Ethnographic Project Instructions , assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Ethnographic Project Instructions , assignment help Humanities Assignment Help. Ethnographic Project Instructions , assignment help Humanities Assignment Help.

Ethnographic Project Instructions

Personal Ethnograpy Project

This ten (10) page assignment is worth 100 points.

The File is the sample of this project please read through it first.

exercise teaches you some of the basic principles used while conducting
fieldwork in cultural anthropology. Ethnography is the work of
describing a culture. Typical ethnographic research employs three kinds
of data collection: interviews, observation, and documents. This
produces three kinds of data: quotations, descriptions, and excerpts of
documents. The result is one product: narrative description. This
narrative often includes charts, diagrams and additional artifacts that
help to tell the story. The goal of ethnographic inquiry is to
understand another way of life and is a useful tool for understanding
how other people see their experience. Rather than studying people –
ethnography means learning from people. While this may not be a classic
ethnographic inquiry, you will work with many of the same goals and
techniques to acquire information about your personal history in order
to share it with others…it will be an ethnographic inquiry of your
family. This is less like writing a paper and more like making a visual
scrapbook. I want to learn about you and your cultural history, so show
me with visuals AND words.


1. Conduct any necessary research and gather all materials and information to complete the assignment.
2. Lay out and design each page of your documet to make sure you include all the required items.
3. Remember to concentrate on conveying visual information as well as text.
4. Follow the format – piece together the pages of your project as detailed below:

page 1: cover page
– introduce yourself full name
– explain the personal meaning of your name
– provide a photo of yourself (at any age)
– include your name and the class information at the bottom of the page

page 2: biographical data
– detail where and when you were born
– include a map showing the location of your birthplace (be specific)

page 3: family origins
– identify what part of the world your family originates from (this may be many places)
– explain when they arrived there (or here) if they came from somewhere else
– include a map showing the location of your family’s origins (be specific)

page 4: lineage chart
– include a lineage chart showing you as Ego and using anthropological symbols
(click HERE for instructions)

page 5: family identity
– include a circular family chart showing the names of your family members
(click HERE for instructions)

page 6: family & cultural traditions
– share one tradition or custom your family retains from these origins
– explain the background or context and the importance this practice has for you
– you might include an artifact or heirloom passed down through generations (if your family has one)
– don’t forget to provide a visual sample

page 7: linguistics
– identify the languages found in your home
(include all that are present, even if you don’t speak the language)
– provide written samples with translations so we can experience them

page 8: food and culture
– identify some special foods that are eaten in your family
– explain why they are important and how they fit into your life
– include a recipe for one of these dishes (preferably a family one)

page 9: celebrations and holidays
– identify a special holiday that is observed in your family
– explain how this celebration is observed in your tradition
– provide context for how and why this is important to you

page 10: sources/references
– list all the sources you used to acquire the information for this project
– include the ENTIRE address or URL for websites
– you must identify where images came from
– provide context for all sources used: family members, books, websites, pictures, etc.

– include images/visuals on every page
– use colored fonts and creative layouts
– strive to create an experience, not just a written essay
– details and effort will be considered in grading

* Don’t forget to look at the sample project!

Ethnographic Project Instructions , assignment help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

MacroEnterprises Case Study powerpoint, homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

You are creating a presentation in the third person voice intended to be delivered to Pat, the HR Director for MacroEnterprises, Inc. Your role is that of an HR Consultant.

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that makes a compelling argument for why HR should be a strategic partner at MacroEnterprises, Inc.

  • The presentation should be between 9 to 10 slides, not including the title page, Q&A page, or References page. Include brief speaker notes.
  • Include charts or diagrams such as the models, exhibits, and figures found in Chapter 3 of your Strategic Human Resource Management text to explain your argument for why HR should be a strategic partner. Remember the purpose of the presentation is to help turn Pat’s HR department into a strategic partner.

Summarize your argument using any of the case scenario information in the Student Workbook.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.……


Not For Profit Organization’s + Journal Entries, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

(500 Words + Journal Entries)

Your city has a voluntary health and welfare organization (VHWD) that provides musical opportunities for inner-city youth. It does not use fund accounting, but it does identify all revenues by their net asset class. The following transactions have occurred in the past year:

  • The VHWD received gift pledges from donors in the amount of $25,000, which were to be used however they were needed. History shows that 95% of the pledges were collected.
    • After 1 month, $24,000 of the pledges was collected. There was $1,000 written off as uncollectible.
  • The VHWD received a gift of 1,000 shares of stock. The donor of the gift of shares stated that the money was to be used to buy musical instruments for the program.
    • Fair value of the stock on the date of the gift was $15 per share.
    • Sale of the stock yielded $17,000.
  • The VHWD purchased 2 violins at the cost of $2,000 each, 2 cellos for $3,000 each, and a small harp for $5,000 for the program, using the proceeds from the stock sale.
  • The VHWD billed the city for $5,000 of contracted costs.
  • The VHWD spent $10,000 on the following:
Music lessons


Instrument maintenance


Administrative expense




Please make a journal entry for each of the transactions. Remember that the revenues must be classified as unrestricted, temporarily restricted, or permanently restricted. The main areas for information on financial reporting for not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) and VHWOs can be found in Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) statements 116 and 117. For your VHWO, you will have to make an additional report that is not required for NFPOs.

Provide examples of the types of information that would be included in this report.


liberty of the will, philosophy homework help Humanities Assignment Help

1. John Stuart Mill says that he is not discussing “liberty of the will,” but “civil or social liberty.” What is the distinction he is making? Could someone like Pereboom who is a hard incompatibilist accept Mill’s political views? Or would his stand in opposition to free will commit his to be opposed to Mill’s political liberty? Would Stace’s compatibilism require him to accept Mill’s political views? Or could he favor free will, while opposing Mill’s political liberty? In other words, are they two separate issues? Or does your position of free will influence your position on political freedom, and vice versa?

1. Descartes, Parfit, and Dennett raise the issue of whether “I,” a unitary self that persists over time, exist. Descartes arrives at an Ego theory that Parfit and Dennett both reject. Explain how Descartes arrives at his concept of the self after initial skepticism. Explain how Parfit and Dennett criticize this Ego theory. Then explain why it is important to solve this problem, i.e., what the implications of accepting the Ego Theory or rejecting it are for how we live our lives and for our religious beliefs. Do the same for the Bundle Theory. Remember, the authors are offering arguments that are designed to convince their audiences of their positions. They are not just offering opinions.

2. Richard Taylor argues for a subjective criterion for the meaning of life; but Plato argues that “the unexamined life is not worth living,” which would seem to be an objective criterion for a meaningful life. Explain the differences between Plato and Taylor, including Plato’s argument for his criterion and Taylor’s reasons for his rejection of objective criteria like Plato’s. Remember, the authors are offering arguments that are designed to convince their audiences of their positions. They are not just offering opinions.

Optional Extra Credit: You must score at least a B on this essay to receive credit. At the beginning of the semester, I asked you about your understanding of the nature of philosophy. Now, at the end of the semester, I am asking you again, and I expect that you have learned something over the course of the semester. Using my definition of philosophy that I gave you at the beginning of the semester, your initial understanding of philosophy as presented in first Discussion, along with Plato’s definition of philosophy (and our discussion of that definition), as well as the readings we discussed over the course of the semester, explain the nature of philosophy and how your initial conception of philosophy has grown or changed over the semester. Use one of more of the readings we discussed over the course of the semester to illustrate your explanation. Do not get your definition of philosophy from any outside source. (6 points)

MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCH ALL PHILOSOPHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Native Americans Beliefs and Practices, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

For this benchmark, students will research a Native American community’s culture, oral tradition, religious texts, historical background, and current beliefs and practices. It is advisable to visit the Native American community or a museum that would contribute significantly to the research. If possible, interview a Native American leader from the community or a museum expert about that community.

In a 20-25 slide presentation, include the following:

  1. Name of the Native American community and the historical religious beliefs and practices of that community
  2. Significance of historical beliefs and the related social, cultural, and theological practices
  3. How historical beliefs and religious practices have been influenced by the dominant American culture
  4. Current religious beliefs and practices and how they are seen in the daily life of a typical member of the community
  5. Elements of the traditional religion that a Christian would need to consider when sharing the Christian faith/gospel with a person from this community

Use 3-5 academic resources.

Be creative. In addition, create a title slide, reference slides, and slide notes that provide detailed explanation of examples.



Auditing, multiple choice, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Which of the following is not a substantive audit procedure for estimates of management?

Select one:

Loan covenants are used for which of the following reasons?

Select one:

D. To protect shareholders from management taking on too much debt.

A related party is a person or entity that

Select one:

When auditing the valuation assertion of an equity method investment, which of the following is the auditor most likely to do?

Select one:

Near the end of an audit, the application of analytical procedures is

Select one:

Analytical procedures performed near the end of an audit generally include

Select one:

Auditors try to identify predictable relationships when using analytical procedures. Relationships involving transactions from which of the following accounts most likely would yield the highest level of evidence?

Select one:

If an entity had litigation pending at the date of the financial statements and auditors learn of the outcome of this litigation following the date of their report (but prior to the audit report release date), this is known as aNo

Select one:

D. subsequent event.

Which of the following would not ordinarily be considered when using analytical procedures to verify the overall reasonableness of revenue and expense accounts?

Select one:

D. Current-year recorded (unaudited) balances

Auditors will issue an adverse opinion when

Select one:

The issuance of a disclaimer of opinion generally indicates

Select one:

In which of the following circumstances may auditors issue the standard (unmodified) report on the entity’s financial statements?

Select one:

Auditors should disclose the substantive reasons for expressing an adverse opinion on the entity’s financial statements in an additional paragraph

Select one:

D. preceding the opinion paragraph.

Auditors are required to reference consistency in their report when there are changes in

Select one:

When component auditors are involved in the audit of group financial statements, the group auditors are required to

Select one:

If financial statements contain a material but non-pervasive departure from generally accepted accounting principles, the auditors should render aNo

Select one:

A client has capitalizable leases but refuses to capitalize them in the financial statements. Which of the following reporting options does an auditor have if the amounts pervasively distort the financial statements?

Select one:

Which of the following scope limitations would ordinarily be of most concern to the auditors?

Select one:

Management determined it was probable that a pending litigation claim would result in a material loss. The loss was disclosed in the footnotes to the financial statements but was not accrued in the income statement. If the auditors believe an accrual should be made, what type of report should be issued?

Select one:

D. Unmodified opinion with an emphasis-of-matter paragraph

When a circumstance-imposed scope limitation has a material but not pervasive effect on the sufficiency of the auditors’ evidence, the auditors’ report will

Select one:

D. modify the Auditor’s Responsibility section and opinion paragraph.

A report that acknowledges reliance on the reports of component auditors is a type of report modification known as aNo

Select one:

The standard (unmodified) report issued in the audit of a nonpublic entity includes aNo

Select one:

Auditing, multiple choice, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

argumentative essay ” marijuana”, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

In this assignment, you need to compose a researched argumentative essay of 8-9 pages, using eight to nine sources to support your argument. These sources may be magazines, newspapers, academic articles, websites, books, podcasts, personal interviews, etc.–just make sure you sources are reputable and authoritative. You will use these sources to back up your main argument, or thesis. One of your sources should be a “naysayer” and disagree with your argument. Use this both as a way to address the other side of the issue and as a way to make your argument stronger.

Choose an issue or topic about which you can make a supported argument.

  • You may want to consider current event issues, your future field of study, or revisit some of the issues we’ve discussed in class, but please avoid the typical “hot button” topics.
  • Narrow your topic enough that you can cover it thoroughly in your essay, but still find enough research to support your claims.
  • Create a clear, solid, argumentative thesis statement that you can support with explanations, examples, and quotes from outside sources.


  • Your paper must be 8-9 pages. Essays not meeting the minimum page requirement will not receive full credit.
  • You must have at least eight sources, including one “naysayer” or opposing viewpoint.
  • Sources must be cited parenthetically in the text and referenced in a “Works Cited” page at the end of the essay (MLA format).
  • The essay should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with standard margins.

*I have attached a bibliography of 5 source, you can use them and add 3 sources/


Write two Compare/Contrast Essay, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Frist one:

Though both authors write about how they felt ashamed of their families because of a certain food or drink, the two narratives also have many elements that make them different as well.

Write a 5-7 paragraph and 3 pages essay in which you BOTH compare AND contrast the two works in regard to the vivid images of FOOD or DRINK, and what they represent. How are they similar? How are they different?

Support your points with direct quotations and evidence from both Tan and Li’s stories.

Do not use other source and do not plagiarize !

  • Remember to include the appropriate compare/contrast transitions.
  • Use point–by-point OR subject-by-subject essay organization

Second one:


Both Sandra Cisneros (“Only Daughter”) and Maya Angelou (“Champion of the World”) utilize regional/cultural dialect or foreign language to enhance the realism of the their stories. Find THREE examples of each author’s use of dialect (total of SIX examples), discuss what they MEAN and how they the author’s use of these words help to make the story more REAL.

Finally, in what way is each author’s use of dialect linked to the overall meaning the their story?

5-7 paragraphs 3 pages.

  • Remember to include the appropriate compare/contrast transitions.(Important)
  • Use point–by-point OR subject-by-subject essay organization

Please read all my upload , make sure that you use the thesis formulas and follow the Rubric and my notes.


thoroughly research the topic and define the ethical concerns in detail, assignment help Writing Assignment Help

Final Project: (35%)

In this two-phased final assignment, students will select a topic from the Unique Ethical Issues from weeks 3, 5, and 7, research the topic and discuss the ethical dilemma in detail.

Phase 2: (30%)

Required Elements of Final Project:

Using the information from Phase 1, students will thoroughly research the topic and define the ethical concerns in detail.

Using two of the traditional theories from week 2, suggest potential resolutions to the dilemma(s)

In the discussion of the resolution, include the impact that ethical relativism and globalization may have upon the suggested dilemma resolution.

Select the best resolution and explain in detail why.

Required Formatting of Final Project:

  • This paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font, and six to eight pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
  • Title page;
  • Introductory paragraph and a summary paragraph;
  • Use headings to demarcate your discussion;
  • Write in the third person;
  • Use APA formatting for in-text citations and a reference page. You are expected to paraphrase and not use quotes. Deductions will be taken when quotes are used and found to be unnecessary;
  • Submit the paper in the Assignment Folder

Week 2 References for Assignment:–right–decision.htm


How my family would have lived in the postmodern world, social science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Research paper on what my family and I would really need to live satisfactorily in the postmodern world, using a rational view, making sure to discuss healthcare. Also, discuss an idealistic/romantic view of living in the western world. What would be considered ideal in terms of enjoyment, fulfillment and meaning. Is the rational view different/same from the idealist view and can they be combined?

APA format use peer reviewed, scholarly articles provided. 10 pages not including cover and reference page.

I am first generation American from Haitian parents, 39yo. I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I am married and have 2 kids (6-year-old girl & 15-year-old boy) 3 step children. Married to 50yo American. Both of us served in military. My husband is still in the Army reserve. I am an occupational therapy assistant getting my Masters in Occupational Therapy and my husband an ER tech. Live in south Florida.

hope that is enough.