FLVS english 4 2.09 Informative Explanatory Article Paper on the First Ammendment: Freedom of Speech Humanities Assignment Help

FLVS english 4 2.09 Informative Explanatory Article Paper on the First Ammendment: Freedom of Speech Humanities Assignment Help. FLVS english 4 2.09 Informative Explanatory Article Paper on the First Ammendment: Freedom of Speech Humanities Assignment Help.

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Step 1:

Write a complete draft of at least 500 words. Your draft should include:

  • introduction with a hook (include a simile or metaphor)
  • body paragraph 1—history, amendment, and advocate quote
  • body paragraph 2—landmark court case and at least one quotation
  • body paragraph 3—contemporary court cases and at least one quotation
  • conclusion
  • MLA in-text citations for
    • advocate quote
    • landmark court case
    • contemporary court cases
  • transitions
  • domain-specific vocabulary

Remember, you may use online resources to help create citations, such as EasyBib or Son of Citation Machine.

Step 2:

Highlight all transition words in yellow.
Highlight all domain-specific language in green.
Highlight any metaphors or similes in pink.

FLVS english 4 2.09 Informative Explanatory Article Paper on the First Ammendment: Freedom of Speech Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

accounting information system Business Finance Assignment Help


2. Draw and Entity-Relationship Diagram for the following: Sales of inventory are made to customers by salespeople. After the sale, cash is received by cashiers. (10 Marks – 3 Marks for Structure, 4 Marks for Entities, 3 Marks for Relationships)

3. Data Table Normalization. Using the “UN-Normalized Parking Ticket Data in the Table below,

transfer the Data to Third Normal Form (3NF). Identify Primary and Foreign Keys linking the Tables. (10 Marks – 7 Marks Tables, 3 Marks Primary/Foreign Keys)

Social Security Last First Phone Number Name Name Number 123-45-6789 Curry Dorothy (916)358-4448

License Plate Ticket State Number Number CA 123 MCD 10151


10121 CA 253 DAL 10231


Date 10/15/10 10/16/10 11/12/10 10/23/10 12/5/10

Code Fine

A $10 B $20 B $20 C $50 A $10

134-56-7783 Mason


Narrative Argument essay Writing Assignment Help

For Essay 2 you will be writing a 2000-2500 word Narrative Argument essay that tells a story that supports a main point. You will directly state your main point in the form of a Reasoned Thesis statement in either your introduction or conclusion. You will focus your narrative on a single event or personal experience from your life or someone you know personally. You will also include at least two direction quotations in your essay from your choice of one or more essays from the They Say /I Say textbook. (link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nXN3zfNq9JISEWO5n…)

    • Bridging Our Differences (pages 209-313)
    • College Life (pages 315-419)
    • Technology and Culture (pages 421-529)
    • Gender (pages 531-619)
    • Food and Eating (pages 621-729)

Step 1: At the top of your First Draft under your heading information include the following:

  • An essay title
  • A question at issue highlighted or in bold font (you may use this question as part of the introduction to your essay but are not required to do so.

Step 2: Draft your essay:

  • Rough Draft must be at least 2000 words (not including works cited list)
  • Use the outline you developed for the Week 9 Homework and the tips and strategies in the Canvas pages Week 7: Narrative as Rhetorical Mode and Week 8: Writing a Description to help you choose and organizational structure and develop your body paragraphs.
  • For the Week 7 and Week 8 Homework, you analyzed how writers combine the use of narrative and description with signal phrases and the use of outside sources. Use what you learned to incorporate at least two direct quotations (with pages cited) from an essay (or more than one essay) from the unit in They Say / I Say that matches your topic.
  • Make sure to include a properly formatted Reasoned Thesis (see attached file) in your draft – either in the introduction or in the conclusion. Put your Reasoned Thesis in bold font or highlighting so it stands out. This will be the sentence at the heart and soul of your essay that crystalizes your main idea.
  • Include a Works Cited list at the end of the draft with a complete reference for the source our sources referenced in your essay. Use MLA Citation style (Links to an external site.).


the paper should be written on Nordstrom Inc. Economics Assignment Help

III. Justification:
C. Financial impact. This section should discuss the project’s most likely financial implications and the consolidated financial projection with and without
the project. Be sure to:
1. Project the incremental, annual, and cumulative cash benefits and outflows associated with the proposed expansion for the next seven to
10 years, using a spreadsheet or other relevant presentation vehicle to support your narrative. Be sure to justify your assumptions and
methodology based on sound microeconomic and financial principles. For example, what assumptions have you made about demand, price,
volume, capital purchase costs, incremental hiring, and so on?
2. Develop a consolidated financial projection of revenue, pretax income, and cash flow for the overall business, over that same number of
years, both with and without the proposed investment. Use a spreadsheet or other relevant presentation vehicle to support your narrative,
being sure to describe any relevant assumptions.
V. Financing: In this section, compare the proposed loan to alternative financing methods. Specifically:
A. Weigh the pros and cons of raising money using internal financing mechanisms versus seeking funding through global capital markets via loans,
commercial paper, bonds, or equity financing. Which might be viable alternatives should the loan not be approved? Support your answer with
appropriate research and evidence.
B. Assess the viability of a business combination as a mechanism for expanding into the new market. Is this a reasonable option for the company? Why
or why not? Support your answer with appropriate research and evidence.
VI. Track Record: Use this section to persuade the lender that you are credit-worthy. You must:
A. Convincingly argue that your organization is on solid financial footing, and thus at a low risk for default, supporting your argument with appropriate
financial statements, ratios, and other indicators of financial performance and health.
B. Convincingly argue for your organization’s trustworthiness, providing credible evidence of legal and ethical financial behavior. For example, this
might include recent audit results; credit history; absence of significant lawsuits, recalls, or regulatory judgments; or other evidence designed to
show that the company holds itself to the highest legal and ethical standards.


Good Country People Essay. Humanities Assignment Help

Write an 800-1000 word essay using MLA format; don’t forget to make some quotes that validate your opinion.

Do you think Hulga truly believes in “nothing”? If Manley truly doesn’t believe in anything, why does he steal the leg?

We had a discussion in class with the professor, and we all concluded that Hulga doesn’t believe in anything. I will send you the pictures of the book and what I wrote today in class, this will help you a lot to answer the question.

Files have been shared using Link Sharing.
Valid until: Mar 11, 2020



Create a reading lesson plan that addresses the following skills- phonemic awareness/decoding, reading fluency and reading comprehension. Use the template and tips provided. Assignment Help

  • Create a semi-structured lesson plan to teach a reading lesson (20-25 minutes) to a small-group of students with disabilities or learning difficulties.
  • Lesson MUST address the following areas of reading skill: phonemic awareness/decoding, reading fluency and reading comprehension- and should reflect the use of evidence-based methods discussed in the course material. That is, you will have three (3) separate activities in your lesson- one for each of the required components.
  • The lesson should feature an explicit instructional design (use template provided) for the teaching of these components AND/OR the teaching of a specific strategy (e.g., POSSE strategy for reading expository text)
  • Lesson plan will include scripting of what you would say during lesson, activities that students will be engaged in, description of materials, procedures for eliciting student responses, providing feedback, and opportunities for practice. (Include what you will SAY and what you will DO during lesson)
  • Use the lesson plan template provided in the documents below.
  • Be sure to review the reminder and tips document attached to ensure proper completion of the assignment.
  • Feel free to review the sample lessons attached as well. These are for REFERENCE ONLY.

Create a reading lesson plan that addresses the following skills- phonemic awareness/decoding, reading fluency and reading comprehension. Use the template and tips provided. Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Influence of Globalization Drivers Business Finance Assignment Help

In the Essay, the focus is on the “Influence of
Globalization Drivers.” The requirement, as always for these Essay assignments,
is a short paper of about 300-400 words, typed in 12-point font, double-spaced
with standard one-inch margins (and posted in the dropbox). Bisk University
Alliance adopted the APA format but I will take any consistent format you like!
The assignment is to select a company and describe how the four industry globalization
drivers (market, cost, government, and competitive) influence what that company
can and cannot do in terms of its global supply chains.


Writiing 2 Part Essay Humanities Assignment Help

. The paper must be wholly


to you. Do not consult any secondary

source, such as the Internet.

Everything I Never Told You

is your primary

source and must be cited in a work-cited page.

2. Use MLA format. (See the video on MLA format in the Introductory Module.)

Give your paper an original title related to your thesis. In the opening of your

paper, give the title of the book and the author’s full name. In subsequent

references to the author, use only her last name.

3. Use

at least

4 relevant quotations to support your analysis. The quotations

should be

integrated into the flow of your paper

. Also cite additional specific

examples from the text. Use correct MLA style including in-text

documentation and a works cited entry for

Everything I Never Told You

. (You

can use Son of Citation machine if you need assistance formatting the work-

cited entry.)

4. Your 250- word cover letter, describing your writing process, should be

uploaded as a separate document. (See the instructions for the cover letter.)

5. Record your word count at the bottom of the essay and the cover letter


Choose ONE of the following topics based on Celeste Ng’s

Everything I Never Told


. Do not respond to the topic questions “point by point.” Rather, develop a

unifying thesis that you can develop fully in the course of your essay. Also, avoid

writing a summary in response to the topic; this essay requires textual analysis.

1. James and Marilyn were unlikely partners, especially during the era when

they married. Why does Marilyn marry James (especially considering her

ambitions), and why does James marry Marilyn? What issues does each

spouse bring to the marriage? How do these issues act in opposition to each

other? Why do James and Marilyn stay together after Lydia’s death and

James’s infidelity?

2. The very first line of

Everything I Never Told You

states that Lydia, the

protagonist, is dead. In the narrative, however, Lydia emerges through

flashback. Write a character analysis of Lydia, analyzing how she develops as


a result of her relationship with her parents and her position in the family

constellation. Given all that has happened to her and her state of mind, is

Lydia’s suicide accidental, or is it actually intentional? In the end, do you see

Lydia’s death as inevitable?

3. James and Marilyn are destructive to their children. James is cruel and

insensitive to Nath. He dotes on Lydia, but constantly pressures Lydia to be

“popular.” Marilyn constantly pressures Lydia to succeed in science classes

despite Lydia’s lack of talent and inclination. Choose

one character:


or James. Why does that character fail as a parent? How does (or does not)

the novel portray this character as sympathetic – fallible, forgivable, and just

human — despite failing as a parent?

4. The marriage of James Lee and Marilyn creates an intersection for exploring

themes of race, gender, and inter-racial families. Celeste Ng examines these

themes in the context of conservative, Midwestern America in the mid

twentieth century. The novel’s action ranges from the 1950’s to the 1970’s,

when expressions of racism and sexism were overt and even acceptable

behavior. Choose one character from the novel and analyze how that

character was affected, or even molded, by living in an oppressive social


5. The novel portrays a family whose members are unable (or unwilling) to

communicate with each other. What key moments, images or events have

you found when a character should have spoken and did not? Aside from

Lydia’s death, what are the results of “everything” they never told each


6 days ago

done seen
6 days ago


Dr. Maselli

Cover Letter – 25 pts. available

Instructions for Cover Letter: Self-Analysis of Your Writing Process

Upload your essay and your cover letter as two separate documents.

The cover letter must be 250 words. At the bottom of your cover letter, give the word count.

(You will find the word count at the bottom, left-hand screen of your computer.)

The cover letter is not a summary of your essay; a summary or “off-topic” letter will not receive




a cover letter?

It is a formal analysis of your individual writing process


A cover letter is analysis applied to your writing process


Approach the cover letter as “meta-analysis”

or self-observation of the steps you took to write the original essay and then revise it for the second

submission. Don’t summarize (rehash) your essay’s content.

You will not receive points if you only

summarize your essay.

Writing a cover letter helps you to improve your analytic abilities. It can help you understand your

individual writing process and improve your writing. Many students have learned to revise

independently and effectively as a result of writing cover letters!


taking notes on your writing process

from start to drafts to finish, you can see what steps of the

writing process come easily to you and what causes you to struggle. In other words, you pinpoint your

own strengths and weaknesses. You can also learn to identify your original thinking, distinguishing your

own thoughts from that of other authors or sources, including all-pervasive media.

The cover letter is a powerful tool for you to make progress as a writer and thinker. Don’t even try to

include everything detailed below! Just pull what suits you from the information to help you through

writing about your own writing.

The most important thing is just to observe yourself and take notes from beginning to end of your

writing process


Some Guidelines for the Cover Letter

1. Discovery – Explain how you got started.

“Discovery” process –

Comments might

include your initial thinking about the topic;

how re-reading portions of the text helped you; prewriting tools you used –notes,

freewriting, clustering, questioning, journaling.

You should cover discovery in no more than 2-3 sentences.


2. Evolution – Explain your actual writing process for the essay

How did you put the essay together – grouping, outlining, storyboarding? Drafts?

How did your thesis evolve?

How did you write the introductory paragraph? Conclusion?

What information (quotations, paraphrases, points) did you add or delete? Why?

At any point, were you forced to overhaul the paper?

3. Thinking Style

Did you analyze, clarify, and elaborate the ideas that you encountered in the text?

Did you insert your original ideas and interpretation while sticking to the textual evience?

4. Assessment – Comment on your paper’s strengths and weaknesses

What aspects of the topic put obstacles in your writing way, and how did you deal with


5. What “deep” elements of composition did you do especially well here?

Focus on thesis, organization, argument, support, and voice. Do not elaborate on

grammar or sentences.


Thesis – focused, narrow, precise assertion that evolves through your paper


Organization – includes unity, coherence, introduction, body, conclusion,

paragraph order, sentence order


Argument – logical structure, inclusion of well-placed topic sentences,

persuasiveness, clear direction, use of key words


Support – use of facts, examples, illustrations, details that are representative,

ample, and support the point. Appropriate use of sources


Voice – appropriate tone, logical, credible, trustworthy, original


writing paper Business Finance Assignment Help


  • To complete this project, you will form small groups and choose a local problem affecting USF or in the local Tampa Bay community.
  • Each group member will complete primary and secondary research on the problem and write a 2-3 page research summary report in memo format.
  • Although you are part of a group working on a shared research problem, each group member will complete their own primary and secondary research and write their own research summary report memo.
  • Your memo should include the following section headings:
      • Memo header with Date, To, From, and Subject
      • Section headings:
        • Background Information
        • Problem Description
        • Impacted Populations
        • Problem Causes
        • References (Note: use APA format for references)

Project 3 Overview

Research in the workplace solves a problem. Tasked with a problem in the workplace, you may be asked to gather the information necessary to fully understand the issue at hand, solve that problem (or offer potential solutions), prove that your solutions are viable, and/or test your solution(s). Doing this work requires different types of research that go beyond simply querying (searching) a library database or using Google. Often, you will need to speak directly to target populations and audiences and directly contact resources and experts in different professions and in the community. You may also need information in addition to or instead of scholarly resources. Local and national journalism (newspapers and magazines) may add context and perspective. Professional experts, government agencies, and state and local authorities may serve as be relevant sources, as are individuals in target populations.

Essentially, research in the workplace requires you to think critically and creatively about:

  • The type of information you need; and
  • The best way to get that information.

Your job as a researcher is to address, explain, and/or solve a problem using the most relevant and applicable methods and resources. If a resource can supply information you need, then it is the right resource for the job.

It’s also important when thinking about a problem your researching to keep in mind that you probably aren’t the first person or organization to deal with this issue. Look at other organizations, groups, or communities negotiating the same or similar issue. Research how those groups describe and deal with the problem. The perspective of experience is invaluable to your work.

Project 3 Assignment Instructions

This project asks you to do community-based research into a local problem impacting USF or the surrounding Tampa Bay community. Your goal for this project is to describe a problem in detail using as much information as you can gather from as many different kinds of sources as are useful. This project requires a mixture of primary research and secondary research. This means you may look at research gathered by others (e.g., government agencies, non-profit organizations, professional and academic experts), but you will also gather your own data by contacting experts and asking impacted population for their perspective.

Once you have formed small groups and agreed on a local problem, you will conduct research using any of the following methods and resources, or anything else that helps you explain the scope of your problem. Remember that your report must include a mixture of primary (original) and secondary (published) research.

As a deliverable, you will produce a report memo approximately 2-3 pages in length that reports your findings and provides readers with a robust understanding of the problem you have researched.


Upon successful completion of this project, you will be able to:

  • Identify and engage with a problem-based scenario similar to those found in the workplace
  • Develop primary and secondary research skills appropriate for addressing a specific problem
  • Integrate research into a written deliverable
  • Develop professional writing and editing skills
  • Practice writing for a specific (local) purpose and audience
  • Produce a specific genre of professional discourse (research summary report in memo format)


H360/hsa4150 Health Medical Assignment Help

Healthcare Reform in Two States


Part I: The world is becoming smaller and smaller and when companies look to expand they often look outside their original footprint. Rasmussen Healthcare Systems is looking to expand their system to another state. To help advise Rasmussen on this decision, you will write 4-5 pages that compare and contrast the healthcare reform policies of the state where you reside and another state of your choice. Please keep in mind the position and facility you selected. Make sure to include the following:

  1. Discuss the purpose of each state’s reform.
  2. Describe a minimum of three specific examples of similarities and differences in healthcare reform policies in the two states.
  3. Discuss in detail some of the ethical issues and moral disputes in each state’s reform.
  4. Discuss your recommendation on whether Rasmussen Healthcare Systems should expand to the second state.
  5. This portion of your assignment will require you to research and examine information from various sources. Use a minimum of five credible sources for your paper, with three being an academic source from the Rasmussen College Online Library (don’t forget to include in-text citations throughout your paper with paraphrasing or quoting).
  6. Make sure to include your APA formatted reference page.

Example of Potential Useful Websites

Part II: PowerPoint is typically the application of choice when conducting a meeting. There are many philosophies on how to create an effective PowerPoint, so do some research on the dos and don’ts. Then create a professional PowerPoint that you would present to the management team at your location that highlights your research. SkillSurfer in the online tutoring platform offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials on Microsoft Office products. Make sure to include the following in your PowerPoint:

  1. Length of PowerPoint is up to the student.
  2. Highlight specific policy changes in each state’s reform.
  3. Highlight each similarity and difference.
  4. Highlight your final recommendation on whether Rasmussen Healthcare Systems should expand to the other state.
  5. Use the Notes area on each slide as needed to expand on the key points.
  6. You may use a free screen capture site such as Screencast-O-Matic to record a video of your presentation. Screencast-O-Matic is a site and program that can perform screen desk and audio capture up to 15 minutes for free, and can be utilized on a Windows or Mac computer. (Note: You can use a similar program if you prefer. Screencast-O-Matic is just one suggestion). Make sure that both your voice and the PowerPoint slides are captured on the video. Your presentation should be 10 minutes or less.
  7. If you are utilizing the Screencast-O-Matic option, please watch this short instructional video on how to record, upload, and provide your instructor with the web link to your recorded presentation. If you would like to present your PowerPoint document within a live session, please reach out to your instructor for more details.

Your presentation should include an introduction, a concise discussion of each slide, and a conclusion. Make sure to use audience specific language and tone in your PowerPoint. Remember, you would be presenting this to the management team at your location. The presentation will be assessed on your overall knowledge of the content, clarity of your voice, pronunciation of words, organization of your presentation, proper recording of your presentation, overall aesthetics and professionalism, and general clarity to your presentation.

Your presentation should be 10 minutes or less. Make sure to address the following:

  • Include a link to the location of your live video on the last slide of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Make sure to use audience specific language and tone in your PowerPoint. Remember, you would be presenting this to the management team at your location.

Save both your paper and PowerPoint presentation to a folder on your computer. Then, zip or compress your folder. Upload the zipped folder (with both the paper and PowerPoint) to the assignment dropbox


FLVS english 4 2.09 Informative Explanatory Article Paper on the First Ammendment: Freedom of Speech Humanities Assignment Help

FLVS english 4 2.09 Informative Explanatory Article Paper on the First Ammendment: Freedom of Speech Humanities Assignment Help

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