First how might commercial terms and conditions impact the outcome?

1) Given a claim on a major contract, analyze the role of commercial terms and conditions, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and applicable government regulations on the outcome.

Assume that you are a seller, and the buyer makes a claim on a major contract that you oversee. Lets discuss the following aspects of the UCC.

First, how might commercial terms and conditions impact the outcome?

Second, analyze the potential role of the UCC on the outcome. Third, what role might applicable government regulations play on the outcome?

Fourth, if the agreement is silent on a topic, how might the UCC protect each party?

Also, consider why the Uniform Commercial Code exists. Is it important? How does it affect commerce?

Project management contract and procurement course:

2) Based on our discussions, please offer some ideas on how you will apply the knowledge from this class to assist with future projects. Then, name some people, whether in public, business, or private life, whom you would like to advise on their procurement or contracting management style. What are some of the issues you would like to address, and how might they benefit from some of the ideas in the class? What specifically would you suggest? Comment on the ideas of your classmates to help them develop their ideas.

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