Executive Summary, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Executive Summary, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help. Executive Summary, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help.

Tasks: Observe the web application provided below and include the following descriptions. 

1. A paragraph of a software executive summary, which describes the brief details of the
web application. 

2. A full analysis of user requirements by including: 

a. Operations and constraints of the usages (Your analysis must focus on functional
requirements. However, you may include non-functional requirements as well.) 

b. Use case diagram of each operation 

Note: In this section, when you describe an operation and/or constraint, the description
should be very detailed oriented such as: 

• What information the software is collecting for each operation? 

• How the users navigate from one operation to another? 

• What information is provided for each operation? 

• What information is required and optional for each operation? 

• How the information is collected or changed? 

• How the users know whether information is submitted successfully? 

• i.e. 

• You do NOT need to be technical on this analysis. The purpose of the user
requirements analysis is to explain the usages of the software to non-technical

Create use case diagrams online: http://www.umlet.com/umletino/umletino.html 

Or you can download & install the online tool: http://www.umlet.com/changes.htm 


• 100-200 words on executive summary 

• Double-spaced 

• Font Type: Times New Roman with size of 12 point 

• APA style (if there is any citation)
Information to be included in a software executive summary 

• What is the name of the software? 

• What are the purposes of the software? 

• Who are the main audiences of the software? 

• What are the current processes to perform the tasks?
Assume that a paper-based request forms must be submitted to IT department for any
current request. 

• What are the problems and/or disadvantages of the current process? 

• How will the software resolve the problems and enhance the current processes?


I will upload 3 more pictures because the website only allowed me to upload 5 pictures 

Executive Summary, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

create a tri-fold brochure that could be used to share with your peers, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

You and your team members will create a tri-fold brochure that could be used to share with your peers, coworkers, and colleagues to inform them of the guidelines and procedures for protecting human research participants.

I. Content of the Brochure:

  1. Describe guidelines and procedures for protecting human subjects in research
  2. Include a brief historical overview of ethics and the need for human protection (for example the Belmont Report and how it came about)
  3. Include legal and ethical issues relevant to nursing research
  4. Describe the role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  5. Procedures for protecting individuals;
    1. Informed consent
    2. Identify vulnerable or at risk participants and explain special considerations
    3. Privacy and confidentiality issues
    4. Justice and fair treatment of research participants.
  6. Section containing frequently asked questions concerning protection of human subjects with answers provided

II. Presentation of Brochure

  1. Team members’ names on the brochure
  2. The brochure should have attractive formatting that is legible and well-organized and is presented as a tri fold brochure with a mix of interesting graphics along with text
  3. Brochure should be colorful and interesting and well organized
  4. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation should be correct throughout the document
  5. Provide at least 5 scholarly references and list them in APA format on a separate document.

In addition to this Assignment, please complete this Team Evaluation Form and also submit it to the Dropbox.

Assignment Requirements

Before finalizing your work, you should:

  • be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);
  • consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Home) to make sure you have included everything necessary; and
  • utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.

Your writing Assignment should:

  • follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
  • be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
  • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
  • use APA 6th Edition style and format.



Intermediate Java Programming, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Develop an application that will read an input text
string and count the number of A’s, B’s, C’s, etc. To do this, you will create a Letter class that will hold
the letter and number of occurrences and a LetterList class that can be a static array of Letter objects.
You will also implement an InvalidCharException that will be thrown if a non-letter (spaces, punctuation,
etc.) gets passed into the method that counts occurrences. Output must be in a bar graph format. You
may use a character such as an asterisk (*) for your bar graph.
Hints: To make things easier, you may convert the input string to all upper case or all lower case. When
processing your input string, you can ignore spaces, punctuation, etc. to avoid the exception being
thrown. An isChar() method would really help here. Consider the ASCII value of each letter as a way to
quickly locate the corresponding array index. ( The out come look has to be in a jFrame Form) Either a flowchart or pseudocode that clearly outlines your logic for the letter count and calculate
change processes. You do not need to pseudocode or flowchart constructors, simple getter and setter


a critique of Lockheed Martin, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

  1. What do you think about the notion presented by Terris that
    Lockheed’s ethics program does little to prevent ethical breaches at the
    highest level of the organization? 
  2. Are the efforts put
    forth—such as making sure higher level executives participate in
    training—enough to help executives navigate what Terris calls the
    ‘ethical minefield’ faced by leadership in such an organization? 
  3. What are some things that could be done to address the issue related to ethics at higher executive levels of the organization?
  4. Terris
    points out that the company’s program is overly focused on individuals
    and that it doesn’t really address group dynamics that can impact
    ethical situations. For instance, there can be a tendency for groups to
    ‘go with the flow’ of the group decision making process and overlook
    ethical issues in the process. What would you recommend that Lockheed
    Martin do to address this situation? 

(Hint: reviewing p.
128 and the following pages – before section headed “Personal
Responsibility, Collective Innocence” – of the text might be helpful).

a 4- to 5-page paper, not including title page or references page
addressing the issue and upload it by the end of this module.

Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12-point type size.

Your paper should have a separate cover page and a separate reference page.  Make sure you cite your sources. 

Use APA style, and proofread your paper.


field trip report (based on my experience), assignment help Writing Assignment Help


As we got out the train station- bowling green in lower Manhattan I seen a lot of tourists and bike riders. There was also a lot of outside space, seats for people to sit and relax. Talk about the harbor in mahattan(include the history about it). Fort amsterdam is no longer in manhttan(also talk about what fort amsterdam is). Theres many foreigners that come and explore Ellis island. I heard people speaking french. I also heard people speaking other languages but i just wasn’t sure what language they were speaking. Talk about the history of the east river, and also explain why the bridge is called verrazano bridge. Talk about the history of ellis island, statue of liberty. And talk about ellis island today (2016). And also describe how battery park was in the mid 1800s. Things have changed, before, this area was nothing but ships. Talk about what wall street was. Talk about the citi bank on bowling green/ manhattan broadway new york, that building where the bank is was a place where they would drop off passengers, the front of the building still says “first class” which is right under the word “citi bank”. Talk about how the buildings in lower manhattan was built in the 1800s. And end on a good note……



Normalization Assignment (ERD in Visio), computer science assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

Create the original (i.e. in provided format) and 3NF dependency diagrams as well as an ERD in Visio that captures the information requirements described below.

Combine your diagrams and ERD into one file and save in PDF format, and submit your file on Blackboard by midnight on Saturday, October 1. Make sure your name is on your document. File name must follow this convention: YourLastName_Normalization_Fall2016.pdf (for example, Veltri_Normalization_Fall2016.pdf)

Any questions regarding the assignment should be directed to your professor and not your classmates. This is an individual assignment and should be completed individually!

To document dependencies  you can use the following notation:

StudentID –> StLname, StFname, StDOB

ClassID –> ClassRoom, ClassCapacity, CourseID, InstructorID

InstructorID –> InstructorLname, InstructorFname

CourseID –> CourseName, CourseHrs, CourseDescription

ClassID, StudentID –> Grade

Please see the Attached file 

Normalization Assignment (ERD in Visio), computer science assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

issue of “Forfeiture” without due process, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

dear writer here are the instructions for this assignment:

Students should watch the video,


which gives a humorous take on a very serious issue of “Forfeiture”
without due process.  After completing our assigned reading about Due
Process, Economic Freedoms and Property Rights (paying particular
attention to Bennis v. Michigan, 516 U.S. 442 (1996)) and The
Right to Privacy, each student should create ideas for new legislation,
using the principles of due process, just compensation and the court’s
findings in Bennis. Be sure to be specific on how your ideas
will solve the issue of forfeiture without due process. You may also
wish to argue, in lieu of new ideas, that forfeiture does not violate
due process or the constitution, again be specific. Students should not
repeat any idea that has already been posted.

Resources for Assessement:

  • Textbook Readings: Constitutional Law Principles & Practice, chapters 9, 10, and 13. and the video


You can google the textbook name and you might find the etext or PDf of the book when you google it.


peer reviewed response Native American Food Systems Network, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Review the peer response to the question and make a response with reference 

Discussion Question  

To implement a “doable” dissertation study, the doctoral learner must transition from a topic of interest to identifying gap in the extant research. That is, the dissertation problem must emerge as a gap from prior research. Discuss the gap you have identified for your dissertation study and the research that outlines the gap for your study. How is your dissertation topic justified by prior research? Explain.

Peer Response to be responded to 

Native American Food Systems Network, Growing an Economic Business through Food Sovereignty

The gap that I have identified through my dissertation study is understanding the relationship between social justices, health and food sovereignty and food security. There are several pathways to health which include the following: 1) environmental, social, 2) occupational, 3) change in the environment, and economies 4) Traditional, Cultural values, 5) ingestion of contaminants, 6) nutrition, 7) Social determinants of health, 8) Economic, regulatory and political. When we talk about food sovereignty generally the association with that is health disparities and food security. Themes that are associated with these terms for Native American reservation communities are historical trauma, social justice, environmental disparities, poverty, high health disparities, cultural and traditional change due to identity conflicts and addressing socio-political restructuring. Regaining a health community can be very challenging when the health of the community has been dilapidated for so long. Research gaps are the exploration and identification of strengthening the gap between food sovereignty and health equity.

My dissertation will also identify the relationship between the network of food systems throughout the reservation and the association of economic growth it can bring to reservations through food sovereignty. Taking back control of the land, agriculture, resources, environment and social structure of the organization back to the communities. Community members need to take a bigger interest and vest into their own communities.

Reservation communities have been researched to death, literally. Many of the studies are community-based participatory type of research. Information about this methodology vs traditional research methodology can be often misleading. There are common mistakes that are made by academic research institutes.


 Israel BA, Eng E, Schulz AJ, et al., editors. Methods in Community-Based Participatory Research for Health. Jossey-Bass; San Francisco, Calif: 2005.

Weaver HN. Assessing the needs of Native American communities: a Northeastern example. Eval Program Plann. 1999;22:155–161. [PubMed]

Stubben JD. Working with and conducting research among American Indian families. Am Behav Sci.2001;44:1466–1481


Literature Review Literature Review, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please modify  my proposal with 12 font times roman,and citations,references. The instructions are below 

This week’s topic covers literature review. Complete a
literature review on ways to ensure and measure project success for GU’s
learning management system. Modify your proposal created in week 2, citing 3 to
5 different sources outside of your textbook, to ensure best practices for
project success are included. Ensure these best practices include reporting on
user experience, defects, feature requests, feedback, and enhancements of the
new learning management system.

My Proposal


Catering Capers will offer
the community the lowest rates and provide homes, health facilities and jobs to
the poor employees and people in the community from what it will get as a
non-profit. In addition to that, the company will also offer social services and
create employment options for the graduates who lack employment . The company
will also work closely with and help shape systems that impact the youth and
their families in the community. Our mission will be to assist at-risks youths
and the poor to become productive citizens through offering them an opportunity
to learn and work in our organization.


Catering Capers will be a
non-profit catering company that will serve the Philadelphia market. It will
offer creative yet colorful food options for all people including traditional
standbys. This new business hopes to focus mainly in events including weddings,
corporate functions, holiday parties, birthday parties and funerals. Most
importantly, the company aims at cutting the costs incurred by customers as it
will offer very affordable rates so as to serve a wider audience irrespective
of their income status (Weinberg, 2008).

Industry Analysis

The American catering industry generates over
$7 billion per year through events like holiday parties, corporate functions,
weddings among others. Despite the profits, the catering industry is quite
competitive and composed of many independent participants. These participants
serve the social cultural clientele, and/or local corporate although some have
managed to find very unique niches such as schools. The demand for these
services depends on the size of the population, standards of living as well as
the number of cultural and business institutions. However, more Americans are
choosing to pay for catering services especially when they have events as
opposed to cooking at home. This is hence a positive remark for the industry (Vivaldo,


Our catering services will be within the
reach of every in Philadelphia and its surroundings. We intend to serve all
available clients despite their financial status. However, in order to make
effective plans and take actions in meeting our sales and marketing targets, we
will have to write down the category of people as well as organizations that
will be our main target market (Mattel, 2016).
Therefore, in order to get the needed funds to help the poor and provide jobs
to the youth, we will have to focus the catering services to social events
especially corporate events, holiday parties, birthday parties, weddings,
schools, funerals among other events.

That way we will have to be aware of all
events taking place in Philadelphia in advance so that we can approach the
potential clients. In order to attract a wide number of clients who wish to
hold any of these events, we will use our youth employees to conduct
advertising and marketing through social media and any other source of
marketing that could enable the organization and its services become known.
That way we will hence reach all couples that seek to plan a wedding,
organizations that wish to hold events, parents or colleagues that wish to
throw a beloved one a birthday party among other audiences.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Catering Capers seeks to be
the number one non-profit catering service company in the entire Philadelphia
and so the only way that we will attain this position is through engaging in
vigorous marketing. Our Plan will be ensuring that we get our fair of the
existing market in Philadelphia. We will hence create a sales and marketing
team composed of more youths as they are more capable of designing the best
strategies of marketing and selling the services of the company (Vivaldo, 2014). Social media has widely been utilized in conducting most
marketing in most companies today. Therefore through brainstorming their ideas they
will come up with the most creative ideas. Aside from social media, we will
also utilize direct marketing where our services will be marketed directly to
the potential customers.

That way, we can get to
interact with the customers at a direct level and add or do away with things
that they like and do not like respectively. In addition to that, we will also
conduct our marketing and sales through sponsored TV programs and other
community based events. Given the fact that our organization will be non-profit,
referrals will work very well since the community and any member affiliated to
the company will spread the word about our services and refer their friends and
extended families to our company. The more we market ourselves, the better the
chances we will have to help the poor and unemployed people in the community.


Through the corporate social
strategy of Catering Capers will recognize the significance of the
stakeholders. Such recognition will be manifested in the programs and strategies
of the company that will address the demand and interest of its most
significant stakeholder groups directly. 
The stakeholders groups for the organization will hence be categorized
as follows .


The employees are the most
significant stakeholders. The interest in this group of stakeholders will be
career opportunities. The employees of this organization will be quite
significant as they will impact the performance of the organization in terms of
quality of service, productivity and overall efficiency (Vivaldo, 2014).


The shareholders will be
composed of the internal stakeholders and customers. These two groups of
stakeholders will be very important for the functioning of the organization.
The internal stakeholders will include the top management who will be charged with
running the day-to-day activities of the organization. On the other hand, the
customers will determine the revenue generated in the organization in terms of
demand and purchases.

External stakeholders

They will include the
communities, government, partners, creditors, and suppliers. These stakeholders
will be interested in the higher financial performance of the organization.
They will all affect the organization performance in a different way. Customers
will for instance become part of the stakeholders through their continued
loyalty to acquiring the services of the organization .

Factors Impact Success of the Organization

There will be a number of
factors which will impact the success of the organization. They include the

Resources: In order for this
organization to attain success, resource availability is very import. Resources
can range from finances to items that will foster the catering services like
tents. The organization hence has to allocate resources based on its ability to
acquire them. Therefore, the more resources it can acquire, the better it will
be at the catering business.

Schedule: Time management
will be equally important for this organization. It must schedule all its plans
before it can get to do them. That way, it will be able to utilize time
properly and achieve more. Catering services requires proper time management so
that the organization can have enough time to set up and serve its customers in

Scope: For the services to
become successful, the organization must define its scope so as to be able to
allocate the right amount of work to complete based on the available time. The
organization hence has to plan very well to capture and define the works it
needs to complete in a set time.

Budget: This is very
important factor because without it, the organization will fall short in
offering its services. Having a budget will enable the organization plan and
offer services based on the resources it has. It will also help it curb
overspending and under spending leading to its success.

Communications: For any
business to work communication is very important. The catering business cannot
be successful without proper communication between the employees and the top
management as well as with the customers. It is through communication that the
services can also be rendered.

Training: For the
organization to be a success, it has to train the employees especially the new
recruits or promoted employees. That way, they can be effective and efficient
in their work and work to their best abilities to offer the best to the
organization (Weinberg, 2008).

Support: whether financial
or moral, support will be very important for the organization to succeed . The
fact that it will be a nonprofit organization; it will need all the support it can
get from donors to community sacrifices.


Food is very essential for
the survival of human beings most importantly, it brings people together.
Therefore, whether it is an event or a family fun day, catering services can be
able to afford people the luxury of enjoying each other without worrying who
will be in the kitchen. Catering Capers Organization will thus be determined
and delighted to offer these services so as to help unemployed youth get
employment and also enable the poor afford meals (Mattel, 2016).


The Ethics of Remembrance, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Documentary filmmaker Claude Lanzmann has accused Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List of trivializing the holocaust by attempting to represent what cannot be represented. Philosopher Richard Kearney defends Schindler’s List in his essay, “Narrative and the Ethics of Remembrance,” arguing that narrative representation is essential to cultural identity.

In two to three pages (excluding title and reference pages), argue your own position on the representation of the Holocaust. Can the Holocaust be represented in a way that honors the unimaginable suffering of the victims? Be sure to defend your view against the objections of the opposing side. Cite Kearney, Lanzmann, and other authors, as appropriate.

Steps to Complete the Assignment:

  1. Read articles by Kearney and Lanzmann, taking notes on the different perspectives on the ethics of Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List. Make sure you understand the concepts of “narrative representation” and “cultural identity.”
  2. Next, explore these concepts in relation to the Holocaust, using your instructor assigned primary sources as well as the two secondary sources by Kearney and Lanzmann. Develop a thesis in response to the question posed: Can the Holocaust be represented ethically, in a way that honors the unimaginable suffering of the victims?
  3. Build a case to support your position, using evidence from the assigned primary and secondary texts as well as the film. 
  4. As this paper asks you to argue a position, you will use techniques of argumentation, such as looking at the opposing view and defending your view against the objections. Be sure to do this after you fully develop your own position.
  5. Cite page referenced examples from the primary texts (literature assigned by your instructor) and secondary texts to support your interpretation. 
  6. Use in-text and reference citations in APA style. Plagiarism will not receive payment



Stubben JD. Working with and conducting research among American Indian families. Am Behav Sci.2001;44:1466–1481