Emerging Threats & Countermeasure Writing Assignment Help

Emerging Threats & Countermeasure Writing Assignment Help. Emerging Threats & Countermeasure Writing Assignment Help.

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Question 01

Scenario: An intern employee names James has found a USB on the ground coming into work, he wants to find the owner. He plugs the USB drive into his workstation computer and the drive appears to be empty. He sees that the command prompt flashes open and closes. Unknowingly he just executed a worm or botnet into the network. He informs you (the CIO) that he believes that he has unleashed a worm.

Task: How would you track, and remove the worm the network?

Areas to consider:

What ports or port types will have unusual activity.

Question 02

Is simply hiding vulnerabilities and other system architecture information a solid method of defense? What methods would you suggest?

Each Question 500 Words

APA format



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Blending Mode Composite Humanities Assignment Help

you will be combining 2 images using blending modes. Have a look at the “end” image to see what your final goal is. You will need to move the pieces around in the image and use adjustment layers as well to get the images to combine. You want your final image to look art much like the “end” image as possible.

  • Create a composite from the first 2 images. Combine them using a blending mode. Do not use masks.
  • Use adjustment layer/s with a clipping mask to alter what appears and disappears on the smoke layer.
  • Blending modes for compositing
  • Use the “end” image as a guide. Make yours match as closely as you can.
  • Name all your layers descriptively.
  • When you are done, save as a psd.


Florida Atlantic University The Office Series Essay Humanities Assignment Help

For this essay, you will apply Erving Goffman’s Presentation of the Self to the sitcom The Office.

You will need to watch Season 1, Episode 1 “The Pilot” of the Office prior to writing this essay. You can purchase it on Amazon, itunes, YouTube or watch it on Netflix (if you have a Netflix subscription).

Part One: Applying the Concepts to The Office

As you watch the video, jot notes to address the following questions. Try to identify as many specific examples as you can.

Apply the concepts from the readings on Goffman to The Office (Season 1: Episode 1 Pilot). Provide a definition of each concept that is italicized below and use detailed examples from the show to demonstrate you understand the course material. Consider and address the following questions in your response:

  1. How does Michael Scott engage in impression management with his employees and the audience? How does Michael use frontstage behavior?
  2. What seems to be the working consensus in the Office between employees?
  3. How are Public Restrooms and backstage behavior similar to the “private” recordings in The Office (i.e. when they are talking to us, the audience)?
  4. How does Michael perform defensive practices and face-work?
  5. What practices do other people engage in to preserve Michael’s desired impression of himself (i.e. protective practices)? What sign vehicles do they use? What do you think his employees really think of him? Base your response on your observations of the signs “given” by employee and the signs “given off” by employees.

Part Two: Applying the Concepts to Your Life

Answer the following questions based on your observations of your life and the people around you. Demonstrate that you understand what Goffman’s concepts mean by explaining each of the reading concepts within your answers. Strive for the same level of specificity in your descriptions as we practiced in class while watching the Office.

Describe two distinct “parts” that you enact regularly. When do you enact them and who makes up your audiences? How do aspects of your “front” (such as setting, manner, and appearance) change with your performances within these routines?

*You must use the exact terms listed in your response paper. If you allude to the concept but do not use the term, you do not get any points. If you use the term but do not accurately define it (based on the definitions given in the readings and the PowerPoints), points will be deducted.

Formatting Guidelines: The response papers should be between 3 and 6 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font with one-inch margins. Responses should be written in essay form with complete sentences and paragraphs. Points will be deducted if papers do not follow these guidelines.

Video Links:


Receiving feedback Health Medical Assignment Help

module 02 Written Assignment – Receiving Feedback

How good are you at receiving feedback about yourself? Do you enjoy it or do you find it difficult? Well, for this assignment, you are going to ask two (2) people in your life to complete the feedback form below, discuss their feedback with you, and afterwards, send the completed form back to you. Their feedback will provide the basis for your paper.

Do the following, to complete this assignment:

  1. Provide the Feedback Form to at least two (2) different people in your life. Consider family members, co-workers, partners, or friends.
    • It would be prudent to send it to more than two (2) people, just in case some are too busy or fail to respond in a timely manner.
  2. Once a form has been completed, BUT before you have seen/read it:
    • Think about the questions you will need to address below.
    • Meet with the respondent via phone, video chat, or in person.
    • Have the respondent read their answers to you.
  3. Write a 2-page paper, using proper spelling and grammar, based on the questions below:
    1. Who critiqued you and what is your relationship to them?
    2. What did you perceive during your feedback session with them?
    3. What answers surprised you?
    4. What answers didn’t surprise you?
    5. Did this have any influence, positive or constructive, on your perception of yourself?


Write a news report, story, brand post, blog and web copy in about 1100 words. Writing Assignment Help

  1. writing a news story report (about 150 words) based on three random words. 3 WORDS ARE DESIGN, FRESH AND SPIRIT.
  2. Writing a story about a homeless person (2 paragraphs) then talking about how Crossroads Community help homeless people. Total about 250 words.
  3. Use https://admocks.adparlor.com/ to create a Facebook promotional post for a brand (10 to 50 words). THE BRAND NAME IS NOKIA
  4. You need to write a blog on any subject you are interested in – about 300-500 words.
  5. You will need to write some web copy for the same brand as for part 1C, the social media post. Basically just expand the promotion that you did for 1C.

The maximum word for all the stuff would be 1300 words max.

5 word documents needed for each question.



draft of your Introduction topic issue and annotated bibliography Humanities Assignment Help

for this assignment you will draft your annotated bibliography ,and include the topic introduction . Please follow the format/description/instruction provided . Also, review the samples provided.


1. Write Annotated Bibliography and include the topic introduction

Please include the topic introduction in the annotated bibliography follow the format provided for the topic introduction and annotated bibliography .

Topic 1: Research Introduction

The research topic is about families with cerebral palsy children. The reason for choosing this topic is that Cerebral palsy is one of the issues affecting families. Children with this condition need care from the entire family, thereby making it an integral topic for research. Cerebral Palsy impairs coordination, thus leading to problems in muscle development, hearing, speaking, swallowing, and sensation, among others. The condition is noticeable in children below the age of eight years. The topic is worth researching because it strains the family financially. Also, these families commonly suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Critical strains in family relationships occur, and sometimes the families get separated because of the resulting difficulties (Kyschenko & Lazareva, 2018). These children below the age of 8 need family support, and this increases the chances of fatigue in the family.

This topic is relevant to children birth through age eight because children are more commonly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD than adults are. When the children receive a diagnosis for cerebral palsy, the first eight years become the toughest for the parents. The case becomes more integral for children with severe cases of palsy. When the children fail to attain the milestones between the ages of 0 – 8, the excitement in the parents’ disappears. They forego the joy of anticipating the first steps of their child. They also forego the milestone of hearing the first words of their children (Ergün & Ertem, 2012). The specific research question is, “Does this topic need through research to establish remedies for parents ?Indeed, this topic needs thorough research to establish remedies for parents. Better ways of helping the parents adopt a positive outlook for the future of their children’s needs becomes necessary. Further, the other siblings learn to cope with the differences in the family. These differences include increased therapy lessons and hospital visitations (Berns, 2016). Grandparents also feel the impact of the cerebral palsy condition. Their anticipation of babysitting becomes ruined and sometimes replaced with external care. Therefore, so the goal of this research project was to figure out which method is best n this field serves to benefit the entire family.


Berns, R. M. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization, and Support. United States: Thomson/Wadsworth publishing.

Ergün, S., & Ertem, G. (2012). Difficulties of mothers living with mentally disabled children. Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, 62(8), 776–.

Kyschenko, О., & Lazareva, О. (2018). Dynamics Of Life Quality Of Children With Cerebral Palcy By Influence Of Occupational Therapy And Physical Therapy. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1250529

Assignment for the annotated Bibliography please include the following :

Helpful Information:

– You will be using mostly Descriptive Annotations and some Evaluative descriptive APA format

– When writing your descriptive annotations describe the content of a source: in detail, in a complete sentence, without evaluating it.

– Consider and include the following for each source/reference when writing your annotated bibliography. Please follow this:

  • What is it? Book, chapter, scholarly article, web page
  • Who is/are the author(s)? Journalists, researchers
  • Who is the intended audience? Scholars, the general public
  • What is the source about? Topics covered
  • What is the purpose? Introduction, commentary, research report
  • What are the effects? How are this effect and impact the child, the family, and Community positively and negatively?
  • What is the interrelationship between child, family, and community?

See examples of how to:

Example of Annotated Bibliography (I also included the introduction):

The research topic is ADD/ADHD. The reason for choosing this topic is that many people, both children, and adults, are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and it is important to know how to treat it. This topic is relevant to children birth through age eight because children are more commonly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD than adults are. The specific research question is, “What is the best treatment for ADD/ADHD?” There are two main categories of treatment: natural/nutritional methods or medicinal methods. Some people/doctors promote one method over the other, so the goal of this research project was to figure out which method is best.

Reading, R. (2013). Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation for the treatment of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptomatology: systematic review and meta-analysis. Child: Care, Health & Development, 39(1), 150-151. doi:10.1111/cch.12022_2

This is a peer-reviewed article written by Richard Reading. The audience includes parents with children who have ADHD and pediatricians who treat such children. Reading talks about how omega-3 fatty acids affect the body and the specific, positive effect that omega-3 fatty acids have on children with ADHD. Reading also states that omega-3 fatty acids have benign side effects, in comparison to the many negative side effects that other medications can have. The purpose of this article is to encourage the use of omega-3 acids as a supplement to other medications used to treat ADHD. The information in this article could positively affect the child and family by helping parents to become more knowledgeable about how to safely and naturally treat their child’s ADHD. The positive effect for the child would be fewer visible symptoms of ADHD and, therefore, increased focus. The community could be positively influenced by this article because omega-3 fatty acids have health benefits for people without ADHD as well.

draft of your Introduction topic issue and annotated bibliography Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Using new technologies to monitor and locate post-conviction offenders write a comprehensive essay which includes the following elements:​ Writing Assignment Help

For this unit’s Complete assignment, write a comprehensive scholarly essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you analyze, explain, and apply these concepts in the context of this week’s content. You must incorporate and cite, using correct (7th edition required) APA citation format, at least 4 different scholarly research sources. Be sure your essay demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections from this unit. In-line citations must be used in the body of your essay, and all research sources must be fully cited at the conclusion of your essay. Correct APA citation formats must be used.

Using new technologies to monitor and locate post-conviction offenders and completing the Read section write a comprehensive essay which includes the following elements:

  • Identify and discuss three of the initially proposed queries in this week’s lecture. Are they of value for the technological advancements in terms of the monitoring of offenders, and the reduction of recidivism? Why or why not?
  • Define the term Activity Space. Describe your activity space as an example. How might this concept inform monitoring and locating post-conviction offenders?
  • Define the term Awareness Space. Describe your local town, or city neighborhood, as you see it, in terms of the awareness space construct. How might this concept inform monitoring and locating post-conviction offenders?
  • Discuss why those engaged in higher education in criminal justice should be aware of, and well-versed in, the apparent “blind spots” in past and present research and policy initiatives?


Please read and follow carefully all the instructions and remember complete each part of the guidelines Humanities Assignment Help

The paper is almost done, I need you reflect the knowledge you learn in the pictures and fix the paper according to the guidelines. I attached a chapter, the paper and some pictures.

First assignment

Listen to three performances of “The Star Spangled Banner” from the Module 2 playlist found here, emphasizing different elements of music in each recording. Record your impressions of these performances on the discussion board, and describe the performance venue that would be appropriate for each.

Second assignment

Apply your knowledge of musical elements by choosing a piece of music that is not included on the Module 2 playlist that you think is a good example of one or two musical elements studied in this module. Post a link to your piece on the discussion board and describe to your classmates which element(s) it illustrates and why you think it is such a good example.

The first assignment can be about 500 words. The second assignment can be in MLA format about 800 words.

Elements of music include: melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, forms, dynamic, and texture.

Rubric Criteria

Exemplary 20 points 20 %

Adequate 18 points 18 %

Needs Improvement 16 points 16 %

Does Not Meet Criteria Adequately 14 points 14 %

No Student Submission 0 points 0 %

Criterion Score

Support of Module’s Reading, assigned video, or audio example

Provides concrete examples from the readings or assigned video or audio to support postings.
Integrates prior readings in postings

Integrates personal observations and knowledge in an accurate and highly insightful way.
Presents new observations.

Posts are organized and information is presented in a logical sequence

Includes 2 or more outside examples to support and enrich the discussion with excellent integration with the topic

I would recommend you see the videos from the pictures I attached, I will attached the rest of the picture when the question is assigned.


Final Paper Humanities Assignment Help

I need help writing a paper. Details below:

Observation of Social Behavior

Conduct an observation of human social behavior in a public place (i.e., supermarket, church, nightclub) but not in a private area (i.e., bathroom, bedroom). Specific references should be made in the observation to principles discussed in class. These may include: altruism, attraction, conformity, gender, group influence, persuasion and/or prejudice.

Project Components

  1. Title page: On your title page, in addition to your name, e-mail address, course title and number, and title of your observation, name the site of the observation.
  2. Goals: In this section, list two to three goals for your observation. You might want to view social behaviors between genders; examine social behaviors among ethnic/racial groups; or determine age related social behaviors in a group. Useful terms include investigate, discover, reveal. (one page max).
  3. Research question: For this observation , you must have a specific question or set of questions that you are trying to answer. You might explore, for example, whether participants in your setting have any characteristic behaviors which are observable. In this section, state the question you are trying to answer. Your question must be detailed and specific. For example, are there distinguishable behaviors that lead a man to ask a woman to dance in a bar setting? What are the specific behaviors of people who are paying attention in church? Do older people influence the behavior of younger people? Please state your research questions clearly at the beginning of your discussion.
  4. Populations: Are there specific typologies that can be formed based on the social behaviors observed? For example, “Cautious Carl” is the driver who has both hands on the wheel, drives no faster than the speed limit, and maintains a serious look on his face. “Smiling Samantha” is the woman who talks to all the people she passes in the supermarket aisle.
  5. Introduction (the setting): In this section, discuss the setting in which your observation will occur. Include sufficient detail so that it is clear how the setting might have affected behaviors discussed throughout the paper.
  6. Observational sessions: In this section, detail the behaviors which occurred during your observation. You should have between 1 to 3 sessions in your setting.
  7. Abstracts: Locate five abstracts from social psychological literature relating to your observation. Use the abstracts to explain how the research applies to your observation. You may embed the abstracts as part of your discussion or simply present each single-spaced abstract paragraph individually, then discuss its relevance to your observation. Note that the abstract itself on a separate page does not count toward the required page length. However, you may include the single-spaced abstract on the same page of your respective discussion. As with all abstracts, it should not exceed a paragraph in length.
  8. Results: In this section, state the results you observed related to your research question. Also, explain why you drew the conclusions you drew based on the behaviors. Include theories from social psychology that point to these results. Discuss the influence of your own experiences on your observation results.
  9. References: In this section, list the references you quoted in your paper, including books, articles, and websites that you used in your observations. Make sure to include your selected abstracts in your reference list.
  10. Page length: Paper should be 8-10 pages, double-spaced (with the exception of the single-spaced abstract), with 12-pt font. Format should in be in APA style, including citations and references.
  11. File type: Submit your assignment in either Word or pdf format. Any file that is not accessible will result in a zero grade.

Checklist of expectations

To successfully complete this project, be sure to address all of the following:

__ Use APA style for your entire paper, including title page, body, citations, and references.


African Americans and Miitary Humanities Assignment Help

Final Session and Final Exam Paper

The focus of this last session and your Final Exam paper for this course is the African American legacy in the U.S. military. Below is a list of historical footage that reflects the legacy of African Americans in the military. You may choose footage from this list to view and write about for your Final Exam paper or you may explore other options. However, you must focus exclusively on the African American legacy in the U.S. military for your Final Exam paper.

There will be no exceptions; your final exam paper “MUST focus on an African American or African Americans” in the military.

You may conduct research and write about a key African American figure in the military such as William H. Carney, Cathay Williams, General Colin Powell, the Black Minute Men and so many more. You may also go to the U.S. Army website entitled “African Americans in the U.S. Army; Profiles of Bravery” which chronicles the history of the African American legacy in the U.S. military (https://www.army.mil/africanamericans/index.html).

Your Final Exam paper must be written strictly from a Strengths Perspective. Specifically, you must highlight the successes and accomplishments of an African American or African Americans in the military or events related to African Americans in relationship to the military.

Your Final Exam paper should be two or three pages. It should not exceed three pages. APA format.


Emerging Threats & Countermeasure Writing Assignment Help

Emerging Threats & Countermeasure Writing Assignment Help

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