Evaluation and Selection worksheet ( one part of Life Cycle Project ) Writing Assignment Help

Evaluation and Selection worksheet ( one part of Life Cycle Project ) Writing Assignment Help. Evaluation and Selection worksheet ( one part of Life Cycle Project ) Writing Assignment Help.

My product for the Life Cycle project is “Motorcycle lever”

Use the worksheet file (attached) to collect all of your research and findings on paper ( most of the information are attached in my previous worksheet). Be complete and specific when describing this information.

You can fined the concepts & instruction of “Evaluation & Selection” assignment under the attached file (LC Evaluation & selection). you do not have to use all evaluation concepts, the appropriate for this project only such as cost, time, environmental impact and problem
ID goal and constraints.

One of the previous worksheet I did was ” Refinement & Analysis ” which Identify the 2 concepts of the project. This 2 concepts you need to understand in order to do the worksheet. find the attached worksheet under ( Refinement & Analysis worksheet). Also, the other worksheet I did are attached in case you want better view.

let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Evaluation and Selection worksheet ( one part of Life Cycle Project ) Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Analyzing and Charting Financial Data Business Finance Assignment Help

This is an excel assignment on analyzing and charting financial data. It has fourteen questions. If you have good experience with excel it shouldn’t be very hard. It shouldn’t even take an hour. You will have to sign into my canvas account and go into my computer software technology class and click on the home tab inside the course. Then proceed and click open SAM assignments now. Then it will take you to the assignment and you will see the name of the assignment. It has to be completed by 11:59PM tonight.


Review the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion.. Business Finance Assignment Help

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Review the video link on the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. For this discussion board, what lessons can be learned regarding project management leadership? Risk management? There is a lot of research regarding this tragedy, so be sure that you use additional (minimum of 2) external cited research from both the Challenger investigation and Project/Risk Management to support your considerations.


Enterprise Architecture (Whitepaper)  Research Business Finance Assignment Help


Your paper will be the result of investigation into one of the areas of technology as specified below. Once you have identified a hypothesis, your review of recent literature will gather information on the experiences of others in implementing/managing similar technologies and be used to defend your position.

Enterprise Architecture (Whitepaper)

What type of Enterprise Architecture is it?

What type of EA framework is utilized?

What types of disciplines and processes were involved?

How was the role of the Enterprise Architect affected, or how was the role of Enterprise Architect received?

What was the maturity level of the Enterprise Architecture at, or achieved?


Select a company or system that you are familiar with, have used, or want to learn about. Evaluate the Enterprise Architecture from your research and defend your response.

The report will be a minimum of 3000 words and this shall not include the cover page, index page, and bibliography page.

The bibliography shall contain at least 5 citations from appropriate books/journals. (Not including the course texts).


Research Paper Presentation: (Prepare and present your Whitepaper):

No Color

  • Transcript is required
  • No more than four bullets per slide
  • Minimum 1.5 – 2 minutes per slide
  • No Animation
  • Minimum presentation time is 12 – 15 minutes
  • You need to submit transcript and power point presentation together before due date.

    You can use following course text as only reference.


    Assignment 3 Business Finance Assignment Help

    ¹¹¹ Chi –Square Distribution to test

    the independence of two variables

    Step 1: Set up the hypotheses:

    H The software made no difference in sales.

    H¹ The software increased sales.

    Step 2: Compute the expected frequency for each cell in the contingency table by use of the formula:

    E=Expected frequency= (Row total)(Column Total)


    Sample size

    Step 3: Compute the statistic χ ²=Σ(O-E)² / E

    Where O is the observed frequency, E is the expected

    frequency and the sum Σ are over all cells.

    Step 4: Find the critical value χ²α in Table A. 10 page 648. Use the level of significance of 0.01 and the number of degrees of freedom. d.f. to find the critical value.

    d.f.= (R-1)(C-1) ( 2-1) (4-1)= 3

    Critical Value= 11.3449

    Page 2

    where R is the number of rows and C is the number of columns of cells in the contingency table. The critical region consists of all values of χ²α.

    Step5: Compare the sample statistic χ² of Step 3 with the critical value of χ²α of Step 4. If the sample statistic is larger, reject the null hypothesis of independence. Otherwise, do not reject the null hypothesis.


    Company W is testing a sales software. It sales force of 500 people is divided into four regions: Northeast, Southeast, Central and West. Each sales person is expected to sell the same amount of products. During the last 3 months , only half of the sales representatives in each region were given the VP of Sales at WidgeCorp, who is comfortable with

    3 Page

    statistics, wants to know the possible null and alternative hypotheses for a nonparametric test on this data using the chi-square distribution. A nonparametric test is used on data that are qualitative or categorical, such as gender, age group, region and color. It is used when it does not make sense to look at the mean of such variables.

    Use the chi-square test to determine if the software increased sales at the 0.01 level of significance.

    Sales Sales Sales Sales Row Totals


    200 225 200 250 875 Software

    115 75 120 80 390 No Software

    315 300 320 330 1265

    Use the chi square test to determine if the software made a difference in sales at the 0.01 level of significance.



    The problems with the elenchus method? Humanities Assignment Help

    1. In trying to use the elenchus method to explore possible answers to the question “What is justice?”, Socrates runs into two kinds of difficulties. One of them is a difficulty that was first noticed in the Meno dialogue. That problem was this: in order to use the elenchus method to discover the answer to such a question, the method must offer a way to decide which of two final answers is correct, and this is not something the elenchus method can provide. Why? AND The other problem with using the elenchus method to explore answers to “What is F?” questions is vividly displayed toward the last part of Book I of the Republic. What was that other problem that makes this method incapable of providing a means for coming to an answer?

    I need a 12 sentence answer for each part of the question.

    The problems with the elenchus method? Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Answer a Prompt Eassy Humanities Assignment Help

    Read the prompt below. Decide how you want to approach the topic. Then write a narrative response.

    Answer with a minim of 550 words.

    Well developed. Introduction to the main ideas..ideas and conclusion


    As much as humans like to control their own lives, there are many aspects that are outside of our control. For example, we do not choose the families into which we are born or the places where we grow up. The same is sometimes true of friendships. Some friends we choose because we identify them as people who are similar to us and because they offer us something we want. Occasionally, however, we make unexpected friends. For example, a young person bumps into someone at the library who is crying because she has lost an important paper she was writing for school. As a result, the two become friends and learn that helping people through tough times is at the core of strong relationships.


    Main post (200 words)+ 2 comment (around 100 words each) Business Finance Assignment Help

    Discussion Board Topic: To Be or Not To Be Delinquent? Main post

    Reflecting on your youth, think about you and your peers. Which sociological factors impacted your decision to engage or not engage in delinquent behavior?
    Deliverable Length: 1-2 paragraph

    1)Jorge Labeling Theory

    The article i posted was about Slenderman. These two girls believed to please a fictional character they needed to murder another person. They chose to stab their classmate who survived. The Labeling Theory within these girls is not strong yet. Both of these girls pleaded mentally ill. As part of their plea deal, they will have to go to a mental institution for years. These girls didn’t know what they were doing was wrong. Currently, they aren’t labeling themselves as criminal or a psychotic person. When these girls are released, people who know what they did will label them as psychotic.The reason being, Slenderman was a fictional character and they wanted to please a fake monster.

    2)Michael Labeling Theory

    In my article there were some boys that got caught stealing cars. They will be labeled as thieves and criminals in everyone’s perspective and in my opinion since they are from neighborhood such as park ridge they are held to a high standard so they will be judged harshly by others. The only reason I think that specifically is because there is not a lot of crime in that area and it it predominantly white so when they hear about such a crime then everyone around will know about it and will points fingers and start asking how and why didn’t the parents stop them before it got to that point.

    I would think over period time it would stick around on them and people would whisper those are the kids that stole a car be careful around them if they are able to steal a car who is to say they can’t commit more crimes. It’s sad to say but other perception of you can affect yourself and your life. I got into trouble in high school once, besides the fact that I never missed any days and I played sports I got into a fight with a kid that was a part of some gang and the deans thought I was associated so after that all my teachers saw me as a bad kid which was horrible and it made me even feel embarrassed in a way.


    6 US Governmetn Questions Humanities Assignment Help

    Answer each of the following question well and clear…Do not copy or make plagarism..NO COPY IDEAS FROM THE WEB.


    1) Review the list of presidential roles 1. Provide at least one example in which one or more of these roles could be at odds with one or more of his or her other roles. What are the implications of this

    2) Why are Supreme Court justices appointed for life?

    3) What might be some benefits of requiring justices to serve a defined and limited term?

    4) What might be some benefits of requiring justices to retire at a certain age?

    5) Referring to the average length of time modern justices sit on the Supreme Court, one law professor stated that, “Serving 25 years or more is too long in a democracy.” What do you think he meant by that?

    6) Do you support the current life appointment system or do you think justices should be forced to retire? Explain your answer.


    Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) in an excel spreadsheet Assignment Help

    For the Lam Research Group, please look at their long term sources of financing and calculate their weighted average cost of capital (WACC) in an excel spreadsheet.

    Specific Instructions:

    WACC (Excel worksheet). Please add to your final project spreadsheet started in Phase I. Calculate your cost of debt using techniques such as YTM for traded bonds and Z-score (please remember that the z-score calculation is NOT the cost of debt itself – see lecture slides). Calculate cost of equity using CAPM and the Dividend Growth Model (if your firm pays dividends. Calculate cost of preferred stock (if any) using the perpetuity formula. Combine these component costs using the WACC formula. Calculate the company’s ONE terminal value calculation (this will be its own Excel workbook). Terminal value is the calculated value of the company from year 6 to infinity, then this value is discounted to the present from year five.

    IMPORTANT: All components of the WACC must be documented. If you calculate it, you must show the calculation and the source of the data you are using. If a number comes from an outside source, then you must document where you got it, including a web link to the source.


    https://anyessayhelp.com/. For this discussion board, what lessons can be learned regarding project management leadership? Risk management? There is a lot of research regarding this tragedy, so be sure that you use additional (minimum of 2) external cited research from both the Challenger investigation and Project/Risk Management to support your considerations.