For all neonates, should vitamin K prophylaxis be given for the prevention of vitamin K deficiency bleeding by providers in 2022, within the first 6 hours of birth ?

Note: You will not be collecting any data for this project. You will only be developing the idea and proposal.

The last assignment will consist of a final paper, which is the culmination of the Unit 2 and 4 Discussion Boards (DB) and all IPs.

Please be sure to incorporate instructor feedback to make your final paper stronger.

You will complete 1 part of the final paper. It is outlined as follows:

Part I: The PICOT question and explanation of the selected population (from Unit 2 DB)
Part II: The intervention
What is the intervention, and why it is selected?
Part III: The comparison
What is currently being done or what are other possible interventions to consider?
Part IV: The outcome(s) and time frame
What is the anticipated outcome from the change in intervention and over what period of time? (from Unit 4 DB)
Part V: Finalizing and submitting the proposal (IP 4)
Unit 4 IP Assignment

Review and incorporate the feedback from your DBs in Weeks 2 and 4 and all IP assignments.

Develop a complete proposal that includes all of the content from the Units 2 and 4 DBs and IPs. Please be sure to address the following points:

Discuss the PICOT question in detail, and explain why this research is important to the nursing profession.
Analyze the literature review, and determine how the current research supports the PICOT question, discussing all of the articles from the literature review.
Analyze possible evaluation and measurement strategies and potential outcomes.
Provide insight on how personal experience affects evidence-based practice.
Discuss change strategies and how to implement them in the work environment to help promote change.
Determine potential barriers in the workplace to consider when implementing change.

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