Final research project: groups will submit the final research paper, with edits based on feedback provided from Parts I-III. Writing Assignment Help

Final research project: groups will submit the final research paper, with edits based on feedback provided from Parts I-III. Writing Assignment Help. Final research project: groups will submit the final research paper, with edits based on feedback provided from Parts I-III. Writing Assignment Help.

In Part IV, be sure to expand a bit on the different aspects of the data, like how many people were surveyed each year, how the data was collected from participants, etc. Also, the group mentioned in the limitations of the data doesn’t specify the types of dropout prevention programs – are there any details about the programs, like their length or focus? If you can find any additional information, you may be able to draw some comparisons. If not, then it’s the perfect aspect of your study to discuss in the limitations. When thinking about the analysis, does the group expect any differences between gender or race? Consider the types of variables the group needs to control for to see if an intervention program is responsible for the effect.

Final research project: groups will submit the final research paper, with edits based on feedback provided from Parts I-III. Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

POWER POINT PRESENTATION – Analyze the arguments for government intervention as opposed to arguments for market-based solutions. Hint: See the information in our course textbook on market failures. Economics Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

The theory of market economies emphasizes freedom of choice and limited government intervention. The classic argument for government intervention is market failure – the inability of the market economy to correct itself from a dysfunctional state (such as the Great Depression). Students will examine articles from the University library to analyze real-world examples of U.S. government intervention programs and apply current week readings to make intelligent conclusions about the economic policies.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Tutorial help on Excel and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products.

Locate up to three different articles/publications and/or use The Economist Online. Examine one case of significant government intervention as it relates to your current industry of employment or an industry in which you are interested in working. You may access EBSCOhost, ProQuest or The Economist Online.

Examples of intervention programs you may select, but are not limited to:

  • US agriculture support programs
  • Low income support programs (Food Stamps, Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)
  • Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program, The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • Low-income rent controls and housing vouchers
  • Government promotion of renewable energy sources to discourage use of fossil fuels such as coal and oil
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Bailout of U.S. banks and other financial institutions during the Great Recession
  • Bailout of U.S. auto makers during the Great Recession
  • Social Security retirement benefits

Develop a minimum 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation including detailed speaker notes or voiceover including the following:

  • Describe the intervention and detail its history.
  • Analyze the arguments for government intervention as opposed to arguments for market-based solutions. Hint: See the information in our course textbook on market failures.
  • Examine who may be helped and who may be hurt by the selected government intervention.
  • Examine externalities and/or unintended consequences of such intervention.
  • Determine the cost trend of the intervention program since its implementation including whether costs are increasing, decreasing, or vary with the state of the economy.
  • Evaluate the success or failure of the intervention in achieving its objectives and develop conclusions.
  • Recommend whether the program should be continued as is, discontinued, or modified and defend your recommendation.

Note: The use of tables and/or charts to display economic data over the time period discussed is highly encouraged. However, if your source includes the copyright symbol, which looks like this: ©, then you should not copy any table and/or charts from that source. You could use, but are not required to use, charts/graphs retrieved from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis FRED web site as long as the data sources used by FRED to create those charts are government sources such as the Bureau of Economic Analysis or the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cite a minimum of three scholarly, peer-reviewed references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


against Mr. McDavid’s actions or not? two reasons, 250-300 words Business Finance Assignment Help

On January 8, 2015 a 37 year old man serving a 19 year prison sentence for environmental terrorism won an early release from prison (New York Times 1/9/15). In 2007, Eric McDavid was convicted of conspiring to bomb targets in California as part of an overall plan to attack and destruct government, as well as commercial infrastructure sites including cell phone towers and dams, which he believed were causing harm to the environment. His lawyers requested the conviction be vacated stating federal authorities withheld information which could have supported his defense. Both sides agreed to his immediate release from prison, “in order to avoid the expenses and risks of further litigation and to advance the interests of justice.”

Should Mr. McDavid and others sharing his beliefs be construed as heros promoting their cause, serving to protect the welfare of the environment OR clearly terrorists, not unlike those committing heinous crimes against humanity?

Depict at a minimum, (2) scenarios which may lead one to consider Mr. McDavid as either a “hero” OR a “terrorist”. Elaborate on the reasoning, as well as contributing factors behind that which your point of view is based.


1,050-word managerial report Mathematics Assignment Help

Prepare a 1,050-word managerial report for your boss.

Use the following questions for guidelines and directions on what to include in the report:

  1. What is the type of data (Quantitative or Qualitative) for each of the columns (variables) in the dataset? If quantitative, is the data discrete or continuous? Neatly summarize your response in a table for all the columns (variables).
  2. Using Excel®, find the mean, median, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, and the three quartiles for each of the quantitative variables identified in part 1 above. Neatly summarize in a table on this document. Comment on what you observe.
  3. What are the minimum and maximum full-time enrollments? Which schools have the minimum and maximum full-time enrollments?
  4. What is the average number of students per faculty member? Is this low or high? What does this mean to prospective applicants who are interested in pursuing an MBA in one of the leading international business schools?
  5. What are the mean, median, and modal ages? What does this mean to prospective applicants?
  6. What is the mean percentage of foreign students? How many and which schools have 1% and 0% foreign students? Which schools have highest percentage of foreign students? Please state these percentages.
  7. What percentage of schools require the GMAT test?
  8. What percentage of schools require English tests such as Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?
  9. What percentage of schools require work experience? From this percentage, does this appear to be a significant factor in gaining admissions?
  10. What are the mean and median starting salaries? Which schools have the minimum and maximum starting salaries? How much are these minimum and maximum salaries?
  11. What are the mean tuition for foreign students and for local students? Does there appear to be a significant difference? What is the difference between the two means?
  12. How many schools require work experience and how many of them don’t? What is the mean starting salary for schools requiring work experience? What is the mean starting salary for schools requiring no work experience?
  13. How many schools require English tests and how many don’t? What is the mean starting salary for schools requiring English tests? What is the mean starting salary for schools requiring no English tests?
  14. Comment on the skewness for the data on starting salaries:
  15. Plot a histogram and determine the skewness.
  16. Find the skewness coefficient.
  17. Find the mean, median, and mode for starting salaries and compare the three measures to determine skewness.
  18. Finally, use Empirical Rule on the starting salaries and determine whether the salaries follow the Empirical Rule.

Format your assignment consistent with APA format.


What is the nurse’s liability in this situation? Health Medical Assignment Help

Answer all of the following:

Mrs. Toole, age 85 s recovering from a hip replacement. When bathing Mrs. Toole, the nurse forgets to lower the bed and put up the side rails. Mrs. Toole falls out of bed. She is shaken up and sore from her fall but there appears to be no further damage to her hip.

  1. What is the nurse’s liability in this situation?
  2. Do you feel the patient has a case for negligence (malpractice)? Explain why or why not using the four elements that must be present to prove that negligence (malpractice).

Determine whether each of the following behaviors is unethical, illegal or both, explain your reasoning. How might each of these lead to liability?

  1. An anesthesiologist has never administered anesthesia to a child, but conceals this fact from a surgeon who likes her and requests her for an upcoming procedure on a six-year old.
  2. A nurse begins a painful procedure on an elderly hospital patient and ignores the patient’s request for an explanation.



Social problems video and response questions Humanities Assignment Help

Must have the book Social problems: Societal Crisis, Capitalism, & Democracy by KIm Macinnis

must make references from the book and use citations as outside research and sources are forbidden and will result in a failing grade.

Must read the chapters A Tale of Two Crises: America and the American Black Perspective by Robert L. Lattimer

How Will We Pay? Planning For the Unknown: With a Little Help From Our Friends: Creating Community as We Grow Older by Beth Baker

Global Aging: Adaption is the Key by Jane Skobie

Must reference from the book and make citations(page numbers)

Also must comment on 2 other students’ posts of atleast 150 words

1.In western culture, we seem to value young people as opposed to our aging populations. Why is this so? Are we concerned about taking care of the older populations? Are you surprised the aging population is a global concern?

Were you surprised about age discrimination against teens?

2. Do subtler forms of racism means we have made progress or are we cementing new obstacles for people of color in terms of being treated fairly in society?

Social problems video and response questions Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Alzheimer’s Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

PowerPoint presentation based on the research you have conducted about your chosen medical condition you selected.

Presentation requirements

  • There must be a visual element (e.g., photos, videos, graphs, figures).
  • Your presentation must contain approximately 10-15 slides (excluding references) and run approximately 5-10 minutes.
  • Please note that less than 10% of your presentation should contain direct quotes.
  • Proper use and pronunciation of scientific terminology are required. For help with pronunciation, see this link: Meriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
  • Be sure to properly cite your work, both internal to the presentation as well as within the reference slide (this includes photos, graphs, figures, videos, etc.).
  • All references listed on the reference slide should be cited internally within the presentation, and vice versa

The required elements: Your presentation should contain the following elements in the order listed below.

In addition, I expect that any feedback provided to you from Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography and Assignment 2: The Outline be incorporated into this assignment. Please go back and review those comments.I. Introduction Slide(s) – this section must contain the following: A. Student Introduction B. Topic selection and reason for selecting C. Definition of medical condition or disease D. History of medical condition or disease II. Content Slides – this section must contain the following four main subtopics (the subsections below each subtopic are recommendations to use if appropriate to your disease/condition): A. Statistics/Epidemiology 1. Statistical prevalence (e.g., overall, gender, age) 2. Types of distributions (e.g., frequencies, patterns) 3. Types of determinants (e.g., causes, risk factors) B. Financial Costs1. Costs to the individual/family 2. Possible costs to society 3. Loss of productivity C. Anatomy & Physiology/Etiology 1. The normal and abnormal structure & function behind the disease/condition 2. Cause(s) of the disease/condition D. Diagnosis/Treatments/Prognosis 1. How this disease/condition is diagnosed (e.g., history, exam, diagnostic imaging, labs) 2. How the condition/disease is treated (e.g., traditional medical treatments, alternative methods of treatment) 3. The prediction of this disease/condition’s outcome III. Conclusion Slide – this section must contain four to six points that sum up the main topics of the presentation. IV. Reference Slide(s) and Internal Citations – this section must contain the following: A. Internal citations – This is not just a separate section; rather, referencing should occur throughout the presentation via parenthetical citations anytime you paraphrase, make direct quotes, or use visual components from other sources. Please be sure to cite any language, images, videos, etc. in the presentation that should be cited. B. Reference Slide – Your paper should also have a final reference slide listing 5-10 credible sources researched for your presentation. NOTE: This section is notincluded in the slide count for your presentation. C. Do not include your summary/evaluation from Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography; simply list the references utilized in your presentation in APA format on the reference slid


Part 3: Proposal Presentation Writing Assignment Help

Part 3: Proposal Presentation (100 points):

Your presentation will include:

  • A title slide that includes your name and the title of the proposal
  • Definition of the problem/business need
    • Give background information to help the reader understand the need for your proposal
  • Proposal
    • Your idea – make sure to include the who, what, when, where, and why here
    • Give details on your approach and qualifications
    • Give any needed market analysis here (i.e. what competitors are doing, how your proposal will compare, etc.)
  • Implementation Plan/Timeline
    • A visual timeline is recommended
  • Budget/Initial Costs
    • A table or chart is recommended
  • The benefits of your solution
  • Conclusion
    • Restate your main points – tie them all together
  • List of References (APA style)

Format Requirements:

  • You must use Power Point
    • Your PowerPoint should include visual information – not clip art, but visuals that help the audience understand our ideas with ease
  • No more than 10 slides (not including title slide and list of references)
  • 6×6 rule – no more than 6 bullets on a slide; no more than 6 words in a bullet
  • Your presentation will not be more than 10 minutes
  • You will not use notes while presenting


Discussion 7: Epidemiological Bias Health Medical Assignment Help

For this taks it will be necessary that you integrate concepts across the course to formulate your response. There are multiple parts to this task so please complete them in order and your responses will differ.

View the video below and read chapter 7 of your text.

State the title of the article selected and then describe with confidence the types of biases that you have identified that could have impacted the study. Sometimes, the author is biased and does not address issues directly that could have altered results so look beyond what ‘they’ say.

Article Spangler, J.,
Song, E., Pockey, J., Sutfin, E. L., Reboussin, B. A., Wagoner, K., &
Wolfson, M. (2014). Correlates of smokeless tobacco use among first-year
college students. Health education journal, 73(6), 693-701.

Video Link: USMLE Step 1 Epidemiology Principles: Bias (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
USMLE Step 1 Epidemiology Principles: Bias


Describe each type of claim and provide one example of each. Humanities Assignment Help

Read the attached file and do this assignment carefully. Please Describe each type of claim and provide one example of each. If english isn’t your first language and you haven’t been born and raised in America then do not accept this assignment because it needs proper university level grammar and english. I do not care for random big vocabulary words so you can seem like you are smart and American. If you cannot properly articulate an essay and have proper university level grammar do not accept this assignment or I will request a refund.

The first attached file is slides to help you understand how to do this assignment.