enterprise architecture Business Finance Assignment Help

enterprise architecture Business Finance Assignment Help. enterprise architecture Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Minimum answer per page

1.Describe the role of information technology in shaping and delivering business goals, elaborate on strategies, techniques and process and how they contribute to efficient operation and competitive advantage of an organization.

 2.    Explain the purpose of requirements gathering and specifically the difference between high-level (sequence) and low-level (class, sequence) designs.  Choose two distinct models of SDLC and explain how they are applied to enhance or create one or all sectors of an enterprise.

 3.    Define expert level architecture?  Expatiate on the role of enterprise architecture and the path to building comprehensive enterprise level architecture models. 

4.  Explain the role of EA in business and IT alignment, architectural styles and techniques for capturing and documenting architectures. Techniques for analyzing and reasoning about organizational architectures are practiced.

5.    Determine the services of a typical IT department to an organization that has a global reach. Create and discuss an organizational change chart to support the IT departments at a fictitious organization.  Please be very brief in your discussion, but there is no page limit.

 6.    In your view, briefly discuss cost, schedule, and other resource constraints to an organizational re-organization.  Please discuss the role of re-organization or re-engineering in enhancing organizations stability.  Please use your own words and do not attach your response. 

 7.    Explain and discuss Compatibility Maturity Model (CMM).  How effective do you think this model is in addressing enterprise architectural change? There is no page limit.

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Pschology short answer questions Humanities Assignment Help

Answers need to be a minimum of 20 sentences and in easy understandable english
  1. Talk about the possibility that increasing rates of depression are
    due to changes in locus of control. Describe an experiment you might do to test
    this possibility

  2. What is the relationship between IQ scores and T-scores. How are
    they similar. How are they dissimilar

  3. According to a CV theorist, what is depression? What is depression
    according to an operationalist

  4. Draw a medical model of disease/disorder and draw the model again
    with depression as an example

  5. Define, describe and distinguish between a cause, symptom and
    criterion. Give the symptoms of schizophrenia from an operationalist and CV
    theorist point of view

  6. Describe a case in which you employed defense mechanisms to avoid anxiety about something you did or you felt. Define the mechanism and say clearly how what you did alleviated anxiety


Unit 5 – Discussion Board assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

400-500 words (7 Days or Less)

  • What is the capital budgeting, and what role does it play in long-term investment decisions?
  • What are the basic capital budgeting models, and which ones are considered the most reliable and why?
  • What is net present value (NPV), how is it calculated, and what is the basic premise of its decision rule?
  • What is the internal rate of return (IRR), how is it calculated, and what is the basic premise of its decision rule?
  • What is the modified internal rate of return (MIRR), how is it calculated, and what is the basic premise of its decision rule?
  • How is the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) employed in capital budgeting decisions, and should it be used for all project regardless of the riskiness of a project?
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    persuasive presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

    Create a 10-minute video persuasive presentation on a topic you strongly support. 

    This speech requires considerable research and skillful use of persuasion methods. Special emphasis must be provided for evidence and reasoning. This assignment stresses audience analysis and adaptation. 

    Incorporate a 6- to 8-slide  PowerPoint presentation or another form of media identified in Ch. 13 of The Art of Public Speaking

    Follow Monroe’s Motivated Sequence in Ch. 15 of The Art of Public Speaking, and include a measurable final action step in your presentation. 

    obviously you will not do the video.. instead provide enough detailed speech notes with the slides that you would have said in the video

    chaps from this link: http://english.a222.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/The-Art-of-Public-Speaking-10ed.pdf


    healthcare Health Medical Assignment Help

    Make a outline for Analyzing the decision-making process in
    the governance of the healthcare.

    The discussion assignment for this week includes a review of the Key
    Assignment Outline completed by one of your classmates, as well as a
    substantial response to at least one other student.

    Primary Task Response: Your first task is to post your own
    Key Assignment Outline to the discussion area so that other students are able
    to review your plan. Attach your document to the main discussion post, and
    include any notes you feel are appropriate. The purpose of this assignment is
    to help improve the quality of the Key Assignment Draft you will complete next

    I have attached an example:

    Tracy Paige

    Administration in Healthcare
    Services (HSA320-1601B-02)

    March 13, 2016


    Corrective Action Plan

    a.  Definition

    b.  Items
    Involved in a Proper Corrective Action Plan

    c.  Corrective
    Action Plan for Late Employee

    d.  Motivation
    or Empower the Employee to Do Better and Improve

    General Management: Key Aspects

    a.  Employee
    Motivation Impact

    b.  EHR

    c.  Training
    Sessions for all Employees

    Organizational Chart

    OBGYN Medical Department

    a.  Mission
    and Values Statement

    b.  Company

    c.  Services

    d.  Staff

    e.  Patient

    Research of Two Organizations

    a.  Somerset

    b.  OB/GYN
    Associated of Attleboro

    c.  Company

    Orientation Presentation and Training

    a.  Ethics

    b.  Code
    of Conduct




    Guerrero, Amanda
    (2013). Five Best Practices for Training Staff on Using a New EHR. Retrieved
    from: http://profitable-practice.softwareadvice.com/five-best-practices-for-training-staff-on-ehr-0513/

    Healey, Bernard
    J., Marchese, M. C. (2012). Foundations of Health Care Management: Principles
    and Methods. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/books/9780470932124

    OB/GNY Associates
    of Attleboro. (2015). OB/GYN Associates
    of Attleboro.
    Retrieved from http://www.obgynassociatesofattleboro.org/

    Somerset OB/GYN
    Associates. (2015). Women’s Health Services. Retrieved from http://www.soga.com/



    Religion questions Humanities Assignment Help

    1.What is your opinion of the Daoist ideas of “cosmic balance” and “harmony”? Do extreme actions produce opposite balancing actions? Have you seen this in life?

    2.What role does nature play in the Shinto religion?

    3.How are Daoism and Confucianism similar? How are they different?

    answer questions above and then do another assigment below

    Imagine that you have been granted an interview by a world-renowned, female religious leader. What would you like to know concerning her beliefs, her struggles, and her successes? Two of the suggested readings would be excellent sources for choosing a religious leader for this project. (You will not actually interview this person, so feel free to choose any well-known, female religious leader.)Compile a list of 10 questions that would tell you more about her religion and why she chose to be a leader in it. Do not ask any “yes/no” questions. Good interview questions take just as much critical thinking to develop as answering the questions does. Your questions should demonstrate that you have some knowledge of her religious tradition. Your questions should dig deeper to get to information that cannot be found in the textbook or on the internet, but use that research to guide “the digging” in the interview.Below are some possible topics for exploration in your research and in forming your questions. You are not limited to these topics:

     Textual interpretations/misunderstandings

     Cultural expectations of women

     Influence of globalization

     Influence of other religions

     Religious traditions/practices

     Effects on her personal life

     Pressures of being a pioneer

     Support system

    reference page should be seperate. 


    Religion questions Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Please answer the following questions. Business Finance Assignment Help

    Read the Chapter 11 Case Study: “CHILDREN THE FINAL
    FRONTIER FOR CELL PHONES” page 448 of actual file/page 145 of .pdf file

    (Answer each question in 300-350 words)


    1. Summarize the key
    facts of the case. What are the critical issues being presented here?


    2. How might collective
    decision making play a role in the decision to buy a cell phone for a young
    child? Provide a possible scenario for this decision including the five
    decision making roles in your example. (Five decision making roles are problem
    solving, information search, evaluation of alternatives, product choice, and

    3. Discuss the family
    life cycle and current trends that impact the marketing of cell phones to


    4. How might Samsung
    market their cell phones to children as a primary market, an influence market,
    and a future market? Provide a specific example for each.

    *NOTE: Please answer each question with the minimum
    word count noted above. Review attachment on page 448 of the actual file (page
    145 of .pdf file) and answer each question thoroughly.  Place answers underneath each question so I
    know how to break it down, total of 4 questions. Use APA format to include
    in-text citations and a reference page. Let me know if you have any questions
    or comments.


    software engg Computer Science Assignment Help


    One common experience that students in every college and university share is enrolling in a

    college course.

    Based on the Context Diagram and Data Flow Diagram that we discussed in class, expand 

    at least two processes into sub processes (Child Diagram), adding more data flows and data 


    Question 2:

    Create a physical child data flow diagram for the following situation: The Fastbase Corporation 

    develops PC database software products that are sold for both the domestic and international 

    market. Customers receiving the products are sent a set of additional fonts if they return a 

    warranty registration card that is included with the software and documentation. The diagram 

    represents a batch process and is the child of process 5, ADD CUSTOMER REGISTRATION. 

    The following tasks are included:

    a. Inspect the Warranty Registration Card received from the customer to ensure that the 

    b. Data entry operators key the Warranty Registration Card, thus creating a Warranty 

    c. A different data entry operator verifies the keyed data by reentering the Warranty 

    d. The Warranty Registration File is input to a batch edit program. Each record is 

    e. The valid Warranty Registration File is used as input, along with the Customer 

    information is complete and accurate. Incomplete cards are placed in a reject box.

    Registration File.

    Registration Card information. The data entry terminal compares the data previously 

    keyed with the entry made by the second operator. Discrepancies are displayed.

    checked for accuracy. Errors are printed on a Warranty Validation Report, and valid 

    records are placed on valid Warranty Registration File.

    Master File, into the Customer Warranty Update Program. Records are added or 

    updated, depending on whether the customer already exists on the Customer Master 


    f. The valid Warranty Registration File is used to print a series of mailing labels for 

    sending the font software to the customer.


    Final Paper Outline Business Finance Assignment Help

    The purpose of this assignment is to create an outline, abstract, and reference page for your Final Paper. The outline must be two to three pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
    Address all of the following parts of this assignment:

    1. Prepare a two- to three-page, double-spaced outline of your Final Paper. 
    2. Generate a thesis statement that you will use in your Final Paper.
    3. The outline must contain the major sections that will exist in the Final Paper, as well as a brief description (two to three sentences) of what will be discussed under each heading. 
    4. The outline should include an abstract of one resource using the Annotated Bibliography Guidelines below:
      1. Provide a summary/abstract/annotation of the article, which means to list the major topics discussed in the article. 
    5. The outline must be accompanied by a reference page that includes at least eight scholarly sources in addition to your textbook that will be used in your Final Paper. Six of those resources need to come from the Ashford University Library. 


    Innovation Planning and Design Paper Business Finance Assignment Help


    Write a 1,250- to 1,500-word paper on the innovation planning and design process addressed in Week Two. Include the following in your paper:

    • Analyze the internal and external factors related to designing innovation strategies. Describe how they relate to one another and to the overall innovation process.
    • Describe the factors involved in innovation systems design. Explain the importance of innovation systems.
    • Describe the steps involved in the innovation planning process.

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and incorporate at least four scholarly references in addition to your texts.

    Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


    enterprise architecture Business Finance Assignment Help

    enterprise architecture Business Finance Assignment Help

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