financial economic question Economics Assignment Help

financial economic question Economics Assignment Help. financial economic question Economics Assignment Help.

Consider a variation of the
Glosten-Milgrom sequential trade model where the asset’s value V can take

three values. Suppose that the true
value of stock in Trident Corporation can be, with equal probability, either

V H = 3 , V L = 1 , or some middle
value V M . 44

Let α = 1 of the traders be
informed insiders, while the remaining 1 − α = 2 are uninformed noise traders.

Assume as always that informed
traders always buy when V = V H and sell when V = V L, while uninformed traders
buy or sell with equal probability.

The focus of this problem is the
traders’ behavior when V = V M .

(a) Draw the tree diagram, leaving
uncertain the action of informed traders when V = V M .

(b)Show that there is no value of V
M for which informed traders randomize between buying and selling. (c) (10)
Suppose that informed traders always buy when V = V M .

i. Calculate the conditional
probabilities of a buy order at each value V can take and the uncondi- tional
probability of a buy.

ii. Using Bayes’ rule, calculate
the posterior probabilities of V taking on each value conditional on a buy, and
compute the ask price as a function of V M .

iii. Find the informed trader’s
payoff when V = V M and use this to find the lowest value of V M at which the
trader is willing to buy.

(d) Now suppose the informed
traders always sell when V = V M .

i. Calculate the conditional
probabilities of a sell order at each value V can take and the uncondi-

tional probability of a sell.

ii. Using Bayes’ rule, calculate
the posterior probabilities of V taking on each value conditional on

a sell, and compute the bid price
as a function of V M .

iii. Find the informed trader’s
payoff when V = V M and use this to find the highest value of V M at

which the trader is willing to

(e) What happens if V M satisfies
neither of the bounds you found above?

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Watch the following video and answer the questions. Business Finance Assignment Help

Your job: Answer the following questions:

· What is native advertising?

· What is the separation of church and state as described in the video?

· Does new media consumption add to the need for native advertising? Why or why not?

· Should native advertising be regulated by the government? If you think yes, suggest how it might happen. If you think no, explain why not?

· Is native advertising to adults ethical?

· Is native advertising to protected groups (children, seniors, handicapped) ethical?

· If you owned a media company and your rivals generated revenue from native advertising, would you use it?

Please follow the instructions:

Write in paragraph format (NOT Q&A format) and limit your response to 1.75 to 2 pages, double-spaced using Times New Roman font size 12 with your name on the first line of the document followed by your essay response (no big headings). Please print your response to this essay.


In this essay, you will present your own Personal Philosophy of Success and identify the principles and strategies from Seminar 101 that you will apply to your own life. Writing Assignment Help

In this essay, you will present your own Personal Philosophy of Success and identify the principles and strategies from Seminar 101 that you will apply to your own life.

fill the brainstorm paper

Additional Directions:

  • 1500 words or 5 pages double spaced
  • APA Style
  • 12 pt Times New Roman Font
  • 1 inch margins

Step 2: First (Draft) Submission

  • At least three pages double spaced (12pt Font, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman)
  • The draft follows a logical organization
  • Your Personal Philosophy of Success is in sentence and paragraph form
  • Background/Context of Personal Philosophy of success is in sentence form
  • You have identified and articulated three principles,strategies or concepts and you have 2-3 corresponding examples of how they will be implemented (also in paragraph/sentence form)


Assess the components of e-health delivery systems. Health Medical Assignment Help


Part I: Focus on the Healthcare databases with a focus on electronic health records in your reading and resources. Write a 1 page paper to assess the usefulness of databases in electronic health systems and the limitations. How do these relate to the world of informatics?

Part 2: Create a small health organization database in ACCESS or use Excel if you need to (it will look similar it just won’t have the functions of a real database). For instance, create a database of patients, their diagnosis, reason for their visit, and the cost for the visit. Create at least 10 pretend patients for the database.

Then list 3 ways the database query tool could be used. For example: Dr. Jones asks you for a list of all patients he saw last year with the diagnosis of diabetes.


1&2 different papers 300-400 words each apa references with citations Other Assignment Help

1)Discuss the three components of Access Control and their importance to business.

Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Refer to the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric under the Settings icon above for guidance on how your discussion will be evaluated.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Evaluate their discussions by agreeing, disagreeing, or adding other ideas to strengthen or enhance the perspectives presented in their initial posts.

2)Discuss how business use Access Control to protect their information, describe the how a business will the Control Process.

Length, 2 – 3 pages.

All paper are written in APA formatting, include title and references pages (not counted). Must use at least two references and citations.

Please reference the rubric for grading.

All paper are checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign, you can review your score.

I have attachedd a template you can use to write your paper.



write four page of essay ( single space) Economics Assignment Help

Write a full report for the person for the various financial needs you described in the proposal. For each financial
problem, your report must include (1) a table that describes the details of possible
solutions, (2) a table to compare several solutions for each financial problem, and
(3) supporting arguments with tables or graphs for the best solution you chose. It
must be personalized advise rather than a general guide. The report should be based
on associated data and actual quotes from real companies wherever possible using
the exact characteristics of the client. It must clearly show the estimated monetary
benefit of the recommended solution over the other options. This may require you
to do some research into likely career and life paths of the fictional character and
related financial earnings and risk. The evaluation will assess completeness of data,
reasonableness of recommendations, effectiveness of presentation, and professionalism of the final document.

You will create an imaginary person (or future yourself), and you
will work as a personal financial counselor for the person. The final paper will be a
professional-quality brochure to your client. You must use tables and figures effectively to show supporting evidence (data) of your recommendations

i already write five page of them.

write four page of essay ( single space) Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

i need compare between to states Oklahoma and New Mexico that’s it. Writing Assignment Help

State income tax project

This project will give you some exposure to the differences in income taxes on the state level in the United States as you compare the income tax rates among three states.

Part 1 – the starting point is the Minnesota state tax return, the form M1.

Read through the return and determine the source of income from the federal 1040 return. What adjustments are made to calculate taxable income in Minnesota?What is the income tax rate? Does the return use a formula for the tax amount or tax tables? Is the tax rate a flat tax or progressive?

Part 2 – Using this site, find two additional states to review their tax returns using the same questions you answered for Minnesota.Do not use the following states as they do not have an income tax or tax only a small part of income: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Tennessee and New Hampshire tax dividends and interest.

Part 3 – Use this site, , to identify the sales tax rates for the three states for which you found income tax data.Use the state’s website that you used for the tax return to find information about the state sales rate to determine if there are exceptions for the sales tax. An example would be the policy in Minnesota of no tax on clothing.

Part 4 – Using this site,, compare your three states and their tax burdens using the six spreadsheets. The most recent year available is 2015.

As you review the tax burden consisting of the different taxes, make a judgment about who in the state bears the tax burden. Is it shared equally by all citizens, more by the rich or more by the poor?


Personal Leadership Evaluation Writing Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your personal leadership style as a basis for continued learning.

Assignment Steps

Conduct an online search for “Leadership Style Self-Assessment”, and take one or more of the free quizzes or assessments that are available online to learn more about your personal leadership style.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of your personal leadership style that includes the following:

Provide an overview of your leadership strengths and challenges.

Create a development plan that explains how you can best build upon your strengths and overcome your challenges to motivate and lead teams.

Provide specific rationale and supporting evidence from the weekly textbook readings and videos, as well as your own online research, and cite your evidence.

Note: You will refer to this assignment in Weeks 2–6.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.


Help me complete my research methods psychology paper! Need SPSS knowledge to draw up conclusions and editing! Humanities Assignment Help

The project is partially complete.

It needs a paragraph on the design, a full discussion, and some editing for the references (my professor told me it is not in proper APA format). This paper needs to hit 20 pages! Please please please look at his rubric! It explains everything he needs.

For the discussion page, I have provided a PDF of my project presentation, AND all the graphs are in the paper as well. In the PDF, there is the full discussion/critiques that we wanted to use. I also have provided the rubric and the critiques my professor made on our presentation. PLEASE use everything provided. My professor is super picky, and I really need to get a good grade on this paper to pass the class. My design is in there as well, but it needs some serious work.

Thank you


Writing Assignment 3: Annotated Works Cited Humanities Assignment Help


The purpose of this assignment is to give you additional practice


online library research

primary a

nd secondary source evaluation

literary analysis

source summarization


rhetorical elements of source

MLA citations (parenthetical and Works Cited)

WA3 and WA4 are the Research

Project when put together. Some


like to give the

assignment in one lump sum by having students research and write an essay; however, I find

that students really need time to learn


to go for online literary research

in order

to find

academically viable sources for literary research



to select their secondary sources, and

how to analyze their sources

. That is why

I devote one entire assignment (WA3) to just the


part of the project

. Later

in WA4, you will write a comparative essay in which you



you have researched in WA3.

Let’s clarify

The six secondary sources (i.e. literary criticisms, academic journals, overviews, articles,

professional essays, bio

graphies…etc.) that you select and summarize

in WA3 are the ones that

you will


use in y


r WA4 essay. In STEP 3 of WA3

, I


over the different ways to use a

secondary source OR the things to look for in a secondary source as you select your sources for

your future WA4 essay. I touch on it again in STEP 6 of

the upcoming



Purpose for Creat

ing Summaries for Sources

Back to WA3, the purpose behind having students create a summary for each of their sources is

to help them really “research” by actually taking the time to carefully read, understand, and

deconstruct their secondary sources, so th

at they are not just copying


pasting information

from that source. Unfortunately, getting to know one’s sources is an important step that

students often bypass in the In

ternet age.

All too commonly,

students tend to copy




essential inform

ation from irrelevant sources.

That does nothing for a p

erson’s essay. In


a lot of inaccuracy actually stems from it.


financial economic question Economics Assignment Help

financial economic question Economics Assignment Help