Ethics, Law and Cybersecurity Computer Science Assignment Help

Ethics, Law and Cybersecurity Computer Science Assignment Help. Ethics, Law and Cybersecurity Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Instructions: There are three (3) topic areas listed below that are designed to measure your knowledge level specific to your understanding and ability to analyze the professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues in the global field of computing. You must respond to all three questions by providing appropriate responses in essay form. The references for this assignment must be newer (less than 2 years old) than for the other assignments. In most cases the topic area has several components. Each must be addressed to properly satisfy requirements.

State-wide and in most professional industries, there has been a mandate that college students be more proficient in their writing. While this is not a writing class, all writing assignments will be graded for grammar, syntax and typographical correctness to help address this mandate.

Pay attention to what you are being asked to do (see Grading Rubric below). For example, to describe does not mean to list, but to tell about or illustrate in more than two or three sentences, providing appropriate arguments for your responses using theories discussed in our text. Be sure to address all parts of the topic question as most have multiple parts. A verifiable current event (less than 2 years old) relevant to each of the topics is a fundamental component of your quiz as well. You must have at least one reference for eachtopic and you cannot use the same reference to satisfy this requirement. You cannot use information from the text book or any book/article by the author of the text book as a current event. Make sure that your reference has a date of publication. References with no date (n.d.) are not acceptable. Each question requires a reference citation in the text of your answer and a reference at the end of the question to which the reference applies. You must include some information obtained from the reference in your answer. The references must be found on the internet and you must include a URL in your reference so that the reference can be verified.

You should type your responses directly under the appropriate question.

  1. (a) Describe and give examples of the 2 most significant computer security threats that are impacting the world at the present time. (b) What steps are being taken to minimize or thwart these threats? (c) Will the efforts proposed to protect individuals, companies and the governments from these threats still protect the rights of citizens? (d) Do you think that the steps taken or to be taken are ethical and will not cause a backlash in society? Please elaborate (beyond a yes or no answer)

2. (a) Describe at least 3 of the most significant ethical/social issues for individuals and at least 3 of the most significant ethical/social issues for businesses/organizations in the field of Computer Science. (b) Which, if any, of these issues overlap both individuals and businesses/organizations? (c) For each issue that you identified that is causing a major ethical/social problem for society, suggest a solution for this problem. Be as concise as possible in your answer and do not address the issue of security threats in this question. Please elaborate (beyond a yes or no answer)

3. The field of computer science has changed during your lifetime and will continue to change in the future. When the Computer Science department at this University was created in 1974 students were using keypunch cards to run programs on the main frame. There was no PC, no cell phone, no phone aps, no internet, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Google, no Microsoft, etc. The field of computer science has changed dramatically from then till now. Over your entire life the changes could be as dramatic as it has been since the CS Department was created. (a) How important is it to you to keep up to date with the coming changes in hardware, software and ethical issues? (b) What specific steps will you in engage in to make sure that you are up to date as a computer professional? Please elaborate (beyond a yes or no answer)


Ethics, Law and Cybersecurity Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ACCT-302: Advanced Financial Accounting Business Finance Assignment Help

Q1. How are direct combination costs, contingent consideration, and a bargain purchase reflected in recording an acquisition transaction?

Q2. On January 1, 2016, ATM Corporation acquired all of the common stock of ZED Company for $300,000. On that date, ZED’s identifiable net assets had a fair value of $250,000. The assets acquired in the purchase of ZED are considered to be a separate reporting unit of ATM Corporation. The carrying value of ZED’s investment at December 31, 2016, is $310,000. The fair value of the net assets (excluding goodwill) at that date is $220,000 and the fair value of the reporting unit is determined to be 260,000.


1) Explain how goodwill is tested for impairment for a reporting unit.

2) Determine the amount, if any, of impairment loss to be recognized at December 31, 2016.

Q3.. Acquisition at Other than Fair Value of Net Assets

Mason Corporation acquired 100 percent ownership of Best Company on February 12, 20X9. At the date of acquisition, Best Company reported assets and liabilities with book values of $420,000 and $165,000, respectively, common stock outstanding of $80,000, and retained earnings of $175,000. The book values and fair values of Best’s assets and liabilities were identical except for land which had increased in value by $20,000 and inventories which had decreased by $7,000. The estimated fair value of Best as a whole at the date of acquisition was $295,000.


Give the eliminating entries required to prepare a consolidated balance sheet immediately after the business combination assuming Mason acquired its ownership of Best for $280,000.


Ethic Paper Writing Assignment Help

1- student identified issue perceived by them to be of ethical conflict with the definition of situation

2- student identified the four principles of ethical decision making related to the topic being addresses:

.what certain actions are rightnor wrong

.if one ought to do something

.if one has the right to do something

.if one has the duty to do something

3- student identified how the situation applies to the ethical responsibilities of nurses:

.patient advocacy


.peer reporting

4- student applied the principles of ethics to the topic:

. nonmaleficence

. beneficence

. autonomy

. fidelity


5- student identified how situation might impact future practice

6- paper should be 2000 words

7- add a reference and a cover page

8- APA style

9- please include all above criteria


Week 4/5: MaHIM PPT Business Finance Assignment Help

MaHIM appears complicated but it mirrors the standard ICS matrix in terms of its design. There are five sectors: Command, Operations, Logistics, Planning and Admin/Finance. However, the system is not actually a roadmap for assigning persons to perform tasks. Rather, it is a map whose purpose is to remind an incident manager of all the tasks which much be accomplished during a complex health emergency and it groups those tasks into functional sectors.

Assignment: Read both MaHIM and the Public Health ICS document. Create between 10-15 Powerpoint slides discussing: (1) the difference between MaHIM and the public health ICS, (2) the major functional subgroups contained within the sector of your choosing, (3) critical actions for the first 24 hours of an incident from the public health perspective, choosing from: category 5 hurricane in Miami, NYC subway terrorist bombing, large earthquake in urban center in northern California, massive explosion at a chemical factory, or Y. pestis (plague) outbreak in Washington DC. Remember to describe your answer in terms of public health emergencies, not fire-rescue incident types.


Cultural Dimensions Business Finance Assignment Help

Cultural Dimensions

As a precursor to the “Looking Ahead” Assignment which you will
submit in Unit 10, you will address cultural dimensions as seen in your
Learning Activity and the Reading on pages 163–165 from Chapter 5
(Hofstede’s Framework and the GLOBE Framework). Review these and do some
research on the Internet. Then address the Discussion topic:

  • For a company that has manufacturing facilities in the United States
    and in China, select two of the five value dimensions from Hofstede’s
    Framework (from pages 163–165 in Chapter 5), and compare/contrast these
    dimensions with how the United States facility would be run versus the
    one in China, based on these work-related values.

add reference



Practical Connection Assignment: Information Governance Computer Science Assignment Help


Provide a 2-3 pages paper on how you will prove the business case for an IG program in an organization, what makes for a successful IG program and how would you design and implement an IG program in an Organization?


Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited.Share a personal connection that identifies specific knowledge and theories from this course.Demonstrate a connection to your current work environment.

(I am working as a Systems analyst in Healthcare Insurance company, please use it as an example to write the answer. )

No plagiarism (0%)

USe these two papers as reference and write a paper

Practical Connection Assignment: Information Governance Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Write a one to three-page Humanities Assignment Help

Write a one to three-page (500-700 words) paper in which you provide the following.

1) Indicate the book you have chosen from the Book Project Developmental Analysis Reading List (See Activities & Assignments) to analyze for developmental themes.

2) Describe why you have chosen the book.

3) Describe what you anticipate gaining from reading and analyzing the book.

The post should be at least 3 paragraphs, 1 paragraph for each of the 3 items of information to be provided.

As indicated above, submit your response in the form of a Microsoft Word Document formatted in the double-spaced requirement of APA style


Watch the video and then answer the question. Writing Assignment Help

Discussion/Response 4: Impressionism & Nationalism

1919 unread replies.8181 replies.

    1. Choose one of the pieces from this unit’s listening. OR
    2. Pick one that stands out to you and briefly (1-2 sentences) explain why this particular piece “caught your ear.”
    3. What are the piece’s unique characteristics? BE SPECIFIC and use your textbook as your reference! This should be the main part of your mini-essay. This is not opinion – these are facts that you have researched.
    4. Cite your sources (Links to an external site.) – including your textbook. Points deducted for not citing references. You may use MLA format. (Links to an external site.)
    5. Response should be one-two paragraphs. Use full sentences, no abbreviations, and check your spelling for full credit.

    After posting your response, comment on TWO students’ responses. You may ask a question or demonstrate further understanding of the topic. Questions about CITING your SOURCES? Contact the Writing Center (Links to an external site.)!


Exam & Paper 1: Status Tree Humanities Assignment Help

2 Assignments:

Exam 2: This test covers Chapters 4-8, as well as supplemental readings and videos related to the Chapter topics. The test is all multiple choice. There are 50 questions. If you get locked out of a test, let me know IMMEDIATELY. This exam is not timed, but it must be completed in one sitting. You cannot save, exit, and come back to it.

Paper 1: Status Tree: Objective: The Paper gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and understanding of statuses and roles. Module 4 discusses statuses and roles.

This paper has two parts. The first part is to create a status tree, and the second part is to write about the statuses of that tree in relation to the related key concepts from the text.

More information on the Status Tree & Paper will be provided once tutor is selected.


write by following instructions subject cloud computing how it helps you and your job:::my job: QA automation engineer Engineering Assignment Help

Provide a reflection of at least three pages double space. How the knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied, or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment. If you are not currently working, share times when you have or could observe these theories and knowledge could be applied to an employment opportunity in your field of study. Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign


  1. Write at least 3 pages (double spaced) reflection.
  2. Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited.
  3. Share a personal connection that identifies specific knowledge and theories from this course.
  4. Demonstrate a connection to your current work environment. If you are not employed, demonstrate a connection to your desired work environment.
  5. You should NOT, provide an overview of the assignments assigned in the course. The assignment asks that you reflect how the knowledge and skills obtained through meeting course objectives were applied or could be applied in the workplace.


Ethics, Law and Cybersecurity Computer Science Assignment Help

Ethics, Law and Cybersecurity Computer Science Assignment Help

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