Food Microbiology Calculation Question Science Assignment Help

Food Microbiology Calculation Question Science Assignment Help. Food Microbiology Calculation Question Science Assignment Help.

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Please provide a detailed step by step solution to the Moisture-Related question below.

A food technician has a laboratory-scale dryer that is used to dry small quantities of materials for testing purposes. In one set of experiments, pineapple rings are being dried to make sweetened snacks. After several test runs with one batch of ripe pineapple having an initial moisture content of 85.3% by weight, the technician has been able to set the dryer conditions so that after 14.5 hours of gentle drying the final product moisture is 14.0%. The product specifications require the final moisture to be 14.0% ± 2.0% (i.e., the final moisture should be in the range of 12.0% to 16.0%). He continues to do tests under these conditions using 4.5 kg of starting material until he runs out of pineapple. At this point, he obtains a second batch of pineapple, which has a moisture content of 83.8%. The technician decides to dry the new batch of pineapple under exactly the same conditions as he used with the first batch. He figures that since the moisture content of the new batch of pineapple is 1.5% lower than the original batch, the moisture of the dried pineapple rings will be 1.5% lower than it was before. This means that if the final moisture was 13.5%, it would still be within the specified limits. When he removes the dried pineapple rings from the dryer after 14.5 hours, he is completely surprised to find that the moisture of the second batch of product is not 13.5% like he expected. At this point, he comes to your office wanting to discuss the rather puzzling situation. (12 marks total)

a) What moisture would you actually get if the incoming pineapple had a moisture of 83.8% and the initial dryer settings were left untouched? Express your answer as a percent moisture to one decimal place. (6 marks)

b) Using your newly found knowledge of drying technology, explain to the technician what is wrong with the logic in his reasoning about the moisture content of the final product being 1.5% lower if the moisture content of the starting material is 1.5% lower. (2 marks)

c) What should the technician do to have the second batch reach the desired 14.0% moisture level? (2 marks)

Food Microbiology Calculation Question Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Module 5 Written assignment – Budgeting Business Finance Assignment Help

In 2012, Barney and Co. saw a decrease in sales of 20%. The company had also recently purchased equipment to increase productivity, but has incurred the additional expense of paying back the loan for equipment. The loan makes up for 5% of the company’s total expenditures for the period (1 year).

In a 4-5 page paper, please provide the following:

  • Three potential budgeting solutions in response to a decrease in sales (Use specific budget types to address this question).
  • Include how the company plans to accommodate for the decrease in sales. Create a budgeting plan for 2014.
  • Also give at least one suggestion for maximizing the budget in response to the equipment purchase.
  • Be sure that the paper has no spelling or grammatical errors.


Energy Choices Science Assignment Help

Worldwide energy consumption varies dramatically, but the impacts are shared by all. The most commonly used fuel sources for energy around the world are the fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. Combustion of fossil fuels releases pollutants to the atmosphere, where the emissions from all countries combine to cause local, regional, and global issues. One of the primary pollutants of concern is carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide emissions are responsible for climate change and governments around the world have taken steps to control pollution, but not all countries are successful in reducing carbon emissions.

While all countries produce pollution and emit greenhouse gasses, the emissions are greatly unequal across the globe. Consider what kinds of factors would determine how much energy is used by a country, a region, a household, or an individual. What factors would influence the fuel choices made by these people and institutions?

Conduct research to determine the common fuel sources, emissions, and total energy consumption by the United States and a developing country of your choice, such as China, India, or Brazil.

CIA. (2015). The world factbook. Retrieved from

U.S. Energy Information Administration. (2015). International energy statistics. Retrieved from

  • What are the primary sources of emissions? What is the industrial or agricultural profile of the country?
  • What are the similarities and differences in the fuel sources, emissions, and consumption between the two countries?
  • What are the countries’ levels of involvement in worldwide emissions regulations?
  • Discuss solutions or regulations to energy use in high-demand countries. How can high-use and low-use countries work together to reduce overall emissions?
  • In working together to make these reductions, how would you address possible cultural differences and diversity concepts that will emerge because of this partnership? Describe how low and high use countries can bridge cultural differences through strategic partnerships.
  • Support your arguments with documented evidence from credible sources using APA formatting and an APA style reference page.

Your Assignment should be written in an essay format, with an introduction and conclusion. The paper will require you to include details from research including the course materials and sources you locate on your own. Use APA format to cite your sources of information, both within parenthetical citations and also within a reference page at the end of the project.

Basic Writing Expectations:

  • A minimum of 1000 words, not counting the title or reference pages
  • At least 3 academic resources utilized
  • Include a title page, double space, font size 10 or 12
  • Include a highly developed viewpoint/thesis, purpose, and exceptional content
  • Demonstrate superior organization: use logic
  • Free of grammar and spelling errors
  • No evidence of plagiarism. Note: no more than 10% of your paper should be directly quoted from any outside source.
  • Use the APA style for all in-text citations, references, and essay body

Turnitin Analysis

A special feature is available to help you with reviewing your Unit 6 Assignment for plagiarism. When you submit your Assignment to the Unit 6 Dropbox, your Assignment will automatically be analyzed by the plagiarism detection tool, Turnitin. Soon after you submit your Assignment, you will be able to view the Turnitin Originality Report. Originality Reports provide a summary of matching or highly similar text found in a submitted paper. When an Originality Report is available for viewing, an icon will appear in the report column of the Assignment Inbox. Originality Reports are only available in the InBox. For this reason, you will need to download the report prior to the grading of the Unit 6 Assignment. To do this, click on the print icon at the bottom of the Originality Report. This will prepare a readable, PDF version of the Originality Report that you can save to your computer.


prewriting Writing Assignment Help

Directions: Complete either Option 1 or Option 2 below. (22 points)

Option 1

Prewriting: Notice the familiar details cleverly woven in the piece from the toilet paper roll’s perspective: “the more I’m needed, the smaller I feel,” “hollow inside,” “cushiony-quilted softness,” and “flushed right down the drain.”

Select some other common household object and imagine everyday life from its perspective. What does it feel? What are its emotions? Examine your object closely. Sit in front of your object and concentrate on projecting yourself into it, to the degree that you lose your identity for at least a short time and become the object.

Take notes about how you feel being your object. Where do you feel tensions and pressures? What changes are you aware of? What sensations are important to you? What are you most keenly aware of?

Writing, Revising, Editing, and Publishing: Organize your notes into a narrative of a few minutes in the “life” of your object, as felt from inside. If you wish, you may want to omit the name of your object and try to make your description clear enough so that the reader will know what you are. Write in first person-“I.” You will be the object! Remember to use Chart 2 and Chart 3 to prepare you final essay.

Your instructor will be grading you on these key points:

Did you…

  • properly introduce the object by describing the setting or by making a generalization about some feeling or emotion of the object? (3 points)
  • intertwine sensory details about the object throughout the narrative? (12 points)
  • provide a summary or conclusion? (3 points)
  • edit according to Chart 2? (2 points)
  • edit according to Chart 3 ? (2 points)


Option 2

Prewriting: Assume a tree has some tactile and kinesthetic awareness; do not assume that it can see or hear, which is improbable. Imagine how it might feel to be a tree: the experiences you might have in your trunk, roots, and branches with the changing of the seasons; the movement of the wind; the absorbing of water by your roots; the treatment you receive from humans. If it is practical, go outside and look at (or climb on!) a tree while you do this; otherwise, use your memory of a tree. Try to describe the feelings you might have as things happen to you.

Writing, Revising, Editing, and Publishing: Organize your notes into a narrative of a few minutes in the “life” of the tree, as felt from inside. Write in first person – “I.” You will be the tree! Remember to use Chart 2 and Chart 3 to prepare you final essay.

Your instructor will be grading you on these key points:

Did you…

  • properly introduce the subject by describing the setting or by making a generalization about some feeling or emotion of the subject? (3 points)
  • intertwine sensory details about the subject throughout the narrative? (12 points)
  • provide a summary or conclusion? (3 points)
  • edit according to Chart 2? (2 points)
  • edit according to Chart 3 ? (2 points)


gen ed capstone Writing Assignment Help

Final Research Project Preparation – Annotated Bibliography

Review the Final Research Project instructions located in Week Five. To help with the preparation of the paper, complete the following items and submit them to your instructor as a single document.

  • Introduction to Topic: Refer to the Final Research Project guidelines for your topic selection. For your introduction, you should write a 150-word paragraph which clearly explains the topic, the importance of further research, ethical implications, and how the topic relates to one’s academic and professional pursuits. Make sure you effectively inform the reader of the rationale behind your topic.
  • Thesis statement: Write a direct and concise thesis statement, which will become the point or perspective you will argue or prove in the Final Research Project. A thesis statement should be a single declarative sentence that makes one point in 25 words or less. The thesis statement must appear within the introduction paragraph.
  • Annotated Bibliography: To help prepare for your Final Research Project, write an annotated bibliography to indicate the quality of the sources you have read. The bibliography must include no less than five scholarly sources that will be used to support the major points of the Final Research Project. Critical thinking skills need to be demonstrated by accurately interpreting evidence used to support various positions of the topic. Please make sure to provide full reference information in accordance with APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Write a brief paragraph (around 150 words) summarizing the source and explaining how it is pertinent and relevant to the topic of the project and how each source will support your thesis statement. See the Sample Annotated Bibliography in the Ashford Writing Center for more detailed information. Keep in mind the academic research standards for all Ashford University papers.

For information regarding APA, including samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center.

The Final Research Project Preparation

  • Must be 1,000 – 1,250 words in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use at least five scholarly sources.



Accounting Fundamentals Business Finance Assignment Help

12. Which of the following is prepared first?

a. balance sheet

b. expense sheet

c. statement of owner’s equity

d. income statement

20. If cash has been debited, it is likely that:

a. the owner made an investment

b. a charge customer made a payment

c. the business borrowed cash from the bank

d. All of the above.

21. If prepaid rent has been debited, it is likely that:

a. the rent was paid for three months in advance

b. a bill for the past month’s rent was received

c. this month’s rent was paid

d. All of the above.

22. Proof that the dollar amount of the debits equals the dollar amount of the credits in the ledger


a. all of the information from the journal was correctly transferred to the ledger

b. all accounts have their correct balances in the ledger

c. only the ledger is accurate; the journal may be incorrect

d. only that the debit dollar amounts equal the credit dollar amounts

23. In preparing the trial balance of the K&L’s Bridal Service, the withdrawal account (which had a

 normal balance in the general ledger) was listed as a credit for $400. What will be the

 difference between the debit and credit sides of the trial balance?

a. $150

b. $200

c. $300

d. $800

24. The trial balance:

a. includes all accounts with a balance in the ledger

b. includes assets, liabilities, capital, withdrawals, revenues and expenses

c. ensures that debits equal credits

d. All of the above.

Unit 1 Examination 

25) The proper format for a journal entry includes all of the following, except:

a. the total amounts of debits must equal the total amount of credits

b. skip a line between transactions

c. the credit portion of the transaction is always first

d. listed in chronological order

Accounting Fundamentals Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

10 page research paper ollow-up assignment to the Annotated Bibliography Business Finance Assignment Help

Directions for Research Paper

The Research Paper is the follow-up assignment to the Annotated Bibliography. Students will write a  ten (10) page research paper that includes the following:

  • Title Page with originality score from
  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • Body of Paper
  • References
  • Appendices (only if necessary).

The body of the paper is ten pages and the remaining items will add to the ten page total.  The paper must follow APA guidelines for formatting, citations, and references. There is a sample paper in the APA manual that you may want to refer to. You may also use the OWL website for assistance in writing a reserach paper.


Researching Situational Factors Health Medical Assignment Help

In Research Teams

Let’s “research” the “why” according to situational factors (demographics). On the following slides are one case related to gender. Conduct your own quick inquiry into why the “phenomenon” is occurring.

  • Organize yourselves into your teams of 4 by identifying roles: Coordinator (Facts), Researcher (Web), Record Keeper, and Questioner (Editor) 
  • Provide three interpretations for the study
  • One person should submit on Canvas within textbox with the first and last names of all members of the group at the top of the content. The Assignment textbox should be entitled, “Graded Course Activity #1: Researching Situational Factors

Online Dating Study

  • “Unfortunately the data reveal winners and losers. All men except Asians preferred Asian women, while all except black women preferred white men. And both black men and black women got the lowest response rates for their respective genders.”


When we think of preferences and qualities, nothing more embodies our sense of judgment of aesthetics (beauty & art) as our intimate relationships. What do we see in another person that propels us to approach them/to be attracted to them? Why is their appearance so important in our deliberation? Why is it their appearance and possibly not their style/fashion sense, the showcasing of their ability, but quite strongly their ethnicity, race, and body? Analyzing their user’s data, messaging and reply rates, and additional question responses (read the fine print in signing-on) the OK Cupid online dating site was able to see the contradictions that people make in their dating choices with stark results:

OK Cupid matches people based on similar responses to interests, educational attainment, location, etc. All race and ethnic categories show a similar range in match potential, yet, people (regardless of gender) skew their responses racially and ethnically where there are impressive winners and unfortunate losers. If you review the OK Cupid Blog study summary, this behavior is not heteronormative as same sex matches imitate their opposite sex online dating colleagues. What is more surprising is that the same sample, when asked the question of interracial marriage and dating, show high responses in favor of it. Why does an aesthetic-based question (race is aesthetics associated with historical qualities of ethics – right and wrong) elicit such a response that counters their actual actions?

Integrating situational explanations, what is inherent in a Black being, Hispanic or Latino/Latina being, etc. that determines that that they are undesirable? What is inherent in a White being that determines that they are most desirable? What is further inherent in a Black Female being that makes them the most undesirable? Why do these senses of racial and ethnic being trump any other presentation of being (career, social roles, political views, religious orientation, etc.?

NPR Discussion on the OK Cupid self-study: (Links to an external site.)

OK Cupid Blog on their study: (Links to an external site.)


Persuasive Communication and Job Fair Brochure Business Finance Assignment Help

Continue to explore the fictional company you created in Week 2.

You have decided it is time to hire additional employees and would like to have a job fair. It is your responsibility to persuade the organization that the job fair will be beneficial.

Answer the following in a 200- to 300-word response:

What types of communication would be most effective in persuading the groups in your organization–including trainers, employees, programmers, and managers–that the job fair will be beneficial? Describe these communication types and explain why they would be effective.

Now that you have decided on the most effective method of communicating to your organization, you have set up a booth at the local job fair to generate interest in your new company and search for prospective employees.

Create a 1-page brochure describing your company’s structure, business model, and culture. Describe how organizational culture has influenced your business.

Post your persuasive communication response and brochure as an attachment.

Format your brochure consistent with APA guidelines.


Logic (Philosophy) Humanities Assignment Help

Question# 1

Part A:

Come up with an
instance of argument that conforms to HS.

 Derive the
conclusion from the given premises in the argument below by utilizing the rules
of inference (hint: use HS, MT, DS, or some other combination, as an
alternative is available here).

    C:   B


   P1:   A  V  B

   P2:   C ⊃  D

   P3:   A ⊃  C

   P4:  ~D


Part B:

Exercise 31

Do a Proof for the
following argument: Use TT for testing validity. Follow the
three steps:

1. Assign P, Q, and R to the atomic sentences in the order of appearance
in the argument.

2. Formalize the argument.

3. Derive the conclusion from the premises by using the rules of inference.

    P1:  If things are caused to exist, then the infinite regress of existence
is not possible.

P2:  God is not the ultimate cause of existence, only if the infinite
regress of existence is possible.

P3:  By the way, things are caused to exist.

C:   Therefore, God is the ultimate cause of existence.

“Derive” the conclusion (C) from the 3 premises (1 to 3) in a
formalized argument below by employing rules of inference (i.e., proof, where
you need to come up with additional steps beyond 3 below to lead you to the

   C.  ~T


   1.  (R V S) ⊃
 (T ⊃ K)

   2.  ~K

   3.  R V S


Part C:

Determine whether the following argument is valid or not

by showing how truth tables are utilized and interpreted:

[26-1]  P1:  P -> Q

P2:  Q -> R



        C:  ~P

[26-2]  P1:  ~D  V ~F

      P2:  G
-> (D & F)


  C:  ~G 


Food Microbiology Calculation Question Science Assignment Help

Food Microbiology Calculation Question Science Assignment Help

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