equity diversity and inclusion

equity diversity and inclusion. equity diversity and inclusion.

please use this article to answer the questions and do the assignment
The purpose of this activity is to provide us with opportunities for more intimate small group
discussions for current events or issues related to Workplace EDI that expand on our course
content with viewpoints that you bring to the table. This component is worth 5% of the final course grade.
what to prepare:
a. Short description of the current event/issue for discussion.
b. Interesting questions (2-3) you want to bring up for discussion based on (a) that go beyond
what we have already discussed or are covering in our course.
c. For each of the questions: thoughtful ideas of answers or perspectives to explore in those
answers (bullet points accepted).
• Appendix: If there is a clip, picture, newspaper article, social media post to show – include a link to
those with your submission. Ensure to include full citation details for those items.

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Intro to interviewing andd counseling

Please read the attached document and answer the following questions:
What did you find most interesting about the article?
Do you think people can learn to be more optimistic if they have been a lifelong pessimist? Why or why not?
Do you feel the four suggestions to think optimistically at the end of the article could be good to use with clients who are struggling to change or lack motivation to change/ Why or why not?

Organization Design and Development- MGT 404

equity diversity and inclusion Management Assignment Help Part 1 (3 marks):

1. What are the key reasons behind the reorganizing of the finance department in this foods company? (Words 150-200)
2. What do you think the major concerns will be of employees and managers in the new design? (Words 150-200)
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a gradual versus a rapid transition? (Words 150-200)
Part 2 (2 marks):
4. Please refer to table 12.5 in Chapter 12 in p.352 of your textbook. Then, choose an example of an organization that uses a product-centric structure. Please justify and explain your answer. (Words 250-300)

Please find the solution in the attached assignment file
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).

Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.

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Case Study mgt311

No Plagiarism, No Matching will be acceptable.
All answers must be typed using Times New Roman (Size12, Double-space) font.
No pictures containing text will be acceptable and will be considered plagiarism.
proper examples and explanations for each questions.
– No short answer as it’s not acceptable for this assignment
the answer should be sufficient
References are very important to put them under the solution
I want the solution on the same page of the questions that I attached, under the word answer

equity diversity and inclusion

equity diversity and inclusion