Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help Science Assignment Help

Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help Science Assignment Help. Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help Science Assignment Help.

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Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem – Newsletter with a brief presentation to the class highlighting the main issues (Due Week 5)
Review the attached Student Resource for specific details on the assignment along with the grading rubric. Brief guidance is given below but you need to review the student guide as well.
A few potentially helpful websites that have information on topics related to this presentation (economic cost of disease, cost for implementing environmental control measures, societal impact from lack of disease control, etc):
•Environmental Protection Agency: www.epa.gov
•National Science Foundation: www.nsf.gov
•World Health Organization: www.who.org
•Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: www.cdc.gov
•National Institutes of Health: www.nih.gov
•The Encyclopedia of Earth: http://www.eoearth.org/
•The Nature Conservancy: www.nature.org
•UOPx Library à Library Resources à Multimedia àScience Online à Environmental Science
Prepare a Newsletter using available templates for Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Be sure to integrate information from the readings from workshops 1-5 into your presentation. Using information/sources BEYOND the reading is mandatory (including examples not found in the book). You may include recent information from newspapers, or other non-peer reviewed sources, as long as they are appropriately cited, but they should not be considered the primary source of scientific information. Topics will be assigned during class to avoid duplication with the members of the class.
Select one of the following Environmental Problems and the Ecological Impact – Individual topics will be assigned during workshop one based on this list.
1) Global Climate Change and the Impact of Rising Sea Levels
2) Global Climate Change and the Impact on Infectious Disease Distribution
3) Invasive species – you should select a specific species (animal, plant, insect, bacteria, etc.). Begin your research at: invasivespeciesinfo.gov.
4) Aircraft emissions (associated with jet fuels) – climate change and health effects associated with airline travel
5) Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment
6) Personal Care Products (PCPs) in Drinking Water
7) Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater (Central Valley)
8) Bisphenyl A (BPA) in Plastics
9) Hexavalent Chromium in Groundwater
10) Great Pacific Garbage Patch – or plastic garbage patches in other oceans
11) Electronic Hazardous Waste
12) Pharmaceutical pollution
13) Hazardous Waste/Superfund Site – (www.epa.gov has a listing of all superfund sites)
14) Coconut Plantations for Coconut Oil Production
15) International trade on endangered species
16) Deforestation – select a specific region of the world (such as Madagascar or South America)
17) Illegal dumping (specify type of dumping)
18) Other (requires instructor approval)
Address all of the following areas:
1) Introduction to the topic (what is the topic about, why is it important?). Relationship to readings from any/all workshops to your topic. Integrate course materials into your discussion.
2) Relationship to the reading, Workshops 1-5, with particular emphasis on the topics relevant to Workshops 4 and/or 5.
3) Your presentation should include a discussion of the impact on the ecosystem and a discussion of those populations most and least vulnerable to the environmental issue, as well as long-term consequences on the impacted populations (Workshop 5 reading).
4) Discuss how the environmental issue affects specific organ systems within affected animals/humans and how that disrupts normal anatomy and physiology or homeostasis of the organism (Workshop 4 reading), if relevant.
5) How or what is being done at the local/national/world level that may directly affect the topic under discussion? (This may include legislation to control some aspect of the topic or possibly, resulting international conflicts from the issue.)
6) What are the potential controversies associated with the topic?
7) Discuss societal, public health and/or economic issues that may play a role in regulating this area of biology.
8) Conclusion, including your opinion on any relevant controversies related to the topic (good or bad for society) and why.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines and the information provided in the attached student resource.

Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

write a paper about the experiences of two drug users, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Pretend that you Attended a local narcotics anonymous meeting and write a
paper about the experiences of two drug users. What drug did
they use?

How did they start using this drug?

How did their life change?

What were the positives and negatives?

Were they victims of “the
system” in some way?

Do not, under any circumstances, use the
individual’s (or individuals’) name(s) or allude to their identification
in any way. Ensure that they remain anonymous.
Title Page (1 page)
Abstract (1 page)
Main Paper (at least 6 pages)
– Introduction
– Body
– Conclusion
Before turning in the paper, make sure it includes:
– 12 point font, double spaced, 1 inch margins

Please make the paper believable. Nothing over the top. Simple. No references.

When writing about the made up women say something like the became addicted to drug of choice due to loss of child, or abuse, or something like that.


Why Do You Do What You Do, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

no plagiarism. include intext citations.

Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion that summarize the contents of the entire paper.

Paper topic:  Why Do You Do What You Do?


What are the goals, mission, vision and values of your organization?  Is the information available on public display so that all employees are aware?  How is this information communicated to the organization’s employees?

Develop an organizational chart listing all of the key leaders.  List their roles as well as discuss how their responsibilities tie to the organization’s mission, vision and values.

References: A minimum of two references are required for this assignment.  You may use your textbook as a reference in addition to the two references. 

Grading Rubric for Week 4 Paper:



Focus/ Thesis

Introduction Paragraph
Conclusion summarizing paper contents 

Content/ Subject Knowledge

Discuss the goals, mission, vision, and values of your organization
Develop organizational chart discussing tie between responsibilities of key leaders and the organization’s mission, vision and values

Critical Thinking Skills/ Analysis

Examples and facts support content
Support content discussion with researched material

Organization of Ideas/ APA Formatting

Ideas presented in logical format
Reference and Cover page
APA formatting of references and page set up

Writing Conventions/Grammar & Mechanics

Content page count is 3-5 pages
Proper grammar and writing mechanics are employed


Business Case Summary, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Assemble all the sections of your Business Case Summary into your final project management plan in a Microsoft® Word document using 5,250 to 7,000 words.

Include the following from each week.

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Executive Summary of Project Charter
  • Section 3: Scope Management
  • Appendices A, B, and C
  • Section 4: Schedule/Time Management
    • Note: The project milestones and schedule must be prepared in Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Section 5: Cost/Budget Management
    • Note: The budget must be prepared in Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Section 6: Quality Management
  • Appendix D
  • Section 7: Human Resources Management
  • Section 8: Communications Management
  • Section 9: Risk Management
  • Section 10: Issue Management
  • Section 11: Procurement Management
  • Section 12: Compliance Managemen


CLO Business Decision Making Project, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Prepare an 11 to 15 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the senior management team based on the business problem or opportunity you described in Weeks 3-4.

Include on the slides what you’d want the audience
to see (include appropriate visual aids/layout) and include in the
Speaker’s Notes section what you’d say as you present each slide
. If any
source material is quoted or paraphrased in the presentation, use APA
citations and references.

Draw on material you developed in the Weeks 3-4 assignments.

Include the following in your presentation: 

  • Introduction slide
  • Agenda slide
  • Describe the organization, with a brief description
  • Explain the business problem or opportunity
  • Analyze why the business problem is important
  • Identify what variable would be best to measure for this problem. Explain why.
  • Apply data analysis techniques to this problem (tell which
    techniques should be used: descriptive stats, inferential stats,
    probability, linear regression, time series). Explain why.
  • Apply a possible solution to the problem/opportunity, with rationale.
  • Evaluate how data could be used to measure the implementation of such a solution.
  • Conclusion
  • References slide (if any source material is quoted or paraphrased throughout the presentation)

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.



Program Design ], psychology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

The general sections of your model include the purpose or mission, the context, the inputs or resources, the activities or interventions, the outputs or proof the activities were done, and the effects or results. For example, the Community Tool Box uses this diagram to illustrate these sections:

Link http://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/overview/models-for-community-health-and-development/logic-model-development/main

Using the drawing tools in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Visio to create a logic model for your program design. Then, in a 1-2 page paper, expand on each section of your model to thoroughly explain the intentions of your program.

Program Design ], psychology homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Sustainability, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

FINC225-1603A-03 Financial Statement Analysis

Individual Project


 Mon, 8/1/16

Excel spreadsheet + a Word document (1–2 pages)

You have been hired as a junior financial analyst by a major, international consulting firm. For your first assignment, you have been asked by a senior financial analyst to demonstrate your skills by assessing the performance of a publicly trading company; preferably one with inventories and receivables. The senior analyst expects you to evaluate at least two years’ worth of financial statements, but you know three years would be better in order to really understand the financial health of your subject company. Each week over the next five weeks, the senior analyst expects you to complete and submit at least one task associated with this assignment and to regularly discuss what you have been learning with you other junior associates, as they will be preforming the same project as you, albeit with a different company, and most likely in a different industry. 

Using the Lockheed Martin’s company’s financial statements, calculate and evaluate the firm’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) for the last 2–3 years, and summarize your findings in your paper. Be sure to address the following:

  • What are the sustainable growth rates for your subject company over the period that you studied?
  • How do they compare with the actual growth rates that the company experienced over the period studied?
  • What are the consequences faced by firms that grow at a rate that is not consistent with their sustainable rate?
  • If the firm grew at a rate above or below the SGR, how did it finance its excessive growth or reward its stockholders for the underperformance?
  • Based on your analysis, do you believe the firm’s growth strategy is sound and maximizes the value of the firm with reasonable levels of risk? 

Be sure to document your statements with credible sources, in-text citations, and references using proper APA format.


Language Generated from the grammar, assignment help Programming Assignment Help

1. Define a grammar that the language generated from the grammar needs LL(5) recursive descendant parser. The grammar doesn’t need to be complicated, as long as it satisfies the requirement. 

2. Use the patterns you learn to implement the LL(5) parser for the grammar you design in 1.

 3. Your submitted report needs to have:

 1) (40%) Grammar

 2) (40%) List of source codes of your parser, including a test class.

 3) (20%) Screenshots on how you make sure your implementation is working correctly. 3. One paper report need be submitted 


current world of business, Article brief help Business Finance Assignment Help

Article Brief

The summary is to be no more than three pages.

You must follow APA requirements which include having a title
page, an abstract, introduction and conclusion.

You must have at least one reference on a separate references
page to the article itself.

I would like to see a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses
of the article.

I would like to see your opinions about the significance,
accuracy and clarity of the article and how it relates to accounting ethics

Please have small headings for strengths and weaknesses, significance, accuracy and clarity of the article and how it relates to accounting ethics…. 

Below is the article that need to be summarised. 

Article Citation

What CPAs Need to Know
about Quality Control Assurance Systems. (n.d.). Retrieved July 25, 2016, from


Include marketing and information technology strategies and tactics, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please review papers attached and no plagiarism

Write a 700- to 1,050-word section for your business model and strategic plan in which you add your strategies and tactics to implement and realize your objectives, measures, and targets.

  • Include marketing and information technology strategies and tactics.
  • Develop at least three methods to monitor and control your proposed strategic plan, being sure to analyze how the measures will advance organizational goals financially and operationally.
  • Determine the best possible options for evaluating the strategic plan.  
  • Explain the ethical issues faced by the organization, summarize the legal and regulatory issues faced by the organization, and then summarize the organization’s corporate social responsibility.
  • Include in this section the possible implications of the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) on the strategic plan and its implementation.

Write a 350-word executive summary defining the new division of existing business. Share your Vision, Mission, final business model, and value proposition, and list your key assumptions, risks, and change management issues. Quantify the growth and profit opportunity and planned impact on various stakeholders.

Note: Any investor should be eager to meet with you after reading your executive summary.

Using the University of Phoenix Business Model and Strategic Planning Outline as a guide, combine Parts 1, 2, and 3 of your completed business model strategic plan with your Final Business Plan Model assignment and Executive Summary. This includes the Business Model, Vision, Mission, Values, SWOT Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, and Communication Plan from prior weeks. Your consolidated final strategic plan should be 4,200 to 5,250 words in length.

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help Science Assignment Help

Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help Science Assignment Help

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