than others?

What is the evidence this method is effective and for what disorders is it most suitable?

Finally, what would help you consider the benefits and risks for using psychiatric medications – either alone or along with psychotherapy?

Mental Disorders and Treatment Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Accounting Reports Writing Assignment Help

100 points

4 pages maximum, double-spaced (for the actual report)

Additional materials, like title and transmittal pages, contents, etc. will require more pages

Your client, Julio Teheran, has just inherited some money and has decided to invest it in stock. He is not interested in mutual funds because he prefers to have personal control over his investments. He currently has a diversified portfolio of stock to which this new investment will be added. Mr. Teheran wants to invest about $25,000, but plans to maintain a conservative investing strategy, so as to keep risk as low as possible.

Mr. Teheran has asked you to evaluate the most recent reports of several corporations as possible investment options. Choose three corporations whose stock is listed on the NYSE or the NASDAQ and whose annual reports you can study. Compare information found among the three, and prepare a report for Mr. Teheran that provides three favorable options, but outlines the differences with each. Keep in mind that Mr. Teheran will only invest in one firm, but you are providing him three options.

As you write, remember to practice the steps of the Writing Process that we have discussed. Make sure you know what you are being asked to do, and set out to research a clear answer to Mr. Teheran’s question. Remember, while there are many options, Mr. Teheran has asked you to do the winnowing down for him. You will want to draft a complete and thorough comparison, and condense down to what is most pertinent. This means drafting and revising. Remember your audience, and write to his needs. Finally, make sure you have correct references and citations so that your client could do follow up research, or find more information on his own after reading your report.

A successful report will:

  • Begin with a transmittal document that adheres to principles of letter writing.
  • Contains a properly formatted title page, table of contents, and summary.
  • Back up its clearly stated claims (e.g. topic sentences) with evidence and examples.
  • Cite sources within and at the end of the text, quoting and referencing correctly.
  • Remain clear and concise. A report contains the most important points, not everything you learned in your research!
  • Take audience into account and address concerns fully, (in this case by suggesting a course of action) in an appropriate tone.

ps. Use Page 212-219 in textbook as example, the body of the actual report could be around 3 pages, but I pay you extra money for other required parts of the report , like Transmittal document ( a letter format), executive summary and so on.


To Build or Buy Writing Assignment Help

Assignment 1: To Build or Buy
Due Week 4 and worth 240 points

Select a small business that you visit often (e.g., coffee shop, bookstore, sporting goods store, etc.). Write a 6-8 page paper in which you:

  1. Craft a brief (1-2 pages) strategy for a business concept that would directly compete with the small business you selected. Explain the rationale for the strategy in detail.
  2. Determine if it would make more sense to open the new business you describe or to purchase the existing business you selected. Explain your reasoning.
  3. Discuss the most appropriate form of ownership for your new business (assuming your current financial situation).
  4. Outline a business plan for your business. Visit http://www.sba.gov for tools and templates.
  5. Include at least two (2) references outside the textbook.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


short paper: describe the language situation Writing Assignment Help

Based on what you’ve learned in assigned readings and class lectures, describe the language situation in HongKong. For Hong Kong, you should consult Lau(reading material that I upload)

Your paper should summarize which languages and dialects are spoken; by whom; and in what contexts. You should also indicate the relative prestige associated with the various languages, dialects, and accents. If you are discussing Hong Kong, you will have to say something about changes in the language situation over time.

  • Length: 1-2 pages
  • Format: Double-spaced or 1.5-spaced (not single-spaced); 12 point Times New Roman or similar font

make clear which works you are referencing in your essay (for example “According to Lau …”), and provide page numbers as appropriate (e.g. “(Laui p. 32)”). If you use any other sources of information beyond the assigned readings, you should provide full citations for them.


Term Research Paper – This is the DROP BOX for the term paper Writing Assignment Help


For the Research Paper you are to use at least five references and write a 5-7 page formal paper (APA Style) on the topic of your choice related to substance abuse, treatment and/or recovery. This paper is to be written double-spaced with one inch margins. The paper should be written using Microsoft Word or in a rich text .rtf format. The references should be cited using A.P.A. style. For more information about A.P.A. style visit this web page: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

Sample Topics For Research Paper:

These are some suggested topics for your research paper, but you can develop your own topic if you want, but it must be related to substance abuse. If you are unsure if your chosen topic is suitable, ask your instructor.

* Substance Abuse and the Elderly
* Adolescents and Substance Abuse
* Women and Substance Abuse
* Disabled and Substance Abuse
* Minorities and Substance Abuse
* Special Populations and Substance Abuse
* Symptoms, concerns and treatment specific to a particular drug (like cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, club drugs, etc.)
* 12-Step Recovery.
* Alternatives to 12-Step Recovery (like “Secular Sobriety”, “Rational Recovery”, “Moderation Model”, etc.).
* A specific treatment approach (like “Minnesota Model” or Therapeutic Communities).
* Counseling Theory and Substance Abuse (like “Choice Theory” or “Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy” and how it is used in work with people who have substance abuse problems.
* Relapse Prevention
* Adult Children of Alcoholics
* Substance Abuse and How It Affects the Family
* Codependency, Alanon/Naranon Issues
* The “War on Drugs”


Electoral College Writing Assignment Help

Electoral College Writing Assignment Help

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