Finance problems help Business Finance Assignment Help

Finance problems help Business Finance Assignment Help. Finance problems help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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1) You are
considering an investment opportunity that costs $234,000 and will
return 12% on your investment. There are higher returning investments
available in the financial markets that are comparable to this
investment opportunity in terms of risk. However, a bank offers to lend
you up to $234,000 at 9% with no conditions. Should you undertake this
investment opportunity?



2) You
are considering two insurance settlement offers. The first offer are
annual payments of $50,000 for 5 years with the first payment made at
the end of the first year. The other offer is the payment of one lump
sum amount today. You are trying to decide which offer to accept given
the fact that your discount rate is 12 percent. What is the minimum
amount that you will accept today if you are to select the lump sum

a. $195,618.19

b. $201,867, 47

c. $180.238.81

d. $197,548.43

e. $214,142.50 3)

Which of the following statements is (are) true?

Managers should not focus on current stock value because doing so will
lead to an overemphasis on short term earnings at the expense of long
term investments.

(II) Other stakeholders will generally agree
that the primary goal of the firm should be to maximize shareholders’
wealth because they have a prior claim over shareholders to the firm’s
cash flow and liquidation value.

(III) Corporations dominate the
economy in terms of their numbers (number of businesses organized as
corporations), their sales, and their profits.

(IV) We value
investment assets by valuing their cash flow streams. Cash flow streams
are unique in terms of the size of their cash receipts, their timing,
and their risk.






f. (II) 4)

alternative machine models are being considered for an ongoing
operation. The three alternatives will be used in the production of the
same product. Therefore, the selection among the three will be based on
total costs. Model A costs $105,000 and will last 4 years. Its real
operating cost is $10,200/year. Model B costs $110,000 and will last 5
years. Its real operating cost is $9,400/year. Model C costs $125,000
and will last 6 years, Its real operating cost is $9,600/year. It is
determined that the real opportunity cost of capital is 7%. Rank the
three models from the best choice to the least choice.

a. Best A, B, C Least

b. Best C, B, A Least

c. Best B, A, C Least

d. Best A, C, B, Least

e. Best C, A, B Least

f. Best B, C, A Least 5)

are considering an investment with the following cash flows. If the
required rate of return for this investment is 13.5%, should you accept
it based solely on the internal rate of return rule? Why or why not?

Year Cash Flow
0 -$14,000
1 $8,500
2 $96000
3 -$2,300






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Standardized Recipe Cost Sheet Business Finance Assignment Help

In this assignment we will complete the third and final recipe from W1 Assignment 2. This assignment will also have you expand the recipe for 100 portions. Next to the assignment instructions you will see a handout link to an expanded Standardized Recipe Template/Costing Sheet to utilize for the assignment which will have three worksheets to complete. There is the link to a Food Purchasing Order Guide which has typical food items with purchase units and prices to assist you in costing out your recipes. The last handout link outlines the typical conversions utilized in a recipe. There is a sample completed recipe/cost sheet/expanded recipe template to assist you in completing your template.

Select the third recipe from W1 Assignment 2. Complete the standardized recipe starting with changing the Business Concept Name. Be sure to review the sample completed recipe and cost sheet next to the assignment instructions to guide you. Make sure you include all of the information, especially the measurements and detailed instructions on how to prepare the recipe. If the original recipe lacks a measurement such as “to taste,” try to estimate it. Remember you should use the largest measurement for the ingredients. For example, 8 cups of flour should be 4 pounds; 8 cups of milk should be 2 quarts or ½ gallon; 8 Tablespoons should be ½ cup (see the Common Recipe Conversions).

Take the standardized recipe you just completed and expand the ingredient quantities for 100 portions on the 3rd worksheet provided in the template. Remember you should use the largest measurement for the ingredients as you expand the amounts for the larger number of portions.

The last step is to cost out the regular standardized recipe on the Costing Sheet Worksheet next to the standardized recipe. Use the Food Purchasing Order Guide to calculate the cost of the recipe. If you have an ingredient that is not in the Food Purchasing Order Guide, you will need to find the information or estimate the purchase unit and price. The goal is to gain practice in costing a recipe so focus on costing the recipe item versus price accuracy. Include sources for all of the ingredients’ pricing information.


Speech (Persuasive Action Speech) Business Finance Assignment Help

This speech must be related to my previous speeches, I have attached the outlines for them so you can have an idea about it. Also, I have attached the requirement for this speech

Third Speech! Persuasive Action Speech

For this speech, you will take the specific policy issue and argument from speech two and discuss solutions and specific actions. This is a persuasive speech. This may involve setting up or informing on more specifics, but for the most part this speech is intended to persuade your audience into action. Remember: it is incredibly difficult to change a value, but may be easier to change a behavior. Primarily, you must convince your audience that acting or changing their behavior is worth the change. (This may, of course, connect or involve values. But should be behavior focused). That means that the solution must be seen as practical and actually helping to resolve the problem.

Keep in mind as well that this is the final speech of the class, and, as a result, you are expected to demonstrate improvement from previous speeches as well as an applied knowledge of class concepts. In other words, the expectation is that you not only should be demonstrably more comfortable speaking to an audience, but you should be a better public speaker!!!

Your speech should:

~Be between 6-8minutes

~Cite at least four different and appropriate sources in your speech. All claims of fact and testimony must be cited appropriately.

~Demonstrate clear and purposeful organization, and be delivered intelligibly.

~The speaker’s manner and body language should be appropriate for the occasion.

~You will turn in your outline (which includes your work cited!)

(Make sure you read the corresponding rubric!)


Week 5 disscussion Computer Science Assignment Help

Making the Power of Word Work for You Please respond to the following:

Naomi Bishop, who you met in this week’s Strayer Story, uses Microsoft Word and Google Docs to get her ideas down, draft content, edit and finalize content, and share her work with others from locations all over the world. Share with your instructor and peers your thoughts on the following:

  1. Try using your own version of Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create a document. It can be an email, letter, family planning list, memo, something for work, etc. Make it relevant to your life.
  2. Give your document a title.
  3. Practice using the different formatting features of the tool (bold, italics, headers, etc.).
  4. Share with your classmates and tell everyone what you thought about using this tool.


Mandatory millitary services will help Prevent gun violence Writing Assignment Help

Theoretical Approaches

Provide a response to the following:

This week you will consider various theories that may provide a framework within which a researcher could develop a research topic. Have you encountered a dispute between theories (or approaches) on your particular topic? Explain how a multidisciplinary approach would work (or not) on your particular topic.

  • Provide evidence from the weekly readings to support your arguments via APA parenthetical citations.
  • Other sources (if used at all) must be subordinate to your understanding of the readings presented in the class.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 500 words.

Here is the reading information:

First, let’s review the definition of a theory. Will Moore provides an excellent recap:

“The term ‘theory’ should be reserved for collections of statements that propose causal explanations of phenomenaand meet the following three criteria. First, most political scientists would agree that the statements that compose a theory should be internally consistent. Second, most political scientists would also agree that theories should be logically complete (i.e., the hypotheses deduced from the theory should follow logically from the assumptions of the theory). Third, most political scientists would agree that the set of statements must have falsifiable implications.” (Moore 2001, 1)

And to review the criteria for a good theory, Will provides a current set of desirable qualities in this excerpt:

“I describe six criteria over which political scientists should compare theories. First, many scholars argue that theories should be evaluated based on their ability to produce hypotheses that are consistent with relevant evidence. Second, many scholars contend that one should prefer general theories to less general theories. Third, one should prefer theories that produce several hypotheses to those that produce few. Fourth, Lakatos (1970) has proposed that we evaluate research programs rather than individual theories, and that we do so on the basis of whether they are degenerative or progressive. Fifth, we might compare the implications, preferring theories that have several policy implications to those which have few. Finally, parsimony or simplicity is generally considered a virtue.” (Moore 2001, 4)

Theory in the Field of Homeland Security, Intelligence, International Relations and National Security

The disciplines in the School of Security and Global Studies draw from theoretical models from multiple disciplines, to include criminal justice, history, geography, economics, psychology, social science, international relations, and comparative analysis, not to mention the more technical fields of study such as science, math, and information technology. From the time that the CIA was created by the 1947 National Security Act, there has been an ongoing effort to create a body of multidisciplinary knowledge to serve as the underpinnings for security and intelligence research and analysis. The below excerpt from Sherman Kent, the person who institutionalized the concept of “strategic intelligence” and his body of work remains relevant today. In this excerpt, published in the Studies in Intelligence Journal in 1955, he writes about the need for a body of literature and theory in the field of intelligence:

“Intelligence today is not merely a profession, but like most professions it has taken on the aspects of a discipline: it has developed a recognized methodology; it has developed a vocabulary; it has developed a body of theory and doctrine; it has elaborate and refined techniques. It now has a large professional following. What it lacks is a literature. From my point of view this is a matter of greatest importance.

As long as this discipline lacks a literature, its method, its vocabulary, its body of doctrine, and even its fundamental theory run the risk of never reaching full maturity. I will not say that you cannot have a discipline without a literature, but I will assert that you are unlikely to have a robust and growing discipline without one.

Let me be clear about this literature that we lack. First, let me say what I do not mean that we are lacking. I do not mean the substantive findings of intelligence. Manifestly, I do not mean those thousands of words we disseminate each day about past, present, and probable future goings on all over the world. I do not refer to the end product of all of our labors. We produce a great deal of this sort of literature and possibly we produce too much of it. It is not that literature that I am talking about. What I am talking about is a literature dedicated to the analysis of our many-sided calling and produced by its most knowledgeable devotees. The sort of literature I am talking about is of the nature of house organ literature, but much more. You might call it the institutional mind and memory of our discipline. When such a literature is produced, it does many things to advance the task.

The most important service that such a literature performs is the permanent recording of our new ideas and experiences. When we record we not only make possible easier and wider communication of thought, but we also take a rudimentary step towards making our findings cumulative. We create a stock of relatively imperishable thinking that one man can absorb without coming into personal contact with its originator and against which he can weigh and measure his own original ideas. His large or small addition to the stock enriches it. The point is reached where an individual mind, capable of using the stock, can in a day encompass the accumulated wisdom of man-decades of reflection and action.

Consider such disciplines as chemistry or medicine or economics and ask yourself where they would be today if their master practitioners had committed no more to paper than ours. Where would we be if each new conscript to medicine had to start from scratch with no more to guide him than the advice of fellow doctors and his own experience? Where would we be in medicine if there was nothing to read and nothing to study, no textbooks, no monographs, no specialized journals, no photographs, no charts, no illustrations, no association meetings with papers read and discussed and circulated in written form? Where would we be if no one aspired to the honor of publishing an original thought or concept or discovery in the trade journals of his profession? It is not impossible that bloodletting would still be considered a valuable panacea and exposure to night swamp air the specific for syphilis.”

Excerpted from Sherman Kent, “The Need for An Intelligence Literature”. You can access the
complete article here:

Your readings will provide you a range of theories and some might be more helpful to you as you continue your research process. A relatively new theory in the security and intelligence world is the mosaic theory, a theory that claims that individuals can take seemingly innocuous pieces of information and consolidate it into a coherent and potentially dangerous body of information can that be employed against national security. Read the article here: Dale Pozen, “The Mosaic Theory, National Security, and the Freedom of Information Act”

Your readings this week provide more detail on different types of theories and their role in understanding the events of the world around us.

  • The Lecture by Tim O’Connor provides a great description of the history of theory use and evolution and provides a good description of several of the “grand theories”, which have been the foundations for an exponential amount of subsequent variations on those original theories. Theories may have slightly different in different field of social science and political science theory.
  • Will Moore describes the characteristics of good theory and how one can judge the quality and utility of one theory over another.


Central Intelligence Agency Center for Studies in Intelligence. Sherman Kent essay “The Need for an Intelligence Literature” reprinted from the Studies in Intelligence Journal, 1955. (accessed June 4, 2012).

Moore, Will. 2001. Evaluating Theory in Political Science. (accessed March 12, 2012).



Essay. Humanities Assignment Help

please avoid plagiarism

Please use simple words

Follow the instructions below

Find a law enforcement agency or public security organization for which you would consider working.

For that employer:

1) what is the agency / organization – describe it in detail (public / private; if government, at what level of government; what responsibilities and duties does this employer fulfill; does the employer have the fiscal resources to fulfill those duties and what is their source of funding; do they work with other agencies / organizations to achieve their mission; etc.); what is the mission statement of the agency / organization; how many employees does this agency normally have?

2) identify the entry level position that you would seek with this employer

2) what are the requirements of the position?

  • physical (requirements for entry into either the position or any training academy / program)
  • educational (minimum education for new employees into this position)
  • is there any civil service or other entry examination requirement
  • any other related barriers and criteria (race, gender, religion, experience, knowedge, citizenship, residence, etc.)

The idea of the assignment is that you understand the scope and role of the agency / organization and critically assess your eligibility and ability to seek this position during or after your college education.

The assignment shall be submitted in APA format and be a minimum of five pages (cover, three pages of text, references).

Essay. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Internet of things in Construction Industry in Sultanate of Oman Computer Science Assignment Help

Task 1

-Internet of things in Construction Industry

Task 2

-Challenges of Internet of things in Construction Industry

Task 3

– Security challenges in Internet of things

Task 4

– Security Attack in Internet of things (Interruption, Interception ,Modification and Fabrication)

Task 5

-Security Threats

Task 6

-Security Threat model (Spoofing , Tampering , Repudiation , Information Disclosure , Denial of service , Escalation of Privilege)

Summary about what you write above for Task 1, Task 2 , Task 3 ,Task 4 and Task 5

Task 7

IOT Construction Industry tools provide with diagram and picture

– The IOT Topology


– The IOT Platform

Summary about what you write above

Task 8- PESTEL Analysis

-What is the political and economic situation in the Sultanate of Oman and how can affect the manufacture in Sultanate of Oman ?

-What are the economical and effective economic factors in Sultanate of Oman ?

-What are the technology affect of labour market in Sultanate of Oman ?

-How the cultures affect the labour market in Sultanate of Oman ?

-What are the environment worries of the industry in Sultanate of Oman ?

-Is there any legislation that organizes the current industry in Sultanate of Oman ?

* 0 % similarity

*references and citation is required( Article. Books and conference paper)

* total page of assignment is above 30.

* kindly use the easy language.

* use the photos and tables where you feel is requer.


Dah225 Class Writing assignment (Hip-Hop Class) Humanities Assignment Help

Answer the four questions (375 Words Each)

  1. Examine how Graffiti art operates on axes of visibility/invisibility and public vs private space in relation to the city.
  2. Describe the paradox of destruction and re-creation in Graffiti Arts, as discussed by Doze and Chang (329-330). Apply this to an example.
  3. Discuss the function of “serious play” through a specific example and/or style of hip hop. Be specific. (Krumping, bboying/bgirling, popping, locking etc).
  4. Identify the role of “liminality” (Victor Turner) in the context of cyphering in any specific style of hip hop dance.

Sources that could be used ( you can use these and add more from you)

“The Multiringed Cosmos of Krumping: Hip-Hop Dance at the Intersections of Battle, Media, and Spirit” by Christina Zanfanga (337-350). Zanfagna.pdf

“Graffiti Art.” by Saucier, Paul K in Encyclopedia for Activism and Social Justice. Sage, 2007. pdf. Graffiti.pdf

Total Choas book is required to answer (Attached)

Most of the answers should come from the book! but outside sources are ok to help.


I need a reflective essay Writing Assignment Help

I need a reflective essay.

Using MLA format, compose a 3-4 page essay with:

A title, an introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs reflecting on poverty, racism, and gender, and a concluding paragraph.

The reflection essay should address any new learning, misconceptions, changes of thinking/attitude, and observations as a result of class readings. Each body paragraph should contain at least one internal citation referencing the following essays: “Still Separate, Still Unequal” by Johnathan Kozol, “White Privilege: The Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh, and “Why Do We Make So Much of Gender” by Allan G. Johnson.


IBE – Critical Analysis Essay Humanities Assignment Help

The purpose of this essay is to apply what you have learned about Gender and Queer theory to the play you have just read.


  1. Write an essay of at least 500 words in which you analyze how Gender and Queer theories apply to The Importance of Being Earnest.
  2. Compose the essay with a brief introduction and thesis statement in which you argue ways gender and queer issues are addressed in play. Ensure that your thesis previews your main points.
  3. Draw on and cite from the two articles about Gender and Queer theory that you read in 5.1, as well as from the play itself, as you compose your main body to argue the validity of these theories as a useful lens for reading the play.
  4. Write at least three main body paragraphs, each beginning with a topic sentence that refers to one of the previewed points in your thesis, analyzing areas of Wilde’s play dealing with the issues described in the two articles from 5.1.
  5. Conclude by not only restating your introduction, but, in light of what your main body analysis has revealed, expand on it by specifically and forcefully summarizing your main points.
    • Use MLA 8 format for both in-text citations and your Works Cited.
  6. Submit your essay


Finance problems help Business Finance Assignment Help

Finance problems help Business Finance Assignment Help

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