Evaluation proposal, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Evaluation proposal, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. Evaluation proposal, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

You have been solicited to conduct a performance evaluation for a public organization that has been corrupted over issues of personnel embezzling funds. Before actually conducting the evaluation, you—the evaluator—need to know certain specifics to conduct a thorough evaluation.

Compose a proposal that describes what type of evaluation will be conducted. In the proposal, explain the type of public organization. Describe some of the main services, products, and activities the organization provides to the public. Describe the size of the problem, who is affected by the problem, how long the problem has been in existence, and how long the evaluation will take. Also, describe what the evaluation will assess with respect to organizational leadership. Finally, what outcomes do you propose the evaluation will help to achieve for the organization?

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 750–1,000 words:
    • Create, describe, and explain the type of fictional public organization.
    • Describe some of the main services, products, and activities the organization provides to the public.
      • You may not use the same fictional organization as was used in the previous Week’s Individual Project.
    • How significant is the corruption problem in your organization? Explain in detail.
    • How long has the corruption problem been present in your organization? Explain in detail.
    • How long will it take to conduct the performance evaluation? Explain why.
    • What will the evaluation assess with regard to the organizational leadership? Explain in detail.
    • What outcomes do you propose the evaluation will help to achieve for the organization? Why?
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Evaluation proposal, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

2.3 HR Post “Union Organizing Role of Supervisors, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Hello, please create a write up based on the below:

Type “Union Organizing Role of Supervisors” in a search engine in order to learn the role of supervisors in a unionization campaign,. From the multiple resources, select one to review.

  1. In preparing your review make sure you include:
    1. The main purpose of this article is (State as accurately as possible the author’s purpose for writing the article)
    2. The key question that the author is addressing is (Figure out the key question in the mind of the author when s/he wrote the article)
    3. The most important information in this article is (Figure out the facts, experiences, data the author is using to support her/his conclusions)
    4. The main inferences/conclusions in this article are (Identify the key conclusions the author comes to and presents in the article)
    5. The key concept(s) we need to understand in this article is (are) AND By these concepts the author means (Figure out the most important ideas you would have to understand in order to understand the author’s line of reasoning)
  2. Navigate to the threaded discussion below and post your review directly into the discussion forum (200-300 words minimum). The questions listed above should be answered thoroughly and supported by references as much as possible.
  3. Provide a detailed post that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking to support your review. Your post is to include a minimum of two sources properly cited and referenced: (a) Holley, W. H., Jennings, K. M., & Wolters, R. S. (2012). The labor relations process (10th Ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western., & (b) an academic journal article that is at least 3-5 pages in length and published within the last 3-5 years.

Attached sources:

https://www.fisherphillips.com/resources-newslette… Supervisors Really Do Matter

Step by Step Through a Union Campaign https://hbr.org/1981/07/step-by-step-through-a-uni…

Union Organizing: What can management do during a union campaign?https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-s…


Designing Your Course Project (graded), English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

You are required to have a visual element in your paper. There are many options ranging from an photograph to a pie chart to a table. Have you created bar and pie graphs before? Does your research include statistics or other data than can be easily presented as a bar or pie graph? How might a visual element add weight and credibility to your argument?

While APA-style citation and format is required, you do have the flexibility in the design of your Course Project to include a visual element. Review Chapter 17, pp. 382–387. How does the use of visual elements enhance or detract from the presentation of research? Will you add graphs, charts, or images to your draft? Why or why not


permission to use the photograph or image from the person or organization that owns it. The easiest way to ask permission is to send an e-mail to the person who manages the Web site on which you found the image. Explain how you want to use the image, where it will appear, and how you will identify its source. If the owner denies you permission, you will not be able to use the photograph or image in any nonacademic way.

Watch the Animation on Using Visuals at mycomplab.com

Labeling a Photograph or Image

You should label each photograph or image by giving it a figure number and a title (Figure 17.7). The figure number should then be mentioned in the written text, so your readers know when to look for the photograph.

Captions are not mandatory, but they can help your readers understand how the image relates to the written text.

Using Graphs and Charts

Graphs and charts can also be helpful additions to your documents, especially if you are presenting data to your readers. Genres like reports and proposals routinely use graphs and charts to illustrate data. These graphics can also be useful in evaluations and position papers to provide support for claims in the written text.

FIGURE 17.7 Labeling a Photograph

Proper labeling will help readers understand how the graphic supports the written text.

Creating a Graph or Chart

Your best option for making a visual might be to use the spreadsheet program, such as Excel or Quattro Pro, that came with your word-processing software (Figure 17.8). Simpler graphs can be made in presentation software, like PowerPoint or Keynote.

These spreadsheet and presentation software packages can help you create quick graphs and charts from a data set. Then you can insert the graphic right into your document. (Your word processor will probably have a Chart feature that will take you to the spreadsheet program.) Once you have created the graph, you should add a title and label the horizontal x-axis and vertical y-axis (Figure 17.8, page 384).

After you have inserted your graph into your document, make sure you have labeled it properly and provided a citation for the source of the data. To label the graph, give it a number or letter and a title. For example, the graph in Figure 17.8 is called “Figure A: Obesity Rates (Percentage) By County.” After you have labeled the graph, include your source below the graph using a common citation style (e.g., MLA, APA).

In the written part of your document, refer to the graphic by its number, so readers know when to refer to it. When you want the readers to consider the graph, write something like, “As shown in Figure A, the local obesity rate.…” Or, you can simply put “(Figure A)” at the end of the sentence where you refer to the graph.

Choosing the Appropriate Graph or Chart

You can use various kinds of graphs and charts to display your data. Each graph or chart allows you to tell a different story to your readers.

Analyze the Interactive Document for Using Graphs and Charts at mycomplab.com

FIGURE 17.8 Using Spreadsheet Software to Make a Graph

A spreadsheet is a helpful tool for creating a graph. Enter your data and then click the graphing button to create a graph. Then you can insert the graph into your document.

Line Graph.

A line graph is a good way to show measurements or trends over time. In a line graph, the vertical axis (y-axis) displays a measured quantity, such as temperature, sales, growth, and so on. The horizontal axis (x-axis) is usually divided into time increments such as years, months, days, or hours. See Figure 17.9.

Bar Chart.

Bar charts are used to show quantities, allowing readers to make visual comparisons among different amounts. Like line graphs, bar charts can be used to show fluctuations in quantities over time. See Figure 17.10.

Pie Charts.

Pie charts are useful for showing how a whole quantity is divided into parts. These charts are a quick way to add a visual element into your document, but you should use them sparingly. They take up a lot of space in a document while usually presenting only a small amount of data. See Figure 17.11.

FIGURE 17.9 Line Graph

A line graph is a good way to show a trend over time. In this graph, the line reveals a trend that would not be apparent from the data alone.

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Vital Signs, www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns, 2010

FIGURE 17.10 Bar Chart

A bar chart allows you to show quantities, especially quantities changing over time.

Source: Centers for Disease Control, Aug. 2008; 29 Jun. 2009.

FIGURE 17.11 Pie Chart

A pie chart is a good way to show how a whole is divided into parts. When using a pie chart, you should label the slices of the pie and add the numerical information that was used to create the chart.

Source: Schuster et al., 2000.

FIGURE 17.12 Table

A table offers a great way to show data efficiently. This table combines words and data to illustrate differences between boys’ and girls’ malicious uses of the Internet.

Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project Parents and Teens Survey, 2006.


Tables provide the most efficient way to display data or facts in a small amount of space. In a table, information is placed in horizontal rows and vertical columns, allowing readers to quickly locate specific numbers or words that address their interests (Figure 17.12).


Diagrams are drawings that show features or relationships, which might not be immediately apparent to readers. The diagram in Figure 17.13, for example, shows the parts of the human eye.

With the capabilities of computers to create and add graphs, charts, and diagrams to your documents, you should look for opportunities to use these illustration methods.

FIGURE 17.13 A Diagram

A diagram is only partially realistic. It shows only the most important features and concentrates on relationships instead of showing exactly what the subject looks like.


Now it’s time to make your document look better. Here are some basic strategies for designing your document.

REVIEW Your Genre, Purpose, Readers, and Context

Your document’s design should reflect and reinforce the genre and the overall purpose of your text. Design features should also be appropriate for your readers and the contexts in which your document will be used.

BALANCE the Text

Use design features to balance elements on the left and right as well as on the top and bottom of the page.

ALIGN Items Vertically on the Page

Look for opportunities to vertically align items on the page. Indenting text and aligning graphics with text will help create a sense of hierarchy and structure in your document.

GROUP Related Items Together

Put items together that are meant to be seen together. Photos should be near any text they reinforce. Headings should be close to the paragraphs they lead off. Use white space to frame items you want to be seen as a group.

CHECK the Document for Consistency

Your headings and other design features should be used consistently throughout the document. Make sure you use lists consistently.

ADD Some Contrast

Items on the page that are different should look significantly different. Use color and font size to make written text stand out.

INCLUDE Photographs, Graphs, and Charts

Add your own photographs or images downloaded from the Internet to your document. Create graphs or charts to illustrate data and complex ideas. Number, title, and caption these visuals so readers understand how the images connect to your text.

Talk About This

1. Ask each member in your group to bring a favorite magazine. Discuss the magazine’s full-page advertisements and their use of design features. Pay special attention to the use of balance, alignment, gr (Paine 382-388)

Paine, Richard Johnson-Sheehan C. Writing Today, 2nd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 01/2012. VitalBook file.

The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation for accuracy before use.


Is the Merck Mectizan donation program Socially Responsible essay, social science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Must examine different points of view presented by the authors who agree with these theories in order to answer this question.

These point of views include:

1) normative stakeholder theories (e.g. Dodd, Donaldson & Preston, Davis, Freeman, Blair & Stout, Greenfield, Wood, Hsieh)

2) instrumental (strategic) stakeholder theories (e.g. Drucker)

3) normative stockholder theories (e.g. Friedman, Henderson, Hasnas, Boatright, Jensen)

– some of these stockholder theorists (e.g. Friedman, Henderson) are right-wing critics of CSR, while others are right-wing critics of normative stakeholder based CSR but supporters of instrumental CSR.

4) market-failure CSR theories (e.g. Heath)

5) left-wing critics of CSR (e.g. Corporate Watch, Bakan)

The authors I want to use are Friedman & Berle (normative stockholder), Drucker (instrumental), Dodd (normative stakeholder), Heath (market failure approach) and Bakan (left wing critic).


Questions that need to be addressed in the essay include:

1) What are the normative stakeholder arguments for the program?

2) What, if any, are the instrumental/strategic (business case) arguments for the program?

3) What criticisms, if any, could be made of the program from a right-wing anti-CSR position?

4) What criticisms, if any, could be made of the program from a left-wing anti-CSR position?

5) To what extent is the program jusified from the perspective of market-failure CSR theory?

I’m attaching the assignment instructions, the merck mectizan case study, some concept review, and the readings for the authors I want to use.


Bus-FP3012, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Write a 3–5-page analysis of the leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders, based on a leader you admire and on leadership approaches addressed in a provided illustration.

Becoming an effective leader is a very personal and individual experience. Each great leader carries out his or her leadership practices differently. Yet, several common leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders have been identified through the study and theories of leadership.


By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

  • Competency 1: Evaluate the purpose and relevance of leadership.
    • Analyze leadership styles and characteristics to determine effective leadership.
    • Compare individual leadership styles and characteristics to identify what is necessary for effective leadership.
  • Competency 2: Evaluate how leadership strengths apply in the workplace and within the community.
    • Analyze the environmental and societal factors that influence leadership style.
    • Analyze the economic conditions that influence leadership style.

To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of the business community.

  • Which leader has had the most positive influence in your daily life?
  • In what ways has this person contributed to your life?



the value of college education essay, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

i need someone to write me a paper for my class . 

the paper is argumentative essay, the topic is ( the value of college education ) 

the paper should be 3-5 pages long 

the paper should have a clare thesis statement.

i have applauded the assignment instructions so you can follow it 

i have applauded the sources so you can use it. do not use any other sources except  the ones i have attached.

please provide an MLA CITATION for the sources.  

the value of college education essay, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Health & Medical Question, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

  1. Consider how you define public health leadership and how your definition applies a systems thinking approach. Also, think about the differences between public health leadership and public health management. Think of an example to illustrate this difference.
    1. Give your personal definition of public health leadership and a definition of systems thinking.
    1. Explain how public health leadership is different from public health management.
    2. Use a specific public health example to illustrate this difference.
    3. Explain how systems thinking applies to your definition of leadership.

2. There is a self-assessment, called entitled, “Value Systems.” The assessment is designed to initiate your thinking on values in leadership and how your values might impact your leadership style.

For this Professional Leadership Journal:

    1. Complete the “Value Systems” assessment.
      • What does the value assessment say about your leadership style?
      • What values may be important to you as a leader in the field of public health?
    2. Explain new insights gained based on your results of the “Value Systems” assessment
    3. Explain how these new insights might impact your role, or future role as a public health leaderThese are all elements of a scholarly paper and are expected at the graduate level.


  • Nahavandi, A. (2014). The art and science of leadership (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
    • Chapter 1, “Definition and Significance of Leadership”
    • Self-Assessment 4-1: Value Systems (p. 132)
  • Koh, H. K. (2009). Leadership in public health. Journal of Cancer Education, 24(Supp. 2), S11–S18.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Leischow, S. J., & Milstein, B. (2006). Systems thinking and modeling for public health practice. American Journal of Public Health, 96(3), 403–405.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Trochim, W. M., Cabrera, D.A., Milstein, B., Gallagher, R.S., & Leischow, S.J. (2006). Practical challenges of systems thinking and modeling in Public Health. American Journal of Public Health, 96(3), 538–546.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Vroom, V. H., & Jago, A.G. (2007). The role of the situation in leadership. American Psychologist, 62(1), 17–24.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Zaleznick, A. (2004). Managers and leaders: Are they different? Harvard Business Review, 82(1), 74–81.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


argue for or against Kanye West’s “Good Life”, philosophy homework help Humanities Assignment Help

A) Short Essay ( – Single spaced, – 2 pages, 12pt, Time New Roman – Check the rubric for get full point!! 🙂

Choose one of the three following options:

1. Argue for or against Kanye West’s “Good Life” (from the lyrics in the song) is the good life.

2. Argue for or against whether the Insta-life leads to the good life. Does social media ultimately make life better or worse or to what degree (in what capacity) can it lead to a good life.

3. Choose your own example from a movie or a book of a representation of what one might think is the good life. Argue whether or not this life is a good representation of the good life.

For whichever you choose

  • In your analysis, you should include elements that are most important in your view for allowing one to live the “good life.”
  • Give reasons for why Kanye’s life, the Insta-life, or the artistic representation is or is not the good life.
  • Include a point someone might make in opposition to your reasoning and explain how or why your reasoning overcomes this objection to further support your conclusion.

Structure Guidelines:

1. Intro:

-Indicate what concept you will be writing about

-what example

-Allude to your position


3-5. Body Paragraphs

2. – The Good Life

3. – Your reasons

4. – Include examples or quotes to support your reasons

5. Conclusion

-Why do you state this position/ Develop position, what does this mean for your life moving forward or for society?

B) Reflect & Write ( 1.5-2 pages, single-spaced. 12pt, Time New Roman )

Watch: Either

Audrie & Daisy (Netflix) http://www.audrieanddaisy.com/

13th (Netflix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V66F3WU2CKk

Before the Flood (YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UGsRcxaSAI

Reflect and Write: 1-2 pages

What are moral questions or challenges highlighted by the documentary?

What does this make you think about your place in the world, your place with each other, your place as an individual?


help with this assignment, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help

  1. Outline a plan that will assess the effectiveness of the market structure for the company’s operations. Note: In Assignment 1, the assumption was that the market structure [or selling environment] was perfectly competitive and that the equilibrium price was to be determined by setting QD equal to QS. You are now aware of recent changes in the selling environment that suggest an imperfectly competitive market where your firm now has substantial market power in setting its own “optimal” price.
  2. Given that business operations have changed from the market structure specified in the original scenario in Assignment 1, determine two (2) likely factors that might have caused the change. Predict the primary manner in which this change would likely impact business operations in the new market environment.
  3. Analyze the major short run and long cost functions for the low-calorie, frozen microwaveable food company given the cost functions below. Suggest substantive ways in which the low-calorie food company may use this information in order to make decisions in both the short-run and the long-run.

TC = 160,000,000 + 100Q + 0.0063212Q2
VC = 100Q + 0.0063212Q2
MC= 100 + 0.0126424Q

  1. Determine the possible circumstances under which the company should discontinue operations. Suggest key actions that management should take in order to confront these circumstances. Provide a rationale for your response. (Hint: Your firm’s price must cover average variable costs in the short run and average total costs in the long run to continue operations.)
  2. Suggest one (1) pricing policy that will enable your low-calorie, frozen microwavable food company to maximize profits. Provide a rationale for your suggestion.


  • In Assignment 1, you determined your firm’s market demand equation. Now you need to find the inverse demand equation. Having found that, find the Total Revenue function for your firm (TR is P x Q). From your firm’s Total Revenue function, then find your Marginal Revenue (MR) function.
  • Use the profit maximization rule MR = MC to determine your optimal price and optimal output level now that you have market power. Compare these values with the values you generated in Assignment 1. Determine whether your price higher is or lower.)
  1. Outline a plan, based on the information provided in the scenario, which the company could use in order to evaluate its financial performance. Consider all the key drivers of performance, such as company profit or loss for both the short term and long term, and the fundamental manner in which each factor influences managerial decisions.


  • Calculate profit in the short run by using the price and output levels you generated in part 5. Optional: You may want to compare this to what profit would have been in Assignment 1 using the cost function provided here.
  • Calculate profit in the long run by using the output level you generated in part 5 and cost data in part 3 and assuming that the selling environment will likely be very competitive. Determine why this would be a valid assumption.)
  1. Recommend two (2) actions that the company could take in order to improve its profitability and deliver more value to its stakeholders. Outline, in brief, a plan to implement your recommendations.


Space Age Furniture Company, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Space Age Furniture Company

Read “Space Age Furniture Company” in Chapter 9 of your text. Respond to the following and include any Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) calculations:

  • Develop an MRP for Space Age Furniture Company using the information in the case including the production of sub-assemblies in lot sizes of 1,000.
  • The lot size of 1,000 for sub-assemblies has produced a lumpy demand for part 3079. Suggest ways for improvements over sub-assemblies in lot sizes of 1,000.
  • Analyze the trade-off between overtime costs and inventory costs.
  • Calculate a new MRP that improves the base MRP.
  • Compare and contrast the types of production processing—job shop, batch, repetitive, or continuous—and determine which the primary mode of operation is and why.
  • Describe ways that management can keep track of job status and location during production.
  • Recommend any changes that might be beneficial to the company and/or add value for the customer.

The final case study should demonstrate your understanding of the reading as well as the implications of new knowledge. The paper should integrate readings, scholarly sources, and class discussions into work and life experiences. It may include explanation and examples from previous events as well as implications for future applications.

The purpose of the final case study is for you to culminate the learning achieved in the course by describing your understanding and application of knowledge in the field of operations management.

Writing the Final Paper
The Final Paper:

  • Must be 10 to 12 double-spaced pages in length (not including the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
  • Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
  • Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.
  • Must use at least five scholarly sources.
  • Must document all sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style

The Space Age Furniture Company manufactures tables and cabinets to hold microwave ovens and portable televisions. These products are made in various sizes and with various features, but all follow basically the same production and assembly operations. However, two of these products—the Saturn microwave stand and the Gemini TV stand—have a part (no. 3079) that requires machining on a special lathe used only for making that part. At present the machine is run by Ed Szewczak, a machinist who also operates other machines in Space Age’s shop. Once set up and started, the lathe can run nearly unattended. However, the machinist must be present (even if not actually attending the machine) any time one of the machines, including the lathe, is in operation. At present, Ed works a regular 40-hour week. However, due to the workload for producing part 3079, it has been necessary to schedule frequent overtime for him in order to finish the necessary parts on time.

Coral Snodgrass, operations manager for Space Age, has just heard from Ed’s foremen that Ed is becoming unhappy about so much overtime. As Coral knows, Ed has been with the company a long time and is an excellent, reliable employee. Skilled machinists with Ed’s experience and employment record are extremely difficult to find. Coral wonders what can be done to alleviate this problem.

Recently,Space Age began using an MRP system that has helped reduce inventories greatly and improve on-time deliveries. In fact,Space Age carries no finished-goods inventory. Instead, everything in the master schedule is being produced for customer orders, so all products are shipped almost immediately. Previously Space Age had estimated that it cost $1.25 per week to store each Gemini and $1.50 per week to store each Saturn that wasn’t shipped immediately. The master schedule for producing these two items for the next six weeks is shown below.

Master Schedule
1 2 3 4 5 6
Gemini 600 400 700 500 400 600
Saturn 300 400 400 600 300 300

The part in question, 3079, is used in two different subassemblies: no. 435, which is used in the Gemini TV stand, and no. 257, which is used inthe Saturn microwave stand. One of part 3079 is used in each subassembly, and one of each subassembly is used in each of the final products.

Part 3079 may be produced in any quantity since the lathe that makes it is not used for anything else. However, both of the subassemblies are produced using the same equipment. To minimize change over time,Space Age has decided that these subassemblies should be made in minimum quantities of 1,000 at a time, although there is no problem with capacity on the equipment that makes them. In fact, an order for 1,000 of subassembly 435 is due to be received in week 1, as is an order for 1,000 of subassembly 257. Lead time for both these subassemblies is one week, and no inventory is expected to be on hand for either part at the beginning of week 1. There is not any on-hand inventory of part 3079, and there are no orders in process.

Ed Szewczak earns $22 per hour and gets a 50% premium for any overtime work. Whenever part 3079 is made, there is no set-up time, but processing takes 0.03 hour per unit. It costs $0.25 per week to hold any of these parts over from one week to the next. The cost of holding each subassembly in inventory is $0.75 per unit per week.

  1. What options are open to Coral to address this problem?
  2. How would reducing the minimum quantity of subassemblies help?
  3. What are the costs of carrying excess items in inventory at each stage?
  4. What is the trade-off between overtime costs and inventory costs?



Reflect and Write: 1-2 pages

What are moral questions or challenges highlighted by the documentary?

What does this make you think about your place in the world, your place with each other, your place as an individual?