engl4344, writing for lawyers Writing Assignment Help

engl4344, writing for lawyers Writing Assignment Help. engl4344, writing for lawyers Writing Assignment Help.

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This paper offers you an opportunity to appreciate the ways that Plato’s Euthyphro dramatizes the norms of argumentation that we’ve studied. Your paper should develop an interpretive thesis that focuses on one central element of the exchange between Socrates and Euthyphro that you find particularly revealing or important.

At the heart of the contrast between Euthyphro and Socrates are opposing warrants about how issues of guilt and innocence should be decided in courts of law – such as the court where Euthyphro is bringing charges of murder against his father – and where Socrates has been charged by Miletus for the crime of corrupting the young. Make a claim about how the dialogue is contrasting opposing warrants and how this contrast highlights the need for a standard of justice independent of local tradition that can be used for deciding particular cases of innocence and guilt.

Book:Euthyphro by Plato

You can structure your essay in a very straightforward manner:


a.Open with background information that can provide context for your focus and for the

claim that the paper will advance. This contextual information might include what

struck you about the dialogue – or how the dialogue raises issues that remain alive


b.Segue from background to a clear statement of your thesis


a.If needed, begin the body with a paragraph that established key background features of the dialogue that are pertinent to your claim. Assume that your reader is familiar with the dialogue, so you have no obligation to begin with a summary of the whole dialogue. Your outline should let you know whether you should start your body with a section that offers background or context.

b.If there is an obvious counter-interpretation to the one you are advancing, address counter-views to your thesis.

c. Elaborate on the evidence that supports your thesis over other positions.

(The body should be in the range of three to four paragraphs)


a.Brief restatement of your thesis

b.Brief explanation of the significance of your thesis for your reader.

Format/Self-Reflection — The paper should be in the range of three (double-spaced word-processed) pages. Use 12 pt. font, center the title on the first page (no title page) with name & Class printed in the upper left corner. Please use MLA citation format. Your paper will be submitted through safe-assign in BB.

Be sure that you save your paper as a word document – not a PDF, or any other file format. Word is the only program I can use to give feedback on your paper.

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Short Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Battleground states are those where the outcome of the election is believed to be uncertain, compared to “safe” states, where the winner of the state is believed to be certain. If you click on the graphic above, you can explore for yourself the significance of the battleground states. Which states must each candidate win to ensure victory in the presidential election?

But why do candidates focus so much of their attention on this handful of states instead of the whole country? Doesn’t this make the voters of Michigan more important than the voters of California? The answers to these questions come back, as so much in American politics today does, to the creation of the Constitution during the Early Republic period we are studying this week. As constitutional scholar Jack Rakove explains in the video on Globalyceum (Video: The Electoral College), the framers of the constitution believed that the President of the Republic ought to be able to win national support, not just the support of heavily populated states. So, they created the Electoral College to give each state the same representation to elect the President as they had representation in Congress. A Presidential candidate must win a majority of the votes of the Electoral College to win the election (more than 270).

This system has held for many years, but it can create a situation where a presidential candidate can win the electoral college but not the popular vote. This famously occurred in the Presidential election of 1876, resulting what became known as the “Compromise of 1877,” where the Republicans kept the Presidency and gave up protecting African Americans in the southern states after the Civil War, as well as in 2000, when President Bush won a disputed election despite losing the popular vote.

As explained in the Globalyceum Contemporary Issue, “The Future of the Electoral College After 2016,” this issue has gained more attention after the election of 2016, where President Trump won the electoral college but lost the popular vote by almost three million votes. Many political analysts predict the same could occur if President Trump wins reelection in 2020. In your discussion posts for this week, consider what this might mean for the future of battleground states and the electoral college. Some questions to consider:

  • What are the battleground states for this election and how have these changed over time?
  • Why do we have “battleground states?”
  • What was the intention of the framers of the Constitution when they created the Electoral College?
  • Do you think we should abolish or amend the Electoral College? Why or why not?


PowerPoint Presentation Health Medical Assignment Help


  • Create a PowerPoint with the intended audience to be a community health department.
  • Focus on a real or fictional disaster that has or could affect your area (Focus on Tornadoes and Flooding as disasters that occur very often in Texas).
  • Discuss the role of the Community Health Nurse in each stage of disaster. You should include a few slides on each stage of disaster: preparedness, response, recovery with specific activities and resources that the public health nurse would use in each stage.
  • Identify other agencies that might be involved.

The assignment should be submitted in PowerPoint format, with at least 10 content slides (in addition to a title slide and reference slide) and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials. I am expecting lots of media, photos, pictures, charts, diagrams, etc.. Please remember to cite the source of the images.


Essay 1 Rough Draft Humanities Assignment Help

Choose one of the assigned readings for class (Beowulf, “Zlateh the Goat,” or “Scheherazade”), and write an academic essay in which you explain Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Hero’s Journey and provide at least three strong examples (including quoted evidence from the chosen text) about how that story reflects (or deviates from) established stages of the Hero’s Journey. Conclude with a reflection of the story, the Hero’s Journey, and what we, your readers, can gain or learn from your analysis. Aside from the story and sources about the Hero’s Journey, students are not expected to do additional research for this assignment.


  1. Write a 4- to 6-page academic essay in MLA format.
  2. Begin with an introductory paragraph that hooks your reader’s attention, provides background information about the Hero’s Journey and your chosen story, and leads seamlessly into a clearly stated thesis.
  3. Develop body paragraphs which incorporate quoted and detailed evidence from our course materials (use your chosen story and information provided in Unit 1 about the Hero’s Journey) while using proper MLA format to cite the texts. Quoted evidence should be incorporated thoughtfully and thoroughly into the essay by establishing context, introducing the quoted passages, and explaining how the passages support the main ideas of the body paragraphs and the essay as a whole.
  4. Conclude your essay with a reflection of the story, the Hero’s Journey, and what we, your readers, can gain or learn from your analysis.
  5. Include a Works Cited page


Business Analytics(clustering of products) Powerpoint and speech draft Business Finance Assignment Help

There is a group presentation about business analytics for a e-commerce notebook.
Our group is divided into 4 parts including problem statement, description of data, analysis of the cancelled orders, clustering of product, clustering of customers, predictive models, and my part is clustering of products. It should at least cover the aspects of why, how, steps, some details, and results.
There should be totally 4-5 slides of powerpoint and an about 5-mins speech draft for me to read it through the presentation.
The target audience are the people who do not know programming so there shouldn’t be screenshot of code in the powerpoint.



Endocrine Case Questions.docx Science Assignment Help

Part I

1. What hormonal problem could be causing these symptoms?

2. Why would joint damage be associated with rapid growth and low testosterone levels?

Part II—

1. Should Dr. Kidd tell Eric that he is probably sterile? Why would he be sterile?

2. Is there anything that they could try to do to stimulate spermatogenesis? Why is the absence of facial hair important?

Part III—..

1. Why was he growing facial hair?

2. Why did he need jaw surgery?

Part IV—..

1. Why are his kidneys so active at night? Note: diabetes insipidus is NOT diabetes mellitus, so the answer is not high blood sugar levels or an insulin deficiency. Diabetes merely means high urine production. Look for a specific hormonal problem involving the pituitary.

2. It also turns out that he has unpredictable shock responses, so that a small cut needing three stitches left him pale and in shock while breaking his left wrist in at least 15 places did not. What hormone could be involved?

3. If the pituitary is so important, and if Eric is not getting replacements of hormones the pituitary makes (except for ADH), why isn’t he dead? To answer this question, think through the cascade of events from hypothalamus to effect.

Endocrine Case Questions.docx Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Intake Interview Analysis Worksheet Humanities Assignment Help

This has to be completed in the worksheet which I will attach.
Videos will also be provided


Intake Interview Analysis Worksheet

In this section of the assignment, you will analyze the questions you will use to conduct the 5-10 minute mock intake interview of your client. The instructor will provide feedback on your answers below. Use this feedback to revise your intake interview questions before the mock interview.

[Keep in mind Phase I in the Helping Process (in Chapter 3 in Direct Social Work Practice) and obvious adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics when analyzing and revising your questions.]

Introduction- In this section, provide brief intake form information of the client (50-75 words):

Explain the engagement skills/questioning strategies you used when writing your questions (50-75 words):

How will you deal with a combative/passive client (read Chapter 18 in Direct Social Work Practices)? (40-50 words)

How will you handle any cultural personal biases that might arise during the interview? (40-50 words)

Explain your initial assessment of the client:

  • What are the primary concerns or goals of the client?
  • What are possible serious health or safety concerns that might require your attention or intervention?
  • Describe any personal or family coping capacities, skills, values, motivations of the client.
  • List some client strengths and weaknesses:

Explain the presenting problem and other possible identified problems of the client. (40-50 words)

Describe the cultural background of the client (20-40 words):

Describe any culture/subculture issues of the client (20-40 words):

Explain whether there are any social phenomena (behavior that influences or is influenced by the client)in this case (30-40 words):

Explain the effective physical attending behaviors you will use during the interview (30-50 words):

Explain the positive responses you will use to help move the interview forward (30-50 words):

Explain how you will show empathy and compassion during the interview (30-40 words):

List some possible measurable client goals you will suggest to the client:

Citing two scholarly sources (including the textbook), explain some possible intervention ideas-including any group type interventions you might suggest to the client and why you feel these ideas might help (150-200 words):

Describe a possible satisfying ending to the mock intake interview (100-150 words):


Purchase Evaluation Business Finance Assignment Help

Purchase Evaluation You are the financial manager for a healthcare organization that is considering the purchase of a building costing $3,000,000. The resale value would be $4,000,000 in 5 years when the organization expects to move into a wing of a new hospital that is being built. You will consider the financial impact of several scenarios. The owners of the organization are concerned about the following: 1. The business needs to decide whether the future value of the projected purchase outweighs the interest they could earn on a CD that matures in 5 years. 2. What happens if they earn some rent on part of the building? You will make a recommendation to the company as to whether they should purchase the building now and whether they should seek a tenant for some of the offices. a. If the interest rate is 8%, what is the present value of the sales price? b. Is the property investment attractive to you? c. (1) What is the present value of the future cash flows, if you also could earn $300,000 per year rent on the property? The rent is paid at the end of each year. (2) Is the property investment attractive to you now? d. Alternatively, the organization has a choice of remaining in the building it is in now and investing the money in a Certificate of Deposit at one of two different banks. First National Bank pays 4.2% interest compounded semiannually. Second National Bank pays 4% interest compounded monthly. First you will need to calculate the annual rate for both banks and then determine the future value of the CDs. In your presentation, be sure to highlight how you considered the time value of money as one of your considerations. If your calculations are contradictory, discuss how you came to your decision. Explain whether there are any other issues you would consider. Construct a PowerPoint presentation meeting the following structural requirements. In addition to the slide presentation, submit the Excel spreadsheet with your calculations. Your presentation must: • Be organized, using professional themes and transitions in addressing the evaluation of the purchase. • Consist of four slides, not including the title and reference slides (six total slides). • Provide in each slide detailed speakers notes—a minimum of 100 words in length. Notes must draw from, and cite, relevant reference materials. • Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of two scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals. Additional sources may come from the class readings or textbook, but a minimum of two must be external. • The Saudi Digital Library is a good place to find these references. • Follow APA writing standards.


Discussion on Starbucks-200 word Business Finance Assignment Help

Consider the readings & lectures from this week.

Starbucks is a profitable company. Do you think that they are profitable because of or in spite of their CSR activities? Make sure to give reasons in support of your answer.

Quality of Discussion Board Posting

Below are desired attributes for a posting.

  • Ability to synthesize the main concepts from instructor, course content, external resources, and class community.
  • Responses fully answer each part of the question(s) posed (read directions carefully!).
  • Use of proper grammar.
  • Ideas are organized, persuasive, and elevate the overall dialogue.
  • Opinions are substantiated by offering reasons and evidence.
    • Current Events posts must contain a link to source material.
  • Demonstration of critical or creative thinking.
  • Evidence of preparation.


Case analysis 300words Writing Assignment Help

Case Debrief and Reflection Report -Maximum of 300 words.

You will need to submit an individual case debrief and reflection report for this case which outlines the contextual significance of the case as well as a reflection of what you have learnt that could be applied to their future career (as a future business leader). Theoretical insight must be sourced from the same topic as where the case is found (hint: reflect on your responses from the questions for learning). No references required. You can write in first person (ie. I learnt that…). You are required to submit three (3) paragraphs addressing these questions (no need to include the questions, just number your answers); Be more succinct. Don’t use filler words or repetition. In each section ask yourself, what do I need to communicate here specifically? Rewriting drafts can also assist with this.

  • 1. Analysis
    of the Case: What is the case about?

    this in one or two sentences that gets to the crux of the case? Try to make it
    as clear as possible.

  • 2. Analysis of the Case: What frameworks, theories or constructs assist in making sense of the case? How do they do this? (1-2 theories only, describing how it enables analysis)

Explain this in one or two sentences that gets to the crux of the case? Try to make it as clear as possible.

In Q2, some students either alluded to or only named the theory. Specifically, we want to see your use of theory, and how it applies to the case. They (the theory and case) should be closely connected throughout your response.

If you are using one of the propositions found in the chapter as the basis of your analysis, refer to explicitly to the proposition (state it, for instance, Proposition 6-12) and briefly explain what it is. Then show how it is relevant to gaining a deeper understanding of the case. Make sure all points made in Q2 relates back to the theory you are using. A lot of the time, the second part of Q2 went off on a tangent and was not relevant to the theory you used in the first part of Q2.

3. Reflection: What can you (personally) take away from the case that could be applied in your future career (as a future business leader)?

Think of a context. For example, imagine you are at work and need to write a brief summary to your boss outlining the situation. They would expect (and trust) you to provide them with the most critical information and insights

For Q3, some students are not reflecting on this learning for their own career rather they are offering a CEO advice. You need to reflect on why this learning would be useful for your career in the future and will help you meet your career aspirations.


engl4344, writing for lawyers Writing Assignment Help

engl4344, writing for lawyers Writing Assignment Help

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