environmental science questions, environmental science homework help Science Assignment Help

environmental science questions, environmental science homework help Science Assignment Help. environmental science questions, environmental science homework help Science Assignment Help.

1. Using your local newspaper or the Internet, identify 3 environmental issues that are being debated near you. Post a description of each one to this assignment link. Be sure to include the reasons why it is a debate and background information on the issue.

2. What caused the Dust Bowl? For this assignment read the following website with a history of the Dust Bowl. Identify the key factors that led this disaster. (Be sure to check out the Black Blizzard while you read!). Click here to begin. Lesson Assignment: Create a Video

3. Create a video illustrating a phase change of matter. Using an image editor like paint, explain how molecules either lose or gain energy in the change. Your video should be 45 seconds to a minute long. Upload your completed work as an mp4 file to this assignment link. Be sure to include 3 concepts discussed in this lesson.

4.For this lesson you will create a mini ecosystem in a bottle. Follow the instructions (Click Here) and watch how your mini-ecosystem responds. Keep a journal of your observations for a two week period of time. Then upload your observations to hand into your teacher. 5.Describe the biome where you live in a word document and submit to your teacher using the assignment link. Be sure to describe the climate, soil type, plant life and animal life in your biome.

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computer security, computer science homework help Other Assignment Help

I have 3 question in information security, and these are the questions..

Q1 Desgin a scheme by which a credit card user can authenticate to a credit card processing company so that a merchant could be confident the user was the rightful owner of the credit card. Your scheme should have three aspects :first, for face-to-face transaction,for example, a purchase in a store; second , for voice transaction , for example, a purchase by telephone ; third, for a electronic transaction , for example, a purchase on the internet. Describe the difficulty for the user, for example,your scheme might require the user to carry a token that might be inconvenient to carry. Describe the delay factor, if any, in the merchant ‘s seeking authentication. This question is focused on providing assurance to merchant. Does it also protect the user or the credit card processor?why or why not.

Q2 Penetration testing is based on Clark Weissman’s flaw Hypothesis Methodology in which the tester hypothesize a flaw, designs a test to confirm the flaw’s existence, applies the test , and uses the result of the test to refine the hypothesis by expanding on a demonstrated flaw or choosing a different potential weakness. How would you apply the Flaw Hypothesis Methodology to search for failures in the Mars probe example?

Q3 it is possible to identify all the plug and play components ever connected to your system. Using a Windows system follow the steps and try to identify what devices were plugged in. If using the registry is cumbersome, I strongly recommend:

USBDeview: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html

To show you are able to track the devices connected to your system, provide a summary list of all devices you found and the last connection date. Please obscure any information that you believe should not be disclosed. Please keep this list as compact as possible (maybe one line per each device).


Role Reversal Proposal, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Applied Final Project: Role Reversal Proposal

Part Two of Applied Final Project, Role Reversals: Understanding Our Gendered Selves:

“Challenging My Story” (5% of course grade; due end of Week Four)

One paragraph (150-250 words)

All parts of this project should be formatted in APA style (follow for both essay and citation styles): APA Style Guide: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

Must be approved by instructor (“Pass”) to continue with project

Purpose: Role-Reversal Act Proposal

In this section of the assessment, you will choose an act that challenges societal gendered norms or that runs contrary to the way in which you project gender every day. In Week 6, you will go out into society and perform your act, so propose something you can actually do.

In conceptualizing this act, consider what you discovered about yourself as a gendered being in part one.

Turn in one paragraph (150-250 words) describing your act. What do you plan to do, when and where do you plan to do it, and why is it a reversal of your gendered history and current presentation of self?

Suggestions: These acts can be small (wearing your hair differently, or not wearing makeup if you usually do), or large (a radical change in hairstyle or dress, or speaking or behaving differently with others), or moderate (attempting to use exclusively gender neutral language, or suggesting a mixed-gender activity that is usually single-gender). Use your Part One discussion to identify areas of gendered behavior in your life where you can intervene to change something.

For an act to be approved, it must meet the following guidelines:

  1. It must differ from your usual practice.
  2. It must be public (this is fieldwork; it is not sufficient to record your own reaction. Others must be able to respond as well). “Public” does not have to be a large number of people.
  3. It must be noticeable, preferably without you having to explain the assignment to other people (see above about the public nature of the act).
  4. You must be able to perform it in the course of a single day.
  5. It must clearly relate to gender socialization.

Note: You may be a bit nervous about this act; that is normal. You are going against societal norms and your own socialization and breaking your everyday routine. I can tell you that, in the past, the students who had the most trepidations were the ones who in the end learned the most and enjoyed the project the most. Please contact me before the due date if you have any questions/concerns about the proposal.

Rubric for Part Two

Rubric indicates pass/fail. Instructor will respond as soon as assignment is submitted (may be submitted early); Part Two is a pass/fail assignment that you must resubmit until you pass in order to conduct the act and complete part four. Students receiving a pass will have a clear plan for a doable and relevant act.

Hide Rubrics

Rubric Name: Proposal Rubric


Your proposal for the Role Reversal Project has been accepted and approved by your instructor.

Please contact your instructor for further information about this project.

You have not submitted a proposal OR your proposal has not been accepted or approved by your instructor.

Please read feedback to learn how to proceed. Please note that your topic must be approved in order to continue with the additional stages of the Role Reversal project.

Overall Score


Literature body review, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to revise the introduction and literature review of your academic argumentative
research paper, which you created a draft of in Unit IV.
Description: In this assignment, you will revise the introduction and literature review that you wrote for the Unit IV
following parts of the assignment must be revised:
Introduction (9-12 well-developed sentences/approximately 350 words): Sentence 1: Introduce the general topic
Sentence 2: Pro side (general)
Sentence 3: Con side (general)
Sentence 4: Narrow the scope (1)
Sentence 5: Examples of the narrowed topic
Sentence 6: Narrow the scope (2)
Sentence 7: Specific controversy
Sentence 8: Pro side (specific)
Sentence 9: Con side (specific)
Sentence 10: The thesis
Literature Review (800-900 words
): Literature review body: This section includes three to four body paragraphs that discuss the history, terminology, and
both sides of the controversy (pro and con).
Literature review conclusion: The conclusion signals that the literature review is ending, but it also acts as a kind of
preface for the body of the paper by restating the thesis statement and establishing your argument once again.


Gene Technology, biology homework help Science Assignment Help

Gene technology carries with it social and ethical implications—many of which engender personal views and discussion.

Select one (1) of the following biotechnology topics to write about:

  • Genetically modified crop plants
  • Genetically modified microorganisms
  • Genetically modified animals
  • Personal genomics and / or personalized medicine for humans
  • Gene therapy

Write a four to six (4 to 6) page paper on your chosen topic. Organize your paper into sections corresponding to the following requirements:

  1. Biological basis. Describe the technology. Discuss what it accomplishes. Elaborate on the scientific principles that make this technology possible. Your goal in this section of the paper is to show the instructor that you understand the underlying science behind the technology. Describe how exactly the technology works. Discuss the biological principles that underlie this technology.
  2. Social and ethical implications. Without disclosing your personal view about this technology, provide an analysis of its social and ethical implications. State the ethical concerns apparent in the use of this technology. Discuss the benefits and risks. Your goal in this section is to look at all sides of the issue. In the next section, you will give your opinion.
  3. Personal viewpoint. In the previous section, your goal was to be as objective as possible, to look at all sides of the issues. In this section, your goals are to give a personal opinion about the technology and provide a justification of that opinion.
  4. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment, in addition to the course text. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources. The body of the paper must have in-text citations that correspond to the references. Integrate all sources into your paper using proper techniques of quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing, along with proper use of in-text citations to credit your sources.



Answer 7 question about philosophy Humanities Assignment Help

1.What is Euthyphro’s first definition of piety; how does Socrates respond? What is Euthphro’s second definition and how does it fix the problem that the first definition had? How does Socrates respond to the second definition? Explain.

2. What is Euthyphro’s third definition of “piety?” How does Socrates respond to this definition? Explain.

3.What is Descartes’ goal in the Meditations? How does he employ his method of hyperbolic doubt to this end? Name and explain the various tools he uses to cast doubt, the sorts of things each tool casts into doubt, and with each tool what remains undoubted? Explain. Note: Drawing the table is not enough; you must explain the various elements on the table.

4.At the end of Meditation One, Descartes claims that we know the mind for certain, but can’t know anything about physical objects themselves. In Mediation Two, he gives the wax argument to further prove that we can’t know anything about physical objects themselves. Explain this argument and how it demonstrates this rather bold conclusion. How is the knowledge of our mind different than knowledge of physical objects?

5. In Locke’s Causal Theory of Perception, he makes a distinction between what he calls “Primary Qualities” and “Secondary Qualities.” Explain first what a quality is and then explain his distinction between the Primary and Secondary Qualities. Lastly, explain how this distinction allows him to think he has vindicated the work of Isaac Newton.

6. Berkeley attempts to collapse Locke’s Primary/Secondary Quality distinction. Lay out his arguments for this. Explain his Master Argument (what he thinks physical objects really are) and demonstrate how it ties to the arguments that allow him to collapse the Primary/Secondary Quality distinction.

7. Explain what Locke means by “substratum”. Berkeley mounts three attacks against this concept. Explain each. In attacking “substratum”, Berkeley believes he has provided an argument for the existence of God. Trace these arguments.

Answer 7 question about philosophy Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The key to success in Music, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Please respond to the following summary in 200 words,please provide thoughtful ,and educational insight on the summary.According to the author, Jake Sibley. The key to success in Music is to look ahead and figure what you ultimately want to be, spend time on your goals, interact musically with others, and to practice. Therefore, Jake gives a few tips on how to achieve success in Music. First, you need to set some goals and achievements to accomplish. For example, start taking some lessons if you are new to music, and/or if you are in a band, look for a paid project. Next, it is important to spend time on your dream, and to not waste money on it. Although, having really expensive equipment is nice, do not waste your money on that but spend your time practicing, learning, and achieving your goals that will lead you to better musicianship. Another key to success is to play with others. Music is an emotion that everyone feels and can relate to. Talk about it to others. Play with others. Make sure you are able to communicate and interact with others, musically. Last but not least, practice all the time. According to the author, if you can not play the music you put out there, then what is the point to all of it? The keys to Music Success are to look into the future and plan ahead, take time on your goals, play with others and practice a lot. Stay focused, don’t let anyone slow you down and and push to your goal.


annotated bibliography, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

For this assignment you will review a previous article assignment
and then you will create an annotation for the new reference identified. You
will write 2 pages 12 font times roman ,citations, not including title or
reference page


First, add to your list of references from the library assignment
in Week 4 by identifying an additional article related to the research topic
you used to create your outline during Week 4.

Article Assignment attached


For this assignment, use the guidelines and resources you
have reviewed and create an annotated bibliography using the one of the
following sources:

Holt, D., Palmer, S., Gosper, M., Sankey, M., & Allan, G.
(2014). Framing and enhancing distributed leadership in the quality management
of online learning environments in higher education. Distance Education, 35(3), 382-399.



Financial Ratio Analysis (2.5pages) Business Finance Assignment Help

Answer the following questions with short essays (Word Document, Typed,
Double-Spaced, 12pt. Font w/ 1″ margins). Please clearly separate and mark
each essay:

  1. (1) Comment on your financial analysis of Costco. Comment on Costco’s
    performance with regard to: sales growth, margins, profitability, liquidity,
    leverage (e.g. debt load) and activity ratios. Where are the company’s financial
    statements weak? Why? Can you pinpoint the causes of these weaknesses?
    Where is the company strong? Be sure and separately discuss sales growth,
    margins, profits, liquidity, leverage and activity in clearly separated, clearly
    identified sections. (Suggested Length: 2 Pages)
  2. (2) What is your overall assessment of the financial structure and condition of
    Costco? Is the company performing well, poorly or indeterminate? Choose one
    of these options and explain the reasons you have drawn this conclusion.
    (Suggested Length: 1⁄2 page).


the key internal factors that have implications for successful . Writing Assignment Help

.Internal Environment Report: (I have to use the same company that was used in paper #1)

Complete an analysis of the key internal factors that have implications for successful implementation of your organization’s strategy and goals/objectives. Submit your work in your assignment folder in the form of an approximate 2,000-word double-spaced APA-formatted paper. The title page, reference list, and any appendices are not included in this suggested word count. You do not need to include an abstract.7 PAGES

Your paper should address these topics:

  1. Identify your company’s core competencies and assess which ones are rare, costly, or not easily imitated.
  2. Present a summary of your organization’s strengths and potential (or currently verifiable) competitive capabilities. Also summarize the organization’s weaknesses. (Note: You will have an opportunity to complete a full SWOT analysis, including threats and opportunities, as part of your week 6 paper.) Put your summary in a table and include a brief narrative explanation of your supporting rationale. You might find this resource helpful:
  3. Apply the Resource-Based View (RBV) to help you identify both the tangible and intangible assets your organization may be able to use to accomplish its intended strategies. Here is a video of Jay Barney explaining RBV:
  4. Consider and discuss the things that may make your organization’s resources and capabilities difficult for others to imitate. UseValue Chain Analysis to help you deepen your understanding of the relative value of the resources and capabilities you have identified. Seek objective and independently verifiable evidence of potential rarity of the resources and capabilities.

IMPORTANT: Do not just use someone else’s SWOT or other analysis. We want you to think for yourself. Critically analyze your firm and write about your original conclusions.