Eng 101 essay assignment

Eng 101 essay assignment. Eng 101 essay assignment.

Can you help me understand this English question?


–Follow 5-paragraph MLA essay format

–Cite the author’s work correctly within the text of the essay.

–Do a spell/grammar check BEFORE you upload your essay. I suggest the free version of Grammarly. It’s a great online writing tool that you can install as a plugin for your browser. It’s a step above the usual spell check

Choose one of the following questions and be sure to use THREE direct quotes from the text “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”(572) to support your thesis. (Five paragraph set up!)

1) How would you answer the question is Google making us stupid?

2) Carr cites a few examples from the past that relate to advances in technology; explain what the fears were.

3) What does Carr mean when he says that the internet is changing the way we read?

4) Why is there a certain amount of fear attached to the widespread availability of knowledge?

Eng 101 essay assignment

Eng 101 essay assignment

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