executive Summary for my business plan, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

executive Summary for my business plan, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. executive Summary for my business plan, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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I Need an outstanding executive summary for my business plan that I will upload. Please use the specific information contained in the business plan and do not add any new references, although you can use the references that are contained in the plan. I need the Executive summary to be 2 pages. Your Executive Summary should be two pages long, and no longer. It
includes the main highlights of the plan. It also includes the exit
strategy and the return on investment your capital investors should plan
to recover. If you are using lenders only, then this part will be
easier to write, but then you have to include a section explaining to
your lenders how you plan to pay them back regardless of what happens.
In other words, do you have collateral built into this plan that will
protect your lenders?. The Executive Summary generally follows the same outline as your paper.
It should have headings and it should have margins. Include financial
information where it highlights or justifies your actions and plan.
Place it at the front of your plan and allow it to “sell” your plan to
your investors. Many of them will have it in front of them at your
presentation, and some of them may never read any other part of your
plan. Therefore, make it count.

executive Summary for my business plan, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Product Analysis, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

there are four different parts on their I need them on all separate page and labeled

1.Selection and Resource List

For your course project, submit the company you have chosen, along with the product or service for which you will conduct your marketing analysis. In your submission, provide a detailed description of the organization and its product or service. Provide a rationale for your selection. Also, submit a list of four to five resources you will use to assist in your analysis.

2. Product Analysis

Submit your analysis of the first P (product) for your chosen company’s product/service as an attachment to this assignment. The central focus of a marketing program will be on a product or service. Your product analysis should include the company, competition, and customer requirements. You should also look at branding, design, product positioning, and other elements that allow the company to either carving out a niche or maintain market share leadership against the onslaught of competitive products.

In your analysis, you should evaluate your competitors’ product strategies. Do they have the right branding in place for the product? Does the product have a customer? Cite any resources you use.

3. Place and Price Analysis

Submit your analyses of the next two P’s (place and price) for your chosen company’s product/service. Your place analysis should discuss distribution channels (how are they getting their product to market?) It should also look at where the product is being sold and the approach to inventory.

Your price analysis should describe the pricing system in place. Is it cost-based, value-based, or competition-based, and how did you come to that determination? Include an evaluation of the pricing strategy in your analysis.

4 .Promotion Analysis

Submit your analysis for the final P (promotion) for your chosen company’s product/service. Your analysis should cover all the aspects related to promoting the product, including to the customer, as well as to other promotional audiences:

What is the communication strategy?

What are the communication channels/media?

Who represents the product?

What is the sales approach?

What examples of sales techniques can you provide?

Include in your analysis an evaluation of their promotion strategy:

What works?

How could they improve?


comparison essay between General Treaty of the Congress of Vienna and Charter of United Nations, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

For your final paper, you will be comparing the General Treaty of the Congress of Vienna (the subject of your first paper WHICH IS ATTACHED TO THE UPLOADED FILE BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!) to parts of the Charter of the United Nations (Preamble, and Chapters: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 14). The purpose of this is to look at the ways the European powers dealt with the aftermaths of large-scale wars changed through time, and why. This is NOT a repeat of your first paper, it is a comparison paper and requires you to place both of the documents in their historical context and think about how the world changed between 1815 and 1945.


This assignment requires you to read the particular parts of the UN Charter (listed above), which came out of World War II, in comparison with The General Treaty of the Congress of Vienna, which came out of the Napoleonic Wars.

You will answer the following question:

Both the Congress of Vienna and the UN Charter came out of large European conflicts, but these are different documents. How are the two documents similar and different? Why do these similarities and differences exist?

You will not be doing outside research for this paper, but you will want to use the textbook and lecture notes. You may also want to look up the UN on the website provided; Wikipedia is fine for background information, but YOU MAY NOT use it as a source!

You MUST use direct evidence from both texts to support your central argument!


This paper should be in 12-pt. Times New Roman type, have 1-inch margins, be double-spaced, and be 1250 to 1500 words. Grammar and spelling absolutely count! This is a formal paper and I expect you to use formal language. You must cite your source, and you may not use outside sources for this assignment other than the textbook and lecture.


In Patterns of World History 2nd edition volume 2 since 1400 with sources (Peter Von Sivers 2015)


The link to the UN Charter:

http://www.un.org/en/charter-united-nations/index.html (Links to an external site.)

The link to the General Treaty of the Congress of Vienna:

https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Final_Act_of_the_Congress_of_Vienna/General_Treaty (Links to an external site.)


International Economic Analysis, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Every nation interacts with other nations. Sometimes that interaction is structured through various trade agreements. Other times it is more casual but there are no nations that are totally closed off from the Global Economy. Those interactions may have an impact on the success or failure of any new marketing strategy. Consider some of the following as you analyze the nation’s place in the Global Economy:

Every nation interacts with other nations. Sometimes that interaction is structured through various trade agreements. Other times it is more casual but there are no nations that are totally closed off from the Global Economy. Those interactions may have an impact on the success or failure of any new marketing strategy.


what are supply chain vulnerabilities?, homework help Writing Assignment Help

i am uploading a few lecture slides and pdf of the text book that i am using for the course.I have a bunch of questions which i need you to write from the text book or power point slides.You can also search the internet for answers but i dont want the exact answers copied from the internet.There will be a plagiarism check because this is a final report.Questions are given below:

Submit a report on the Following questions:
(25 Points)

Question 2) what are supply chain vulnerabilities? Discuss different security and privacy threats at
different levels and suggest counter measures.

(50 points)
Question 3) we discussed in detail the delay based PUFs in class, do a survey on bistable PUFs. You
may want to include following points in your discussion.
a) Names of PUFs, and when they were proposed
b) Discuss whether the covered PUFs are strong or Weak PUF.
c) Implementation details
d) Security analysis against threats.
e) Effects of environment and aging on these PUFs.

(25 Points)
Question 4) Discuss the different types of non-volatile memory storage for keys used in the past.
Write the threat models with the possible attacks. Discuss how PUFs are a suitable candidate to
protect keys from those attacks.
(25 Points)

5) Do a survey on FPGA based designs security threats and counter measures.

Please give me an individual report for each question….



Real-Time Business Scenario Activity, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Real-Time Business Scenario Activity

Critical thinking, reasoning abilities, and content specific competencies are essential skillsets for business leaders. The ethical application of these skillsets to business principles in a 21st century globalized economy is essential to all professionals and as such, are part of the program objectives for graduate business education.

Graduate Business Learners should gain a broad view of organizational performance factors from the general management perspective. Activities are designed to develop the skills needed for effective leadership and management in the 21st century globalized business economy. These skills promote and integrate program outcomes and include decision-making, strategic management, creativity and innovation, leadership, problem-solving, and real-time business application.

Activities will also develop research and writing skills that accompany high level responsibility in the academic and business environments. These skill sets will empower business managers, executives, and leaders to perform in a dynamic environment where market expansion is global. Excellence in these areas are essential to organizational viability and will allow Learners to add value to their respective firms and to grow both personally and professionally.

The application of concepts learned is a very important aspect to the Kent State learning model. Through practical experience and research, it provides the opportunity for graduate level business learners to understand how business integrates these concepts and closes the loop on what is learned to competitive advantage.

The first part of your assignment is to choose a topic from the assigned readings that can be related to business operations in general, and present a summary. Your summary should demonstrate your understanding of the major concepts as they relate to the learning objectives and course material.

Subsequent to your summary and working with your chosen topic, use your textbook, articles, journals, and the Internet, and present the topic as it is applied in a real-time business scenario (within 1 year). Your analysis should include how it benefited the organization, solved a business problem, and/or added value to the firm.

Please follow the Essay Format listed in resources, under additional resources. All assignments must be in APA 6th ed. format.

Assignment Outcomes

Solve communication issues and plan for managing stress

Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology

Analyze and evaluate your overall comprehension of the course relative to a broad-based evaluation of your understanding of the course concepts

Real-Time Business Scenario Activity, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Trump/Russia, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Use two reputable American media sources, and two reputable non-American sources, to discuss the issues involving President Trump and Russia, especially concerning Russia’s involvement in the Presidential election of 2016. By “reputable” I mean sources you feel you can trust to tell you the truth.

For this Media Log I want you to construct a narrative, a story, about how you proceeded to answer this question. Where did you start? Why? What did you learn? Where did you go next? Why? What did you learn there? etc. etc. etc.

This Media Log is thus the log of your research in the media to try to understand the issues involving Trump and Russia, and, hopefully, after finishing your research, coming to some conclusion on what you think the truth is about it.

-single space

-12pt, time new roman

-full 2pages

-work cited


Project Management, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

You will begin your project by selecting a location for your company’s convention. In order for the project to proceed, it must receive approval from the Board of Directors. This document will communicate not only the location that has been selected but the reasoning behind this selection. This document is being submitted to the Executive Level of your company so be sure to exhibit appropriate, audience-specific tone and vocabulary for the purpose of defending your position. In a minimum of 4 pages, please do the following:

First formulate a detailed Project Definition Statement(s) which answers the following questions:

  • What work must be done?
  • Who will do the work?
  • How long will it take?
  • What resources are required?

Because an event this large will generate a huge amount of revenue for the community selected it is possible that some communities might attempt to sway the decision making process in their favor by offering “special deals” or “financial incentives” to improve their chances of being selected. Accepting this type of favoritism is contrary to the ethical code of your company but you must keep the lines of communication open to all communities considered in case of changes during the project planning phase.

Identify at least three ethical and legal issues that should be considered when making the decision of where to locate the convention. State at least 3 actions you would take to ensure the decision of the location of the convention made ethically.

Your submission should follow the essentials of APA (i.e., cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at the end, in-text citations, etc.).


Cybersecurity Technology, homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Daily life requires us to have access to a lot of information, and information systems help us access that information. Desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices keep us connected to the information we need through processes that work via hardware and software components. Information systems infrastructure makes this possible. However, our easy access to communication and information also creates security and privacy risks. Laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines exist to protect information and information owners. Cybersecurity ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information. Identity management is a fundamental practice. Part of identity management is the governance of access, authorization, and authentication of users to information systems, Identity management is one part of a layered security defense strategy within the information systems infrastructure. Your work in this project will enable you to produce a technical report and nontechnical presentation that addresses these requirements.


mapping out, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help

This week, you are tasked to write a Formal Project Proposal for your portfolio (think gatekeeper readers). Using your mock business or organization, write a formal proposal explaining how your product or service could be provided in a more efficient and effective way. Your proposal should be directed toward gatekeeper readers.

Organize your proposal following the steps laid out in step two in our textbook (pp. 203-218). You are free to choose the layout for your proposal, but make sure you are keeping your readers’ needs, values, and attitudes central in your design.

Your proposal should be 500-750 words in length. ( I have uploaded the pages from textbook to follow, it’s 9 pages) will upload the rest of the pages once the tutor is accepted


executive Summary for my business plan, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

executive Summary for my business plan, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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