Formal research paper

Formal research paper. Formal research paper.

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For this first formal research assignment you will be asked to research ONE of the following topics. The purpose of this assignment is for you to choose a thesis/argument and then use credible research to support that evidence. Here are the topics you may choose from.



For this topic you will continue to answer the question, why do students succeed or fail at college? Consider issues such as economics, culture and personality traits. My advice would be to focus on a specific reason and then provide a number of different pieces of research to support that reason.

So for example, you might choose “cultural,” and then list the reasons culture plays a role in success or failure at college.



Consider the positive or negative impact GM foods might have on the world. Create a research paper that argues for or against Genetically Modified Foods. Use evidence/research to support your stance.

Questions to consider.

Are GM Foods good or bad for the world?

Can they solve world hunger?

Are they ethical?

Should they be labeled?


MLA format (one inch margins, double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font)

In text citation

3 pages of writing

1 mla citation page

A strong blend of outside research and your own opinions.

Credible sources

Formal research paper

Formal research paper

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