ENG 111 College Composition Writing Assignment Help

ENG 111 College Composition Writing Assignment Help. ENG 111 College Composition Writing Assignment Help.

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This week you will write a current day news article
using the main points from a childhood fairytale.

First, to
understand the elements of a news article, be sure to watch the video posted
under Lesson 2. Then, select the fairytale or children’s story you would
like to spin into a modern news article (many options are provided in the

consider the main points of the story you selected. Decide on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the story, and then decide
whether there is any additional information your reader might need to know. For
example, if there is any magic in the fairytale you have chosen, decide how it
might be explained in the real world.

Then, write the news article about
your fairytale or childhood story. Have fun and remember to include all of your
key story elements. Some of the questions might not be specified in the story,
but they must be answered in your article, even if you must create the
answer. For example, most versions of “Red Riding Hood” specify no time
frame other than “once upon a time,” and many specify no location other than
some unnamed woods. You must fill in such gaps from your own

Remember that news articles are meant
to be complete yet brief. Therefore, this assignment has a strict word count of
between 150 to 200 words – no more,
no less. Think about the story, and use strong vocabulary to convey your
message so you can use as few words as possible.

Double check your news article for
the following:

Does your article answer the
questions who, what, when, where, why,
and how?

Did you include an image to
supplement your news story?

Did you include a creative headline?

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Discussion Questions Writing Assignment Help

Public Health Implications of Disasters

Week 10 – Managing the Public Health Datastream: Surveillance and Communications


One reason that disasters evolve in a chaotic fashion which we know to be a disaster is that communications is nonexistent or on its way to being so early in the event. If truth is the first casualty in war, then timely and accurate information is the first casualty in disasters. One of the reasons those of us in emergency medicine and other emergency health care fields enjoy what we do is that there is the ever present challenge to make a good decision in the face of incomplete or inaccurate information. There is no other choice in the disaster setting. However, it is incumbent upon disaster management experts to rectify the information flow issues as quickly as possible during an incident. As you will find out this week, deciphering what exactly is happening to the public’s health during a disaster is immensely important to development of mitigation and response strategies and sometimes to instituting the proper medical therapy.


Journal articles

1. Shawn Varney, et al. Update on Public Health Surveillance in Emergency Departments. Public health surveillance in EDs.pdf

Discussion Questions

1. Varney and Hirshon list seven general rationales for providing ED-based public health surveillance. Surveillance is a critical form of communication for public health officials. Choose a real public health outbreak, disaster, or crisis. Provide one example of how any of the concepts described in this paper were actually used to improve public health. Describe the intervention for your classmates. Cite your reference.

– APA Style.

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.

– 2 References at least.


ethics in Operation Varsity Blues Business Finance Assignment Help

I need 2 paragraphs (no min word count) regarding the ethics of the college admission scandal Operation Varsity Blues) that has recently been in the news. the questions i need answered are below

1.Detail the actions of the people who committed fraud.

2. How did the observers (people who were aware of this fruad) behave? i.e. did they report the behavior, acquiesce or adopt the same negative behavior?

3.Was the unethical behavior actually learned and practiced, or rejected?

4.Briefly explain the outcome. The assignment should include:

  • A synopsis of the environment, situation and roles of the individuals involved.
  • An analysis of the ethical choices and behavior displayed. Be as specific as possible.


Social Work in Trauma, Crisis, and Stress with Military Personnel Humanities Assignment Help

For the Final Project, select one of the combat veterans you see in the media provided in your resources. Develop an individual or family treatment or support plan with recommendations that you might use if you were counseling, supporting, or otherwise assisting this individual with traumatic reactions and supporting his or her family.

Your paper length should be 8–10 pages. In your paper, you should do the following:

  • Describe the social work role in which you are working and explain how you might come across the individual you selected in the context of your own work.
  • Identify one trauma or combat reaction the veteran is experiencing or has experienced.
  • Explain the symptoms and stressors commonly experienced by military personnel associated with this traumatic reaction.
  • Describe how you might support this individual’s family; explain ways in which they may be affected by the trauma reaction (include stressors upon spouses, significant others, and children).
  • Describe the intervention or the type of support that you would implement, and explain why you consider this intervention or support appropriate or effective.
  • Explain the details to the intervention or support plan.
  • Describe any potential challenges you might experience implementing this intervention or support plan or engaging the combat veteran or family related to this intervention or plan.
  • Describe how you might address those challenges.
  • Describe recommendations you might make for the combat veteran or the family.
  • Justify your intervention or support plan using the current literature.

Select at least five journal articles, citing evidence-based information for your plan.

For submission details, refer to Day 7 of Week 10 in the Weekly Dashboard.


Argument Readings Humanities Assignment Help

“Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Recreational Use” by Robert Corry:
“Legalize Pot? You Must Be High” by Marty Nemco

1. Argument Readings and Lecture Video 300 words
Read the argument essay assignment sheet, chapter, and two articles
Watch the argument essay lecture video

2. Reading Response 200word
Create DB Post and respond to two classmates’ posts

3. Research Resources
Review the resources on finding, evaluating, and citing sources

4. Rough Draft Feedback
Submit Rough Draft to Brainfuse
Submit Brainfuse Feedback to Blackboard

5. Writerly Practices Discussion Board 300 words
Create DB Post and respond to two classmates’ posts

6. Argument Final Draft 1500 word
Submit argument essay final draft to Blackboard

Wednesday 10/30

Considering the Essay

Argument Video Lecture

Argument Readings

Create Reading Response DB Post

Saturday 11/2

Reply to two Reading Response DB posts

Wednesday 11/6

Drafting the Essay

Create Writerly Practices DB Post

Saturday 11/9

Reply to two Writerly Practices DB posts

Wednesday 11/13

Polishing the Essay

Submit Argument Essay Rough Draft to Brainfuse and Submit Feedback to Blackboard When Received

Saturday 11/16

Submit Argument Essay Final Draft

Wednesday 11/20

Reflection Essay
Introduction to the Essay

Reflection Essay Reading

Create Reflection DB Post

Saturday 11/23

Reply to two Reflection DB Posts



take 10 photos and make a PPT Business Finance Assignment Help

Choose 10 idioms. Please keep in mind that you cannot use the idioms that are in the notes, or the idioms from the example project.

For each idiom, you must take an original photograph that somehow demonstrates the idiom. For example, let’s say you used the idiom “Head in the Clouds.” You could take a photograph of you or someone else outside on a cloudy day, with an emphasis on the person’s head with clouds in the background.

For the 10 idioms, you must provide 10 photographs. Please note that you do not have to use an expensive camera for these photos – you can if you’d like, but a cell phone will do just fine as well.

Each photograph should follow at least one rule of composition that we discussed in class – rule of thirds, leading lines, or an interesting angle. (Please see the notes titled “Photojournalism” at the bottom of this page if you need to go back and look at any compositions. You are more than welcome to have multiple compositions in a photograph like we discussed.)

After you have your idioms and photographs complete, you will put together a powerpoint presentation to present to the class. In your presentation, be sure to include the idiom, definition of the idiom, and the rule of composition on the slide with each picture.

The idioms, photographs, and how you present your powerpoint are completely up to you. This is a chance to get creative. To see more detailed instructions and the breakdown of how this project will be graded, please refer back to your “Photojournalism” notes. This project is worth 100 points and is due Thursday, October 31st when you come into class.

take 10 photos and make a PPT Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Psychology Essay question Humanities Assignment Help



Type of service:



Double spacing

Paper format:

Not applicable

Number of pages:

2 pages

Number of sources:

0 source

Paper detalis:

What is a wish? (this project is appropriate if you have a child between the ages of 4 and 12)

Ask the child the following questions:

Do you know what it means to make a wish? Have you ever made a wish?
What have you wished for? Anything else? Did your wishes come true? Do
wishes always come true or just some of the time? Let’s say we made five
wishes right now; let’s say we wished for five things, how many of
those wishes would come true? What makes a wish come true? Report their
answers and analyze their understanding of what a wish is.


As an engineer you have a segment of highway that has a grade of 8% for approximately 1 mile.Is this segment a problem, if so what would you do to modify it?Please include all calculations and drawings Engineering Assignment Help


As an engineer you have a segment of highway that has a grade of 8% for approximately 1 mile.Is this segment a problem, if so what would you do to modify it?Please include all calculations and drawings


A two lane road has grade 1 of 4% and a grade 2 of -3%, with a VPI of 20+00 at 500 feet above sea level.The requirements of the road suggest that the lowest vertical clearance between the road and the bridge deck is 14 feet. What is the maximum height and the maximum design speed for the road?


A 4 lane road has a normal cross slope is 1.5%, 12 foot lanes, and horizontal sight offset with respect to the edge of the road is 20.0 feet.The speed limit on the road is 45 mph and the design speed is 55 mph.The PI is located at 1200+00 and includes the forward tangent is N 250 E and the back tangent is S 500 E.Using the above givens please design all horizontal design components. Please include a drawing by hand of the final design.


Discussion Writing Assignment Help

How can IT improve the customer experience. Use your own experience as good or bad examples.

Forum rules:

A) Your answer must be substantive, which usually requires 300 words or more

    • Your answer must be well written and well organized
    • Your answer must include one properly formatted APA in-text citation to a scholarly reference. The full reference must be provided at the end of your answer with a link if one is available.
    • B) provide 2 responses related to our discussion i can use those as add on points to other posts.


week 12 6248 Health Medical Assignment Help

Instructions: Click the link above to go to the discussion forum and participate in this week’s discussion. This week you will assume the role of a clinical expert and analyze a malpractice claim against a fellow PMHNP. You have been selected to sit on a malpractice panel with 2 other experts, both psychiatrists. Read the case carefully and render a judgment for or against malpractice. In your response you must: 1) identify the legal and ethical issues under consideration (e.g., negligent prescribing, split treatment, informed consent, etc.), and 2) provide a strong rationale that includes a discussion of the key elements of a malpractice claim (i.e., duty, deviation, damage, and direct causation) for why you support or do not support a claim of malpractice; and for why you support or do not support the claim for malpractice.


ENG 111 College Composition Writing Assignment Help

ENG 111 College Composition Writing Assignment Help

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