financial management (Task 3) Business Finance Assignment Help

financial management (Task 3) Business Finance Assignment Help. financial management (Task 3) Business Finance Assignment Help.

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This week you will be exposed to how types of complexities, risks, and competitive advantages impact the business environment beginning with the important concept of Time Value of Money.

Time Value of Money

Perhaps no topic in this course is more important than the time value of money. It permeates finance and facilitates your answering many financial questions.

Why when you get your money matters as much as how much money.

Read Chapter 6- International Currency Flow

Read Chapter 7- The Time Value of Money

Watch the video Time Value of Money (8:16 min.) created by Sal Khan – Khan Academy

Read the article The Time Value of Money in Financial Management.

The Time Value of Money is a important concept in financial management. The Time Value of Money (TVM) includes the concepts of future value and discounted value. It is mandatory for a financial professional to know and operate the specific techniques of TVM. Within the present article we present the basic notions and illustrate their application in the field of investment projects. The case studies presented are valuable for an efficient financial management.

Read the article: Why the Time Value of Money Matters, and 10 Ways It Affects You.

Complete Task 3 Worksheet – Time Value of Money

Complete Chapter questions 1-31 on pages 102-106.

financial management (Task 3) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Criminal Justice Module Writing Assignment Help

Activity 1.1: Create a timeline of events

In this assignment, you are going to be creating a timeline of key figures, their contributions to policing and other critical events that shaped the history of policing. Using, or a similar tool, you will be creating your timeline and rationale for why you have chosen these items. Variation will occur between student events selection, leading to a rich discussion around why you’ve picked your events.

Instructions and Supporting Material

  1. First, you will be reading Chapter 2, “A Brief History of Police in the United States” in our course textbook. You should then supplement your review of historical figures by reading the provided Historical Figures page, Reading 1.1.
  2. Watch the History of Policing Videos, Part One, identified on the Module 1 overview.
  3. Conduct additional research online using your favorite Internet search engine to locate creditable resources.
  4. In your response, be sure to cite your sources using APA. You may want to refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab,
  5. The suggested timeline tool for this project is (, although you can use another similar tool. A tutorial can be found HERE with tips on how to develop your project.
  6. Meaningful comments require analysis on your part. For example, share some information about how the content posted is the same or different from what you have seen or experienced or pose questions that further and deepen the discussions. You can bring in new examples or challenge the classmate to further one’s thinking or position.Statements like, “I agree” or “That is a good point” do not demonstrate thinking and analysis, and are not considered “meaningful comments”.If your thinking is well developed and meaningful, it does not necessarily mean your post has to be long in length.

  7. Be sure to cite your sources using APA. You may want to refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab,


History of Social Media Humanities Assignment Help

This project requires that you: (Note that these points MUST be covered in your proposal)

  • Consider the following as per discussions in class.
    • how social media affects our society
    • how social media affects each of us individually
  • Based on this, outline a proposal for a social media app which addresses a need you feel must be addressed in our next generation of social media apps:
    • Identify the
      • content, and
      • form, as well as the
      • media for your app
    • Acknowledging the importance of
      • dialogue,
      • agency, and
      • collaboration in social media,
    • Show how your app addresses these.
  • Prepare a preliminary prototype (Simple drawings or compilation photos suitable for a powerpoint which can be included in your report)
    • Develop sample content
    • Have an image of the form (how the app will look)
    • Identify the primary media
    • Provide some images of the context in which it will be used
  • Get feedback from friends (6) about your idea by writing a questionnaire, disseminating it in print or asking orally, gathering data, and providing an analysis of what they said.

Formal Report: Post on Discord and hand in print report

2500 – 3000 words: report format. Single side.

11 pt Times Roman, 1.5 Line Spacing. 1″ margins top and sides, .5″ bottom. Use head and subheads in bold to identify your sections. Use .25″ indent for new paragraphs. No extra space between sections. Include page #s.

  • Introduction
  • Rational for App
  • Description of App including images
  • Conclusion: what your friends thought and how you responded.
  • In-Text Citations for all quotes and main ideas. Bibliography and References
  • Images are to be small i.e. 3″x 4″ or so. Must illustrate text and be referenced in text. Use captions starting with [Fig.1] and number sequentially.


Looking for help Writing Assignment Help

Network Connectivity

Write an analysis of the following:

What are your plans for connectivity? What wired and/or wireless networks will you utilize? What sort of mobile policy will be in place for your employees?

Instructions for your submission:

  • Create a new Word document
  • Save the document as “Appendix B-YourName
  • Add a bolded heading titled: Network Connectivity
  • Follow the formatting requirements below
  • Be sure your analysis is clear and organized.
  • Change the Footer on the Word document to: Left (Your Name), Middle (Page number), Right (semester, year).
  • Submit “Appendix B-YourName” prior to the due date and time.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • One-inch margins (indent first line of paragraphs 1/2-inch)
  • Double spaced (no extra spacing before or after paragraphs)
  • Correct spelling and punctuation
  • Complete sentences


Industrial Regulations Engineering Assignment Help


  • Attached Files:

    Complete the attached Flowchart of Lockout/Tagout Shutdown Procedures.Review the steps involved in conducting a lockout/tagout shutdown. 29CFR 1910.147(d)(1-6) can be referenced for more information. Consider locking down and tagging out a generator such as the one pictured below for maintenance.CAT C32 Diesel Generator 2 IDENTIFYING ENERGY SOURCES

  • Attached Files:

    Utilize the following chart for this WIKI assignment:

    • identify an energy hazard from the energy sources defined by OSHA – electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, or other energy;
    • identify the devices that could be used to isolate that energy during maintenance or repair.
    Energy Hazard Isolation Method
    Exposed wire on an electrical cord Plug lock

    Attached Files:

    Read the attached case study. This incident, as in many previous incidents involving confined space asphyxiation fatalities, provides essential lessons in hazards awareness and emergency response training.

    1. Worker training programs should emphasize inert gas asphyxiation, describe in detail six concerns – hazard awareness and safe rescue – that should be addressed from this case study. (Hint: there are six hazard awareness concerns, and two safe rescue concerns total in this case.)
    2. Summarize the steps that should have been taken to retrieve the roll of tape.
    3. Fill out the attached work permit for the work that was discussed during the initial conversation.
    4. Fill out the attached work permit again, for the work that was actually performed. Use the information in the case study to fill in as much as possible – you may make up names, etc.



Create a financial analysis and funding plan for a event planning business planning it’s 1st Annual Empowerment Brunch Event Business Finance Assignment Help

Submit a financial analysis and funding plan for a new event planning company throwing it’s 1st annual empowerment brunch.

Note each of the following critical elements carefully—they require numerical analysis and financial projections. They must all be present (and easy to find)

  • Financial Analysis requires, “an analysis of projected costs, revenue streams, and net present value for the concept from launch until two years after the breakeven point.”
  • Analysis Parts requires, “a budget, an assessment of assets and liabilities, anticipated sources of funding, and the associated costs of attaining that capital.” Put the budget in a table or some other easy to read format—not just buried in a paragraph.
  • Financial Reports requires, “proforma financial reports including sales forecasts, cash flow statements, income projections.” These should each be in standard financial proforma format.

Critical Elements:

Analyze the projected costs, revenue streams, and net present value for the concept from launch until two years after the breakeven point

Include the following as part of your analysis: Budget, Assessment of assets and liabilities, Anticipated sources of funding , Associated costs of attaining that capital

Include relevant proforma financial reports: Sales forecasts, Cash flow statements , Income projections , All other relevant reports specific to your concept or idea

Please read the attached papers to get an understanding of who the company is and what it is planning for the community. Also visit the website :

The only current investors are the owner( Shirley Harvey- $400) (Latoya Flanigan – $1000) ( Clearance Lewis $1500)

please understand that projections need to be correct—income statements, cash flow, and balance need to tie in together

I suggest that you use the critical elements as headers in the paper as well as a short introduction and conclusion, as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Financial Analysis
  • Analysis Parts
  • Financial Reports
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices (note, this does not count against the length of the paper)

5-8 pages double spaced not including the title page, appendices, references,

5 Sources

APA format

USe original Work

Create a financial analysis and funding plan for a event planning business planning it’s 1st Annual Empowerment Brunch Event Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Network telecommunications Other Assignment Help

For this Assignment, submit a 2 to 3 page response to the following in your paper:

    1. Who is ultimately responsible for the security of information in an organization?
    2. What are the disadvantages of using a VPN instead of a leased line?
    3. If a hacker hacks into a network, copies a few files, defaces the Web page, and steals credit card numbers, identify the different threat categories encompassed by this attack?
    4. What do VPNs do that firewalls cannot do?

    Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

    • Single typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date.
    • The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length


    Part 2: Educating, Engaging, and Empowering a Non-engaged Stakeholder: Composing the Intermediate Draft of Your Multimodal Argument Writing Assignment Help


    Project 3 incorporates the skills and strategies that you have developed over the last two ENC 1102 projects. More specifically, prior to this assignment, you have selected a non-engaged stakeholder, drawn on the credible sources of the research you have conducted in the past two projects, recognized the rhetorical choices stakeholders made in designing images that best represented their goals, and created substantial content by answering guiding questions. You are now ready, in Part 2, to construct the intermediate draft of your multimodal argument.

    Part 2 asks you to create a multimodal argument that aims (1) to educate an audience of non-engaged stakeholders about the topic you have been exploring, (2) to engage this audience by convincing them that they should care about this issue, and (3) to empower the audience to agree to your call to action.

    You’ll construct this multimodal argument by combining two or more channels or systems of communication that include (1) writing text as argument (2) incorporating static images, and (3) connecting a dynamic visual or auditory component via a hyperlink.

    Together, in one unified multimodal argument, all three communication modes will (1) educate an audience of non-engaged stakeholders about the topic you have been exploring, (2) engage this audience by convincing them that they should care about this issue, and (3) empower the audience to advance your cause by taking action in some defined way.

    More specifically, your multimodal argument requires

    1. a textual construction that includes linguistic and spatial constructions in the writing of a 1,000 – 1,200-word essay that incorporates compelling and persuasive evidence that supports your thesis;
    2. a visual component, which strategically integrates a total of two static images (photograph, diagram, infographic, graph, map, and/or drawing) that support your argument in important ways. Vary the type of static visuals to avoid including two of the same type;
    3. one dynamic media component via a hyperlink of an appropriate word or phrase that intentionally merges a single video or podcast of two minutes or less into your multimodal argument in meaningful ways.


    You should think of your multimodal argument as more than the static words on a printed page. Rather, embrace your multimodal argument as a balance of thoughtful static and dynamic images and words, as a balance of text and visualization.

    Your purposeful incorporation of media compels you to make rhetorical choices as to the type of media to use, the ways in which the media will educate, engage, and/or empower your audience, and the location of where the media will work best in the multimodal argument to enhance, unify, supplement, and/or complement your text. As you recall, in Project 2, you analyzed how a stakeholder’s visual arguments reflected the stakeholder’s goals. In your Project 3 multimodal argument, you now actively assume the stakeholder role as you use effective visual and/or auditory arguments along with written arguments to communicate your message to your non-engaged stakeholder.

    Keep in mind that visuals help us to develop ideas in immediate ways, to transcend ideas that blur language barriers, and to understand experiences that language may not be able to convey. Your static and dynamic multimedia will help to guide your audience, convey your message and goals, provide clear emphasis, set a particular tone, build credibility, and help persuade your audience to consider the value of your argument.

    Points to remember when using visual images (note: you’re making rhetorical choices for everything you do in your multimodal argument, and guiding your audience is one of those conscious choices):

    • Placement of the static images and your one hyperlink are critical to the effectiveness of the multimodal argument. Images should be large enough (but not overpower the text) to be seen clearly, be of good quality/resolution, and be positioned near the text that the images or hyperlink reference. Be aware the relationship between the text and the image should be clear. In other words, you should reference the image in the text in a way that advances why the image matters to the argument being conveyed. Wrap the text squarely or tightly around the image. Label all visuals with a relevant title and caption that explains the argument of the visual.
    • Give credit to the original source when using images, including bibliographic information in your Works Cited page. Refer to the required formatting guidelines for citing visuals.
    • Introduce your dynamic visual with a hyperlink, which will allow your audience to connect to the video or podcast. Hyperlink an appropriate word or phrase in a sentence of your text that links directly to the dynamic visual. As you referenced your static images in the text, you will also connect the dynamic image or podcast (introduced by your hyperlink) to the larger multimodal argument being conveyed. Reference this source in your Works Cited Page.

    At least five credible sources are required for this Intermediate Draft of your Multimodal Argument. You can draw on the relevant research conducted in the last two projects; however, you must include at least 3 new sources that you have not previously used. In addition to these 5 sources, you will document the 3 sources associated with your 2 static visuals and your hyperlink connection.

    The following processes will help you to further develop your Part 2 Intermediate Multimodal Argument:

    1. Begin with a creative and transparent title that reflects the critical nature of your research topic and your objective to persuade your audience to agree with your call to action.
    2. Contextualize your chosen topic in your introduction. Identify the problem related to your topic, let your audience know why your topic is important and why they should care, and include a call to action thesis that concludes what you determine is a reasonable solution to the problem you have conveyed.
    3. Provide a progression of ideas/evidence/appeals in a logical and cohesive pattern in the body of your essay, introducing each paragraph with a topic sentence that positions an important point. Follow each topic sentence with supporting evidence from your research to support your claim. Be sure to anticipate your audience’s objections with a meaningful refutation and logically lead your audience to the call to action. Integrate appropriate evidence from your 5 sources, anchoring your ideas with support by the source’s arguments.
    4. Integrate a total of two static images, photographs, diagrams, infographics, graphs, maps, and/or drawings, that support your argument in important ways. Vary the type of static visuals to avoid including two of the same types.
    5. Include a hyperlink that intentionally connects an appropriate word or phrase to one dynamic media component, which may be a single video or podcast of two minutes or less into your multimodal argument in meaningful ways.
    6. Be sure to use clear transitions as you move from point to point.
    7. Provide source citations according to the required guidelines.
    8. Write a conclusion that highlights your major points and provides realistic forward-thinking ideas for future research/action.
    9. Include a Works Cited page
    10. Proofread your Part 2 intermediate Multimodal Argument.

    Attached the previous assignment ( domestic violence) , the non-engage stakeholder ( The Metropolitan Ministries).

    The dynamic visual:

    The static visual:…0.0..0.332.712.1j2j0j1……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67.lr9gBMRRW7I#imgdii=fy62dUyrN46zfM:&imgrc=CvUjPoatCO6miM:

    – 1,000 – 1,200-word essay


    Companies Performance Evaluation- Corporate Finance Assignment Writing Assignment Help

    Objective: To evaluate the performance of three publicly held companies. Make a recommendation as to which one would be the best choice to invest in for the long term.

    **** Use a spreadsheet format for some key information/metrics for the three companies.

    Information that is to be included in your research (for each company):

    Company name, their stock symbol, their business and what financial market they are they traded on.

    The following are items you should consider evaluating and/or mentioning in your research:

    • Last 5 year stock price trend
    • What % of their shares are held by institutions & mutual fund holders
    • Their performance vs other competitors in the same sector
      • Company specific impacts or sector impacts
    • What are the analysts saying – what are their opinions?
    • What is or may be driving the company performance?
    • How has their earnings per share been performing/trending?
    • What (if any) advantages/disadvantages might the current Presidential administration present to the company?
    • Any international impact? – If so what is it and expected results
    • Stockholders opinion on company leadership
    • 52 week high low, 1 year price target and systematic risk (beta) value
    • Is leadership new or very tenured?
    • How does their forward guidance sound?

    Report needs to:

    • Be 4 -5 pages – double spaced
    • Include reference information (separate page)
    • Clearly indicate your investment choice and why?


    I need help with a teaching with text lesson plan Humanities Assignment Help

    I need help making a teaching with text lesson plan. We have to base it off of all my other lessons plans that I will post with this. It also has to go with my compelling question that I will have in one the files.

    • Consider if and how you might modify your text to make it more comprehensible for students. Do not just print something off and give it to students!
    • Make sure you give students a purpose for reading. Provide questions up front and help them get through the text itself. Follow with activities to review and connect.
    • Be sure that students have the source and contextual information they need. Make sure there is a citation, and add any info they need about an author or time period.
    • Give students guidance in reading and analysis of primary sources!
    • Tools that you can use:
      • Lexile analyzer
      • Modifying: consider unnecessary words/passages, difficult vocab, passive sentences, sentence length. Tell/show students how you’ve modified!
      • Planning questions for instruction.
      • Developing guiding handouts
    • Select a text or texts that you would want to teach as part of your unit. These can be verbal and/or visual.

      I need to have a graph or map with it to. When you make this lesson plan pick out 15 minutes of it that I can persent to my class to please like I had to do for other one.


    financial management (Task 3) Business Finance Assignment Help

    financial management (Task 3) Business Finance Assignment Help

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