Families and Community Connections Case Studies Humanities Assignment Help

Families and Community Connections Case Studies Humanities Assignment Help. Families and Community Connections Case Studies Humanities Assignment Help.

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for this assignment you are a camp director for kids. you will listen to or read the pod cast ,and then answer the questions please respond to case # 1 with 400 words

the podcast attahced.


CASE STUDY #1: Tech Camp vs. Traditional Summer Camp

Listen to (or read the transcript of) this 5 minute podcast about a Silicon Valley tech camp that has grown in popularity in recent years http://www.marketplace.org/topics/tech/summer-camp-young-techies. It may be a camp that could be your competition in getting campers to attend your traditional camp in the outdoors. Then answer the following questions.

What can you learn about kids and parents from this story?

What messages should you create and tell about your camp that attracts kids and families that are seeking an outdoor camp experience?

Families and Community Connections Case Studies Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Key Performance Indicators Writing Assignment Help

I need a discussion post for the following instructions. Below are the instructions. I have also attached the tutorials/readings the instructions speak about. If there is any confusion about anything, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me asap.


This week, you will think critically about the key performance indicators (“KPIs”) that will be most helpful to tracking the improvement of your P.R. website by doing the following:

  1. Post one (1) initial comment in which you answer all of the following questions:
    1. Which KPIs should you use to track and measure social media (as defined in thisweek’s tutorials)?
    2. List your top 3 measurable goals for social media and explain how those 3 goalsrelate to your brand.
    3. Over what period of time/increments would you track those 3 goals?
    4. What tool(s) would you use to track those 3 goals?
    5. What are multi-level attribution funnels (as defined in your tutorials for thisweek)?
    6. Why is it important for businesses to analyze click data as it relates toconversions (as discussed in your tutorials for this week)?
    7. NOTE: Your citations must be in APA format.
  2. Word requirements:
    1. The initial post should be at least 500 words.
    2. Proofread both of your posts extraordinarily carefully in order to avoid grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors.
    3. There will be a 1-point deduction for each type of grammatical/typographical error that appears in your posts.


writing assignment” Business Finance Assignment Help

check the pdf…

Answer the following questions based upon your assigned readings and class materials. IF YOU USE ANOTHER SOURCE FOR YOUR ANSWER, YOU MUST CITE THAT SOURCE, but please be advised that other sources may give information that is not as discussed or presented in class and will not provide additional credit.

Your answers must be in complete sentences and free of typographical errors.

Your writing assignment must be saved as either as WORD documents or in PDF, with double-spaced, 1” margins. The assignment must be well written and professional in appearance. Your completed assignment must be uploaded onto Blackboard for submission. NO OTHER FORMATS WILL BE ACCEPTED. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.


Unit 5 individual project for ITCO381 Programming Assignment Help

Assignment Description

Continue to build on the skills of providing Web page content and structure with HTML and Web page style and layout using CSS. Demonstrate the skill of creating a dynamic Web page that includes JavaScript client-side scripting. Demonstrate the skill of creating a Web page that delivers audio and/or video content. Design and develop a Web site that includes at least 2 Web pages that meet the following requirements:

  • The design of all Web pages in the site must include the following:
    • A visually distinct header at the top of the page
    • A horizontal navigation bar below the header
    • Required content below the navigation bar to include elements as learned in previous assignments. A sufficient representation of headings, paragraphs, lists, images, table, figure, etc.
  • A form containing several input types and the Submit button.
  • 1 Web page must include dynamic content created by client-side scripting using JavaScript.
    • JavaScript code can be either
      • Embedded in the head element or
      • Included in an external JavaScript file that is linked to the Web page
    • You may write your own JavaScript code or implement code from a provider of free code (copyrights must remain intact).
    • Ensure that the JavaScript code is free of errors that would cause it to fail to execute.
    • Ensure that the JavaScript code is called to execute.
    • Ensure that the JavaScript code is included in the Web site.
    • Validate the HTML in the Web page.
  • 1 Web page must deliver audio and/or video content.
    • Deliver the content to older browsers, as follows:
      • Using the embed element
      • iFrames and/or copy and paste ‘embed’ code from YouTube or other sites are NOT acceptable.
    • Deliver the content to modern browsers, as follows:
      • Using the video and/or audio elements
      • Ensuring that the content plays in all modern browsers
      • iFrames and/or copy and paste ‘embed’ code from YouTube or other sites are NOT acceptable.
    • Ensure that the media files are included in the Web site.
    • Validate the HTML in the Web page.
  • Use a single external CSS file to do the following:
    • Provide style, presentation, and layout to the Web pages in the Web site
    • Validate the CSS style rules
  • Submit all HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and image files in a .zip file.


human resources Humanities Assignment Help

for this assignment you are a camp director for kids. please respond to #1 with 300 words


If this is your first year as director or you think you want to change the previous year’s staff organization chart draw a new chart. Why do you think this chart will work for you and what do you think are going to be your greatest challenges?


Supervision and in-service training are critical to the success of your camp. Your supervisors are your first line of defense against bad judgment, poor work habits, and poor counselor skills, all of which put your program at risk. You will probably be building your supervisory staff from a pool of counselors who haven’t necessarily supervised others before. Set aside some time to train your supervisors in the responsibilities and functions of supervisors.

  • The role of the supervisor and types of supervision
  • Functions: teaching, delegating, evaluating and improving performance, and problem solving
  • Responsibility and limits of authority
  • Appropriate Techniques: teaching, coaching, modeling, reinforcing, correcting
  • Skills and techniques for practical skill development and for dealing with problem behaviors of staff
  • Methods to establish performance standards for supervisors and the staff they oversee



Case study Answer questions Writing Assignment Help

there is an attached case study Called (Squeeze Those Glutes) you have to read it and respond as per instructions below The purpose of this exercise is for you to apply what you have reviewed so far to an actual case study. In reviewing the attached case study you are to adopt the role of a Sport Psychologist / Consultant and provide advice to me the assistant coach.

To guide the discussion the following question guide is offered. Students may use this guide to provide advice to me.

I will attach the questions bellow as a word file you must answer each question in paragraphs. You must read the case and answer the questions.

the case study will be attacked as a pdf and questions are attached bellow as a word file, i will also attach one of the students work so you can see how the structure is as a sample.

Case study Answer questions Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

what are the Mathematics Assignment Help

This project will be from chapter 4 to chapter 6 in the R book file. See the link


This project will contain 3 files.

https://libguides.uakron.edu/statistics but it should be at least 3 columns and 50 rows.

The written report should contain the following six sections:

(1) Introduction to the project; talk about the data and what are they , what are going to do.

(2) Explanations of the data;

(3) Details of the methods;

(4) Results of the data analysis (tables and graphs) explain the data, is it cont or disc. And calculate the mean

; (5) Discussions and conclusions;

(6) References of the data.

Calculate the mean and median.

Do some functions and explain the code the data table and graphs.


I need a marketing plan for my Principles of Maketing class! Writing Assignment Help

At the end of Unit 6, a 2,500 word report is due that consists of a very brief marketing plan for either the business you wish to start, or an existing business of your choosing.


  1. You must not violate Park University’s guidelines with respect to plagiarism.
  2. Your plan must contain the following required headings and subheadings for the marketing plan (See the marketing plan rubric for specific point assignments)

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Situation Analysis

      • Company analysis
      • Customer market analysis
      • Competitive market analysis
      • External market environment
      • SWOT analysis

    3. Marketing strategy

      1. Target Market
      2. Product
      3. Place
      4. Promotion
      5. Price

    4. Implementation and control


Conceptual Framework Assignment-paper Writing Assignment Help

Conceptual Frameworks for nursing informatics were included in the readings for this week and will be used for this assignment.

  • McGonigle and Mastrian (2018) – the Foundation of Knowledge Model and the building blocks for nursing informatics
  • McBride and Tietze (2016) – the Nursing Education for the Healthcare Informatics (NEHI) Model


  • Complete the assigned readings:
    • Read chapter 1, Nursing Science & the Foundation of Knowledge (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018)
    • Read chapter 1, Nursing Education for the Healthcare Informatics (NEHI) Mode Attached pls use
  • Review the grading rubric and instructions below BEFORE continuing with the assignment.
  • Based on your review, submit a written paper based on the following headings:
    • Conceptual Framework
      • Choose one of the models noted above- Use the Second one pls
      • Describe in your own words a summary of the model and how it applies to the building blocks of nursing informatics
    • Application to Nursing Practice
      • Describe how the model can be applied to nursing practice and specifically your role as a nurse leader (administrator or educator). Be specific.
  • Review the literature and cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles. Additional references may include your text
  • Submit a written paper and include a cover page and reference page (Use APA format).
  • Maximum 750 words not including cover page and reference page. Refer to the rubric for additional information.

Pls see reburic and paper attached.

PLEASE READ: By submitting this assignment, I certify that the materials I am submitting are entirely my own work. I have not copied the work of any other student (past or present) or collaborated with anyone else on this assignment unless specifically directed to do so. I understand that academic dishonesty is grounds for dismissal from the program.


need a reflection paper – 5 full page minimum. Humanities Assignment Help

Reflection: Between the Articles, choose 4 concepts or themes to reflect upon. This will require synthesis of concepts across materials. In addition, demonstrate integration of previously reviewed psychodynamic common factors and psychodynamic assessment. 5 full page minimum. The points will be increased to 10.

Formatting Requirements: Single space, 12 pt. font, 1 in margins, Justified (or sometimes called block) formatting, minimum of 5 full pages, Word document. If you are uncertain as to what any of this means, I suggest you refer to the example posted in the Syllabus section and visually compare to your own.

Concept: Blah, blah, blah.

Personal Reaction: Blah, blah, blah.

Professional Use: Blah, blah, blah. This must contain your integration of these concepts with prior knowledge of Psychodynamic theory and assessment.

(Repeat for the 2nd concept)

Briefly provided your understanding of the concept, comment on your personal reaction to the concept, and your professional opinion of how it would be useful with examples (or how you might struggle with it). Students will receive full credits for all completed reflections that are turned in on time that meet the criteria above. You will post them to Blackboard prior to the class meeting. Please make the reflection an attached document – not in the body of the post. It must also be in Word.


Families and Community Connections Case Studies Humanities Assignment Help

Families and Community Connections Case Studies Humanities Assignment Help

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