Ethics Paper

Ethics Paper. Ethics Paper.

I’m working on a Philosophy question and need guidance to help me study.

Write a 3 ½ -5 page paper, double spaced and Times New Roman.

Select ONE of the topics below, explaining not only the essential themes and ideas connected to the topic, but also provide your own reflections on this topic. Part of what you must do in order to perform well on this assignment is to read the text closely and provide justification for your explanation of these concepts as well as for your arguments and reflections (this will involve at the least citing the passages in the text important to your argument).

(1) Discuss TWO Ethical practices/customs (i.e., regarding marriage, burial of dead) which the United States practices that differs from another country—what would a conventional relativist say about these two practices and what would a moderate objectivist say? Which approach is more convincing to you and why? You must answer all of these questions for this essay!

(2) Write a letter containing detailed instructions to your future son and/or daughter on how to be just (or courageous or any of the other virtues Aristotle discusses) and how to avoid injustice/cowardice, etc. Make sure that you incorporate in your own words an understanding of Aristotle’s idea of virtue, virtue’s link to happiness and the particular virtue (regarding the vices affiliated with it). You are free to be inventive here (use anecdotes, personal experiences, etc.). (You should write your paper in the form of a letter).

(3) Take any example from literature/film/pop culture that depicts what human beings are like in absence of rules and law/civilization (i.e. you can be imaginative in what you select, i.e. natural disaster films, end of world films so long as you explain how they depict human behavior in the absence of laws, society; don’t simply focus on retelling the story/plot— rather focus on those features similar and different to Hobbes’ position– Do Not Choose Lord of the Flies!!!) and Compare it to Hobbes’s State of nature. How is your example similar to and different from what Hobbes says and does your example offer any solutions as to how to deal with these ‘state of nature’ scenarios? Is it a better way than what Hobbes suggests in solving problems (in leaving the state of nature)?

This assignment is worth 15%.

General paper guidelines to adhere to for this assignment

  • Paper is written well: clear structure, no typos or spelling mistakes, proper grammar
  • Sources (if any) are properly cited; you must CITE any sources you use (quote or paraphrase)!!! For example, Bloggs writes that “reports of my death by trolley car collisions have been greatly exaggerated.” (Bloggs, 23) You would also add a Works Cited page at the end of the paper for the entry: Bloggs, P. The Many Lives and Deaths of Bloggs. Cambridge: Cambridge Publishing Group, 1994.
  • Length of paper does not exceed the suggested amount
  • Paper adheres to format requirements (double-spaced, margins, Times New Roman font, etc.)

Ethics Paper

Ethics Paper

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