Engineering Computing, C programming Computer Science Assignment Help

Engineering Computing, C programming Computer Science Assignment Help. Engineering Computing, C programming Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Al Zuhair, a leading airline company in Oman, has its base in Muscat International Airport .They provide domestic and international flight services to various locations. They wish to develop a software to automate their day to day flight services. Develop an airline software system with the following requirements: 1. The company has decided to provide credit points to its passengers based on the number of times and mileage travelled by them every year as given in the below table: Number of times travelled Mileage travelled (KM) Bonus mileage (percentage) Type of Customer >5 2500 to 3000 5% Budget >6 and <8 3100 to 3500 10% Standard >9 and <12 3600 to 4100 15% Frequent flyer >13 and <15 4200 to 5000 20% Premier

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 2


Develop an algorithm, flow chart and write a C program to perform the following tasks:

(i) Read the Number of times and mileage travelled by a passenger, and calculate

the credit points using nested if else.

(ii) Determine the type of customer based on total mileage.

2. The company has decided to provide a free ticket to London to its premier customers who

had travelled more than 50,000 Kilo Meters to 15 different countries from Muscat during last

two years. Develop an algorithm, flow chart and write a C program to perform the following

tasks using loop concept:

(i) Read the country name, and distance travelled by a passenger named Mr. Salim

during his journey to each country.

(ii) Arrange the country names in alphabetical order.

(iii) Calculate total mileage travelled by Mr. Salim.

(iv) Check his eligibility to get the free ticket.

3. Mr. Nasser has booked six flight tickets to different locations for his family members and

their price details are shown in the below table

Ticket Number Base Price



Ticket 1 285.500 5%

Ticket 2 110.250 2%

Ticket 3 378.750 6%

Ticket 4 198.400 3%

Ticket 5 140.450 2%

Ticket 6 286.100 4%

Develop an algorithm, flow chart and write a C program to perform the following:

(i) Store the prices of the six tickets in a one dimensional array.

(ii) Display the base price of each ticket, the amount of tax, cost of each ticket

including tax and the total cost of six tickets.

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 3


4. Write a C program to perform the following:

(i) Read two flight numbers and the routes they travel to a specific destination.

(ii) Compare the routes and find if the two flights travel via the same country to reach

the destination or not.

(iii) Count the number of characters in the name of destination city without using inbuilt

string function.

5. Develop an algorithm, flow chart and write a C program to find the number of customers

who have bonus mileage above 300 KM by writing a function. Call the function from main

and test it.

Marking scheme

Component Description Weightage (%)

1 Algorithm development & Flowchart 35

2 Implementation & Results 35

3 Report Structure 10

4 Viva 20

Total 100


1. Plagiarism is a serious offence. In case of any plagiarism detected, penalty will be imposed

leading to zero mark. Policy and guidelines for dealing with plagiarism and malpractice in

examination can be viewed by clicking:…

2. The course work shall be subject to plagiarism software check.

3. Course work should be submitted on time. College guidelines on late submission of

coursework can be viewed by clicking:…

4. Course work should be submitted with an appropriate cover page, which can be obtained

from the departmental assistant at the department.

5. Name, student identification and title of the course work to be written clearly and legibly

on the cover page.

6. The completed course work report is to be submitted to the departmental assistant on or

before the deadline and record your name, date of submission and signature in the book

with the departmental assistant.

7. For online submission of course work, pdf file with appropriate cover page mentioning

name of student, student number and title of the course work should be uploaded using

the submission link created and made available by the module leader.

8. Report should be neatly typed however algorithm and flowchart can be handwritten with

the following contents.

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 4


(i) Aim

(ii) Algorithm

(iii) Flowchart

(iv) Program

(v) Results(Screen shots)

(vi) Conclusion

(vii) References


Harvard Referencing (CCE Style) First Edition 2013 should be followed for both in-text and listing

references. This downloadable document can be found in our CCE portal at:…

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Writing Assignments Writing Assignment Help

1.When you can put your feeling into words

2. How effective communication can help couples stop arguing

3. Is screen time a mental health threat?

You must complete 2 article summaries. Each article summary is worth 150 points. To complete each article summary, follow these steps.

1.Go to the PsycPORT Psychology Newswire (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website.

2.Choose two of the above article that reports on one or more research studies.

3.Write a 300-word summary of the article.

4.In your summary, you must include any details the article cites about the research methods and data analysis that were used in the study or studies.

5.If the article includes sufficient information, note whether the research was experimental or a correlation.

6.Include the title of the article and a link to it in your summary.


BUS343 Week 3 Paper Must be ORIGINAL AND INCLUDE PLAGARISM CHECK Business Finance Assignment Help

Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid

Read through Case 3-3 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (cases can be found in the ebook by going to Table of Contents → Part Six: Supplementary Material → Cases). Then, addresses the following:

  1. Summarize the case in one paragraph.
  2. Question #1 from the case: Develop a set of guidelines that the company could use to start evaluating the potential of a specific Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP), market segment for one of its products.
  3. Question #2 from the case: Argue either pro or con on one of the following:
    1. Is it exploitation for a company to profit from selling soaps, shampoo, personal computers, and ice cream, and so on, to people with little disposable income?
    2. Can making loans to customers whose income is less than $100 monthly at interest rates of 20 percent to purchase TVs, cell phones, and other consumer durables be justified?
    3. One authority argues that squeezing profits from people with little disposable income—and often not enough to eat—is not capitalist exploitation but rather that it stimulates economic growth.
  4. Describe the types of challenges a global marketer might face when using a bottom-of-the-pyramid strategy?

The assignment:

  • Must be two to three double-spaced pages (approximately 600-900 words) in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use APA style headings to organize paper, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.
  • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


Cateora, P. (2016). International marketing (17th ed.). Retrieved from



Can you choose one talent that you think it would be the most important trait for you to be a great manage Business Finance Assignment Help

Please do not use other references

Read the chapter 9 of the file sender.

In this chapter 9, the researchers say… “If great manager seem scare, it’s because the talent required to be one is rare.” Gallup finds that great managers have several talents listed at page 140. Can you choose one talent that you think it would be the most important trait for you to be a great manager? And explain why?

the book name is Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle, by Paul Matthews (2014). Milton Keynes, UK: Three Faces Publishing.


Week 10 Discussions Humanities Assignment Help

100 word post to the below questions along with one peer response per question

Discussion 1

What are typical cognitive advances and immature aspects of preschool children’s thinking? Summarize findings about preschool children’s understanding of symbols, causality, identities, categories and number.

Discussion 2

Choose any 1 of the following topics to write about: 1. The effects of divorce on a child 2. Mental health problems children experience 3. Bullying 4. Friendship in early childhood. Your initial post should be at least 100 words, with the last sentence being in the form of a question. Please cite from an additional source (outside of the textbook) in your response.



backgammon game Computer Science Assignment Help… code of the game.… rules of the game. play the game online.

this link is the game but I don’t want the game to be draw

I want the game to be execution on a terminal.

for example,

player one bear off=

player two bear off=

player one bar=

player two bar=








the stone of player one should be represent as *

the stone of player two should be represent as #

note: you play as player 1 then go to play as player 2.

backgammon game Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

A summary of Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development will be posted for you in the Discussions section. Health Medical Assignment Help

A summary of Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development will be posted for you in the Discussions section.

You will select three (3) of the stages and apply them to your own life or to the life of someone you know very well (a parent, sibling, grandparent, child). Post your minipaper in the appropriate Assignment folder by both pasting into the window and attaching as an appropriately-named file (e.g. SmithMiniPaper2018.doc).

After you have written the portion of your paper covering Erikson’s theory on development, select another theoretical orientation (e.g. Behavioral, Trait, Humanistic, or another psychodynamically-oriented theorist such as Jung). How would this alternate orientation explain the same phenomenon observed and explained from the Eriksonian perspective? Make sure to consider similarities and differences. Explain which theory you find to be a better fit and support your position. This section should be at least 250-300 words. If this section is missing, your grade will be reduced by at least 30 points.

Your paper should be approximately 5-7 pages in length (minimum of 1300 words). Make sure to proofread for sentence structure, grammar errors and typos–but it can be fairly informal in that it can be written in either the first person or third person, you do not need to use in-text citations or references. My goal is for you to review this material and really try to apply it to your own life (or to the life of someone about whom you have insights into their development). Most students really enjoy engaging in Erikson’s theories–and his idea that our personalities are not a “done deal” by the time we are 5 years old is encouraging!


Political data analysis 1 page Humanities Assignment Help

Doc Type Coursework
Academic Level high_school
Subject Political Science
Title Political data Analysis
Citation APA
Required Sources non
Pages 1
Due Date 2018-04-07 02:00:00
Paper Description R. The data analysis and writing assignments require that you use R, a programming language
that facilitates data analysis. There are many reasons to use R, including that it is free. In
addition to being free, R also helps students develop some basic programing skills and forces
students to think a bit more systematically about the problems they are trying to solve. The
primary resource for learning to do data analysis using R is the Pollock and Edwards textbook,
listed above. R can be a bit intimidating, and I think this textbook does a pretty good job of
keeping things simple and direct. We will probably take some time in each class meeting
learning how to use R, primarily by using it to look at data problems related to the techniques we
are covering in class and in the Healey textbook. But the real key to learning R for this course is
reading the Pollock and Edwards text thoroughly.
One other way we will ease the transition to R is by using R-Studio, a graphical user interface
(GUI) that helps organize different parts of the R process and also provides some built-in
functions that offer helpful hints as users are inputting their commands. Instructions for
downloading R and R-Studio are provided in the Pollock and Edwards textbook. In addition,
both options are available in all of the on-campus computer labs.
I strongly suggest that you download R-Studio before our first meeting.
In the weeks when there are R assignments, they are due at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday evening
When downloading R, use:
library (poliscidata)
library (DescTools)
install.packages (“DescTools”)


Moral Analysis One Overview Other Assignment Help

For the milestone submission, revise your Cost-Benefit (Consequentialist) Moral Analysis essay on the basis of the instructor’s comments and peer review.

Also, write a Milestone 1 report in Microsoft Word document, which addresses how you went about completing the work.

Submission Specifications

  • A zipped folder named that includes:
    • Cost-Benefit (Consequentialist) Moral Analysis in a Microsoft Word document named LastnameFirstinitial_M1_Submission_MoralAnalysis_PHI1010.doc that includes:
      • Revised 750-word (minimum) report
      • MLA formatted content, citations, and reference list
    • Milestone 1 Report in a Microsoft Word document named LastnameFirstinitial_M1_Submission_MilestoneReport_PHI1010.doc
    • play the role of a research intern in training, working for a non-profit international think tank that resolves ethical dilemmas for members of corporations around the world. These members are clients of the think tank. Your training entails engaging in research activities and reporting your findings to a lead.

    You will be led by senior advising ethicist (instructor), who in turn advises your respective clients of the think tank how to resolve an important ethical dilemma—which is the major course project. You will work on resolving ethical dilemmas in your own field of study in each milestone and submit the compilation of these resolutions as your final project in the last milestone. The senior ethicist will advise you on how to revise your submissions, and will provide final recommendations regarding how to resolve the dilemma for the clients. The senior ethicist reports to the CEO of the think tank, discussing with him or her how well you are doing and what still needs to be done regarding the your training progress.


LAP REPORT Writing Assignment Help

Explain what the scientific method is and what the different variables are in general (independent, dependent and control). Relate these variables to the experiment (e.g. independent variables are % alcohol or caffeine or experimental beverage, dependent variable is heart rate expressed in beats per minute). State your working hypothesis (alcohol decreases and caffeine increases Daphnia heart rate).

Results should be presented in the form of tables and graphs where appropriate. Should have 4 tables (see handout) and 3 graphs (% alcohol vs heart rate, % caffeine vs heart rate and % experimental beverage vs heart rate). Remember all tables and graphs should have a sentence explaining what is being shown and all graphs should have a title and both axes should be labeled.

Draw the best fitting line through the points NEVER join the dots also show the equation of the line (linear regression)!

All graphs should have a control value at 0 % beverage (x = 0, y = average control value) this value is the average control heart rate of Daphnia when distilled water was used (i.e. at 0% beverage concentration – this will be the same on all three graphs) remember and show all 3 control measurements in your results table.(20 points)


Engineering Computing, C programming Computer Science Assignment Help

Engineering Computing, C programming Computer Science Assignment Help

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