English 102 Essay for Analysis for House on the mango street by Sandra Cisneros Humanities Assignment Help

English 102 Essay for Analysis for House on the mango street by Sandra Cisneros Humanities Assignment Help. English 102 Essay for Analysis for House on the mango street by Sandra Cisneros Humanities Assignment Help.

I had a tutor from this site who did the essay for me and I received a failing grade so please read the instructions carefully! I am providing the feed back from my professor so READ it so you can see exactly how she wants this essay done.

———-You did not follow the requirements of the assignment. The assignment was to analyze a short story, not an entire book. The first chapter of the book is “The House on Mango Street,” and it is this story I thought you were analyzing.
When you do analyze, you barely touch on the important aspects. It needs further development of the importance of the literary elements discussed. One major reason for the drop in grade is because you didn’t follow directions. If you are writing on the entire novel, which we did not read for this class, you are recycling information, and possibly the paper, from another class. ——————-

The Assignment:

Choose a short story that we’ve read (or will read) from the anthology used in class (with the exception of those used in sample papers) and write a critical analysis of that particular work. Be careful not to summarize the story or only offer a biography of the author. Focus instead on analytical aspects (literary elements, such as characterization and symbolism) and explain ideas clearly. What elements seem to dominate the story? How do these elements affect the story? Remember to find a story that you enjoyed or that caught your attention in some way. Use brief quotes from the work to support your comments.

The Requirements:

Do not use research. This assignment needs to be focused on your analysis of the work, not someone else’s. The essay needs to be 4-6 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, following MLA format. The essay will be due Week 7, March 22, 2018.

English 102 Essay for Analysis for House on the mango street by Sandra Cisneros Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Encoding and decoding signals Computer Science Assignment Help

A. Encoding and decoding signals

Note: Hand
drawn plots will get 0 marks. You need to embed screenshots of your
plots and include the links generated by sharing your solution from the
Desmos online graph plotting tool (as introduced in the lab and
available at: https://www.desmos.com/calculator). Since group work is
not permitted, we expect each student to submit a different link! You
can access your individualised assignment parameters on Moodle.

1. Modulation – Analog signals

need to download your individualized assignment parameters from Moodle.
They contain two sets of encoding tables and encoded signals, A and B. For each of these, do the following:

a) Identify the type of encoding (FM, AM, PM, or combinations of these) and the size (in bits) of each symbol in the encoding.

  • b) Draw the constellation diagram for the encoding (except if the encoding is FM).
  • c) Draw the wave form for each symbol.
  • d) Demodulate the given signal (i.e., give the bit sequence that it represents).

2. Digital encoding

The bit sequence C needs to be transmitted as a digital signal. Design an encoding, state the encoding rules (as a table), and plot the digital signal for the encoding schemes below.

  • a) bipolar non return to zero inverted (NRZI)
  • b) Manchester encoding

B. Technical Report

on the scenario you find below, you are to write a technical report for
the senior executive of the company you work in, evaluating different
technologies to meet the company’s networking requirements.

rest of this specification is organised into two parts: 1) the scenario,
which explains the situation of the (imaginary) company you work for,
and 2) the instructions how you should approach this task.

1. Scenario

Your role / company overview: You work in the IT department of DataAnalytics.AU,
a start-up company that was spun out of Monash University with around
20 employees in Melbourne. The company is offering data analysis
services, where customers can upload large data sets and access
customised visual analyses through a web site.

Your company is
growing fast, and the plan is to move into new offices within the next
few months. You were hired as a user interface specialist, but when the
CIO (Chief Information Officer) found out that you did FIT9135 as part
of your Master’s degree, she gave you the task to design the network
infrastructure for the new offices.


Network requirements:

  • Up
    to now, the company was operating its own web server in a Monash data
    centre. The projected growth in customers and staff means that a
    dedicated, more powerful server will be required. The company is
    considering hosting its own servers or paying for an “on- demand
    computing platform” such as Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Linode etc.
  • The
    new office space is located in an old warehouse, and you need to decide
    what kind of local network infrastructure should be installed. In
    addition to potentially supporting the company servers, the local
    network infrastructure needs to support a dynamic work environment,
    where staff don’t have assigned offices but move around with their
    laptops to work in small groups.
  • The new office space needs to be connected to the Internet.

Your task:

the first requirement, your task is to do some research on the
advantages and disadvantages of hosting your own server versus using
online services. The second and third requirements are linked to the
first one. If the company decides to host their own servers, that may
have an impact on the required local network infrastructure and Internet

Research and analysis expected in the report:

  • The
    CIO wants to be informed about the options at a technical level.
    However, they expect you to give them enough arguments to also convince
    their investors, in particular with respect to costs and benefits of any new technology.
  • Go
    into some technical detail to explain differences between technologies.
    It will be useful to create tables for some of the comparisons. You can
    answer questions such as

Whatdevicesareinvolvedineachoptionandwhataretheirfunctions? o How does
hosting your own servers compare to online platforms in terms of

reliability, and up-front versus long-term costs? o

space in order to facilitate the mobility of the staff? o What
are the available upstream and downstream capacities of different

providers? Is the technology scalable and future-proof,

i.e., can we buy more capacity later without investing in expensive new



The importance of external audit in enhancing the financial statements Business Finance Assignment Help

I need you to write term paper (15 pages minimum), and it must be zero plagiarism.

The topic is the importance of external audit in enhancing the financial statements.

The outline is ready to follow. Also, I need you to add to the outline and explain the following:

1- what is the implications for users and the auditors?

2- does the new audit report support the external audit or auditor in enhancing the financial statements?

3- How does it impact it? (the attached files will help you to answer them but don’t just copy from it).

In addition, renumber the contents that are in the outline according to the page number.

***You must give your reaction, and your opinion.

– At least (15) full pages.

-Font size 12.

-Double line spacing.

-Time roman.

-APA style

****Again, it must be zero plagiarism.

The 15 pages must not include the contents, cover and reference pages.

I have attached the new audit report.


Answer Questions Humanities Assignment Help

For this assigment you will watch the videos on plagerism ,and then answer the following questions.Please respond with 400 words total:

After viewing reading the information about plagiarism and viewing the video , think about what plagiarism means. Then read the scenarios below. Next, craft a journal response of approximately 250 words, answer the questions posed below about the scenerios. Please make sure to support your ideas with evidence and explanations.

Video on Plagerism:

Scenario 1

Arthur is a busy man, juggling his family, work, and course work for a Criminal Justice degree. While working as a security guard, he learns that a coworker is also taking classes in criminal justice. After a long night of work, Arthur remembers he still has to complete his discussion posts in his hybrid class that evening in order to meet the deadline. He tells his friend about being tired and not wanting to go home and do school work. The friend offers to email Arthur the notes and discussion posts that he used when he took the same course about three months ago. Arthur thinks his friend’s posts sounds better than what he could write on his own. He is not sure if it is right to copy his friend’s work, so he decides to change the wording a little bit. He copies and pastes this into his discussion forum, logs off his computer, and settles on the couch to watch television.

Scenario 2

Michael is a single father that works full time and takes classes online to fit his busy schedule. His week has been rough, and he has had to work overtime the last four nights, causing him not to be able to tuck his kids into bed all four nights. He has promised his kids he would be home on time tonight, and while packing up his desk, he remembers that he has to submit his discussion post for his online course this night. The drive home will take an hour, and the time it will take to get there and write the post will cut into his ability to keep his promise to his kids. Michael knows from his reading that the post is very similar to one he wrote a few classes back. Michael, who cares deeply about acting with honor, does not think that this would be dishonest because the work was all his own and for the same college. Michael decides to copy his post from the previous course and reuse it for his current one, making very few modifications before leaving his office, so he will be clear to spend time with his kids.


  • Are Arthur and Michael in compliance with the idea of academic honesty? Discuss each situation.
  • Was Arthur’s friend in violation of academic honesty and why?
  • What should each of these individuals have done instead?
  • Is it acceptable to reuse the exact same work you submitted to a previous class without obtaining the permission of the instructor? Why or why not?


Course Project Business Finance Assignment Help

The Course Project consists of 10 Requirements for yo

u to complete. The Course Project is due at the e

6. See the Syllabus section ”Due Dates for Assignment

s & Exams” for due date information. All of the i

you need to complete the Course Project is located

in this Workbook.

• There are eight worksheets in the workbook you wi

ll need to complete.

• A list of March transactions

• A Chart of Accounts reference sheet

• A Grading Rubric to help explain what is expected


• Each worksheet has the Check Figures embedded as

a comment.

You’ve just secured a new client in your accounting

practice, Bethany’s Bicycle Corporation (BBC), a br

small business specializing in bicycle repair. The

owner, Bethany Beck, is a terriic cyclist and bike


but deinitely not an accountant. Your job is to hel

pBethany put his afairs in order. Luckily Bethany h


in operation for a month and things have not gotten

too out of hand yet! Bethany has to submit his in

statements to her investors and doesn’t know where

to begin. It’s your job to go through the complete

cycle to prepare the inancial statements for the BB




2 assignments to do Humanities Assignment Help

hallo there I have 2 assignments that I want you to do . if you have any questions please ask

first assignment: wellness action plan

Your assignment is to use the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, the strategies for wellness and academic success, and the Transtheoretical Model to create a personal Wellness Action Plan. (use the questions below as a guide)

The first step in determining your Wellness Action Plan involves asking yourself some questions. Start with a list of things that you want to improve. Choose a specific item from your list to focus on.

Your Path to Change
1. What do you need to do?
2. What needs to change in your life for you to accomplish your desire? State the change as specifically as you can.
For example, you might state your goal as: I want to increase my daily activity.

Your Committed Path to Change
What are you making a commitment to do?
Choose an initial step that is easy and doable and that will get you moving. Similar to a map, chart your course to your chosen desire. Create strategies that are challenging without being too much.
a. Be specific
b. Write down what you will do and by when
c. Write down how you will measure your success

For example, if you want to increase daily activity, your list might include using an app to track calories burned, drinking more water, walking to class, and going to group fitness classes at the gym 3 times a week. In terms of deadlines, you might say that you will make an appointment with for a free Fitness Equipment Orientation at the Campus Rec fitness center within two weeks and that you will go to one group exercise class before the end of the week. You might measure your success by drinking 8 glasses of water everyday and doing 30 minutes of physical activity at least five days out of the week.

Challenges to Your Change What are you up against?

1. List the obstacles that are in your way or you believe could prevent you from reaching your desired destination.
For example: When I have a lot of schoolwork, I neglect my physical activity.

Strategies to Meet the Challenges How can you overcome the hurdles in your way?
1. Create specific strategies to help you make adjustments in your life or avoid things that will hold you back.
For example: When I’m under deadlines for tests, I will make my activity shorter, but I will not skip it.

Sources of Support
1. Who can share this journey with you and support you?
2. Who can you count on for encouragement and accountability?

For the second Assignment

Choose a specific wellness concern or goal that college students might have based on the eight dimensions of wellness. Identify which dimension of the wellness wheel this concern relates to (emotional, environmental, social, occupational, financial, intellectual, physical, or spiritual). . (You can find additional wellness resources here: http://www.usf.edu/student-affairs/wellbeing/health-topics/index.aspx (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

3-5 sentences describing the wellness goal or concern, the dimension of the wellness wheel it relates to, and either a strategy for working towards the goal or a resource at USF that can help with this goal.

Example: Physical Wellness – Improving Sleep – If someone who wants to sleep better, he can pick up a sleep pack from the USF Wellness Center located in the Marshall Student Center. The pack includes ear plugs, an eye mask, sleepy-time tea, and tips for improving sleep. Making sure to only use your bed for sleep (not studying or watching tv) can help you get to sleep better too.

2 assignments to do Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

I need help with an assignment a.s.a.p., please. 🙁 Humanities Assignment Help

As you read through each article, consider the three main questions for analyzing secondary sources:

  1. What argument is your source’s author making? (This is the thesis statement.)
  2. Why is your source’s author making this argument? What is at stake for him or her?
  3. Where are there weak points in your source’s arguments? Do you see any potential bias or flaws in your source’s argument

Next, explain in the chart how you think the historical context in which these articles were written may have impacted the authors’ interpretations of the events. You are encouraged to check out this site (http://www.ushistory.org/us/index.asp) to help you formulate your thoughts on the historical context of your three articles. You are also encouraged to check out this website (http://www.ushistory.org/us/60.asp) to help you formulate your thoughts on the historical context . Use information from the articles to complete the Historical Context Chart.


Discussion Post: Successful Implementation of Electronic Heaoth Information Technology Health Medical Assignment Help

Discussion: Successful Implementation of Electronic Health Information Technology

Since the inception of the HITECH Act, health organizations have faced increased pressure to update their health information technology (HIT) resources. As discussed last week, many believe that the increased use of electronic health records and the quick and efficient communication afforded by HIT can lead to improved quality of patient care. Yet there are significant costs associated with implementing such systems. What can organizations do to ensure that the correct system is selected and that the system will be appropriate for those required to use it? Who should be involved in those decisions?

This week introduces the systems development life cycle and discusses how it can guide an organization through the complexities of adopting a new HIT system. In this Discussion, you are asked to consider the role of nurses in the SDLC process.

To prepare:

  • Review the steps of the systems development life cycle.
  • Think about your own organization, or one with which you are familiar, and the steps the organization goes through when purchasing and implementing a new HIT system.
  • Consider what a nurse could contribute to decisions made at each stage when planning for new health information technology. What might be the consequences of not involving nurses?
  • Reflect on your own experiences with your organization selecting and implementing new technology. As an end user, do you feel you had any input in the selection or and planning of the new HIT system?

By Day 3

Post an analysis of the ramifications of an organization not involving nurses in each stage of the systems development life cycle when purchasing and implementing a new HIT system. Give specific examples of potential issues at each stage and how the inclusion of nurses could help avoid such issues.


Effects of Disease on the healthcare industry: Mental and behavioral health Other Assignment Help

Effects of Disease on the Health Care Industry: Mental and Behavioral Health

HCS/245 Version 8

Effects of Disease on the Health Care Industry: Mental and Behavioral Health

Complete the table on the following page. Choose 2 diseases or disorders to complete the table. Be sure to properly cite references and sources for any information or facts used.

A general example has been provided for you.


Disease or Disorder

Treatment Modalities

Cultural Beliefs/Practices Affecting this Disease

Epidemiological Statistics

Available Consumer Resources

(e.g., financing, information, support)

Impact on Society

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Prevention (education, exposure avoidance)

Antiretroviral treatment (required to begin directly after infection)

Antiviral medications sometimes slow disease progression but cannot cure it once contracted.

AIDS is a disease that only affects the LGBT community (myth).

Contracting HIV is an automatic death sentence (myth).

HIV/AIDS is currently incurable (fact).

Education and proper preventive measures are crucial in fighting this disease.

Worldwide, 2.5 millionnew cases reported in 2011 (CDC)

635,000 individuals with AIDS have died in the United States to date (CDC).

An estimated 1.1 million people in U.S. were living with AIDS in 2009 (CDC).





Funding for prevention and research from the government and private sector

Educational programs, UNICEF

Considered a worldwide epidemic (Shi, 2014)

In 2012, the U.S. government spent more than $20 billion on HIV/AIDS programs and research.

Has an impact on social lives and sexual practices of all citizens in a given society in one way or another.


Shi, L. (2014). Introduction to Health Policy. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Washington, D.C.: AUPHA Press. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2013). Retrieved from www.cdc.gov/hiv/default.html

Complete the table below for 2 diseases that you have chosen that affect mental and behavioral health. In each box, you are required to list 3 to 5 bulleted statements regarding the heading of that box.

Cite your sources using APA format.

This section is due in Week Two.

Chosen Mental/Behavioral Disease or Disorder

Treatment Modalities

Cultural Beliefs/Practices Affecting this Disease

Epidemiological Statistics

Available Consumer Resources

(e.g., financing, information, support)

Impact on Society

List chosen disease here


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RECORDED INTERVIEW on Asian American with High Blood Pressure Humanities Assignment Help

– You are to have a 20-30 minutes RECORDED interview with an Asian-American with high blood pressure.

2b) Utilize the questionnaire and interview (make sure to record) {see attachment]

2c) Transcribe your interview word for word

2d) Turn in a paragraph on how you went about your interview or survey. How you know this person you interviewed or participants you surveyed? Where you interviewed? How long was the interview? The barriers and challenges of interviewing or surveying.


The file below is question to be asked for the interview and the other one is an example of how the transcript should look like.



Complete the table below for 2 diseases that you have chosen that affect mental and behavioral health. In each box, you are required to list 3 to 5 bulleted statements regarding the heading of that box.

Cite your sources using APA format.

This section is due in Week Two.

Chosen Mental/Behavioral Disease or Disorder

Treatment Modalities

Cultural Beliefs/Practices Affecting this Disease

Epidemiological Statistics

Available Consumer Resources

(e.g., financing, information, support)

Impact on Society

List chosen disease here


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