Exam 1: You must answer FOUR questions. Questions 1 and 2 are mandatory. Choose 2 questions from questions three Essay

Exam 1: You must answer FOUR questions.
Questions 1 and 2 are mandatory. Choose 2 questions from questions three to six. You must utilize class concepts in answering the questions. Answers must be is essay format. Answers must be 2-3 pages for each answer (8-12 pages total)

Question 1: Social Movements and Social Change (Must Answer)
Write an essay the explains the model of social movement mobilization and social change in the diagram below. In answering, make sure describe the processes that affect movement mobilization and factors that may limit movement success.
(see attached diagram)

Question 2: Love Canal (Must Answer)
Write an essay that analyzes the emergence and progression of the community-based movement by the residents of Love Canal. First, identify the common interests that the residents shared and the ways that they formed a collective identity. Second, discuss the resources available to the movement the ways they were able to procure resources, and the ways that resources affected the tactics of the Love Canal movement. Third, examine the relationship between government entities and the Love Canal movement, and the implications of these relations for the movement.

Framework Questions: Answer any 2
3. You are starting a social movement organization to combat student debt and the high cost of university education. Your movement goals include debt forgiveness, increased progressive need- based forms of financial aid, and increased government funding of public universities. Drawing on resource mobilization theory, write an essay that identifies (1) the types of resource you will need, (2) how you will procure the resources, and (3) the sources of the resources.

4. Write an essay that examines recruitment and participation in social movements. Using examples from the documentary Freedom Summer, (https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/freedomsummer/#part01
) analyze who were the participants in Freedom Summer and how they were recruited. Discuss why the Civil Rights movement recruited these participants and what they organizers were trying to achieve through having such participants.

5. Framing is an important social task of social movements. First, explain the idea of framing and its key components, and discuss the master frames that social movements often utilize. Second, develop diagnostic, prognostic, and motivational frames for an anti-sexual assault campaign on your university campus. Third, justify these frames and discuss potential challenges your frames may face.

6. You are an organizer of a movement organization that is advocating for raising the minimum wage. Your job is to assess the political opportunities for this movement and when might be a good time to mobilize and take action. First, identify long-term changes in society that have created potential opportunities that your movement can take advantage of. Second, assess what immediate changes in the US political and/or economic systems will create opportunities, and which will threaten your movement.

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