ENG 101 WCU Writing a Poem Stanza Metaphor & Simile Writing Practice Humanities Assignment Help

ENG 101 WCU Writing a Poem Stanza Metaphor & Simile Writing Practice Humanities Assignment Help. ENG 101 WCU Writing a Poem Stanza Metaphor & Simile Writing Practice Humanities Assignment Help.

Hello below are the instructions for the assignment

Activity Objective

By completing this assignment, you will be able to create your own poem using figures of speech.


For this assignment, you will create a poem in which you will describe yourself.

Create a Word document with your poem. The poem must:

  1. Have 1 stanza of 7 lines
  2. Include a metaphor
  3. Include a simile
  4. Include 3 images
  5. Classify each figure of speech at the end of each line

You have to deliver the poem in a Word file that includes a cover page with your name.

Rating Points

20 points


The activity is individual. The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammar mistakes. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect the similarity of content (now Urkund). Submit the answers in a Word document, Times New Roman, size 12. You must include references in APA format, three years or less.

If you have doubts or questions, you must publish them in the Doubts and Questions Forum in time to help you in a timely manner.

Activity Availability

The activity will be available to take at any time of the week. (Monday to Sunday).

Review Resources



  • Kennedy, X. J. & Gioia, D. (2017). Backpack literature. An introduction to fiction, poetry, drama, and writing (5th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson
  • The University of British Columbia. (2018). Bibliographic Genres. Retrieved from https://wiki.ubc.ca/Bibliographic_genres

ENG 101 WCU Writing a Poem Stanza Metaphor & Simile Writing Practice Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

UT Childrens Benefits or Non Benefits of Being Connected to Nature Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

This paper will be sent to “Turnit In” to check for plagiarism. It requires 8 pages, excluding title page, abstract, references, which you must include; typed double-spaced. It is worth 20%.

The articles are:



My professors expectations:

The paper involves a compare/contrast format between the two articles. Avoid choosing articles with different ages for the populations, for example. Try to get 2 similar empirical articles to see if they come up with very similar results/ conclusions. They could be opposite, too, though. A paper based on one article is insufficient. A paper that presents one article after the other without comment is not good. (a) The sources cannot be from the same (group of) researcher(s). (b) They cannot cite each other. Use headings: 1. “Abstract,” 2. “Introduction,” “Body” of the paper (titles and sub-titles suitable to your topic /question), Refer to this section as 3. “Main Analysis.” It will include Methods, Results, and then 4. conclude with Discussion. The best way of writing the introduction is to use the introductions of the sources you chose, e.g., what literature did they cite, what are the main points/ hypotheses and to indicate how the articles that you chose have a common theme/ thesis. The body describes in detail the sources used for methods and results, but you must avoid giving one after the other without comment; use a compare and contrast format. The conclusions summarize, and give a critical perspective. No plagiarism please; rewrite/ paraphrase material into your own words. For Reference style, follow the APA style, or see the style in the articles. in your paper; but keep a copy. No excuses allowed about printing problems, computer breakdowns, etc.


ACCT 1036 Univeristy of Phoenix Consolidated Income Statement Worksheet Business Finance Assignment Help

The Excel spreadsheet attached should be utilized to complete the ratio analysis portion of this assignment. A file attachment (in Word) of this assignment is attached.

Financial Accounting

This is a assignment for accounting. Specifically:

-Complete in a Word document in APA format

-Include a cover sheet with the course name, and number, the Assignment title, & value, the instructor’s name, the semester, the student’s names and student numbers, and the due date.

-Cross reference your commentary to the financial analysis

-Complete your financial analysis in ‘Excel’

-Include copies of the financial statements utilized, as appendices.

Steps – Part I

  1. Choose two publicly traded companies. Ensure that they are:
    1. In the same industry
    2. Similar size
    3. Similar market
  2. Get copies of the most recent annual reports, or financial statements. Ensure that you have the income statements and balance sheets for three years. These can be found online from TSX www.tsx.com website, the New York Stock Exchange www.nyse.com or the company’s websites.
  3. Submit the companies to the professor for approval. No two teams can choose the same companies; therefore, it is first come first serve.
  4. Perform a vertical analysis on both companies.
  5. Comment on at least three points, interpreting the data into management information.
  6. Perform a horizontal analysis on both companies.
  7. Comment on at least three points, interpreting the data into management information.
  8. Perform a ratio analysis on both companies.
  9. Comment on at least three points, interpreting the data into management information.
  10. Find any policies or practices information on each of the two companies that might explain one of the trends or variances. This information can be found in financial news, company press releases, or the MD&A (management discussion and analysis), in the annual reports.


Rutgers University Internet Security Annotated Bibliography Humanities Assignment Help

i will mention 10 sites and you have to find 2 more for the topic ‘online safety’ and write the assignment as mention in the following prompt

An annotated bibliography i s a list of sources on a specific topic that includes a summary of each source.

the list should be compiled in alphabetical order using Modern Lan-guage Association (MLA) style

Your annotation for each source should consist of two paragraphs.

In the first, answer the following questions:

1.What kind of source is it—e.g., a book, journal article, magazine arti-cle, newspaper article, encyclopedia entry, database summary article,Web site, and so on?

2.What is the genre of the piece—e.g., a news report, an editorial, areport of scientific research, a summary of sources? What is the purpose of the text?

3.Who is/are the author/authors? What are the author’s credentials?How does the author establish his or her authority to speak on thissubject? Also consider the credibility of the publication venue.

4. Who is the intended audience? Consider where the text is published,the degree of specialized knowledge needed to understand the text,and how objective or argumentative the text is.

5.When was the text published? How does the publication date affectthe relevance and usefulness of the source?

In your second paragraph, summarize the content of the piece in away that demonstrates you have read the source and understood its content. If the source is an argument, as opposed to a purely informa-tional text, identify its main claim and supporting reasons.

The sites which should be in this paper are

Article-1 Safety and security on the Internet


Article-2 Internet Safety Strategy- Green Paper https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/650949/Internet_Safety_Strategy_green_paper.pdf

Article-3 Online Safety


Article-4 Safe and Responsible Use of the Internet: A guide for Educators https://www.ntia.doc.gov/legacy/ntiahome/ntiageneral/cipacomments/comments/willard/Chapters.htm

Article-5 Social Media, online gaming and keeping children safe online


Article-6 Federal Information Security Modernisation Act


Article-7 The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women


Article-8 Quantum Cryptography for Internet of Things Security https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1674862X19300345

Article-9 What is Ethical Hacking? https://www.eccouncil.org/ethical-hacking/

Article-10 Cybersecurity



Miami University The Additive Inverse and Polynomials Questions Mathematics Assignment Help

Intro to Abstract Algebra

1. Let R be a finite integral domain with characteristic at least 3. Let 1 denote the unity of R.

(a) Prove that 1 ̸= −1, where −1 denotes the additive inverse of 1.

(b) Show that 1 and −1 are the only elements whose multiplicative inverse is itself. (c) Prove that the order of R is odd.

2. Let R be a ring and A,B ideals of R.

(a) Prove that A + B = {a + b : a ∈ A, b ∈ B} is an ideal.

(b) Define AB = {a1b1 +···+anbn : where n ∈ Z+ and for alli = 1,…,n that AB is an ideal of R.

3. Let Z2[x] be the ring of all polynomials with coefficients in Z2. (a) Show that Z2[x]/⟨x2 + x + 1⟩ is a field.

(b) Show that Z3[x]/⟨x2 + x + 1⟩ is not a field.

ai ∈ A,bi ∈ B}. Prove

(Comment: as discussed in class, the elements of Z2[x]/⟨x2 + x + 1⟩ are ax + b + ⟨x2 + x + 1⟩ over all a, b ∈ Z2. The most direct way to address (a) and (b) is to construct the multiplication table.)

4. Let n be an integer with decimal representation akak−1 · · · a1a0. Prove that n is divisible by 11 if and only if a0 −a1 +a2 −···+(−1)kak is divisible by 11.

5. (a) Let m, n be positive integers. Prove that an integer k can be written as mx + ny for some integers x and y if and only if k is a multiple of gcd(m, n).

(b) Let R be the ring of integers under addition and multiplication. Find a positive integer a such that ⟨a⟩ = ⟨25⟩+⟨35⟩. Justify your work. Here for any x ∈ R, ⟨x⟩ = {rx : r ∈ R} denotes the principal ideal generated by x.



SJSU Wk 6How Liberty is Different From Power Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Please access the reading using this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XXsZJH-9V7I3p5swg…

Read the reading Chap 21 section 1 to 4 and answer the 2 questions below. (300 to 400 words max in total)

1. According to Hobbes, what is liberty, or freedom, and how is it different from power? Using this Hobbesian picture, give me an example of a person’s liberty being constrained and a person’s power being constrained. [Discussed in Leviathan, Part 2, Ch. 21, Sects. 1-3]

2. According to Hobbes, human actions, like other things in nature, proceed from causes that are part of a long causal chain. For example, Ball A hits and moves ball B, which hits and moves ball C, which hits and moves ball D, etc. If we focus on ball D, we notice that it was a part of a causal chain, and hence, we can say that it necessarily moved. Humans are like this ball (specifically when viewed from the point of view of God). And yet, Hobbes also says that humans have liberty. How does this make sense? How is it that all human actions are necessary, and yet some of these actions can be deemed free? (Hint: focus on Hobbes’ specific definition of liberty, necessity, and his example of water in the beginning of section 4.) What do you think of Hobbes’ resolution to this liberty-necessity puzzle? [Discussed in Leviathan, Part 2, Ch. 21, Sect. 4].

SJSU Wk 6How Liberty is Different From Power Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Tallahassee Community College Voices of Freedom A Documentary History Reflection Humanities Assignment Help

Write a reflection response that consists of the following (each paragraph should be 150-200 words)

Paragraph 1 – Introduce the primary document including the basic information (date, author, position) and the historical timeframe or context for the purpose behind the document.

Paragraph 2 – Describe how this document is a valuable source of information for this subject in history. What was life like during this time period and why? Include at least one question or issue that can still be debated on this topic in history.

Paragraph 3 – Provide your own opinion or thoughts on whether you agree, disagree, or any other reflections you have after reading the document. Try to include examples of things you learned in your reading or other assignments that led you to your opinion. There is no right or wrong answer here, just show that you have given the subject some thought.

Please place a heading with the document title at the top of your response.


University of Phoenix Strategic Plan for AmeriQual Foods Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

Throughout this course, you have been using different analysis strategies to determine best practices for developing your business plan. It’s time to develop a strategic plan that will help you determine where your business is now, where you want to take it, and how you will get there. Your strategic plan will help you implement and manage the strategic direction of your company. In addition, you will communicate the direction of your company to stakeholders.

Develop a strategic plan for the company that you selected at the beginning of your MBA program and share your plan with stakeholders.

Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation for key stakeholders to solicit their approval of your strategic plan. Address the following in your presentation:

  • An introduction with mission and vision statements
  • Core values, ethics, and social responsibility principles
  • Analysis of the company’s:
  • Internal environment (e.g. strengths and weaknesses related to resources, trademarks, patents, copyrights, or current processes)
  • External environment (e.g. opportunities and threats related to market trends, economic trends, demographics, or regulations)
  • An evaluation of internal and external environment’s impact on achieving the company strategy
  • Create a strategic objective for the company.
  • Create short- and long-term goals for achieving the company’s strategic plan.
  • Determine methods for collecting data and measuring success of the strategic plan.
  • Conclusion with your details to the company Competitive Advantage.

Include APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference page (with Speaker Notes).

Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed documents. Note: You may include your textbook as 1 of the sources.


UCSD Chocolate Makes You Smarter Obesity Health Failure & Dining Hall Carrots Essays Writing Assignment Help

3 summary

  • Check your polished draft against this AWMS summary checklist before submitting
  • Paraphrase the thesis and the main points of the text. Use quotations sparingly and only when necessary. If you choose to include quotations, integrate them effectively in your writing.
  • Organize the points clearly and logically. Imagine you are writing the summary for an audience who has not read the original article.
  • Maintain an objective and you should avoid including your own opinions or referring to your personal viewpoints.
  • Choose appropriate reporting verbs to use in signal phrases, showing the reader that you are referring to the author’s ideas and not your own.
  • Provide accurate in-text citations and create a reference list according to a formatting and style guide appropriate for academic documents.
  • Write in an academic style. Make sure to edit your paper for organization, language (e.g., accurate use of vocabulary and grammar), and format.
  • Contextualize the information by providing essential and relevant information about the text (e.g., author, title, date of publication, place of publication) and the thesis or central idea of the text in the first one or two sentences of your summary
  • Compose a paragraph of approximately 250 – 300 words


EDUC 6156 Walden University Marcias Self Identity Theory Case Study Humanities Assignment Help

This week’s media segment traces the developmental journey of one college student. Jillian talks about the issues she has faced in defining herself, her path in life, and her relationship with others.

For this week’s first discussion, select the psychosocial development theory that, in your opinion, best describes Jillian’s journey (Chickering, Marcia, Josselson, Bronfenbrenner, Renn, or Helms). Consider Skipper’s descriptions of educational practices that are designed to support first-year students as they struggle with identity development issues.

Post your responses to the following questions:

  • Utilize the theory to describe Jillian’s journey. How do key issues or events in her life “fit” with the theory?
  • Reflect on one of Jillian’s decisions or choices. According to the theory you’ve chosen, how would her life have been different if she had not acted or if she had made a different choice?
  • What role did Jillian’s environment (e.g., friends, family, college) play in her developmental process? Would Jillian have changed in the same ways if she had not attended college?
  • Discuss programs or services that might have helped Jillian in her first year.

Required Readings

Patton, L. D. Renn, K. A., Guido, F. M., & S. J. Quaye . (2016). Student development in college: Theory, research, and practice (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  • Chapter 5, “Racial Identity Development” pp. 93 -105
  • Chapter 13, “Psychosocial Identity Development” pp. 287-313

Lloyd, J. M., Dean, L. A., & Cooper, D. L. (2007). Students’ technology use and its effects on peer relationships, academic involvement, and healthy lifestyles. NASPA Journal (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, Inc.), 44(3), 481–495.

The following resources provide a guide in how to create the annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliographies may vary in format; however, all formats have 3 fundamental components for each resource that summarizes, analyzes, and describes the application of how the information in the reading can be applied to the selected topic.

Common Course Assignments: Annotated Bibliographies http://academicguides.waldenu.edu/writingcenter/as…

A Guide to the Knowledge Area Module: Making the KAMs Work for You

Required Media
Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2010). Understanding students: Learning, development, and diversity: Jillian’s story. Baltimore, MD: Author.
Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 16 minutes.

Case study: View this media segment with Jillian, a student in her fourth year at Cal State. Jillian discusses the choices and decisions she has made since high school and how they reflect her own personal growth and development.


ENG 101 WCU Writing a Poem Stanza Metaphor & Simile Writing Practice Humanities Assignment Help

ENG 101 WCU Writing a Poem Stanza Metaphor & Simile Writing Practice Humanities Assignment Help