FIU Module 8 Learning Engagement and Social Studies Curriculum Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

FIU Module 8 Learning Engagement and Social Studies Curriculum Discussion Humanities Assignment Help. FIU Module 8 Learning Engagement and Social Studies Curriculum Discussion Humanities Assignment Help.

I’m working on a social science question and need guidance to help me understand better.
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  • Part 1: Wrestle with the essential question(s) and respond to it/them. Answer the question(s) clearly and concisely, providing evidence or examples for claims, cite the readings/videos/podcasts when appropriate, making connections to your life and/or current events, and being reflexive over how the material has shaped your previous and present understandings of the topic.
  • Part 2: List a SAC that fits within the bounds of this lesson. And briefly explain how you think this SAC is related to this module, what you learned, and make suggestions about how the SAC and module could be used in their future classroom.

Essential Question(s):

How do White Supremacy and racism “show up” in our social studies curriculum and pedagogy?

How do we challenge those tendencies?

please read 4 articles below to complete assignment.

PDF of Me and White Supremacy (attached)…

Chapters 3, 5, & 13 of Takaki & Stefoff’s A different mirror for young people: A history of multicultural America(ATTACHED)…

please see teachers comments from previous assignment:

“You are not going into detail on how the SAC and module could be used in your future classroom.”

please make sure this is very detailed

FIU Module 8 Learning Engagement and Social Studies Curriculum Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

HRM 522 Trident University Employee Actions Performance Management Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

In the SLP project for this course you are asked to place yourself in the role of others. You might play the role of an employee, HR Manager, or another stakeholder in a private-sector organization. By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of different HRM employee/union/employer relations responsibilities in the private-sector and how to maximize your department’s contributions to the organization.

Your assignment:

Look over the following list from the Overview page:

As you recall we began the course by considering many different internal and external factors that might impact relationships at work. For example:

  • Employer Rights Company Policy & Work Rules
  • Management Actions Wage and Salary Plans
  • Employee Privacy Employee Benefits
  • Supervisory Actions Work Design
  • Economic Conditions Available Information
  • Work Assignments Technology
  • Employee/Co-worker Actions Performance Management
  • Labor Unions Company Practices
  • Laws & Regulations HRM Procedures

Write a magazine article draft (of at least 750 words) in which you select one internal or external factor from above and analyze how it can positively or negatively impact work relationships. (Look at HR Magazine in the library to see what a short magazine article might look like.) Be sure to include employer examples (stating employers by name). Also provide specific examples (for example, if you discuss “work assignments,” provide actual examples of work assignments on the job and how they could impact relationships with others).

Include 2 additional library sources (or more) to help strengthen your submission.


CJSA 1312 Central Texas College Crime In America Discussion Law Assignment Help

I’m working on a criminal justice discussion question and need support to help me study.

1. Do you consider alcohol a drug? Should men or women have the right to sell sexual favors if they so choose?

2. How would you punish a web page defacer who placed an antiwar message on a government site? Prison? Fine?

3. What might be the best strategy to reduce teenage drug use?

4. How would you punish a web page defacer who placed an antiwar message on a government site? What guidelines would you recommend for the use of IT in law enforcement?

5. Are we becoming a “Big Brother” society and is the loss of personal privacy worth the price of safety?


PSYCH 8350 Capella University Child Custody Forensic Evaluation Draft Humanities Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to create a rough draft of the forensic evaluation that you selected in u05a1 from the following five options:

  • Competency to stand trial.
  • Child custody.
  • Parenting fitness.
  • Mitigation of penalty.
  • Recidivism potential (such as a violence risk assessment or a sexual risk assessment).


For this assignment, you will begin work on an outline of key components of a forensic evaluation, which will be further developed in Unit 9. In this initial draft of your forensic evaluation, include the following components. A forensic evaluation generally has all of these elements, although some evaluators may provide more background information on the evaluee than others. Many examples of forensic evaluations are provided in Chapter 19 of your Melton textbook (linked in Resources). Include:

  1. Introduction
    • Explain the legal question being asked.
    • Invent a fictional client to be evaluated and describe all relevant characteristics of this evaluee (name, gender, and age).
  2. Informed Consent
    • Include a paragraph explaining what you would inform the evaluee about the nature and purpose of the evaluation, including any limitations in confidentiality and release of information.
  3. Interview Questions
    • Based on the particular type of evaluation selected, include a section describing the questions related to the referral question that you plan to ask your evaluee.
  4. Collateral Information
    • Include other third-party information relevant to the legal question that you would obtain for review.
  5. Test Battery
    • Justify the appropriateness of two instruments that you would administer for the type of evaluation you are conducting.

A sample forensic evaluation is linked in Resources to assist in formatting your evaluation. Note that your forensic evaluation does not require the same level of detail in the background history.


Your assignment should fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Create a forensic evaluation appropriate to the age and gender of a fictional evaluee.
  2. Explain the legal question being asked.
  3. Explain all aspects of informed consent pertaining to this evaluation.
  4. Justify the questions most appropriate to ask the fictional evaluee.
  5. Describe the third-party information most relevant to the legal question being asked in this evaluation.
  6. Justify appropriate instruments for the evaluation being conducted.
  7. Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the above objectives, your assignment should meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Formatting: current edition APA style and format.
  • Length of paper: 6–8 pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points.


CJSA 1312 Central Texas College Statutory Rape Crime In America Essay Law Assignment Help

I’m working on a criminal justice writing question and need support to help me study.

The state legislature has asked you to prepare a report on statutory rape because of the growing number of underage girls who have been impregnated by adult men. Studies reveal that many teenage pregnancies result from affairs that underage girls have with older men, with age gaps ranging from 7 to 10 years. For example, the typical relationship prosecuted in California involves a 13 year-old girl and a 22-year old male partner. These grants would allow more vigorous enforcement of the law and could result in the conviction of more than 1,500 offenders each year.

However, some critics suggest that implementing statutory rape laws to punish males who have relationships with minor girls does not solve the problems of teenage pregnancies and out-of-wedlock births. Liberals dislike the idea of using criminal law to solve social problems, because doing so does not provide for the girls and their young children and focuses only on punishing offenders. In contrast, conservatives fear that such laws give the state power to prosecute people for victimless crimes, thereby increasing the government’s ability to control people’s private lives. Not all cases involve much older men, and critics ask whether we should criminalize the behavior of 17-year-old boys and their 15 year-old girlfriends.

Writing Assignment-Write an essay on statutory rape and how different states address sew with minors. Decide whether current laws should be changed to reflect current social behaviors.



BUS 309 Strayer University The Effects of Insider Trading Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Insider trading is explained in Chapter 10, pages 368-373, as buying or selling stocks of businesses using information that comes from an inside person and is not known to the public. The buyer or seller may have information that would dramatically impact the price of stocks.

Please read the article

For discussion this week, please share your opinion related to golfer Phil Mickleson’s apparent involvement in the Dean Foods insider trading. In your opinion, please explain if you feel Mickleson is guilty or not of insider trading. Please try to include some material from your textbook reading to help support your opinion.

BUS 309 Strayer University The Effects of Insider Trading Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

MGT 363 Trine University Literature Journal Business Finance Assignment Help

The Individual Level paper will be a scholarly paper that is written in proper APA format, and demonstrates your research and experience based understanding of individual level factors in organizations. You should discuss the importance of differences, the challenges they present, the opportunities they present, how leaders and followers can work to understand Attitudes, Emotions, Moods, Personality, and Motivation. How can this understanding be used to maximize organizational effectiveness. Your work should be supported by a minimum of 10 scholarly references in addition to the texts and the MBTI, ASQ, and EIQ.


MGT 230 UOPX The Specific Planning Objectives and Measures Nordstrom Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

I’m working on a management multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.

Nordstrom Case Study Analysis

How does Nordstrom stay profitable despite dips in consumer spending, changing fashion trends, and intense competition among retailers? One answer: Acute attention to detail and well-laid plans.

All in the Family

The fourth generation of family members that runs Nordstrom has brought the store’s time-honored and successful retail practices into a new era. “Nordstrom, it seems, is that rarity in American business: an enterprise run by a founding family that hasn’t wrecked it,” says one business writer. The company provides a quality customer experience via personalized service, a compelling merchandise offering, a pleasant shopping environment, and increasingly better management of its inventory.

Secret of Success

The secret of this company’s success lies in its strategic planning efforts and the ability of its management team to set broad, comprehensive, and longer-term action directions, all of which are focused on the customer experience. The current generation of Nordstrom family members was quick to spearhead an ultramodern multimillion-dollar, Web-based inventory management system. This upgrade helped the company meet two key goals: (1) correlate purchasing with demand to keep inventory as lean as possible, and (2) give customers and sales associates a comprehensive view of Nordstrom’s entire inventory, including every store and warehouse.

Demand Planning

Instead of relying on one-day sales, coupon blitzes, or marking down entire lines of product, Nordstrom discounts only certain items. “Markdown optimization” software assists in planning more profitable sale prices. According to retail analyst, Patricia Edwards, this helps Nordstrom calculate what will sell better at different discounts and forecast which single items should be marked down. If a style is no longer in demand, the company can ship it off to its Nordstrom Rack outlet stores. It’s all part of Nordstrom’s long-term investment in efficiency. “If we can identify what is not performing and move it out to bring in fresh merchandise,” says Pete Nordstrom, “that’s a decision we want to make.”

Inventory Planning

Although inventory naturally fluctuates, Nordstrom associates can easily locate any item in another store or verify when it will return to stock. Customers on their smart phones and associates behind sales counters see the same thing—the entire inventory of Nordstrom’s stores is presented as one selection, which the company refers to as perpetual inventory. “Customer service is not just a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable salesperson helping you buy something,” says Robert Spector, retail expert and author of The Nordstrom Way. “Part of customer service is having the right item at the right size at the right price at the right time. And that’s something perpetual inventory will help with.”

The upgraded inventory management system was an immediate hit. As of launch day, Nordstrom found that the percentage of customers who purchased products after searching the website for an item doubled. It also learned that multi-channel customers—those who shop from Nordstrom in more than one way—spend on average four times more than one-source customers. This profit more than offsets the cost of hiring additional shipping employees to wrap and mail items from each store. Now Nordstrom doesn’t have to turn away the customer who spied a red Marc Jacobs handbag but found it out of stock in her local store. She can buy it online or at the store counter and it will be shipped to her, even from a store located across the country.

Keeping It Lean

By displaying stock both on its website and in its stores, Nordstrom has realized some very meaningful sales and customer service results. Items don’t stay in stock very long. The chain turns inventory about twice as fast as its competitors, thanks to strong help from online sales.

Fast-turning inventories are a sign a retailer is well managed, making it more attractive to investors. “The old, classic Nordstrom way is that if you sell more stuff, that compensates for any deficiency you may have in terms of technology,” says Robert Spector. “They didn’t want to replace the high touch with the high-tech. The challenge, not only for Nordstrom, but for other retailers, is how you strike that balance between having up-to-date systems and giving that personal service.” “Traditional retailers have traditional ways of doing things,” echoes Adrianne Shapira, Goldman Sachs retail analyst, “and sometimes those barriers are hard to break down.” But Nordstrom’s commitments to planning are paying dividends.

Source: Schermerhorn Jr., J.R., Bachrach, D.G. (2016) Nordstrom—“High Touch” with “High Tech”. In Exploring Management (Cases for Critical Thinking).

Case Analysis Questions

Answer the following in up to 350 words each.

  1. Determine the specific planning objectives and measures Nordstrom could use to assess the success of its Web-based inventory integration.
  2. Explain how Nordstrom could make use of participatory planning for continuous improvements in areas such as product purchasing, floor displays, and sales associates’ job satisfaction.
  3. Nordstrom wants to grow in a number of different areas. Research one of its strategies and project it into the future.
  4. Refer back to one of Nordstrom’s strategies for growth. What changes, revisions, or updates would you plan for the company? What stretch goals come to mind?


BUS 309 Strayer University Equal Work for Equal Pay Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Job discrimination (Chapter 11, pages 401-433), is the topic for this week. We will explore areas such as disparity, affirmative action policies, bias wage systems, hostile work environments, sexual harassment, and many other job discrimination topics.

For this week’s discussion, I want you to think about the concept of comparable work for comparable pay. Most companies provide a job description that details the work involved for the positions, the expected experience and education needed to properly do the work, as well as the physical abilities needed to hold the positions. The applicant is well aware of the requirements needed and makes the decision to submit an application, cover letter, and resume.

Now here is where I would like your opinion on the hiring process and the determination of the wages to possibly avoid wage discrimination based on gender.

Respond to the following:

  • Post a discussion based on the following question. You might be familiar with how the television show The Voice works. The judges do not see the singer until they hear the singer and make the choice to accept the person onto their team. Do you think if all of the names were removed from all the application documents prior to presentation for candidate selection, and a set wage assigned before a face-to-face interview is held, that it would help to reduce the gender disparity in wages, as the potential for gender identity is not disclosed prior to interview selection? Explain your answer.


HRM 522 Trident University Maximizing Your Return on People Bibliography Business Finance Assignment Help

Signature Assignment: Information Literacy, Emphasized Level

View the following video on information literacy:

(Eastern Gateway CCTS, 2015).

As mentioned previously, there are many influences on employee relations in organizations. One of the most relevant today is the amount of information that is available.

There are numerous sources of information available to us as students, employees, labor union representatives, HRM professionals, and business managers. Before we use information that we have found, however, it is important that we evaluate its authority and appropriateness.

Case Assignment

In this assignment you will be evaluating sources and developing an Annotated Bibliography of your findings.

Review the following articles related to information literacy and others you have found and make a comprehensive list of important factors needed to evaluate sources. (You will need to include this list as an Appendix in your Annotated Bibliography.)

Find four valid sources related to workplace relations from valid sources from the web/internet.

List the source citations in APA format under the heading Annotated Bibliography.

Under each source citation, in paragraph form:

  • Briefly discuss what the source covers and its importance to the topic of workplace relations.


  • Analyze specifically how the factors listed in your Appendix apply to the source (i.e., carefully critique the source using those factors).


FIU Module 8 Learning Engagement and Social Studies Curriculum Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

FIU Module 8 Learning Engagement and Social Studies Curriculum Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

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