essay based on “mean little deaf queer” by terry galloway. THE ESSAY MUST ANSWER ALL 11 QUESTIONS on the instructions. I do not have the book but a free audiobook available online.

1) What is your overall response to the narrative? How did it make you feel and why do you think the book evoked those particular feelings? 2) What did you learn about the particular disability featured in the book? Be specific and give examples. What aspects of this disability surprised you or challenged your thinking? 3) How does this book deepen your understanding of the political/social/economic conceptualization of disability versus the medical model of disability? 4) How does this person’s race, class, culture, and gender intersect with his or her disability experience throughout life? 5) How does this person’s disability impact the family unit? (e.g., parents, siblings, extended family, marriage, parenthood)? 6) What messages does this person receive from society (e.g., family, teachers, doctors, therapists, friends, acquaintances, strangers) about his or her disability? How does he or she respond? 7) How does the person’s understanding of disability shift over time? In what ways is the person’s disability part of his or her identity? How do you know? 8) Choose several quotes from the book that “spoke” to you. Explain your choices. 9) Were you troubled or confused by any aspect of the narrative? If so, explain. 10) What did you learn about yourself by reading this account? How might the book influence how you interact with students with disabilities and their families? Be specific. 11) Do you have any other insights you would like to add?

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